Smart watch lots of different capabilities, lots of different settings here: vibration, theater mode weather when it's tethered to the phone overall brightness that you can slide the controller. You'Ve got uh sports activities in here for your step, count with charts graphs. You'Ve got last night's sleep time. Information day by day, over all many months, you've got heart rate that you can measure simply by accessing it. Using green diodes with history and continuous heart rate measurements. You'Ve got exercise opportunities with a variety 20 different exercises you can choose from. You got blood pressure, also green diode, measured and the last seven days worth of information and blood oxygen using red diode technology. That gives you, of course, the last seven days measurements on here too, and the range high and low weather again tethered from the watch. A shutter for taking pictures a remote player, all of that here or accessible from an apple like menu, including count up and countdown timers and much much more. It is the costpet magic 3.