These days. Today Im takinga, look at a budget smartwatch from Kogan. Thisis, the Kogan Active, Plus Smart Watch., Im goingto show you all the different features of thissmart watch and talk to you about any pros or consthat. You might want to know before you spendyour money on this watch.. There are some custom watch faces that you can set with this smart watch and Im going to show you all the different facestowards. The end of the video so keep watching. Let’s get started.. You can purchase this smart watch directly from the Kogan website, but you could also try Amazon or eBay to see if there’sany versions there. The watch itself comes in thissmall white box. Opening up the box you’ll find the following items inside one Kogan Active, PlusSmart watch.. You also get black watch wrist, straps.You get the USB charging device and youget a Quick Start instruction. Manual. The watch comes with a small protective stickerand. This is easily removed.. The wrist strap that’sincluded is black and it’s easy to install. You canpurchase, red or blue straps from the Kogan websiteif you’re, not happy with the black strap.. While the device is 3.5 centimeters by around4 centimeters, the actual screen is smaller thanthis.. You can see that the bezel takes up a bit ofspace around the watch, particularly at the bottomhere.. The watch itself does feel quite solid. It’s made from a rigid black plastic.. This LCD screenis a touch screen. There are two buttons here: oneon each side of the watch, but most of the controlsare done using the touchscreen.

In order to chargeup the watch. You do have to use the specific charging clip that came in the box., The watchclips into the charger pretty easily and youcan plug the USB into a power outlet or evenjust a free USB slot on your computer.. This batterywhen fully charged is advertised to last between 10 and 15 days. With real world use. You couldprobably expect to get maybe a week out of thisbefore. It needs charging which is pretty good.. Thecharging cable is around 35 centimeters in length, it’s pretty short.. One of the reasons that thebattery lasts as long as it does is because whencompared to the more high end top of the rangesmart watches you can buy, the features on thiswatch are much more basic.. So this is a pro anda con, because you do want a longer battery lifeit’s, annoying having to charge your watchevery day or every second day, but you aremissing out on some of those extra featureslike being able to customize the watch faces.. You can’t do that as much with this watch as you can with a high end watch., When you’re not actively using the watch, the watch face will deactivate and switch itself off. To reactivate the watch. You just need to bring your arm up into a position that you’d normallyuse to look at the screen. You can see here. I am comparing the Kogan watch with the Samsung watch.. When I twist my wrist to bring up the screen. Thekogan watch is a bit slower and less responsivethan the Samsung watch, but it still works everytime.

. You can also wake up the watch manually bypressing, either of the two buttons on each sideof, the device., If you press both of those buttons together for a couple of seconds. It’Ll start tracking exercise.. This is the default watch face that comes pre, installed. You’ve got thedate in the top left and the day of the week. In the right corner. You have the battery indicator., You can switch between viewing number of stepskilometers travelled or calories burned. Just bytapping on the screen like this. One thing: thatdoes annoy me. If you’re not wearing this watch and you’ve got it down on the table. For example, theheart sensor will start flashing every now, andthen and it’s really bright and quite annoying.. To set up the watch and to track your health stats. You’Ll need to download an app called Very FitPro. Using the app you can change some settings on the watch, including how and when you’d like toreceive notification.. Your watch will vibrate and you can scroll up to view and read the message.. If you swipe down, you can scroll through some of the fitness stats live on. The watch. Swiping left will give you four different options. You can turn on or off the heart rate monitor with this buttonhere.. You can also turn wrist activation on or off. Pressing. This moon will turn the device to Do NotDisturb and the last symbol here can actually be used to locate your phone. Press, this button and your phone will ring or vibrate, and you should be able to locate your phone as long as it’s in range.

. The watch is waterproof up to a rating of 5ATM, so you can wear this in the shower. The swimming poolbut, not necessarily at the beach. Itwouldn’t, do so well with salty water.. If you want to do exercise, you can select a sport here that you’re about to start and there’s a fewdifferent options to choose. From. The heart buttonwill manually, start to measure your heart rateand. This relax button will talk you through somerelaxing breathing exercises. From this screen. You can also control and set alarms that you’d like to have set on the watch.. You are stuck with these default watch. Face settings there’s not like an App store with hundreds of different watch. Faces. Let’s have a look at all the different watch faces that are included with this watch.. Hey guys, Ive just been on a nice long, walk and Im wearing two smart watches. Ive got the Kogan Active, Plus Smart Watch here on one hand and the Samsung Smart Watch on the other hand.. So I should be able to check how well thiswatch has recorded my steps when compared tothe, much more expensive, Samsung, watch. Let’sgo home and have a look at the results. Okay. So definitely the Kogan watch wasn’t recording all the steps that I did on that walk.. If you’re gon na say, which of these two watches is more accurate, it’s, definitely the more expensiveSamsung watch.. The difference was so big thatit’s obvious to me that this Kogan watch is notaccurately.

Recording the number ofsteps that you’re doing in a day.. It could be that the steps are freezing and then restarting again whatever it is. It’S not accurate. Because of this inaccuracy it’s reallyhard for me to recommend this smart watch., Even though it’s cheap and on the surface it doeslook, like it’s, got a lot of features for a pretty low, price. That’s, pretty much it for this one.. I hope you found that video helpful., If you did please consider subscribing. Don’t forgetto, give the video a thumbs up and checkout some other content on the screen right now.. Thank you for watching.