Welcome to the review of the cospet optimus 2.. Hello tiago here welcome if you’re new here i do a lot of tech reviews and unboxings like this one, if it’s something that interests you please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet with this said, let’s start the review of the Cospet optimus 2. perspect. The watch that you want well let’s find out, starting with the price. The costped optims 2 have a world premiere at the moment and you can get the watch for 179.99 great price with different option price. Like always, i will leave links in the video description, so please check them out for best price. The optimist 2 comes with a black silicon. Strap that can be changed. I have a ground strap as well a type a usb charging cable with 4 magnetic pins. The smallest screwdriver ever made two round screen protectors. One is installed on the watch already one user manual and a nice. Thank you letter from the founder martin. When you take the watch out of the box, you can see. That is a really nice watch with a simple but very cool design, but with the chunky size it has 52.5 millimeters in the amateur and 17 millimeters in thickness and weighing 81.6 grams. It has a plastic body with the ceramic bezels on top, but doesn’t feel cheap at all. It has a 1.6 inches ips display with the res of 400×400.

On top, you have a 13 megapixel flip camera with a sony sensor imei x 214 and a led flash. The first one on a watch, i believe, on the back. You have the hr and spo2 sensors plus the charging. It feels okay in your wrist, but if you have a small wrist, you can draw attention to you. I have been using it for a few days and i can say that it’s, just a question of habit and having a big screen is very handy. Although it’s ips screen it’s bright enough for the outside and using it out of the sun is not a problem. Talking about going outside the optims 2 doesn’t have a ip rating so stay away of the water. Next let’s talk about some of the features that makes this watch so special it’s powered by the powerful mediatek helio p22 octa core 1.6 gigahertz with 4 gigs of ram and with 64 gigs of internal storage runs full android 10, with a smartwatch skin. On top. So downloading apps from the google storage is no problem. It has a secondary chipset called pixart power 2822 exclusively designed for the sport and health tracking. So running. The 31 sports mode is not a problem. It has a bluetooth, 5.0 triple gps, built in dual band: wi fi 4g lte sim slot. So when you insert the sim on your watch, you will have a full smart watch on your wrist being able to make and receive phone calls and text message on your watch.

Music. The optims 2 have two buttons, both in plastic with the top one, on a blue collar on the side, you have the four gene on a sim tray. The small screwdriver that comes inside of the box is to open that tray. When you insert the seam on the watch, you will have to reboot the watch and when it starts, you will recognize your sim card after that you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls and text message from your watch. Look at the code test next Music. The optims 2 have a 1260 million peso battery and promises 1.5 days of battery life, and i have managed to achieve that, but only using the watch connected to the iphone so not using the 4g capabilities. The watch takes around 2 hours to fully charge talking about battery. The watch have two options: the system, mode and android mode. The first one is the android 10 and the second one, the light mode on this mode. You’Ll save battery, but you will lose the app store, the google maps and all the android features. So on this mode you can have battery life up to 5 days. One amazing feature of this watch is the camera. You can flip the camera and make video calls or film straight if you wish, you can take pictures as well. It’S, not the best camera ever made, but on a watch is a very cool feature with the flash as well Music on the tracking features field.

The otms 2 is one of the first android 10 smart watches with blood oxygen, sleep, monitoring and heart sensor, using during the day with all the sensors. This seems to be accurate. I haven’t managed to sleep without watch test. It sorry i was afraid of sending my wife to hospital. Well, i managed to reach this point without making a joke so not bad. Moving on, like heavier the smartwatch you’ll be able to change the watch faces. You have some on the watch and on the app as well. The app name is carl fit you’ll, be able to check all your tracking data, but in my opinion the app needs, a lot improvement and that’s it guys. This was the review on the core speed. Optimus 2 one interesting full android smartwatch, with a decent overall performance, decent camera, fast wi, fi and 4g speeds with the ok battery life. Depending on how you use the watch, it has a big screen display, but in my opinion, the biggest con is the thickness of the watch. But in the end is your decision, not my so plenty of power and performance it’s like having a smartphone on your wrist. It has quite a few cons like no nfc, so no google payments, no amoled screen so not always display on camera, overheats, sometimes spo2 sometimes not operate, and the app needs improvements. So guys. Let me know what you guys think about the watch and if you want to buy one thanks for watching this video and thanks for watching the other videos hope you guys have a great day and i’ll see you on my next review.