This watch is 44 millimeter and it can fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch, straps and now let’s check the design. In this side it has two buttons and both buttons can be functional and in the back here is the charging interface and there is no lock button at both end, and here is the speaker and then let’s power on the watch. This watch has a 1.75 inch large screen and has many automation, wood faces inside it has 14 watch faces and it can also customize wood faces through the app and let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the bluetooth score and the brightness and the settings and the sleep mode and shut down and lock the screen, and when we unlock, we need to press the power button for three seconds, and now it is unlocked. Then from the bottom. To the top. Is the message and from the right to the left and the left to the right is to change the word faces and we can double click the screen to check the commonly used applications. And then we can press the run button to go to the main menu and this watch has three menu styles. We can double click, this round button to change the menu style, and this is the second menu style. This is the third menu style and we can rotate to zoom in and zoom out. Okay, now i have put on the watch and let’s test the functions one by one.

Firstly, let’s check. The smoothness system is not lack and it works smoothly. Okay, then, let’s test. The functions first countdown and the blood pressure and the breeze you can follow the screen and to inhale and exhale to practice the breeze and the dmin calculator and the remote capture and the screen of time. The maximum screen of time is 15, second, and the data and the shutdown – and this is the bluetooth scores. We need enable this function and then connect the watch with the phone and the pressure and the watch face and the reboot and restore factory and also the setting. It has demean screen of time and raise your wrist to wake up. And it do not top mode and the sound and vibration and the language setting. We can check the language list and you can choose the language. You want connect mobile phone. This is the wave pro you can scan this code to connect the device and the password. This watch also supports password and about reboot, restore factory and shutdown, and then is the outdoor spot. It has many spot mode, such as cycling, sit up on foot and mounting at the spot, and it can also measure the steps calorie heart rate, the steps, speed and also the distance, and also the sound and the vibration and the indoor activities. It also has many activities and sleep monitor the dialer and the spo2 is the blood oxygen and the stopwatch and the pressure heart rate and the weather screen of time and about do not disturb mode and the blood pressure, which is also same as this icon, and Also the breeze function so above is all our details.