It has been a few weeks since i last posted if you watch any sort of tech review, channel or news channel, you know that this is a very dry period for tech. Most recently, i showed you my new tag, heuer connected smartwatch. I will do another video on that one, because people are wanting to see more of its functionality and looks so we’ll do another video on that. However, this started off. Uh smartwatch buying frenzy slash hunting around so obviously the tag highers at one end of the price range. Well, i think i’ve found a pretty incredible watch at the other end. Now thumbnail title gave it away it’s a cospec optimus 2. It is a giant beast. Let’S! Get into the specs opinions unboxing. First impressions coming up Music now, Music, so the cospet optimus 2. This is a dual chip watch. What does that mean? Essentially it’s running full android 10.7, not weight os, not where full android 10.7 or you can choose to go. Android light and that uses a slower chip saves on battery, obviously quite a lot. Actually, i will be keeping this and full booner because, as you’ll be aware from my tag card connected i’m used to charging a smartwatch every day, so here’s another one that we’ll need to charge every day after using it um, obviously android specs a full app store. Um, Music, nothing gon na jump out and surprise you. As far as the software itself, it’s got four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage.

It is 4g lte or for you guys, it’s in the uk, it can take a sim card. Okay, so you can pop a sim card in there, so if you’re on o2 vodafone e, i think they’re, the only three uk providers that you can actually get on esim for this. So again, with internal storage, you can get all the music tracks you want without having full android. It obviously has full access to every fitness app, including strava, a google fit all all of the above, so you’re going to try any sporting activity on this watch. So this is not my full review by any means, but i do want to touch on a couple of other exciting things for me personally, i love the fact this has a 13 megapixel camera with a built in flash. Why do i love it? Well, when i go out running walking whatever sometimes i don’t take my phone, but sometimes something comes like a nice view or somebody falls over. You want to take a picture or video of that. Well, you can do it with this watch um and i’m, not going to show you any of the pictures or video quality just now a because i just got the watch and i’m not taking any but b, because i’ll keep that for the full review. I’Ve got to try and get a couple of videos out this um, but it does have the camera with the built in flash.

So you can flip it for selfie or you can keep it down for those um photos from your wrist, never taken a photo from the wrist before i also absolutely love the 51 millimeter screen it’s a big ass screen like a really big screen, it’s an lcd Panel it’s not oled, but it’s super um, responsive um, which is what you want: it’s big it’s bright when you first turn on the phone. What you’ll hear is the speaker again important because you, because it has the esim capabilities you can make and receive calls on this. The speaker is actually really loud for a watch. The microphone quality don’t know again i’ll wait for the full review, so i’ve not made a call on it as far as the um build quality, it’s, mostly plastic and rubber, but look how thick it is. It’S got some. You can see the thickness comparison to the tag there. It’S got a good bit of heft to it and it actually feels very comfortable on the wrist. One thing, i would say is if you are not a fan of big watches, so if you look at a breitling and think oh that’s, too big or some chronograph tags yeah, this isn’t the watch for you. This is big on the wrist and i’m. Not judging here, but if you are of a smaller proportion, petite tiny little wrists, yeah, definitely don’t get this watch. It will look silly. I think i can just about pull it off.

So you can see the unboxing has been happening while i’ve been blathering away. Cospet optimus 2. There is a cospet prime s, which is a cheaper version of this. I think it’s, like 90 pounds, and for that you don’t get some of the specs and features, but i would probably say just give it a bash. Just pay 130 pounds um yeah, but let’s, see what i think about it in the full review. So again, first impressions are quite excited quite excited to get this out at the gym. Um. Another reason why i’m not too fussed because let’s be honest if you’re wearing this and you happen to bash it or dent or scratch it you’ve not spent an arm and a leg like you have on certain other watches, so quite good for for activewear, gps, bluetooth, Connectivity, wireless, obviously all that stuff as well, i feel like. Are we past the point where i have to say that i feel like any tech product, mobile tech, product or wearable tech product is going to be gps, bluetooth and wi fi enabled? Can we just take that as red now that shouldn’t be part of the specs? If that is one of your top selling points, probably avoid that particular device it’s a given so that’s, been it i’m so happy to be back making our video uh. I can’t imagine that many people are searching the youtube algorithm for cosplay optimus 2, but for the 40 or 50 people that watch this video.

Thank you very much for watching. I do have more popular videos on apple products, the tag, car connected watch and numerous other larger tech products with lots of views. Thousands of views so, please feel free to catch up on any of those um i’ll pop the subscribe link in the end screen and link a couple of other popular videos. If you’re, a fan of xbox i’ve got a few videos on the xbox series: s yeah. If you’ve liked this video for some reason pop like um button, if you’ve not subscribed, already hit subscribe, ding the notifications bell, because i have kind of noticed that i’ve got a few subscribers now – i think we’re about 1150 or so not many repeat viewers. Now i have a sexy scottish voice, so why are you not coming back for more don’t know anyway? I digress.