We are a YouTube channel, dedicated to all things, Smart Watch and we are on the web at SmartWatch, comm I'm, showing you vision today. You got it. This is the COS pet vision, unboxing and look at what it can do. So where can you get this watch the COS pet vision, 1.6 inch screen and no flat tire guys crystal clear display: 3 gigabytes, ram, 32 gigabytes of storage and 2 5 megapixel cameras a front facing and a side camera is available from banggood. You check the show notes down below for buying link for it as well a little bit more about the specs before we move on it's got a video call an 800 milliamp hour battery, supposedly in it nice leather, strap and running android. Seven 11. Using the Y watch as the tethering app as all of these do here's the hardware information stuff about the networks. It is a 4G watch with a separate SIM card as the Corning Gorilla Glass on this one 5 to 7 days, standby usage time 2 to 3 days and before the end of this review, you're gon na have information on the actual battery life yay mr. ticks. Finally, did a study on hat alright, some more of the features and dimensions and whatnot got a little bedtime story for you, as we begin the unboxing long time ago, like the beginning of 2019, now that these years feel like decades, we had a really interesting, the United States American pilot, who is working over in Shenzhen China and interested in smartwatches to get going with designing what he considered his favourite SmartWatch talk about that in a second.

But first let me show you. We have dual cameras on here. This is a red highlight on the button. We have two buttons. We have a camera here in the front as well in red, highlight all around the edge it's kind of a thick barrel. Look on this one with a integrated strap that is not removable and red stitching in the strap itself. A SIM card cover charging port and a heart rate monitor sensor area. There are four very unique screws in here. You need a specialized screwdriver to remove them, which you really shouldn't do because it could affect the innards of this thing and it's got a TPU rippled effect here on the back of the band, supposedly to help you with sweating and keeping your skin nice and dry. This is the red highlight version of the COS pet vision, and here is the same thing with blue. It has light blue highlights around the button and the bezel and the stitching is black. So you have these two different options that are available in the black now let's see what else is in the boxes. We continue our story, so Jason, our us pilot decided he wanted to create his own, stop his own watch but smart without a stopwatch with two cameras in it: a forward facing one and one for landscape, and he did all that and it resulted in a watch That he released and we've reviewed that one here called the Janus I'll show you that in a second because we're gon na show some differences inside this box.

I have not one but two Chargers. They use the four pin connector and just to pull it out and show you it's magnetic, connects and it's not strong enough to hold the watch, but the watch is really heavy, so it it's adequate for charging. Let'S put it that way, just be careful when you set it down to charge, you don't accidentally push on it because it can cause it to flip over a little bit and come loose, but we got two of those Chargers. We got the optional screen protector. If you like that concept, you can put a screen protector on the front of it. You notice the bezel comes right up to the edge here. The glasses is even with the bezel, makes it easy for swiping across the screen I found and then we've got a user's manual. An empty box is nothing in that one, and sometimes they put a screwdriver, but we don't need that because our sim cover can come up just by pushing underneath here and raising it and the vision cos. Pet manual is right here in English. We'Ll run through that. For you and I'll continue with the story so Jason created this watch called the Janice had a 600 milliamp hour battery and two cameras in it like you see, and he started selling that and we reviewed it here. Well, it turns out it was a hot product and another company called lokmat decided that they wanted to offer it as well.

They did a little bump up in the battery from 600 to 800 milliamp hours kept the cameras, the same everything else, the same and released it on the market as well and we've reviewed that one well along comes cos pet. They liked it as well. They picked up the overall basic design, but changed the case supposedly an 800 milliamp hour battery in here as well – and I say supposedly on the battery because later I'm going to show you some information that makes you go. Hmm exactly and they've released it as the vision, so the vision we're looking at here originated as a vision by a pilot from the US stationed over in in Shenzhen China and created the old. I call it or original Janus. This is the first one that he released and it's pretty much identical front facing camera side, cameras buttons, you notice. The case has got a little bit more definition to it in how its laid out rectangular window. This has got a couple of little bumps there and it's got a tapered bezel coming up to the glass right here, whereas this one's flat and we're pretty sure that's why you can get an 800 milliamp hour battery in this new one and it's a little bit Less space over here, so they had to straighten out these corners and adjust a little bit to get the the battery to fit. Then came along the upgrade the newer version of the Janus, and you see it's cases a little bit.

Thicker right here, see that a little extra space to put the 800 milliamp hour battery, but a slight taper and the cost pet one eliminated. That completely and just comes up to a rectangular edge right there, so depending on which style you like they're, basically identical 99 of the way, is the one that you might be interested in. So, in addition to the Janus the original and the newer one, then I mentioned the lock map came out with the X 360 and supposedly 800 milliamp battery, but exactly the same design as the old one and these two measure identical all across the board. So my guess is: they may be in a bit of a fudge on calling this one: a bigger battery, because I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same release as the original Janus. All right. You got the history. We'Ve got the watch, let's turn it on and run it through its paces, so we're booting up now on the COS pet vision we had. The first screen was the big white screen with the word cos: pet faded into Android and now we're settling down to our home screens the different watch faces here. We go on the top. You got these pages here, okay and when you scroll up you've got your step count stuff now it may seem like I'm, going pretty fast through this, and I am because this is identical to the implementation of Android 7.1.1 on pretty much every watch.

However, looking at Google Analytics by the way these three, the contacts, phone and messaging are for phone calling related to a SIM card. None of the Android seven watches have that Bluetooth, calling where you can connect to your phone and make and receive phone calls that come into your phone and talk. You know on your watch that just doesn't happen in the newer Android, but that does happen here for the sim card. When I look over the analytics, it turns out that nine out of ten of you watching this right now have not seen any of these before, which is why I tend to belabor the point and go into each and every one of these apps. But for the one of you that's watching that sees these over and over again, you get pretty bored at looking at the same thing every time I review a watch so I'm trying something today, since the vision is identical to the x360 basically and the Janice I'm. Just gon na show you these apps and say: go on over and look at one of those other videos if you're interested in this watch and want to see what the stock apps do and how they look and how they work, because they're all over there and I'M, just showing them to you here, voice search play, store Maps that's, all part of it assistant is not the Google assistant. This is an assistant for when you're tethered to your phone, that you can use it as a remote capture and all of these things here now there is a difference on this system.

Optimization is something new and then there's the original App Store, which is not the Google Play Store, but an app store that lets you download things like Facebook and Twitter, whatsapp and YouTube without having to go into the Google Play Store now this other stuff. These are custom ones that I've put in that I'm. Using to test out the watch and you'll see that later on, but let's talk about system optimization when we go in here he says there we go, you can clean tasks. You can do a third party app adapter, have system work mode and app freeze control. These are all new features overlays to the Android 7, one one that are starting to show up on some of these watches and the fact they're now in their own separate app, is pretty cool I'm going to show you in just a minute when we go back To settings that you'll find all these there as well, the clean task thing is a different one than the one you saw at the top, where you just touch that little clean up. This one has to do with battery saving and it's going to enable you to have the apps that are running in the background shut down, so they're not occupying a lot of battery drain. For you third party app adapter is a special thing that lets you see. More of the third party apps on the screen. Now we all know right that if you press and hold the top button, you come up to your shutdown screen, which is where you can look at your recent tasks.

Go into a Power Save mode directly. There touch that thing which will make your third party apps show up in a square instead of filling the full circle and that's what we've done before for showing more of the app. But this is different. This is like, if you have a browser screen up here or a game or something, and some of it is swapped off of the edge just because the font rendering isn't right. Turning that on helps these third party apps show more it kind of reduces them and gets them to work on the screen. I only use it if I need to and it's not often that I need to now. This is a big one and we're gon na come back to that. After I talk about app freeze, okay, this doesn't mean putting your watch in the freezer when it gets too hot on your arm. It'S about the apps and again, a frozen app is gon na, be hidden and not running in the background and it's gon na basically put it into a frozen or suspended animation kind of a mode, and you can freeze and D freeze specific apps. If you go to next you'll get the list of apps and you can go through and do all of that kind of stuff. These are the portfolio of apps that I've got installed as additional apps from the Google Play, Store or side loaded from my hard drive. So work mode, we saw this earlier on a watch and it's now, starting to show up on a lot of them.

This is a big difference between this version of the Janice and x360. The vision it's it's got this capability and the others do not. So, if you're looking for something to discriminate on which one you would buy for whether it's price or slight change in the body, this could be one of the factors we have normal mode and performance. Now, when you select performance mode and say ok, it's gon na tell you that the thing may get kind of hot it's good for playing games and watching videos. But the watch may get warmth and that's kind of a forewarning that you may not get that performance boost you're expecting because when it gets hot, it also slows it down because inside the circuitry will dumb down the clock rate to make sure the battery doesn't overheat. So it's a dance that you're gon na after you learn based on your own usage patterns with the watch. That also is gon na drain down the battery for you, so I tend to run in normal switching bacchus, okay, so those are all new in a special thing called system optimization. If I go back up here to settings now you new folks that are just wanting to see what the apps do and stuff, I know I'm Way too deep for you right now, but integrate this with what you see in the basic stuff. On the other, reviews of the similar watches and you'll have a full picture, so we've got all of this kind of stuff that we've seen before and again.

This is covered in those other reviews until you get down here to more and when I go into more. This is where we get all that stuff. You got your Google accounts and stuff and Google Play services. The background cleaner third party, app adapter system, work mode and app freeze there. They all are – and these are exactly the same things we just saw. Then you got access to your storage. It shows you how much internal storage you've got and your overall RAM and how much you're using and again we've seen all that stuff too overall app settings and data saver. So this is all part of the overall settings and we usually do this just so. You can check your watch when you get it and look at the version. It'S the COS petition, Android, seven one one and then the kernel and build number. Those dates that are buried in here tell you the most recent revision to the operating system. The firmware in here and if you want to check to make sure there's an update, and you really should, after you connect to Wi Fi, make sure you go in to settings to about this watch and touch on wireless update and it'll go out. There hit the network check and see if there's, a new update waiting for you, it'll download it otherwise it'll, say it's the latest version and you can bail out of that. You could do that periodically because it typically doesn't give you a warning and notice that you have a new version waiting in terms of installed watch faces on the vision.

You'Ve got these and I guess a lot of you guys by now or seeing that there's a little black bar at the bottom that's a flat tire. They call it and it's indicative of the actual screen technology it's on all of these watches that we just talked about and showed you, but they've done a nice job of giving you some selection of watch faces that make it mmm going to disappear. It'S not as obvious this one's gon na definitely show up there, but it kind of makes this whole thing. Look like a white stripe right, so yeah it's it's a real showstopper for some folks for some others. Like me, I get used to it. Um, I don't see it after a while, unless somebody says hey, what's wrong with your watch now. This would be really bad if the six were cut in half but it's. Not so it works yeah. I know it. Doesn'T really work all right, but if you can live with it, that's! Ok, if you can't, then this is not the watch for you and you can move along. These are pretty much. The stock watch faces in the vision and then I get into some specialized faces that I've put in here too, and oh no, we still got the stock ones. Okay, this is a weird one. I really have trouble under standing this one to me. It looks like 1189 or something I don't know not happy with that face and here's another stock face.

Some of these are, in the other watches, and of course, some of them are unique just to the cauce pet and that's one of the things that the different companies do is seed. The stock watch faces with some specialized ones. Now these all here are some some ones that al rod is working on they're, going to be active, touch buttons, but we're not ready to broke up premiere. Those yet – and this is one that you've seen in a lot of the earlier watches that had an always on mode now. This does not have that when it's off its off and when it's on it's on and it does have the twist your wrist. It just lit up, because I have that feature on there. But when it's off it's black, okay, it's, not a feature that has that. Always on screen, but some of the other Android 7 watches do have always time they call it and this particular face without the battery level, I think, is what shows up on the screen and you're able to see the time, no matter what which is kind of Nice, but not happening with this particular watch, so you see in the watch faces you've seen the layout of everything. This is whether, if we update that it'll show you the weather in your area, music player that's the clean – I was talking about it just kind of does a quick cleanup all of your functions here and your overall battery level and information there.

So let's look a little bit more deeply that's the review guys now. This is for the rest of you that want to learn. Let'S, look a little more deeply at what's, going on with this battery stuff, because I've done some extensive testing for you. So one of the differences supposedly between these watches is the battery size. These two most likely have 600 milliamp. These three should have 800 milliamp, and that means there should be a big difference in the battery drain. So I've done a couple of battery tests for you. I got five watches original new Janus, the lokmat 8 X 360 and two identical cos pet visions, one from costs bet one from bang good, thanks Ben good let's talk about this I've got it in a koi pond display to actively run the watch they're in infinite Time which you can get to through floating touch sure when you've got the dot on here or 30 minute timeout for these, and I did a full test with the maximum load. The brightest screen where's my data here let's, see all of that was done with the the intention of seeing how long would it last at worst, when you really are using it continuously with the screen, always on again. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. These are the the watches themselves, and here are my test results. This is the maximum time, the delta time it started. At 100 p.m. I took a reading at 400 p.

m. thinking. Okay, it's been a few hours. Well, look at this. The Janice went from 1 under down to 2 that's a 600 milliamp hour on that one, the Janice new one with an 800 milliamp hour battery was even worse. It went all the way down to 1. I mean both of them basically drained the same. Then the Lokmat x360, which is supposedly 6 or 800 we're, not sure, got a question mark they advertise it as 8, but we looked at the casing and it's the same size. I don't know 6 or 8. It lasted to 11. In that same test. These two now supposed to be with 800 milliamp hour batteries under full stress, 23, left and 28, so it does look like there's about a 20 longer life in the cost pet vision watches over the original versions. That may all have 600 milliamp hour batteries. But this is where it gets odd, I'm gon na go to a different test that I did where I turned all of this stuff off. I set the whole thing down to a minimum of like 15 seconds. I only checked it come out of here when, yes, we want to exit okay. Thank you. When we we only tested it just to check the times 15 seconds turned off. Everything went down to the lowest reading. There turned off all the radios, no no location data. By the way in the hardcore test, everything was on Bluetooth, Wi, Fi, location services.

Everything that could be on was on and that's what we got believe it or not like three hours right three hours, maybe three and a half hours maximum time out of all of them, but it's a lot better if you use it and in a standby mode And that's, what I'm about to show you here? This would be your best case when you're, just basically using it as a watch that's about yet with nothing else, on no radios, no stressing it whatsoever, and here is the data once again, we're. Looking at 1 amp 2 as a Janice, the lokmat number three and the two visions so there across the top here's when it started here is the elapsed time. So obviously, after an hour, it just dropped a couple: two percent, eight hours 11 hours. It was looking like this, then, the next day dropping it down to three days right. 12. 24. 36. 36 hours is three days later I'm at about half, except for this one. This is the bank good, provided I got these backwards. I do sorry. This is the yeah. The bank good, provided one with the red one dropped down to 20. For some reason, overheating I'm not sure, but look at look at how the numbers fell. This was the one directly from cos pet and if they're supposedly identical so I don't know how much might be just luck of the draw drop down to 40. By the time we got the next morning at 45 hours, this one was dead and dead from then on, but the other ones were holding out and when you look at this, the original Janus with a 600 milliamp hour battery and the lokmat, which is probably the Same or at 38 almost 40, while the hottest newest ones, the best battery, have dropped down to 20, half of that or all the way out to zero what's going on bigger batteries.

Less time lower batteries better time – and I haven't shown it here – but I have in the other videos these two have a screaming and to to score in the 30. Thousands all of these three are in the twenty thousand, so these two, the original Janice and the x360 – have much faster and to two scores, which should mean higher battery usage. Yet look at this after 56 hours after 60 hours, I still had 10 on the original one and 13. Here this one, the new Janice had dropped down to two, so it's good for sixty hours and these guys are long gone long gone 56 hours. It was just about to die on this one, so the battery tests are still leaving us confused. I don't understand it. It looks like it's better to have a 600 milliamp hour battery if you're gon na use it lightly to moderately, but if you're gon na load it down to capacity you're gon na squeeze an extra 20 out of it by having the bigger battery that's. All I can make out of it so far, so that's the battery test results now. Finally, let's recap: the antutu scores and once again the antutu app is an extensive app that tests all different aspects of these different watches and phones, and these are the results that we're getting in the original Janice. Thirty, five thousand five hundred roughly thirty. Six thousand five hundred a thousand more in the x360.

Both of these are screaming faster, then the upgraded new Janice with the eight hundred milliamp hour battery. That has six hundred. Remember this one, maybe six or eight, but it looks like it's six, because the case designs are identical, but they promoted as being eight hundred but there's no way we've been able to tell for sure anyway. We know this is eight hundred. These are supposedly eight hundred and look at them all. 21. 621. Seven. 21. 7. All three come in identical with a bigger battery and lower and to two scores than these two does that mean it's actually better to have a smaller battery in these it might honestly it might because the battery being matched to the processor and the case and everything Else could feasibly result in overall, better performance. Why would these be significantly lower? No idea heating of the battery? If any of you guys know, please have a discussion about it down in the comments, because it doesn't make sense to me at all. I don't see any differences in the setups. They all running the same operating system and pretty much the same firmware with the exception of these two that have some of that new advanced stuff that's, inhibiting the ability to have the floating touch or dot on the main screen and suppressing the overlay capability. But other than that they seem to be identical so which one should you choose? Well, I don't know if you want a front facing camera and side facing camera.

These are the choices out here. There is the older, smaller Thor for dual and there's a brand new hospital in coming up called the prime that is going to have two cameras both on the side. One forward and one out to the side and yeah Jason is working on his own modification. An update to this as well so we're looking forward to yet another dual camera kind of a watch coming out soon, overall great watch, the bands are pretty much similar. This has got a little bit more color to it. If you like that kind of an idea, the bats are pretty much the same in these three and slightly shifted in the new costs pet one. The case has been redesigned in the vision from what it has been in the lock mat and the Janus which are identical here, except slightly changed here in a thicker bezel, and we went over that when we talked about the battery. Alright, you have been watching Smart Watch, ticks and here's how you can get yourself one of these if you're interested banggood. Of course, our good folks over at banggood sent out the cost pet vision, and i cost bet themselves as supporting us as well. Getting all of this stuff going so shout out to both costs: pet, the company and bangor the retailer it's selling these check the show notes down below for a buying link. I will see you again soon thanks for watching, so you want to see a little something that just came in from dubai I'm serious.

This is the actual shipping label from United Arab Emirates. By way of Bahrain, then Germany, then East Midlands, UK, over to Cincinnati in the United States, on to Los Angeles and into my hot little hands right here. They package things differently over there I mean way differently with all kinds of stuff. This is well it's.