com and i've got a box with another smartwatch in it for you and we want you to enjoy your smartwatch. I like it when they put that right on the back. So it's an ip68 one let's take a quick look at it then i'll tell you about it inside the box. Already assembled is the brand new cospet probe uh huh ip68 full touch screen. Customized watch face heart rate, long standby that's. The thing i was looking for this puppy available from banggood check the show notes for the buying link and a coupon discount. We hope off of the price. This one has right down here. We'Ll skip to it. Look at this standby time of two months use time of about a month two hour charging to get all of that out of it. It'S 1.3 inch 240 by 240 lcd now, starting from the top we've got uh android, 4 android, 4.4 and um and iphone support. As well uses a yfit app for tethering, these are the languages supported by the app and now the language is supported by the device itself. We mentioned ip68 waterproof. The basic monitors in here customized watch face capability. All of these different things are supported. It'S got vibration, that's, good and, of course, alarms and calendar sedentary reminders. All of that so we're, looking at a basic smartwatch in a very decent sized form, with the added enhancement of an extra long battery life and wow, looks like we might even have an extra strap in here.

Let'S check it out. Take all this stuff off and sure enough wow ships with a nice brightly colored band. I think you can get the secondary band in a couple of different colors and this one's green, this one's orange and then black with the highlight color around it. Cool whoa, whoa i've got two chargers, one for work and one for home. Why don't? They put something like this in an android watch that lasts two days, instead of giving me two chargers or something that's gon na last two months, wow well, i don't know i'll charge an hour at home in an hour in the office uh user manual. Oh and two uh screen protectors, if you want to add those to your watch, haven't seen these for a while, packed with watches and, of course, a user's manual which we'll page through for you. This is android. 5. that's interesting, okay there's the qr code to scan to download the tethering app or you can click in the show. Notes of this video and i'll have the link directly to the google play store for you here's. Some of the main features of the device it's got weather too that's cool. Of course you need to be tethered to your phone in order for things like that to transfer over heart rate and blood pressure and blood oxygen. All of those standard things now showing up on all these devices on this one you've got the remote picture capability.

A built in stop watch looks like it's got really big numbers on it too. Screen timeout for setting factory reset brightness controls and a couple of uh things about the app it looks like: okay, oh q, a wow, very extensive manual. It took some time on this and then we get into other languages as well: eenie meenie, my nemo i'll. Take this one and i'll charge it up for us and we'll test it out. Oh, look at that back beautiful carbon fiber spiral, heart rate, detecting and not strong enough to hold it that's kind of my little strength test, but it does snap into place with the magnets removable bands. Of course, one single button, a nice subdued bezel you've, got your markings on it, but nothing more and a really shiny overall outer bezel yep ce excellent let's uh play with this one. Well, this one operates a bit different than others. It'S gon na be fun to play with this. Normally you would swipe down and you get controls like this, which we're used to doing we'll come back to those you swipe to the left and you'd get notifications, yep that's the same. Oh look at how it kind of came back when i went that way. It dropped down watch this, though, if i go to the right i'm getting into some cards that has my step count. My last night's sleep time and the weather in my area in fahrenheit. Look at that isn't that cool you can switch it's in the grade, fahrenheit from the app and back to the main page.

If you swipe up you get into some other cards, this is your health stuff. It showed you the last heart rate and now it's taking my heart rate, gave me a range of 134 and a low of 66, and you you. Can you see the chart that's developing in a 24 hour period, there that's, pretty cool, run it for a while and you're gon na have a history of your heart rate in uh in a graph just said 78, as i flipped it here we go with blood Pressure it's, giving you the readings as step charts here shows you the levels on the side and same kind of thing. If i leave it, it'll give you the systolic over diastolic, and here we go for blood oxygen, same type of thing on a scale from what 88 to 100 and uh it'll give you your blood oxygen reading as well, then you get to the remote music player And more and when you get into more now, you get into all kinds of things: here's, where you have the different sporting activities, walk, run and cycling. You'Ve got climbing yoga and basketball, football badminton and skipping and even swimming with this waterproof watch. All those are there not gps, supported mind. You a breath activity here that you can set for different times and different uh speeds, which is pretty darn cool. I tend to be a slow breather when i really get into it and you can switch all of that and you can make your time what looks like a couple of minutes.

Three minutes, two minutes. Whatever you want, and then you touch the start. When you do this, it gives you a countdown and it's a little bizarre. You feel this tingly vibration as you inhale and it stops as you exhale and then, when it gets down it starts vibrating again: i'm used to the ones that just kind of go. You know at each times in and out, but this one it's really clear when you should be inhaling, because you get that constant vibration, then you got a shutter for a remote shutter use for taking pictures with your phone when you're tethered to it a really bright Stopwatch but as with most watches as soon as you leave, it, it's gone and you have to start over so when you're in stopwatch, you have to leave that there you find your phone uh. This is cool your screen, sleep time. How long you want it to stay on while we're doing this review, let's crank it all the way up to 15 seconds, of course, it's going to supposedly use more power, but hey! This is 60 days on this watch right, here's our watch faces. This is sad. There'S only three there's, the one you just saw then there's this one right here and then you have the diy face. Oh, where were we let's see? We were oh, where were we? We were here here here here here here here here? Oh, my goodness, that's a little challenge to get back to where you were have that one that one and then you have this one, and this is one where you can put your own background picture and the time in a digital and change the colors and stuff.

Like that, ah i bailed out of it again: okay, so those three and you'll see in the app you get the the same kind of thing with those there i'm. So sorry we shouldn't have bailed out of there that's your watch faces. Then you can reset the watch and power it off from right here. Bring up that qr code and about the watch tells you that when you're tethering you're going to look for sn, 80 y that's, the connected thing that shows up on bluetooth in the app when you tether it, and that is it after the more we're back to The watch face again: okay, how about the app the app is called. Why fit? We haven't really done much with this couple of a couple of them have used this uh in the past. This is the google play store again. The link in the show notes can take you right there or just search for y, fit open it up. You have an option of creating an account or logging in without an account which is great that's. What i've done – and this is your home page – shows you your basic information, my distance traveled stuff. So far from the pedometer, my last workout, i don't have any here's my heart rate, information and there's that chart that you actually saw in the watch and it got a really high abnormal reading at one point. But it did record it so it's good to see that you've got that broad range working here.

Did that do anything yeah it does. Okay, you can bring a bar up and you can actually see the readings it's kind of bright on the screen right, let's dim that down for you and bring that in here again. Okay, you see that i don't know if it's, readable or not. I think it is okay, that's, your heart rate, uh last workout, again by the days you can pick out the day of the calculator and show the workouts that you've done, which is that second tab over here you've got your last night's sleep time which show up In here and with all the uh out in terms of total duration, deep sleep, shallow sleep, you're starting in time and revival intervals, hmm that might be your awake time – haven't slept with it yet so don't know uh what the what that would look like. Overall, blood pressure shows up as two lines on a chart it's going to go across and you'll have your linear representation of what those are by the way, those look low. For me for my typical blood pressure, i don't see a way in the settings to adjust for your own cuff reading, to normalize it or calibrate it. So you're going to have to do that manually, here's the blood oxygen that shows up as dots going across the screen, and i can remotely start testing here and on the blood pressure. You press that button and it invokes the activity on the watch.

It begins it over there lights it up and does it while it's being worn, i'll go ahead and let this run all the way through. So you can see it and then it'll give you the uh, the current blood oxygen uh. Reading that it's picking up off of your arm and there we are 95. don't – doubt it i'm rhythmic breathing right now and not taking it down into my diaphragm, so i'm, probably a little light on that one, and that is it. These are the categories and you do have that same for uh blood pressure. You can, you can start at instant reading. Heart rate is always reading so that's creating that chart for you here's our workouts. You can set gps, you can do an outdoor run. I'M. Not sure you can change that, possibly here background running permissions pause automatically. Oh text to speech keep the screen always on. This is on your phone, so you could try downloading this app and seeing if you can uh, you know you don't need to log in and i don't think you need to have a device connected to do this part. So you might try this as a as an app for uh doing your runs if you're gon na run with your phone coming over here, we've got the actual stuff for the watch itself. This is the model number you can do. The background run permissions set up there here are the watch faces.

I hope we can bring in a bunch more here here we go all right. You have three on the watch right and there's all these other ones in here that uh yeah yeah. It just keeps going keeps going that's great different, color combinations of different styles. I want to take that one and see what it looks like so it's going to sync that dial to me and what we want to find out is: does it replace one of the others? Can you have more than three? Can you have a fourth yeah we'll see there we go and there it is on the watch and look we've got the other three supposedly here as well. I could select that here's how you mess around. With that i can come in and edit it. I can change the text color to yellow. If i wanted to, i can say: okay and now i've got yellow on that time, uh and here's the other two that were already there and then there is our big bright one that we just put and of course, there's more. How many total well that's something you'll have to find out on your own when you buy the watch, i have no idea. Let'S go on that's. Our watch faces call reminder you know if you want uh to be reminded of an incoming call, you won't be able to answer it from the watch, there's, no mic or speaker on it, your app alerts.

These are all the different notifications that you would set up from the different apps on the phone to trigger an uh, an alarm over. Basically, on uh your watch, your notifications over all alarms, sedentary reminders, your goal notifications, when you reach them here's, where you this is kind of cool under the music control. You have all the different kind of things that you have installed and you can select which one you want, the music player to automatically start playing from your phone through the phone speaker right, usually it's. Just the last thing whatever was playing. So if you've got all these different things installed, you can pick one of them and that should be the overriding music player activation, that's, sweet drinking alerts. All these are repeat, timers time format. 12. 24. It is afternoon right now come on baby. There you go change. It to 24 and confirm – and i do switch it back over to military time 24 hour time. You can find the band when you do that you just basically get a vibration and it lights up. The screen setup do not disturb the twist your wrist to see the time automatic heart rate detection is on the camera thing and a firmware upgraded. Oh, by the way, there was a firmware update waiting for this and i've already updated. It so make sure after you get it tethered. You check the firmware. Update last thing is you you can set up your goals, your thumbnail and all the stuff about you.

The unit settings for this device can be in feet or centimeters can be in kilograms and pounds, and you can do the weather display in fahrenheit or centigrade as well. So a lot of capabilities, pretty simple, straightforward app covers the basics, but covers them well, and you do have multitude of watch faces that you can select and we didn't cover this there's. The do not disturb that. You can turn on and off right here, there's your overall brightness and we are at the brightest level there. It is really nice and soft. So at night it's not going to be too bright. You can adjust that. However, you, like let's, put it about right there. You can make a flashlight out of it, so it'll just light up to find their keyhole and then bail out of that, and now this this one takes you back down to all of this, which is what we had to get to before from here. By going all the way down to more remember that, so you got a nice shortcut from here to there by tapping that and going into your breathing nice watch. Okay, once again, what we're looking at is a cospet product, it's called the cospet pro it's an ip68. Even has swimming on it as one of the activities smartwatch about 35, maybe a little less. If we can get you a coupon discount for it and comes in a couple of different colors and a nice selection of watch faces that are downloadable from the app alrighty.