This is the round smartwatch and, firstly, let’s see the design in this side. It has three buttons and all three buttons are functional and in the back, this watch is also using the wireless charging, and here is the speaker and the strap is very easy to remove and to proton together with this watch, there will be another silicon band. Here is the wireless charger and the menu there are several languages in the menu and then let’s check. The word faces we can see. There are many datas in the watch face, such as colorly and distance heart rate and also the battery level steps and also the date and time, and also the weekday and the am and pm from the watch phase. We can see most data that we want to check, so it is very convenient. We no need to go inside the watch and also we can rotate. This run pattern to change the word face. Other watch faces also contain many data and also heart rate steps and the weekday and also inside the watch it has totally 21 watch faces. We can also add extra watch faces and can customize watch faces through the app and then let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the about and we can scan this qr code to connect the watch with the phone and also the setting and the brightness. We can click to adjust the brightness. We can synchronize the qr code for the whatsapp or the paypal or other apps that you want to synchronize from the app and after done, you can just show the qr code in the watch and then other people can scan the qr code and to add your Whatsapp and all make payment through your paypal, so it is very convenient and then from the left to right.

We can see the frequent apps and also the message when there is incoming message from the phone. The watch will synchronize the same and also we can click the bluetooth phone symbol and click open. Then, to connect the protocols between the watch and the phone and after connected, we can make an answer, calls directly from the watch and then from the right to the left. We can see the steps and the distance and calorie and also heartrate, and also the weather and the brutus music, also the ecg and from the bottom, to the top. We can go to the main menu and the menu is very interesting. We can also rotate to shift, and this watch has three menu. Styles, the style one is the list style and though we can also click, this center button to go to the main menu, and we can also rotate to make the selection and the style three is the circle style and now let’s check the functions one by one. Firstly, telephone and also message and contact person. We can synchronize the contact from the app, but the maximum contact can be only 20 contacts and the core records and the data and the spots. This watch has 7 spot mode and the heart rate and ecg, which will already showed the mesh room before, and the music and the strip monitor. It can show the sleep time and the deep sleep and the light sleep and the stopwatch and the weather and the qr code.

You can add more qr code from the app the calculator and find the phone and the meteorological and the present test. You can follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice your breaths and the massager. When you click, then the watch will vibrate and you can adjust the vibrate intensity in the watch 2 and then the menu style and the setting the language. This watch has many languages and you can choose language that you want and the dial switch and then the screen time the maximum screen. Time is 30 seconds and the vibration intensity. You can adjust the level and the password is what you support password and then, after you set the password each time when you go inside the watch, you will need to input the password and the factory set bluetooth. So that’s all those functions inside the watch. The app for this smartwatch is the wear pro. It is same as the dt 100 smartwatch, and it is also a very powerful app, and this app has four pages. Health page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone and the spot for the sports. The android version and ios version is a little different for the iphone. The app can use the phone gps to monitor your movement and can use the map and the device page for this page is to connect the watch with the phone. Now we have connected the watch with the phone, then we can test the functions in the app such as watch face push.

There are many free extra watch faces inside the app and you can just synchronize directly. It is totally free. Then we can see that the watch face is synchronized from the phone to the watch and we can also go to the first tool which face these two are customized watch face. We can take a photo or select a photo from the album and then style corners to the watch and find the watch. When we click, then the watch will vibrate and take the photo. Then, when we click the watch, the phone will take picture and the tilt to wake is the wake up gesture. When we release our wrist, then the watch will recap, then incoming cause and sms. If you enable these two functions, then the watch will synchronize the incoming calls and also the message from the phone to the watch and the app notification. If you want the word to receive the notification from some apps, you can enable the apps and hot3 monitoring and the ecg detection, and also the frequent contact you can justify to the watch and the watch will show the same. Then we can see the contact in the watch and then the bluetooth call and more that’s. Some remainder mode do not disturb mode alarm setting center. It reminder and drinking water reminder you can set by yourself and then the firmware upgrade and unbind, and finally is the my information page and some unit setting and goal setting, so you can just set by yourself.