This is the cospet magic three, no, no! No, not that type of magic. You don’t want me to disappear. All right, let’s go and bring me back. Whoa that’s craziness i like disappeared for a second okay, so the cosmetic magic 3 is a budget friendly, smart watch. I believe this guy is ‘, but what’s great about this guy is there’s. A lot of health features a lot of great features that are including the watch for a budget friendly price. I believe it’s equivalent to like ‘ breakfast burritos, so ‘ breakfast burritos on mcdonald’s, or this guy i’ll, probably go with this guy. All right let’s go ahead and look at the main interface here, so this is a 1.71 inch diagonal color display, and if you swipe from the bottom here, you actually could get your quick toggles. I like your settings, you can change the brightness. You can actually make this a flashlight, so if you’re lost in the dark can’t find your keys, you lost your pooch. Well, don’t! Worry! You got covered by the magic three okay. So if you swipe to the left here, you got all your core applications and if you go back, you can use the physical button off to the uh right. There press it once and it goes back now. If you hold down the physical button, you can actually turn the watch off. I wouldn’t know why you would do that because this guy has up to 10 days of battery life, so you probably don’t have to worry about draining the battery, even if it’s uh not being used okay.

So this is my favorite watch face. You got the temperature, you got the time, you got your active heart rate. This is 24 7 monitoring. You also have uh your steps. You got your oxygen level. Yes, this does have oxygen level as well and you do blood pressure. And lastly, you got your uh distance for the day. Okay, so if you want to change the watch face just hold down and you just swipe your different watch faces uh, the one i actually created for this uh video. Is this one? Yes, robert masters, robo rock roll vacuums craziness, but there’s also another one. I like is this one it’s. A very clean interface gives you all the information when you’re working out and don’t worry guys. You can also download more using the dot fit app. All right. Let’S go talk about what’s included with the watch. You got the nice box here and i do like the fact. They include a qr code, so take your smartphone camera and just scan it, and you should be able to find the app real easily so good job. I do like the nice booklet here, it’s, nice and thin, so it doesn’t take hours and hours to eat and you can stick this in your purse. Uh, stick in your pocket, take it to the gym with you, and you should be able to figure out how to work this watch, but the watch is pretty simple: pretty clean interface, so good job there.

And lastly, we have a nice warranty card this. That is ip68 waterproof, so don’t worry about water getting in here and damaging it. You can also go swimming there’s, a dedicated swim mode as well. Okay, lastly, we’ve got the nice charging cradle or charging cable it’s magnetic so just place it on there and it takes about two hours. All right, let’s go jump back into the watch itself, um, so uh let’s go ahead and uh strike from the bottom here and you can see we have messages. So you have any notifications, it will pop up there. You do have to allow the permissions and, if you swipe to the right, you have all the quick toggles so here’s the sports, i believe, there’s, like 20 different sports modes, there’s like badminton, there’s, basketball, baseball, all the fun stuff, but my favorite is the uh dumbbells. I use free weights, so i really like that feature and you can check out uh the min and max you can check their calories and your uh distance, so very, very nice. So this is like the running sports mode. You also have sleep. You got the active heart rate takes about a minute or so to uh actively track it, but you’ll be able to see the live tracking right here after a minute, or so you see i’m right at 81. I think it should be higher since i’m doing a video who knows okay, so you got your exercises.

This is where you can uh do dumbbells. You can do bowling skiing trial, run or trail run. You can do rowing training all that fun stuff and to go back to swipe to the left, and you can uh go back to the previous menu. Okay, so here’s your uh blood pressure. This is something that kind of surprised me. Usually uh. Small watches cost a lot more to have blood pressure um, but this guy has it mine’s 132 over 73.. So i do like the fact they give you some information about the normal ranges there and you can also see uh the uh hourly, i believe, of the uh. Those last seven readings that you’ve taken. So very nice. Okay, let’s keep on going here and you also have uh oxygen level as well. You got your weather. I do like the fact that you got a five day forecast so that’s, very nice. You have to pay up for the smartphone to get the weather and shutter is basically a camera shutter remote, where you can place a camera on a tripod press it and it will uh actively take a picture for you, and my favorite here is the music controller. So, yes, we got this person right here. I wonder who this guy is who’s this guy and you can always go to the next youtuber, very nice, so very nice controller, so any uh media application you have up. You can control the play, pause and stuff okay.

So this guy does have some additional uh applications here: um, but there’s tons of applications. You can go through um, but this guy is mainly focused for uh keeping time keeping the weather getting notifications, uh health related features, so let’s go and check out the app here. Let’S go and grab my smartphone and it’s called the dovefit app and here’s my watch faces. You can actually download more just by adding a more watch face and it downloads over bluetooth. So it does take about a minute or so to download each uh watch face. But you can see there’s a ton of watch faces now, let’s go ahead and jump back into here. You also have the different monitorings and you can actually go into it and you can see your averages. So this is a really clean interface, so you can definitely check up on your vitals and there’s my steps for today very nice. Now you also have settings um. You can actually uh pair up to google fit so if that’s, something that you’re interested in and that’s gon na check others. So you got watch faces notifications alarms. Yes, you can set alarms either on an application or on a watch. You can do others um. So here’s some settings, i like the fact that you can change it to metric or imperial some of these small watches. I’Ve tested don’t have that feature and you can also change the format of time 12 hours or 24 hour format, and everything else is about the same.

So um you do have a drink water reminder. You can check the weather and all that and if you’re a female, you can also do the psychological uh cycle as well, so very cool. So this is a really nice uh watch for ‘ dollars. You probably can’t beat it and i think the design is a pretty good it’s, nothing too crazy, but you can get in different colors. I believe you can get pink. You can get blue as well. Um it’s all plastic design, but it kind of feels metal around the edges and you just got that single button right there and the straps are 22 millimeters. So you can remove it here. So if you don’t, like the straps um and then there’s all your sensors right there so well, do i recommend the uh cosmet magic 3. Well, i think i do because it’s an easy to use smart watch. It works. Well all the features work. I haven’t really experienced any bugs or anything it was able to pair up with smart watch or this smart application fairly easily with a qr code. So yes, for ‘ bucks, i highly recommend it, but if you’re looking for something more advanced well, you might be disappointed because it just fully focuses on those features. Alright, so have a great rest of the day, and thanks so much for watching. You guys are awesome and thanks again tospet for sending out this watching the change review.