I brought this little Chiclets in here, two of them. Actually, you know there's all kinds of watches out there. We'Ve got them from everything that does EKG charts to half marathons and then there's the simple ones that do your basic function, but have a couple of things going for them. This one with this really sweet metal band, that's easy to put on and take off magnetic clasp and coupling I'll show you that in a minute this one. Well, let me tell you about it: comes to us from Tom top and it's a cos pet product. You guys have heard of cos pet, as in the hottest selling Android watch ever the cost pet prime. Well, actually, the kW 88 wisdom anyway. I digress the cos pet does a whole lot of amazing products, and this is another one it's, a very simple SmartWatch in some folks that's. Just all you need two things. It does. It'S got a transflective screen. That means outdoors it's brighter in the bright sunlight. In fact, the best way to view it is to actually turn it, so the sunlight shines on it and because of that and the fast chip that it's got inside it gives you up to 30 days of standby time just sitting there yeah tell them time on Your arm, like a real digital watch, you remember the old, Casio well it's like that, except the screens in color it's bright in a reflected light. It does have a backlight in there that will shine for you when you twist your wrist or touch the button at night to see it in the dark all in all it's a generally nice watch.

It'S varies strongly well built aluminum, alloy, waterproof ip67 and a couple of choices of bands. So let's take a look at it once we show you the charging dock now. Normally I am NOT a dock fan. I really like just an easy charging wire because well docks are easy to to get lost. You have to have the dock and it's hard oftentimes to get a replacement. You can't like take it to work and have one at work and one at home, like you, can with a charging wire. But with this thing, having a 30 day standby – and I mean it really does the docks, okay and it's – really okay, because it's an easy one to use you don't have to align anything, you just drop it in close the cover and push it plug it in And wherever you put it no matter what orientation it's gon na be charging you're not going to accidentally get it out of alignment and it charges up nice and quickly and literally once every month, if you don't use it much once a week every two weeks, perhaps If you use it a lot, it does things like continuous heart rate readings, all that now it's on right now and you can see it when I get it reflecting in the light, and if I bring the the back light up yeah, you really can't see it Here filming it on the camera that well, but now let me tell you when you're outdoors with this thing, it is super sharp let's, look at the contents of the box and then we'll walk through the watch.

I'Ve got a little card on a little book. The card gives you an address: BBS cough spit, calm and a Facebook page and so forth, and a big thank you, uh huh and then we've got the manual and the manual has user instructions. It gives you the basic operations and shows you the app that you're going to download and we will be showing you the eye band app here. What kind of things you'll see on the app as well here's, some more information about the pages on the app and what you'll see icon wise on the screen? It'S a strongly icon driven watch, so you could actually use this if you're, not that familiar with English questions and answers, other things and a disclaimer down at the bottom and then we're off to other languages. So I don't really need to charge it up and turn it on just clear the area out here and walk through it. I'M gon na try to do this in the reflections for you, so I'm gon na be at just the right angle. There'S only one button it's on the front, you touch that button, wake it up and go there's your step count. Then you can get into a training section. You can measure your heart rate last night's sleep time is there you've got a stopwatch. This is where you read your messages, and you really can read your messages on this watch. It'Ll also vibrate. When you have an incoming call and show you the name of who's, calling you go into settings, you can find your phone when you're tethered to it info.

You have the overall brightness thing I press and hold here, and you see we have three levels of brightness there's level, one you can't really tell in the reflective mode but novel to level three. They are all dim, they're meant for nighttime use. You can delete all of your data, you can turn the band off and we can go back from there and loop around again to our home screen where I'm gon na press and hold to show you another screen. That'S really colorful, which countries have these three yellow, green and red in their flags, because you guys should be buying this watch press again and we should get an analogue watch again. It'S hitting the button just right trying to keep the reflections for you there we go now. I really don't like this one. I, like them nice markings, but why the world did they make the hands dark red. I mean even in reflective light it's really hard to see the time. Um that's one fault I have with it – make them white just be white on black it's. Okay, you don't have to have a spot of color. If you do need color make it bright. Yellow there we go we're back now, let's go to that training area. We saw the step count, that's automatic and, of course, calories burned and all that other stuff that's there. When you press and hold on training, you get bicycle and run, and then you get back.

Oh and swim, you have three things because it is ip67. They say which usually is splash proof but they're, including swimming in here. Unfortunately, when you go into any of these like the bike or the run, you don't get all kinds of elaborate stuff. You don't get a step count. You don't get anything except the timer and calories, so it's really really lean on the fitness realm, at least in the data it shows on the watch press and hold long again. It bails you out of that. You have a choice of yes or no. You have to toggle to yes and press again and then we're back out of here and you can get back to the back button and that's pretty much it. You go in to measure your heart rate and it activates. The green diode on the back and notice it shuts off if it's, not detecting skin, you press, wear it on your arm. Actually let's put it on the arm because you haven't seen it yet may as well. Take the heart rate on my arm. Oh it's, getting me numbers 80, 81, so forth, and I haven't even got it stationery. Yet there we go nice it's, a nice thin thing, it's a smaller. It would work for our lady or a man and I'm getting a heart rate on here. It goes for a little while then it vibrates and it settles in on its final reading and after it does that, then it'll flip back to the time screen.

But if you noticed on the time screen at least the one we had on there, it shows heart rate in the corner on the screen there, just vibrated so I'm, going to bail out of here and there's a heart rate right right down. There there's step count and calories burn so it's, showing those three factors like I said. If you want a simple smart watch, looks like a digital watch in an apple sized format. This could be the one it's uh that transflective. Sometimes they call it memory LCD anyway. The screen technology is very expensive, which is why this is a little pricey but it's very, very nice. Now let's look at the app here we go, the app is called eye band I've got it installed and I got a surprise for you. First of all – and here it is, I launched into it, got it all tethered and when I tethered there was a firmware update for this watch and guess what check this out. When I cycle through here to fitness – and I go in fitness instead of training, I have bicycle run and back they have taken off swimming and they changed the name to Fitness. Everything else is identical, so I guess they realized. Ip67 doesn't mean you can swim with it. So when you get yours, I don't know what to tell you if it's got swim, don't and if it does have swimming you want it well, too bad, and if you do a firmware update, which you'll get pushed from the app as soon as you connect it Will remove swimming as one of the two fitness options that are available? Nonetheless, I'm touting the beautiful screen and the 30 day life that's? What this one's, all about with an occasional heartrate thing and light fitness in your step, count here's what you get in the app you've got broken down throughout the day by hour, when you took your steps, that's pretty cool, to have that information.

Last night's sleep time is all broken down into when you fell asleep, when you woke up and how many times you are the length the time you were awake during the night. All of that is here. Don'T have sleep activity because I haven't done that and then you've got the heart rate stuff over here, which is gon na, be your 24 hour heart rate tracking. You can do a measurement right here. It immediately goes into measuring on the band itself and after a few seconds. Hopefully it will give us a reading on the app. So you do have direct communication over bluetooth to activate things like your heart rate reading and there you go giving jumping all over 76 jumping up into the 80s and then hopefully settling down and coming down to a reasonable number. So those are the three tabs that you have control of here. Also, when you tap up here, you get into the overall setup of the band, and this is where you would tether it. You can unbind it from here and you have all these controls. Remote camera find your watch and if I hit that well it's doing heart rate right now – oh there it is. It just gave me a little vibration, no sound, of course it's just vibrates that's. All it does set up reminders. We run app. You can tether to as a third party app your overall screen settings here for brightness. By the way, the piece of tape is because it's showing my weather in my location on every page on those previous pages, which I'm keeping hidden from you guys set the screen.

Brightness low normal high I'm gon na set it to high normal low. Are you seeing the changes on that? This is real subtle, because this is the indoor brightness. I leave it on high smart screen, okay, bright screen whenever you raise your hand, so when you twist that it'll light up which is good to have on as well, I don't think it takes up that much power. You got a do not disturb. You can change your units to Imperial or metric and whoops. You have to confirm all of that anyway time format, 12 or 24 hours. So a lot of flexibility, heart rate settings now I can take it off. You'Ve got a heart rate calibration and your timing measurement and when you come in here, tells you how to go through calibrating it, which is good, and you can reset that calibration as well. Hopefully, to get you a little bit better overall heart rate data, clear the data reboot the device and the about which says that this is the current app version and you can check for updates for the app right from here and so forth and that's. The overall app – and this is the overall band again this one's, coming with the Melanie's type of a connection which is a real. I like this kind because it's magnetic and you don't have holes, so you can adjust it just to the level that you want. Yeah see there it's 1300, so it's in 24 hour time, but you can definitely change that to 12 hour time.

You can get this one from Tom top. These are the guys that sent it out to us it's a cos pet product and we all know cos pet – has some great great products out there very well thought out well engineered, especially their Android smartwatches it's, called the DK zero eight and check the show notes Down below for the buying link and discount price, we appreciate when you use our links because that's how we keep getting these watches to review.