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The Kospet Vision is a remake of the original Janus Android smartwatch (reviewed here: ) and the Lokmat X360 smartwatch (reviewed here: ) with a few differences. The body has been redesigned into a straight, tubular cylinder with additional room to house an 800 mAh battery as opposed to the 600 mAh on the original identical watch. The bezel and one button have been accented with color, and on the red version there’s red stitching in the non-removable band.

Internally the /Kospet Vision adds a new performance mode to the firmware, but introduces a bug that makes this watch incapable of using apps like Display Brightness and Floating Toucher. If you don’t know about those apps, then this may not matter to you, but for those who use the convenience of these (and other apps that offer overlay action on the watch face screen), this triggers a “do not buy” recommendation, especially since the otherwise identical watches don’t have this bug.

You’ll see a lot more in this extensive review video, including battery testing under different loads and comparison Antutu testing, which defies logic in the final results. If you like this style of watch, this video will definitely help you decide which model you should choose.

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