Why i’m, here plus we have the color options. I have the gray one and the green one right and on the back, it’s just normal specifications and there is the pedometer multi sport. Smart heart rate, sleep monitoring, notification, and here we have music control, shutter secretary reminder, call reminder, find device and stop watch so let’s. Just jump inside the box, real, quick here’s, the experience, let me do that again, come on boy yeah. Here we go so here we have the smartwatch itself yeah placed in there right for me to you, know pop it out, and here we go let’s just pop. It out put it aside for a second see what’s in the box, we have an extra band. Of course i told you that it was a gray color and a green color, so here’s the green color, the build quality of the band it’s normal silicon. I guess, of course the dirt is going to get stuck in this, so i’d recommend using a different aftermarket band. It is always up on you. Here is the charger which is a magnetic charger, which i guess sticks on the back of your watch yeah. Here we go, sticks right there, this way, yeah it’s, not really so strong, so it might fall out uh other than that we have a screen protector in the smartwatch. We have the instruction manual as well as the warranty card. We have a 12 month warranty of the smartwatch right, pushing the things aside getting into the smart watch, the first look of the smartwatch.

Let me remove the sticker boy, yeah, the first look of the smartwatch on the background. We have this plastic carbon fiber finish, which seems pretty nice, and then we have this heart rate sensor, which could get scratched very easily i’d say. Then we have this charging port and quality insurance certified. I guess here we have a single button on the side and on the front we have a glossy finish on the black glossy finish on the sides and it’s the same silicon band, but in gray, color right so it’s. The display of the smartwatch let’s get inside of that the software and everything now speaking of the software of the smartwatch there’s, this single button that would wake the smartwatch up. Otherwise, you can turn on the rest function where you just simply lift your wrist, and the smart watch will turn on you know and lifting it back. It turns off turns on turns off turn on right, okay, so getting into the software let’s get it started. So if you swipe from left to right, we have notifications right all right now, if use we can clear on. If we swipe from right to left, we have the pedometer as well as the sleep reminder. I guess, then we have the weather, then that’s it. If you move from top to bottom, we have the notification bar where it has that sleep. You know sleep reminder that you’re sleeping right now, then we have this brightness.

You can set the brightness, of course, and then we have this torch to simply you turn your smart screen into a light or something. Then we have this more option. Firstly, we’ll move from bottom top bottom to top. We have the heart rate, monitor right at the back, as you can see so. I’Ve checked it with a heart rate sensor and a legit heart rate sensor, and it is pretty close i’d say, not accurate, but pretty close we’ll move on to the sp to monitor this is the oxygen monitor. Then we’ll move down. We can actually control the music from our smartphone. We can actually control the music from our smartwatch to our smartphone right then we’ll move again. We have this more function. More function, we have almost 12 sports mod, i mean let’s start the skipping mode. We have the calories and beats per minute, but if we move to another mode, for example, cycling, we can also see the time above that’s pretty good. I guess: okay finish this mode, okay, moving down, we have this breathing exercise. Then we have this shutter button, which can actually you can shake your smartphone smartwatch for a selfie, then moving down we have the stopwatch, which is pretty simple function. Then we have find phone, it will ring your phone screen sleep. You can adjust the time you want. Your screen to be awake and uh when we have the watch, which is there, is a pretty decent amount of watch faces in the application there are almost 50 plus watch faces.

I have selected the random one and that’s pretty nice right. Moving on to the more feature watch face, let me select mine yeah this one right. Okay, after the watch face, we have the reset button power button. Qr code to you know, install the application, and then we have the about button which tells us about the specifications of the smartwatch moving on to the application of the smartwatch. It has a pretty simple interface. I’Ll show you there’s this wi fi application for the smartwatch, which which will connect to your smartwatch and tell you all about the stuff. So here we’ll move to device, it says connected the battery watch faces. There are a lot of watch faces. If you click more, there are simply a lot of watch faces option you can select from i mean there is plenty of them almost 50 plus now, after that, the watch faces. We have call reminder app alerts. Alarms, solitary reminders go on notifications, music control, drinking alert, time format. You can select the time format, so that’s pretty good, find band. It will vibrate your band, then you have don’t disturb. Then you have palming bright screen. As i told you about that automatic heart rate detection, it will detect your heart rate, heart rate for 24 hours, easy camera for capturing the selfie. Moving on to the workout, we have the all workout status that 12 ones, which we already have in our watch. Then we have the pedometer, which tells us the steps hourly as well as weekly.

Then we have the heart rate monitor which gives us a simple graph of how our heart rate is going. We had a maximum heart rate of 88 beats per second and yesterday. Okay, yesterday 88 beats per minute. I have there, we have sleep, i have not used the sleep function yet then we have blood oxygen level and that’s. It that’s my profile, so it’s pretty great. You can actually set the gps when you’re working out. For example, you will set on your gps and after that you can simply go and it will start with the gps and it’s pretty great i’d say so if you’re looking for a workout product. So if you’re, looking for a smart watch in the budget, category i’d say that this is workout, stop pretty good option, so go for it. Talking about the battery timing of the smartwatch i’ve been using it for a complete seven days and it’s already on almost 60. So the battery timing on this thing is pretty great. I mean it could work for more than two weeks on a 24 rate, heart rate sensing feature so battery timing, it’s a thumbs up for me. If i had to suggest you, the smart watch i’d say that go for it. It’S pretty great it’ll, look good on your hand and it’s it’s good i’d say i had a pretty good experience with it.