com, and really glad to see you here today. I'Ve got a totally sealed box. That looks like a good starting point, let's slide in here and see what we've got in this. Rather small cospet box cospet's been known for quite a few awesome watches in the past, uh android watches to boot, and we got something different in here. Look at this wow that looks really rugged. What do you think it is? Would you believe, a dinosaur yeah that's, the latest rage on naming convention? We had a t rex by a different company. Now we've got the raptor by cospet it's, an outdoor sports watch rugged 1.3 inch smart watch with 30 days battery power and lots going for it. We'Ll tell you all about it. After i mentioned you can pick it up from gearbest. They sent this one out for us to show you it's, currently on flash sale, good price check the show, notes and use our buying link. If you don't mind that will help us get more credit for these and get a few more watches in for review in the future. Let'S walk through the specs okay, we got 20 sport modes on this. One we've got a tft screen and it says: it's super bright i'll show you that in a second running bluetooth, 4 uh 230 milliamp hour battery round bezel. The bands are listed there, we've got all these different languages, supported product information and packaging, and now they actually hired an english speaking marketing engineer.

Apparently, who has written up some stuff that actually makes these things more understandable, so the things it's got going for it is waterproof. Dustproof ip68, 20 sport modes, 50 different watch faces 30 days standby and an ultra light body, the rest of it i'm just going to show you on the screen and if you want to freeze frame it and read through it, you can or if you use the Link, i provided you, can go and read it on the web, or even copy and paste it into a browser or a word processor. If you want to all right, we are talking the cospet raptor let's get into it inside the box. We have the charger a standard, it looks like two pin connector. The uh watch itself has got a really nice definite sports band. Look at all the ridges and ruffles and holes to mitigate sweat to move it on in your body. We'Ve got a little cover over our heart rate, diode one take that thing off, there's the charging port, and it goes on that way and it's good and strong definitely going to hold the watch. It is lightweight and thin. We'Ve got a cover on the front here. We can take off as well, and it looks like there's actually a screen protector on here too. How do i know? I see a little bubble right there. I don't know if you can see it, but sometimes they get below the glass.

You can always peel that off if you want to got two buttons on this side and just some design characters on that side. We have flexible bands, but they don't look removable. They uh attach in two spots, so don't get this caught on something that could rip those a little bit of a drawback. I wish they were removable and standard, but it doesn't look like they are, but it's an overall nice looking watch we've got the raptor. Oh look at that speaking of screen protectors, there's an extra one in here. If you want to peel that off and put another one on we've got the cost bet warranty card that's nice for amazon sales, support, okay, here's, some basic warranty information not too often found with uh some of the watches. We review here it's great, to see that after sales at for support cool, very, very impressive, they actually are taking some interest in satisfying customers needs here's the manual. Oh, i better wait long enough, so you can get it in focus right. There you go. I got some folks saying you're going too fast through it. Others say it's way too slow hurry up it's. What i do i i was so frustrated and when i started this channel, i could not find manuals on these watches and i decided every one of them. I'M gon na do this, show it to you, because uh there's, a very unlikely that you'll be able to download them on the web, and if you lose yours or you, don't even have the product.

Yet you might want these as reference. It uses the fit app. We'Ve covered that quite a bit, so gon na skip a lot of the app aspects of it and basically show you the watch today and if you want to uh, see a review of the app in progress check again in the show notes. I'Ll have the link to the defeat app for you and i'll list a couple of other videos i've done along with it. That will start you if you click on it right at the exact spot, where we start talking about the app. So you can see uh check the app out. You can also download it at your leisure it's, free from the google play, store and um just roam through it see what the pages look like. The layouts. Of course, you don't have any data on it transferred from the watch you haven't bought yet but that's. What i do sometimes is just check out the various apps when i'm interested in a watch to see if the app looks uh reasonable and decent. Did you realize this whole thing was the english manual only no chinese manual in there that's, really cool okay it's time to charge it up and get it ready for showtime we'll be right back here we go it's labeled right on the screen, power press and hold Give it a second two seconds three seconds and it vibrated and it's come right up to uh an installed watch face that i put on here from the defeat app.

You know um. If you've been with me on the channel for a while, you know that uh we've seen some pretty darn sophisticated watches by the way that's. What text would look like if you got any messages reported to you from the message section which on this one you get to by pulling down? So when i come across a real basic watch, i mean really basic i'm kind of deflated a little bit because i'm used to a bit more in these watches. But i got to remember that there's, a lot of you guys out there that are new to this or just want a basic watch that is nice and big, with icons like you're about to see and that's all you need. So if you're in that category, this is the one for you. You saw the step count right there. In fact, if i come back here, it's jumping all over the place down gets you this one right gets you that one left gets you this we'll go into that in a minute and up gets you through your app drawer. Basically, there is no real app drawer. So you have your steps and if i press tap double tap, i don't get anywhere so i'm, not getting calories, burned or distance traveled. Just my number of steps. I go here to last night's sleep time same thing from the watch i'm, not able to see how much of that was light or deep or awake, or maybe even rim, just ahead eight and a half hours of sleep when you get to heart rate, you do Tap it, but you got to tap it just right right on the heart and it'll, give you the lines and it'll start.

Oh notice, it went off, so it is looking for human skin, which is good it's, not going to try to read thin air for you. But you you tap right on the heart and you can activate the heart rate. This is showing you the last heart rate taken the next screen. Now is your sport and again you got to tap right on the ball. To choose your specific sport. It'S got a bunch check it out, walking running and trail now. Normally, if it had gps, you'd see that gps is in those and cycling, typically, those top four mountaineering. Maybe, but there is no gps in this, so it's all going to be based on step count, but it has odd things like skiing. It does have swimming being that it's, waterproof basketball football pay attention to football, we're going to come back to football watch, the icon. We got badminton football here. We are again football, but it's a different kind of ball. This is american football. The other one is known as soccer in my country, baseball tennis, golf bowling, bowling, yeah dumbbells, sit ups rowing and you know all of these, including free train, are just going to give you time. Calories and heart rate, and the calories are computed through some algorithm. That is based on number of kilocalories per hour, divided by the time that you're actually doing it. But a nice feature is: you: do have the time of day on these different readings.

So if i were to go into running, which is typically what you guys, do you're going to get your computed mileage based off of steps and come back to me, calories burned time and heart rate. But again, the distance based on steps is not as accurate as gps, because it depends on your cadence rate, the distance between your steps, multiplied by blah blah blah divided by blow blow blow and coming up in your actual distance. So it could be quite off. But if you've accounted for that already – and you just use your own multiplying factor times the number you get there, you can get pretty accurate distance, you hit stop and it stopped, and i don't see anywhere where we can actually look at reports on here, because these Are all just the activities themselves? There'S no entry for a report, so it's a basic watch really folks, very, very basic for those of you who don't need a lot of information. I got weather on here i hit on the decline up here. Nothing happens, hear my hawaiian slipping in there. The kind i'm gon na tap on the word weather, though, and i can get forecast information, but just for three days so it's a touch, sensitive screen and it's different places on the screen. You got ta touch and you got ta know them in order to get to places. So you say mr ticks, all right. If it's touch sensitive is the time screen touch sensitive? No, no! Not at all.

Can you change the time by pressing and holding no? No, not at all you have to go into the app to change to the three stock watch faces and one watch face that you can download. Oh wait a minute look at that it did, but i didn't see it go into a mode for changing wow. Okay. I'M wrong on that i never tried sliding it there's. Your three stock watch faces and the one uh special installed face. Well, that's, pretty cool, just learn something if i press and hold okay, it comes back and it locks that one in thanks guys. You taught me a trick. I love it. I wish i could do the same thing here. How come i can't? No, you cannot see the divisions of the of these other things. Well, we're not done yet. We go through here to weather and then, if you're tethered, you can activate the shutter. So you can take a picture with your phone. You can activate the remote music player and you know, play your music coming out of your phone, no speaker on this one, and then you get this breathing thing yeah, okay, so i have to click to enter and i have to press the no. I have to press da see i got to press the ball now. I don't know about you, but when i inhale my ball gets bigger and when i exhale my little ball gets smaller and i'm really confused watching this thing to breathe out when and to breathe.

In try it try it honestly look at the ball and tell me: are you supposed to be breathing in and breathing out, or are you supposed to be breathing in now and breathing out now, but it's uh nice for you, if you figure out what way you Want to do it to do your own breathing thing and then that's it we're at the very back. So you slide this way you get back to your watch faces and you go through all these little screens to the very bottom and you slide that way. You'Ve got that you slide that way. You got messages and you slide that way, and now we got the settings, you can turn mute on or off you'd think that there could be a sound associated with that breathing, but there isn't um and i've done it with the muting off. You have brightness, and this is on the lowest brightness, so this thing does get really seriously bright, there's, full brightness, and look at that really nice and great angle to view on this, you can see it from anywhere so very impressed with the brightness of the screen. It'S got a timer which is really bright and when you leave it and you come back into it, it's stopped and it starts over yeah it's. A basic watch gang it's not really uh advanced about your qr code for the app and reset the whole watch and power off like so which you can also get to i'm gon na x.

Out of here come back by long pressing either the top or the bottom button, and one press turns it on and off, and one press turns it on and off long presses, like i said, set it up to turn the power off so there's, no distinction there's. No special get your heart rate here or press long here and start a run or any of that they seem to be two buttons doing the same thing here's some data from today and yesterday, 420 steps so far, it's a weekly schedule down here. Some basic information on calories burned stuff like that last night's, sleep time. This is kind of nice, it's broken into restful, light and rim, but no awake, and it gives you an overall quality and it's, showing you your average heart rate and your highest heart rate. While you were sleeping that's new, a lot of them don't do that a seven day trend and um comparison that i slept. Eight beyond 86 per cent of people who went to bed early or something like that 63 got up. Early 28 slept less than i did. Music that's pretty nice. I like that layout it's, one of the best, but uh heart rate is pretty lame. This is actual heart rate measurements you take when you activate it from that screen and you can measure it remotely if you want to, and this one is your continuous heart rate. If you have that turned on you, can't go into it and you can't expand it and you can't check any value.

Oh that's, the triple tap thing in the in the phone, but it does tell you the breakdown of how much time you were in these zones. Over the entire day, uh and what your current heart rate is on the continuous heart rate monitor, and then you got your um outdoor running, which, if you set up gps, allows you to start here and do your run using the gps here and i believe, uh Interface, like the heart rate, to your overall exercise, but you have to take both of these along with you other than that there's, a bunch of settings that you can do for the band itself. These are some of the extra watch faces, that's the the special one that i've added, and you saw already that's the one that we've got on here right now that you can cycle through those three plus one more, and these are a bunch of the ones that You can install now, it professes. It'S got a whole bunch of faces and it does the same face in a bunch of different colors uh. So i don't know maybe about 10 faces uh when you multiply it by all the different colors of some of them. You got maybe 35 to 50 of them. Some are pretty cool, some are pretty simple, some are playful. Some are round, some are digital, most all of them are digital. Actually, even the round ones are digital, so you have the first two that are stock ones uh for analog.

If you want those that's kind of different yeah yeah, so that's uh, all of the different faces that you've got on here as well and that's the defeat app um but that's about all. I can tell you about this one. So where do you get it again from gearbest it's on flash sale right now and the price is indicative too? You know um for 30 bucks, it's a really nice bright. Fitness uh does only heart rate, but you know health and fitness of those basic things. Uh kind of a watch waterproof, you can swim with it. You can track your swimming supposedly with it. So you get you're getting a good value for 30 32 and if i can get a coupon for you, i'll have that as well. Uh that's in the show notes. What else can i tell you? We appreciate you being here regularly and if you're brand new there's a lot of other videos to check out and uh take a look. This is the raptor. Take a look at the t rex it's by a different company. Compare the two think you'll see what i mean all right.