13 smartwatch the evil 15 smartwatch now can add new watch faces and can also customize your own photo as the watch face in the watch. Let’S open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and strap and inside we can see a wireless charger and the protective case and the menu Music. This watch is 44 millimeter and also it has the 40 millimeter version and the screen for the 44 millimeter is 1.75 inch and the screen for the 40 millimeter is 1.58 inch. This watch has two buttons and both buttons are functional, and this round button can rotate to zoom in and zoom out, and also this is the microphone in the back. We can see, there are four lights and the both end has lock buttons and there is no charging interface due to this watches wireless charging and this side there is the speaker. This watch is exactly same design as the apple watch, and it is ip68 waterproof and the standby time can last for two to three days. This watch has 51 watch faces and it can also add new watch faces and can customize watch faces through the app. Also, this watch has this kind of new strap. So if you like this strap you can type one. If you like this strap, you can type true. Okay. Now i have put on the watch on my wrist and also connected the watch with the phone, and i also added an extra watch face on the watch.

Then let’s check the functions. Firstly, this is the new added wood face and this is a very popular watch face recently. Then let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can go to the control center and we can see the bluetooth connection and also the about and the battery level the alarm clock you can click add to add a new alarm and also you can add several alarm clock here. Then the qr code, the app, is m active. You can scan this qr code to download the app and then the menu style. You can change to the night, app style and also you can change back to the smart style and this button can rotate to zoom. In and zoom out and also can make the selection then from the bottom to the top. We can go to the messaging notifier and if there is any new incoming messages, the watch will notify the same from the left to the right. We can go to the spot exercise. It has eight spot mode, then, from the right to left is the main menu now let’s test the functions one by one. Firstly, the remote camera can just click the watch and the phone will take a picture and then the stopwatch, then the calculator and the wake up gesture and then the bluetooth, music and find the phone and the strip monitor. We can move from the bottom to the top and check the status and also the history and the heart rate, and then the language.

If you want to change the language, you can turn the auto sync to all. First then go to the language list, and then you can choose the language you want. It has many language inside and then the calendar and the menu style and the message for iphone the messaging icon is not available due to the ios system. Setting all those incoming message, notifications will be displayed in the remote notifier app and then the ecg. You need start test from the app. Then click start messaging. Okay. After measuring the watch version check from the website, we can check the history record and the time and the heart rate and then the setting it has several settings, such as bluetooth setting clock setting. You can go to here to change the watch faces. Also, if you want to change the time you can change to the time sync to off, then you can go to here to change the date and time by yourself and then the new notification bright. You can turn on it and the sound the volume and the display we can adjust the brightness and also the screen timeout. The maximum screen time is 60 second and the reset and about and then it’s the alarm clock and the dialer. You can make an answer course and also decline the course from the watch directory and then the phone book before to this function. You need sync the contact in the bluetooth of the iphone, then the color records and the century reminder you can set the time to remind you to stand up and then the blood pressure and the bt connection and also the steps you can also move from the Bottom to the top to change the status and the spot exercise, and then the temperature and the sports history and the blood oxygen.

Then we can check the function of the app. The first page is home page. This page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone and you can check in the phone directly and then the spots. This step will monitor your movement and then the third page is the device page. In this page, we can connect the watch and the phone in the app, and also we can click find the watch Music and the most important function is the dial push in this function? It has many existing watch faces and you can just click. Install then watch face will be synchronized to the watch. We can see. The synchronizing is very fast and also you can go to the second option, the dial selection and to upload photo and then synchronize to the watch. Then we can see the new watch face is synchronized to the watch in this video. We can know the evo 15 smartwatch is exactly same design as the apple watch, and also it has two sizes, the 44 millimeter and the 14 millimeter, and also it has totally five colors in both sides, and also it is ip68 waterproof and it can add, new Watch faces and also can customize your own photo as watch face. Consider all about three functions. We can say that the evo 15 smartwatch is the best series 6 clone. So above is all our details today.