You have a 4G capability and I do have a SIM card in this. One. Bluetooth, connectivity, your power level, all in color, with brand new page of color icons as well, for your sleeping and silent mode and brightness and airplane mode, and twist your wrists and cellular connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi Fi you've got a clean up section and you've got Music and one more swipe, get you to whether you also have your notifications, your app drawer here, which can be in linear fashion like this or you can switch it over to the Apple bubble style, which is really cool and really works like so. In addition to all of that, you've got your step count. Information, summary daily activity, information in here and, of course, you've got fitness as well built into here, and the fitness is integrated to GPS. You'Ve got a side and a front facing camera, and with that camera you're able to do the video chatting and hello come your camera video chatting video log. This is the side camera right here and I can switch it there and, of course, it's got the face. Unlock capability as well it's, a basic 2 megapixel, camera 8 megapixel camera both being up interpolated and it works really well, it is the COS pet prime face unlock 1.