I will unbox the fk double knight smartwatch. Firstly, we can see the box. It is a black cover compared with the fk 88 smartwatch. Now let’s open the box and inside. We can also see a black box now let’s open it. Firstly, a watch and inside this menu and the app is also fit fly and also inside here is a silicon, strap and another nylon strap and the wireless charger. The watch is 44 millimeter and it can fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch, straps and now let’s check the watch and the strap. This watch has two buttons and both buttons are workable, and here is the microphone. This one is the power on button and in the back we can see there are also no lock buttons in the back and there is no charging interface due to this watch is wireless charging, and here is the microphone and now let’s power on the watch. We can see the screen is very similar as the fk88 smartwatch and now let’s check the watch faces in this watch. It has totally 26 watch faces and it can also customize watch faces through the app and then let’s check some quick actions from top to the bottom. You can go to the dialer and you can dial after you connect the watch with the phone and from bottom to the top is the control center. We can see the bluetooth and the menu style, it has three manual styles, the naive style, six step style and smart style, and the rinse and flashlight and the power saving mode and from the right to the left is the pedometer and it can show the steps Calories and heart rate and then the spot – and we can click, go inside to check the spot exercise.

It has totally five spot mode and when you open the spot mode, it can measure the heart rate and then the brutus music and the remote notifier. Then, from the left to right is the main menu and we can check this is the knight apps wheel. We can rotate this round button to make the selection and also we can change to the 6 apps wheel. This wheel is same as the fk88, but the color is a little different and then the smart style. I have put the watch on my wrist and now let’s test the functions one by one and, firstly, the messaging for iphone. The messaging icon is not available due to the ios system restriction, so all those incoming messaging notifications will be shown in the remote notifier app and then the dialer you can make an answer calls directly after connect the watch vista phone and you can also decline the Course and then the phone book after you click sync with the phone. Then the phone book will be cyclonized to the watch and the call logs and the bluetooth connections and the pedometers and then the practice. It has many exercise and you can follow the watch to do the exercises and then the hit, and then the sleep monitor, weather spot. It has 5 full spot mode and then heart rate and then the blood pressure and the blood oxygen and the produce music and the clock types. First. We can go to here to change the clock faces we can see inside.

There are 26 wood faces and also the date and time you can change here and the alarm. You can click, add alarm and also, if you want to add several alarm, it’s, also: okay, just click at the stopwatch and find my device. When we click list the iphone is running and then the display we can adjust the brightness and also the screen timeout. We can see the maximum screen. Timeout is 60 second and then the setting it has many settings. Bluetooth 13 clock 13 sound setting volume setting display and the international is the language and the reset and about, and then the remote capture about and reset, then the language. It is same as same as the setting qr code motion let’s test the wake up gesture. So the wake up gesture is a little slow and then the series search and then the power saving mode and the power off more notifier. We need first go inside the app and then click the remote notifier in the phone, and then we can see the camera in the phone is working and we can just click. Then the phone will take picture, then the brutus music. For the first time, we need to go inside the music app in the phone, and then we can click play Music and the next song or previous song, and also we can adjust the volume in the watch. Also, we can adjust the volume in the foam and also we can go to here and we can shift the sound to coming from the iphone or the watch.

So it depends on you and then the serious search, hi siri turn on the camera. So we can see the stereo function is working. Hi siri turn on the settings turn on the setting. The still function is not very sensitive every time. So if you mind this, you do not consider this function and also we can customize watch faces through this button. We can create a new one from the albums. We can also take a new picture from the camera or go to the photo and let’s select a photo and also choose the range, then click. Ok, then, we can set the location to top right and also the color to full black, maybe red, and also we can set the time to digital or the pointer after setting down you can just click send and then the watch face will be uploaded to the Watch and now we can see the app is showing message succeed and also we can see the new watch faces is synchronized to the watch. So above is all details today.