com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, we have here the most awaited smartwatch from cosmet and, of course it is the most durable smartwatch yet, and we have here – i guess you know this already. Okay, we already publish it on our website Okay, this is your crosspet tank, m1 smartwatch. Okay, so we have here the back of the case. We have the tank and one a smartwatch that built like a tank, meaning it is very durable shock, proof, bump proof and full waterproof smart watch. Okay, so it can compete with the popular durable outdoors outdoor smartwatch in the market. Okay, so were going to have the a review, a series of videos regarding the tank m1 smartwatch. This time were going to have the unboxing review, checking the design, okay, the specs of the tank m1 okay. So if you have any questions, please drop a comment below and we will try to answer your queries so lets have the unboxing of this wearable. So we have the specs here the back a a plain name here: prospect watch you want so lets. Remove the sticker here that serve as a packaging lock for the box. Okay lets have another one here. Okay, let me get my tools. Oh no, i think no need now. Okay, i can easily remove it from the box here. Okay, okay, so lets have wow. Okay, as i expected, okay, the smart dodge that i want its a military style here, strap and we have additional strap here, nice from beautiful packaging from cospet, and we have here premium looking, but a very affordable tank m1 and, as you can see here, it is Waterproof up to up to 580 m or 50 meters, so we have the body the device.

We have a free strap here, just pick whether the camouflage army style or this one plain outdoor style, smart watch – and we have here the magnetic charging, cable and inside. We have the cosmetic m1 user manual, so we have a power button here and the back button. Okay and of course we have the thank you card here and official support one year warranty and wow. We still have additional freebies here, a screen protector, okay, very nice product from cospet full of freebies. At the same time, very good design here of the wearable okay, so lets take a look. Lets have a closer look at the device. Okay, so we have the tank m1. Okay lets focus on these variables, okay and have a good look on the design so 580m, okay, so back and power button so grid type here for easy grip, and at the back we have smartwatch waterproof design, heart rate monitoring assembled in china here, okay, what else? We have, of course, interchangeable, strap theres a bit of weight to it. Okay, we have the display here, rectangular display. We are not sure, lets see okay. So what if we attach this trap here? How will it look like okay, so lets see so no worries very easy to attach with its quick release, pin okay, i think this is going to be my favorite smartwatch, okay, not this month, but this first quarter or second quarter of the year. Okay lets see if there there will be other smartwatch that can compete with this one when it comes to the design, outdoor design and outdoor style of smartwatch.

Okay lets see, okay, but so far it looks good okay seems like it is much better to other. Okay, outdoor wearable that we have okay. For the past few weeks, we publish the series seven and a series – six smart watches. So this is like a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh air as the smartwatch do have a very different and unique style. As you can see here, outdoor looking, smartwatch, very unique and, of course, one of the main feature of this one – it is very durable okay and it can survive bomb. Okay. What else fall with its military grade? U.S military grade rating? Okay? So for the specs here we have a 1.72 inch 280 by 320 pixel resolution, as you can see here very good resolution, not that typical by 240 but 280 by 320. So it runs the real tech, 8762 dk processor, known to be fast as well as low power consumption processor, so meaning it will give your tank m1 a longer battery life. We also have here for connectivity, bluetooth, 5.0, okay, very stable and fast 380 mh battery here check on the standby time for this one on our links below we have a the material for this one metal plus gfrp, so im not familiar with that one so well Check it out so 580m, waterproof ip69 waterproof rated, it is shockproof and dustproof as well. So we have here the color, green wearable or smart watch.

Okay, so far, im impressed with the look okay. I think this is going to be my partner in outdoor cycling, okay or art outdoor running. I can also even use this for fishing, as it has a very good waterproof rating. Okay, no worries about going outside, especially in harsh condition or harsh environment. This wearable will will certainly survive okay, so it is using the daffit app support, app. Okay, so far, so good, looking good and well see, we will just check it out if theres still power or not, okay and well see the display again. The display here is 1.72 inch, 280 by 320 pixel resolution so well see about that power on well see if theres still a battery left seems like we still have a battery left, okay, okay, so it supports full touch screen and, as you can see here here, Although seems like a red rectangular display, but it conforms to the design the screen display here conforms to the design of the wearable, very nice idea or innovation from cospect. Okay, looking good looking sharp and it is touchscreen wow nice im impressed with this cospet tank m1 smartwatch. If you want to know more about the specs here or this wearable just check the links below, as well as our initial review for this wearable. Okay, so im excited for the second video review of this. One, okay were going to check on the menus and the different features and functions, especially for the function, especially for the health and fitness functions were going to check it out again.

This is your cospet tank. M1, so far where we have a very positive okay review here for this variable, okay, you have a positive impression for this variable im impressed with the design theres a bit of weight to it because of its solid body, make here very durable and hopefully okay. It has a you know, full waterproof body at based on the specs here: okay, based on the okay promotion, are they cospect about this tank? M1? Okay? So if youre planning to buy the cost per truck go for the tank m1, i think it is much better when it comes to looks and it has a much higher specifications. Okay, but anyway, if you want the cospetra, you can also get that one. Its also good, okay, again watch out for our additional video review for a cosplay tank and one smartwatch again.