Smart watch ticks calm and I am showing you the brand new cos pet prime. This watch is amazing. The first one ever with face recognition, because it's got a little camera right there by the way it's got one on the side too. Dual camera front face recognition. I'M gon na show you that in just a second first I want to tell you, though, that gearbest has an exclusive on this watch right now and if you are fast and one of the first few to buy, you can pick this up at really a reduced Price later on, I'll have coupon discounts for you. If you miss this, you could check the coupon. I don't know that I can get this good of a price in the future, but we'll do the best. We can let's unlock this thing. Well, first let's lock, it I've got to show you how you set it up. You get your watch. You slide over to the app drawer you scroll down to settings when you go into settings. You'Re gon na want to flow all the way down to the bottom. Two more everything lies in more you've got all kinds of accounts and stuff. Then you got safe, lock and face unlock. First, you have to create a lock, so we go into safe, lock, change it from none to password and then click in the field and enter a password let's see. If we can get this in here at least four characters and there we go now we have a password and it's going to ask you.

First of all, do you want to show notifications? All of them hide sensitive ones or don't? Show any notifications at all, which is what I recommend so it's, not trying to do that in the background and eat up your battery that's been done now there's. Another thing called smart, lock and I'll show you that quickly. You have to confirm your password to get into it and it's gon na. Let you know that you can have on body detection. So when it's on your arm, it would automatically be unlocked and then that kind of bypasses the whole face. Unlock thing right, safe trusted places by location services, you can set it up trusted devices and it even talks about voice match. Now. You guys know when it's too big in the circle to read. You can press and hold this upper button, change that to a square and all of a sudden. Now it fits in the square right, so you could set up a voice match as well. So now we got face recognition and all these different smart lock features to automatically unlock it, but we're here about face lock today, so I'm gon na come out of this and go into face. Unlock first thing it needs is my face: are you guys ready smile there? I am you see it kicking off the thing there that fast, that recorded my face and it's in there as an image. Now I can come in here.

I can turn it off. I'M. Gon na cover the camera, with my thumb and turn it on. So you can see that it's locked right now watch. I unlock it with simply looking at it. Oh no it's not doing it. There we go. That was a poor picture. You'Re gon na want to set your screen lock up, of course, with bright light and not with the stupid camera covering half of your face, but even with all of that, in those few seconds it took it, unlocked it I'm gon na try it once again: I'm Gon na close it and now I'm aiming it at my face and turning it on and there it's much faster when you set it up right, try and you'll see it's, really really cool. So when it's locked it's not gon na, do anything it's not going to be available, you can't do anything except see. The time which is nice. You'Ve got a very dim display showing the time but to unlock it. You either need to go in and do your password or literally point it at your face. We Wow awesome. First, one ever the cost pet prime available from gearbest check the show notes down below for the buying link.