Max s, so i have no idea why this watch actually comes in two different brandings right here, but today the one that i have here in hand is the cost pad note. As you can see right here now, the brand does sounds a bit different. But again i might not have tested out like a lot of different kind of brands – mainly i’m always testing out amaze fit, but today we’re checking out something new right here. So definitely very excited for this, and of course, if you take a first look at this guy right here, it definitely looks like a mini smartphone uh on your wrist itself, so it doesn’t look like a smart watch. It looks huge by the way, of course, this device right here is actually a mini smartphone in itself, it’s running android 7. I think right out of the box. We also are able to put in a sim card, which i did so. I have my sim card in here and, of course, in this video i’ll be running a couple of features with you guys about this cost pad note right here and showing you guys what i think is cool and not so cool about the cost band. Note all right so, first and foremost, i just want to show you the difference between the size of this thing and my amazement, gtr 2 right here, just look at how big this costs bad note is it’s literally a smartphone on your wrist so i’m, not sure About you guys whether you’re comfortable wearing such a big device on your wrist, it actually looks like one of those runner devices where you know those people who go to runs.

They actually wear their smartphone pack on their hand or their shoulder or whatnot. So this kind of look like that: it’s really really huge right here, but yeah i’m going to put that out of the way and check out this device itself. So let me just show you around the device itself. We do have two physical buttons on the sides here. We also have a speaker. You can see a speaker there. We also have a microphone here so obviously, because i have my sim card inside, i am able to receive and answer calls on. This cost pad note right here, and i must say that the callings and answering everything was actually pretty clear without connecting any bluetooth audio to it, just speaking directly to the watch itself, so it was very good in that sense, the other person, on the other hand, Of the phone could actually hear my voice very clearly, so that is a good. Another thing to note is that we do have a couple of cameras here. Yep, you have a camera on your smart watch now this guy right here, i think, pushes out two megapixels and yeah at the front here we do have another front facing camera. That is eight megapixels, so this camera at the front here actually also works as a face unlock. So take note here, i’m gon na unlock my device and look at that. I can’t actually access it, but once i just point it at my face right here, it gets unlocked fairly quickly, so i’ve tested this out with a different person’s face and it doesn’t work.

So it seems that it is currently only working with my face. So that’s definitely good. Let me try that again, once more yep there, you go it’s actually very fast, so i’m quite impressed with the face unlock going on with this thing right here all right. So let me show you guys the camera, because some of you guys might be wondering what is the kind of resolution we can get with this camera right here. So let me just try and get into the main menu i’m a bit confused by the way. This operates by the way, so let me show you the camera right here. We do have this um camera app, and this is currently pointing out from the side so i’m, not sure you guys who buy this watch here, better, not be doing something fishy. With this side camera right there, it looks like some of those spy devices where you actually point the camera at someone without them noticing so that’s that the pictures coming out are actually very grainy. Take a look at that it’s um, definitely not the best. I think i would put this uh in the this camera sensor, the quality of it uh back to 10 15 years ago, when we were using nokia phones and all that so that’s, the kind of resolution and quality you can expect from the from the camera. At the side here so don’t expect any high resolution nonsense and, of course, if i just flip the camera to the front, you can see that i have this camera right here.

The front facing camera actually looks slightly more decent. It also has a face detection going on, as you can see in the little square right there. So, although it says it is eight megapixels at the front um, honestly speaking, this looks more like a vga camera at its best, but yeah. You do have that front. Facing camera, which actually looks pretty smooth right here, all right, okay, so let me show you other features which i think are really cool about. This uh cost pet note all right so obviously, since we’re running android in this thing, so we do have like everything that you can install into the phone or the watch right here so notice that we also have the play store right there and i’ve actually already Installed a couple of apps: we have the news app, so this is the google news right here and you can actually um access it very nicely. So look at that. We have all the the news going on here. It is very small because obviously this is a small display but i’m going to show you here what kind of experience you can expect from this little guy right here. So apparently the display is from sharp and we’re getting like 300 plus ppi, so it’s supposed to be retina a kind of display yep. But everything is just very tiny here, but the good news is, you are able to browse through this news right here and read it actually from the display itself, so very cool, so let’s just go back right there.

I also actually have youtube installed. So, yes, you can watch youtube directly on your smart watch now uh, if you may, so let me just show you very quickly so if you notice this, the processor obviously isn’t running very quickly, i’m, not sure what the processor actually is, but i do know that We have three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal storage, so i’m, just going to show you guys very quickly a video right here. I think i got to unlock that again. So let me just put a search and let me just go into my channel right there so notice that it is a bit difficult to tap on it, but it still works so i’m. Just going to play one of my previous videos. There we go, you can actually watch youtube videos directly on your watch itself and i must say that the image quality here is actually pretty surprisingly good. So i expected this to be like a bit subpar in terms of the image quality and all that. But if you take a look at this right here, it’s actually playing that video very smoothly, and i can actually see the text um on the video itself – so definitely a thumbs up over there. Unfortunately, what i didn’t really like here is: we do not have any volume buttons on this device right here, so i can’t actually adjust the volume. If i want to adjust the volume i’ll have to go into the the settings and actually touch with those media volume and all that so yeah i’m just going to ignore that for now, but yes, you can watch your youtube videos on your watch right now.

All right so just going back into the main menu again i’ve also installed. My spotify uh installed my instagram and tiktok. So, of course, those of you who watch tik tok, you can now do it on your watch itself as well. So the thing that i really like about this device right here, like i said, is that it’s running a full flash android system right here. So you can install all kinds of apps that you wish on this little smartwatch on this big smartwatch right here, all right. So now let me just show you a couple more features if you pull down from the top. This is where you get a couple of quick access, so i’ve actually connected uh. This watch here to my smartphone and i’ve, also put in a sim card, so you can see full 4g connectivity here. The signal, like i said, is actually pretty good. I’Ve always been getting very full kind of signal here. So definitely good on that part. If you just swipe across here, you have a couple of quick shortcuts, nothing too much to shout about there, and this is to clean all your abs and you also have your music controls and the weather itself, so that’s coming down from the top. So if you just swipe towards the right, this is where you get a couple of information here. This is actually on notifications by the way so swipe towards the right here to get your your notifications, which i just cancelled, and if you just swipe to the other side right there.

Let me see again sorry about that. If you just swipe towards the left oops, this is where you go into your main list of applications, so very cool stuff there. If you swipe up from the from the bottom. This is where you get your health and fitness tracking items, and here you can see that i’ve walked a thousand steps today, already uh, honestly speaking i’m, not too sure about that counter, because i actually haven’t left the house yet so i don’t know how i actually Got that 1000 over step count. So in terms of accuracy, this might not be the most accurate. If you just swipe along more, you will see a couple more information here about your fitness and all that. So let me just go back once more all right. So if you just keep sliding across this is the kind of figures that you can get. You can actually see a weekly view of all the steps that you’ve walked throughout the entire week and yeah that’s pretty much it all right. So, in terms of this watch itself, what do i think about it? I think that if you’re looking for like a mini smartphone on your wrist um, this is what you’re gon na get at best, because it is really like a mini smartphone. Everything functions perfectly fine. Just like how you would expect it to run on a standard, you know budget kind of smartphone, but if you’re looking for like a proper health tracker and all that i’m, not sure if this guy will do the trick, you do have a couple of sensors at The back here to track your heart rate, but you don’t have anything else.

It doesn’t track your sleep if i’m not mistaken. I also want to show you very quickly how the app looks like so whenever you buy a purchase, a new smart watch, i think what’s really important here – is also the app that comes with it, and this is the app that is supposed to run together with The watch itself and, to be honest, it is not the best looking app. It is also a little bit difficult to navigate this app right here and, as you can see, this is what you can get with the app so not too much kind of information here. Just a few items here in terms of tracking your health and fitness, of course, if you want to track your sports, it does come with a couple of activities here. Let me just try and show you guys once more face unlock and go into the list of apps, so notice that if i go into the activities here there we go so in fitness. Here we do get a couple of items tracked. You have your outdoor walks. Your indoor run your biking, your basketball yeah. It also tracked couple of your spots there, football and ping pong. So quite a number of items here in this list and yeah like i said we do have a couple of items here, but in terms of how accurate is it and and the app itself i’m not too pleased with how those work all right.

So finally, let’s talk a little bit about that battery life. So, as you can see here, i’m currently at 55 – and i actually charged this to full yesterday night, so i’ve been playing around with it and i think the most that you can get uh in terms of battery life with this cost pet note right here is About one day to one and a half days, mainly because this is actually running a full fledged smartphone on your wrist itself, so you can’t expect this to go like one week or something what you will get is about one day or maybe two days max. If you do not use the watch that much all right guys, i think that’s it for this. A very quick look at the cost pet note for 160 us dollars. Is this worth it? Why not you tell me? Oh one thing before i go. I just want to say that if you use a lot of the apps on your on the on the watch itself, just take note that it will heat up at the back here. So if you’re putting it on your wrist, you will definitely feel the heat going on and it gets pretty warm so that’s just something that i thought i should point out all right guys. I think that’s it for this quick. Look.