It'S smart watch ticks calm, you're. Looking at a box, the box has a cost pet that's, the company name, prime se, e whoa you've heard about the cost pet prime. What in the world is an LC? Well, let me explain that to you folks. First of all, this comes to us from gearbest they're sponsoring us, with this beautiful prime se2, evaluate and we're gon na, compare the difference between this one and the original cost pet prime, which is right here at a higher price. When you look at the specs and compare the two together, you go over everything that's in it, you'll find that both of them have the new fancy face ID. They got the dual cameras they're both the same resolution for G's. Smart watches have a 1260 milliamp hour battery. The 1.6 inch IPS screen is identical, so what's different we're getting to it right there, one gigabyte of RAM 16 gigabytes of ROM or actual on board storage for the SE, and that original prime is 3 gigabytes. 32 gigabytes. Folks, that's the only difference now most other watch companies will have one model and two varieties. So when you go and take a look at the optimus pro or something like that, although I think that one has the Optimus and the Optimus pros two different memory. Well, maybe cusp it's, not a good one, to compare it with some of the other watch. Companies will offer the same basic watch in two different memory configurations.

There you've seen all the other specs for cost bet they've chosen to basically sell the same watch in two different ways, with two different names and the SE is the lighter version or the lower memory version now inside the box. It basically looks the same. If you see the unboxing of the original cos pet right, you have a really nice insert black felt with the watch all wrapped up for you in it, and you got to unfurl the bag, bring the thing out and when you do, you get to see the Actual watch here it is you've – got a TPU band that's, exactly the same with the connector thing on it, it's all looped in here on the backside. They are removable bands and speaking of removable bands. Take a look at this. This is the removable bands taken off of what looks like a cost pet prime SC, or is it the original prime whoa? I was monkeying around with us. This is the prime. By the way, this is one of the watch faces that we've talked about before, and it comes to us from the Collins, clan Tim and Pierce Collins. I love what they design – hey Pierce, Oh looking forward to some great stuff. These will have show links for how you can get to these and a whole bunch of other amazing faces that you can put on these watches by the way we showed this before there's a little bit of a thing going on with the time, and we finally Figured that out it's, because I have my clock set to twelve hour times so it's throwing up an AM and a PM that's shifting everything away if you go to 24 hour mode.

It'Ll all look perfect just like on the thumbnail, but I digress. This is the prime 3 gigabyte 32 gigabyte. This is the SE, so what's really going on here in terms of differences between how these things perform. We'Re gon na examine that in this video. But first we want to show you that, in addition to the watch in the box, you have your charging cable and a screwdriver for removing the cover to put the nano sim in here they're. Both identical watches on that you also have in here the charging dock that goes on the back and the wire is a micro USB that plugs right into that port and plugs into your charger. And then you also have a manual some extra the cover. You know a screen protector, it already has one but there's an extra one and then the basic SE, and it actually calls it a prime se manual flipping through that quickly for you, because we already have this manual highlighted on the actual prime video. So we'll just go fast enough that you can freeze frame it to take a look at it. If you need to basically goes over the operation, what you need to do for tethering to the WI. I watch two app that you put on your phone and I'll. Look at some of the watch faces and features that are on the watch. Okay. Well, we want to look at and to to scores and some of the other stuff to see if there's, a significant enough difference between the prime and the prime se to warrant that extra money right.

Okay, let's do that here we go. This is what I'm talking about. This is the COS pet prime set to 12 hour mode. I got the same face now on the prime se, set to 24 hour mode. You see it all fits just perfectly so let's move in to testing the antutu test is a benchmark test that allows us to calculate a number, and that number it kind of is the compilation of all sorts of stuff that results in an overall view of how Fast, your processor is in your devices, and here it is nineteen thousand five. Seventy nine on the one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte, prime se and I've run it also on the three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte, prime, and our number is twenty thousand thirty three, so they're really really close percentage wise. You really wouldn't see much of a difference between the two, but there are differences, you'll notice, in a couple of other things and the edge. I just need to talk to you about those first of all, it's that okay trigger word, Google. You know that you use for search. You have that on both of these, but if you want to use the assistant, the Google assistant, you need a watch that has at least 2 gigabytes of RAM, and you have that in the COS pet prime. This one has 1 gigabyte of RAM that you can't upgrade to use the assistant in it. However, for both of them, you can download your offline language of choice and you can use the language pack so that you can have voice recognition if you want to on the watch.

You know your speech to text capability and we've talked about that and there's. Some great apps you can download that you can speak and it'll show up or you can use it in your keyboard. If you put the G board keyboard in your watch, that'll have the microphone on it. All of that can be done offline. As long as you have one gigabyte of RAM, you do in this one and of course you got three in this one. This is another one of the watch faces from owl rod. This is the Commons family by the way, these buttons they're active buttons and they work on both versions of the pine to take you off to whatever you would like to go to this one. Is that assistive we're talking about you, recognize the circles and everything you're gon na have phone. You can have all kinds of stuff on it. Just simply by touching it there you go and we're into the phone so that people 'ti is on both of them. Animated watch faces, as you see there, and here are working fine on both of them it's that limitation on using the Google assistant. If you don't, need to do that, well, you're, pretty much okay. The only other thing is that you can load up enough apps on a one gigabyte phone watch, skew speed that too to slow it down. So you might see some sluggish performance generally I'm, not seeing that it's looking pretty good here, but it is possible that if you use it heavily, you might have a bunch of apps in here there's a lot better management going on now, when you get into settings And you go down to things like more and you get into things like this background: cleaner and third party, app adapters and app freeze.

All of these are new technologies that are built into both of them. That will help you manage your memory a little bit better. So it's not as critical to have as much RAM as it used to be so you can get by at a minimum with one gigabyte of RAM wouldn't ever go less than that anymore and they don't think they make them less than that. So, as a bare bones, minimum watch at the cheapest possible price, you can pick up the COS pet prime se. Okay, here you go right now at a very special price of a hundred bucks from gearbest. If you want to have a little bit more elbow room, if you're pretty sure you want to use the in context, searching features and other things that you get with the Google assistant, then you definitely want to spend the extra money. This is on flash sale, which means it's discounted now and it's forty five forty six dollars more to get three gigabytes of RAM and double the storage I'd be hard pressed to spend that much money more, but I don't know it's kind of your call or wait And see if the price comes down either way, you could pick up the prime or the prime SE directly from gear get beer a little gear best if we've got a show link for connecting you to there and if the prices change we'll have coupons for you To try to keep them down as low as possible.

All right, you've been watching. Smart Watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, showing you a couple of more watch faces here that of course run on both of them, but I wanted to test them on the SE to see how well they work that's the surfer one With little lines around the outside circle here is another one of our rods newest creations. You notice these animated ones take a little longer when you touch him to load now, it's showing in 24 hour time because it's set for that in the watch, but it could also be in the regular 12 hour time. This is a globe rotating around which is a somewhat representation of planet Earth and an updated version of that with more of a topic, ethical map for the earth and a little bit slower speed and a change in the font is all shown in this one. So make sure you check the show notes head on over to our couple of resources. We'Ve got four really cool watch faces if you want to download these to your current Android SmartWatch, or definitely to these newer ones that support animation. And what do you call touch buttons or active complications? We have links for those for you as well, so there you go the new cost pet prime se, one gigabyte, ram 3 16 gigabytes of storage or the original prime 3 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage.

Either way, you're looking at a great watch, I know I didn't cover all the other features, but they are identical so check out the review. I'Ll, have it in a box right here for the prime, a head on over there or there's a clicker in this show, notes and watch the full review for the prime because it's identical to this one. When you see it, ok we'll see you again soon and thanks for watching just one more thing for those of you guys tracking it, you can see that the brand new Prime S II has a firmware update of December 25th right on Christmas. 2019. The original prime.