At smart watch ticks calm. This is a special comparison, video introducing the brand new lympho le m12 Android standalone SmartWatch phone in comparison with its peers. The two top tiered flagship phones from Chronos blade the Genesis right here and from cost pet, the prime. Now you notice right off the bat that there's a few differences. Let'S start with the front facing camera on this when it's on the right on this one it's on the top and on this one it's on the left so which one's better well. Let'S put it in perspective. If you have it on your left arm, which a lot of right handed people do I'll just show you on the Genesis here there you go if you're doing some sort of an activity and talking on this thing, let's actually get into the camera, and there it's With the camera on the top, you see it's pointed out this way, but I want to switch it around here and point it toward me. Okay. So now you see me now, if I'm, with my right hand, gon na, be working on the watch, you see that if I have the camera over here, I'm gon na obviously be blocking it like that, see that if you have it at the top, well less Likelihood but possible, so the optimal position for a front facing camera is probably on the left, not even on the bottom. For me, I would call this the best location.

This is probably the middle location, and unfortunately, this is about the worst place. You can have a camera on the right hand, side for for forward facing towards yourself now. As far as landscape work and taking pictures, you only have two perspectives. One is right here from the Genesis: oh so I'm a little off and again I can switch that and you can see under my dirt table over here, it's looking this direction. So when my arm is pointed toward me like this, the camera is pointed forward. The other option is it's pointed over here to the side and that's where it gets difficult, because if you bend your wrist up a little bit, you'll block the view so let's try that here come over to camera and pop into the side view. And there you see just a white piece of paper, but you see what I'm talking about. If I have the this on, I have to always walk around with my wrist down pretty far in order not to be getting a picture of my the back of my hand and that's been a drawback from all for a long time. The LA m12 perpetuates that design it's still another one with the side facing camera, so is the prime. The prime combines them both right here so with both of these, you have your camera to the side. Now, if you're not interested or care about taking pictures, then none of this really matters to you.

But if you are thinking of photography, then my vote would be going toward the Genesis because of that perspective of the forward facing camera and the location of the one that's going to take your selfie pictures, so memory wise, they're, the same 3 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes, camera Size is different on each of them watch more carefully. Each of the reviews, if you're concerned about that definitely the front facing cameras, are all different resolutions for taking front pictures or videos screen size. Now you can see set the same distance from the camera, that the Genesis is a bit smaller. These two have identical 1.6 inch screens. This is like 1.56, and all of these are bigger than the old 1.' inch AMOLED screen, watches don't have one here showing you but that's, much smaller. If you're a lady or smaller wristed person, you may want to eliminate all these and go for the smaller 1.3 9 inch ones of which there's a lot. Otherwise, the Genesis is a good size if you've got a good size arm or you want a good size. Watch either of these or the lympho lem X, which is huge that thinks 2 inches in diameter, is something that you could use so outdoors right now, it's a very overcast day, and I want you to see how these watches perform in fuzzy light, not bright, sunlight, But at least outdoor light, but again very thick clouds on the Left is the prime in the middle is the Genesis on the right as the lem, 12 and they're set to automatically turn on with twist your wrist there you go there's, all three of them.

Can you see the time they're out again let's, try that again, one two three only two of them lit up the prime and the Genesis, but you can see that the Genesis screen has a special feature to it: it's reflective outdoors so that in the bright sunlight You get a black and white screen, but it does light up, and this is in dimmed light in bright, sunlight, the left and the right one will pretty much wash out. Let'S look at build design now here's, the prime and the back has got a really nice solid, well featured layout. You have a screw that holds in a huge cover, that's over the whole back section and the diodes here for heart rate, and your dock connection is right. Over here. It looks like the speaker is right. Underneath the cameras on the right hand, side, and where am i there – we go yeah rather thick design, but not necessarily thicker than any of the others here's the lymph, oh and here's, the Genesis so they're, looking similar in overall thickness but don't take my word for It let's check them exactly here. We go with the prime it's thick overall we've done this before I know, but we're doing it in this video it's coming in at 18, millimeters the LEM 12. Getting it right at its widest section, is 18 millimeters, but again there's a big drop between that center section and the actual thinner part that touches your arm, which is only 16 millimeters on this one.

Well, this is taking up a big section of it, but that lower part is 17, roughly millimeters, so it's about a 1 millimeter drop there, 2 millimeter drop or so there and on the Genesis overall thickness is coming in at 18, millimeters and it's a big circle With a drop to the edge, that brings it in at roughly 17 millimeters and overall weight wise, which is another consideration we bring up our scale. Take the prime which is popping out here with the band's 86, got to do it with the bands on it. 86 grams la m12, now out of its watch, face there we go not that the watch face, wastes any more or less 69 grams and finally, the Genesis back to its watch face just because I am strange about that. Come on you guy, oh well, whatever we are at 72, so the lightest of the bunch appears to be the LEM 12 right, 69, 3 grams, more 72 and a whole bunch of grams. More 285 perhaps it's cause of the big big battery they claim to have inside of here, but it is overall, a bigger watch. The LEM 12 back design is a bit more fancy. It'S got looks like carbon fiber backing to it. It'S got the same type of a port here for putting in your SIM card only it's not covering the whole back it's, just that little section and it's separated then from the from the heart rate sensor section.

This one takes off that whole cover again, the charging pins are up at the top with the dock arrangement. These are straight. These are curved this you can use pretty much any standard four pin connector, as well as the power bank that comes with this one talk about that in a second and this one's curved, you have to use the dock that it comes with, and the Genesis now On its back is totally different: it's got a centralized circle. It'S got a design that bothers me a bit because you can't get into it. Well, you can get into it really easy by lifting it with your finger, but you can't secure it really tight like you. Can with a screw so in terms of water retention, this one is probably gon na, be your best it's, a smallest area, this one's second best, although that metal, could bow a little bit and water could come in under there, and this is the third, because you Can just flick that thing out and there's not a lot of water resistance here, there's, no gaskets or anything the water could seep in there, so if you're gon na be in and around water – oh probably the Eliam 12, followed by the prime, followed by the Genesis, But that's only if you're really gon na sweat a lot and possibly get moisture in from your arm or you're gon na be actually around water, where you might be getting these things, splashed and definitely definitely don't submerge any of them.

I really don't know that they would survive very long under water and the last thing to cover in and this little comparison of these three watches are these dots. This cos pet prime, does not have any additional dock to it, but it says it's got a really humongous battery in it, the Eliam 12 and the Chronos blade Genesis have reasonable batteries in it and they also have supporting docks. So let's talk about that. The Le m12 has this 900 milliamp hour battery dock, which supposedly has a 900 milliamp hour battery inside of it look at the difference in size. How do they have the same size battery in such a huge thing compared to that I don't know anyway. Battery life is battery life and all these milliamp hour, things are sometimes not exactly accurate, take them with a grain of salt, all of especially 12 hundred and some odd anyway. This will slap right on here. It activates automatically and it'll start charging. The watch from the dock, so, if you were running low on battery you can give it a boost that's, why I call them little booster docks. So this is a round one plugs right in with a micro, USB and blah blah blah. This one now is a specialty kind. The battery is in here, and you simply lay the Genesis directly in here. It lights up, it's got four lights that will go down over time as you use it, and one of the cool things about this one is that you could actually wear it.

You can strap it around your wrist slide it under the watch. You can still have the watch on your arm, be doing video conferencing whatever and get a boost charge to the the watch itself. So, between all three of these, this one is my favorite because of this extra boosting capability, that's convenient this one with its stand up: doc, it's, okay, but you're, not gon na be wearing this thing. Really you can't even get it around you and then the cost pet prime well it's got a decent battery on its own, but it's. Nowhere near what you get when you combine two together so for convenience. Just wearing this one by itself, of course, is like a regular watch, but when it's dead it's dead having a booster capability is in advantage, I grant you that and having one that you can wear on your arm is by far the best. So again, I would lean to this with you. You see each one has benefits in its own area, so it's really kind of hard to settle in on one watch, but I could tell you these three top of the line. Trailblazing flagship watches here, as we are post Corona mid Corona – are the ones that I would recommend you. You look at seriously if you're in the market for a round Android SmartWatch and with that I'll tell you to check the reviews of each of these I'll. Have them in different corners here, go over there or wherever and look at the review of each of these separately and in the show notes of each of the videos are the buying links that you can pick these up.

You won't find them here. I don't want to have to update them everywhere. So we'll use this as a pointer to get you to the review that you want and then you can decide which one you want to buy use the links in the show, notes and that'll help us out here to make sure we keep getting more watches coming In okay, then you've been watching Smart Watch ticks. We really appreciate your subscription and being here and hunker down gang we're gon na get through this whole thing.