com. Ladies and gentlemen, the production genesis Smart Watch here it is gang. The official production version of the awesome genesis, Android standalone, SmartWatch phone with dual cameras. Amazing watch faces it's here it's. Actually, here I've got a couple of things. I wanted to point out to you on the production units that are are worthy of mentioning, as you guys will be getting yours soon. They'Ve actually made this watch too good in that. If you don't know about this you're, not even gon na recognize it but there's a little thin coating of plastic over both cameras. Yeah now you see it. You see, I started peeling this one up with a toothpick so that I could get a grip on it to show you. But I wanted you to see how it looks like it almost is just fine when it was flat it's a little bit hazy, but you don't really notice it until you start to remove the plastic and when you pull it all the way off. That reveals the really really clean glass cover that it's supposed to be so don't go about buying this really awesome, watch and starting to take pictures and do video logs and leave the little plastic cover on it. Take that thing off right away now: there's another one on the top camera right here you see this one. Now you and you get yours. It may look a little scuffed up and stuff it's, not the camera, it's that little plastic coating.

So again I got that one started, so I could feel it off on camera. For you and there you go same situation. Little piece of clear plastic revealing a perfect beautiful glass lens cover over top pointing camera, make sure you take care of both of those okay bubbles. Bubbles are back everybody, but you didn't even know they were gone, and I got a ton of apps in here right now check it out. Look at this just like the Apple watch only way way. Better yep bubbles are back and they are a setting that you can get into in settings by going to the app list style and switching back and forth between your regular kind and the bubbles. Water proofing has been enhanced on this watch. With the addition of a little grommet underneath the back cover for the sim area, I can open this up and if you look really carefully, you'll see there's a rubber. Like so glad I have my fingernails grown out a little rubber grommet running around the edge that will seal this in place when you stick it into the cover area. Now you want to make sure you get it just right, don't leave it partly open or you could get even splash water or sweat in here. But if you place this in in first and pop it down until it snaps and check it to make sure it's smooth, it will seal in here and you should have good water resistance, you still don't want to dunk this one underwater.

These are not meant for that, but it should definitely be splash proof and remember now all of the bands have the quick release button on the back. You just pop them off and change them out to whichever band that came in your kit. That you'd like to wear and for the next thing, I'm gon na, do this with the band's off, because I want a demo on the camera that we've got pinch and zoom, because we mentioned that that was an enhancement now to the actual screen itself. So when I come in here I'm covering the care I'm so used to having a side camera sorry guys I'm gon na come over here, take a picture of my little wiggling hand boom. There you go and let's bring that picture up here we are and once again the dimensions on it are: 24. 48 by 32, 64 multiply it out. That'S 8 megabytes megabits, megapixels I'm, always saying that raw double tap. He says and it'll zoom double tap again and it'll zoom. However, in addition to all those three levels you have pinch and zoom, so you can double tap to any level. You want and then zoom it on in the rest of the way and see the actual resolution of the 5 megapixels up interpolated to 8 megapixel camera it's working there. It also works in maps it's. A full multi point touch enhancement to the screen. Only the prototypes had the single touch screen.

This has been a hardware improvement, as well as some changes to the buttons that make these things much more solid and stable, really nice. Now a quick little follow up on the camera apps. I was talking about in a previous video if you haven't seen that when watch that one first it'll make a whole lot of sense, remember a quick camera, the one that you gopro vibrate it and you get a dot on the screen, tap the little dot. Wait! A second it'll vibrate it'll vibrate a second time and you get a picture there's. My Vienna sausage and disinfecting wipes got ta love it. What I want to tell you is: did you notice? Did you notice that the picture was vertical like that in portrait mode coming out of a landscape shaped camera yeah? I know every single Android watch, every single Android watch, every single Android watch with a side camera top camera. This is the only one with the top camera, but if it's got a camera, the pictures are vertical: they're, not sideways landscape, but I'm gon na show you a trick, especially with this quick camera app. The really neat thing is you get a vibration after you touch it about second leader, and then it takes the picture so with it on your arm. The normal way of taking a picture is straight ahead and you're gon na get a tall thin picture. But if you want a landscape picture, I can't quite show you here, but I'm gon na straighten my hand out and after I touch the button, I whip my hand up like this straight up.

Okay, you get the idea so that the watch is turning like this wrapped around your arm, pointing it this way that long tall vertical picture taken this way will now be taken horizontally and you get yourself a landscape picture, so I'm gon na pretend it's on my Arm I'm gon na show you I've got it like this I'm going to and I'm holding this down so it's, not in the way cuz. It would be down on my arm I'm going to touch vibrate. It took a picture. Oh wait. A minute touch! I'Ll! Just do it that way, vibrate and picture there you go now. You see it's this way and it's sideways, but there's a cool app. You can install and you can rotate. That picture will show you that in a future video and then you'll have landscape pictures it's. A two step process, but it solves the problem of side cameras on all of these Android watches, making tall vertical pictures instead of wide landscape ones. The way you like it. Lastly, you eyes know about the floating touch your button gon na turn that off for a second that's a little dot here. If you don't know about it, it's covered in a lot of different videos, here's something that I've done. It really cool. If you want to avoid the double tap button thing and just install this, I made my central button that instant camera insta cam and it just took a picture and it's leaving me set up.

So I can take more if I want to just by touching it and then I can just leave it if I want to and I'm back to where I was okay, so you can program the floating touch with whatever camera you want on any of these buttons. You also create folders, which I did here. This is a folder with all kinds of cameras: a better camera open camera, the gallery to look at things: insta, camera, quick camera, the regular camera, even a easy voice recorder, if you just want to do voice recordings they're all there, whatever you'd like and you can Press the button to get back out of it, so I encourage you guys to use floating toucher to use quick, cam, okay, a quick camera and the little trick of tapping it turning it. Taking the picture coming back and getting your horizontal landscape view with all my trash in the corner, ah, I got ta clean my studio before I do these videos ignore that okay, mrs. tics, would be really mad if she knew this was going global. The way our living room looks anyway, there you go that's, the the camera update and, lastly, and I always like to leave something that everybody can use, not just folks getting the genisis. This will apply to all Android smartwatches from your watch, faces press and hold make sure you're on Wi Fi connected to the Internet come all the way over click, the plus sign, and the coronavirus has even made it on to Android smartwatches from the server you can Select any one of a couple of different new Karuna watch faces on here, if you like, and then it gets into some regular ones as well.

So if you wan na, join the no corona clan and put it on your watch when you're bumping elbows with folks there you go, you got a selection of Corona watch faces too everybody's. Got that check your Android watch right now and for you guys getting the genesis. Congratulations, it's been a long wait. It'S been worth itself enjoy. Your new watch. We'Ll see you again soon. Okay, I finished the editing and I just I can't leave you guys hanging like that, with almost all the answers, but not quite so, I'm gon na finish it for you. Rotate photos see this app you're gon na find that in the Google Play Store, wants you to download when there's a few different rotating ones, but I really like this one on a watch. What we've got so far now is the equivalent of a landscape photo shot in landscape mode, but it's showing up on the phone vertically right. So in order to use it, we got to rotate it so we're gon na launch this one. I brought the Vienna sausage picture in that's vertical in appearance because that's the way the camera shoots, but I did it sideways remember now in here you see. Fortunately they have ads at the bottom and because they have ads it's pushed all the controls up. So it works on a round watch. First time I've seen an app that I don't want to pay for, because if the ad goes away and these all drop down, you may not see the end buttons.

But here it is, as you can see, I've got a full 90 degree. Left 90 degree, white, zero degrees and a floppy disk to save it and a send it to send it out. I'Ve also got a dot, not the floating touch your dock, but a dot right here that I could incrementally turn the picture. If I wanted to level the horizon a little bit and the magic of this app is after you do, that let's say it's like this, and you got to just like tweak it that much and get it level it will automatically crop the edges of the picture. To make them rectangular yeah, you end up with a picture that's a little bit different dimensions than your standard ones, but it's rectangular and it has level horizon. Oh, we don't need to do that on this one. I just need to hit the rotate left button right. There that rotated the whole thing to the left. You see that I'm going to hit the Save button right there and it has been saved to gallery as a new image. So the original remains unchanged, and this is now in a special folder on the watch in the proper format. So again that app is called rotate photo. However, I only use it really just for that horizon leveling capability, because it's really good at that and cropping the pictures into the square rectangle that you want there's a much better one for just simply rotating photos, and it is actually a gallery replacement.

You'Ll find it in the Google Playstore under gallery light no ads, and it really is and it's I what can I say it should be on every phone as a default. Every watch is a default. Let me show you here: it is got a pretty picture with a flower on it, it loads as gallery, so it could be easily confused with your default gallery by the same name. However, its gallery light when we open it, you go in and you get your basic gallery of all your folders, just like the other one. You can see more of it when you go into the closer view, including the pulldown menu. That has a whole bunch of options in it. What we're gon na go into, though, to give you an overview, is a picture I shot with the regular camera. Nothing special of a basic Starbucks cup McDonald's cup looks like McDonald's doesn't it when you get it in here and you're in the square like this, you notice that you've got these other features and buttons around. Here you can throw it away, you can send it out, but you can also crop it and if I touch that crop button now we're into something really cool, you see the rotate button and you see the crop square here that you have control over what I'm Gon na do is hit the rotate button and turn it landscape. Alright – and I want to grab the corners of this it's a little time consuming for this, to make sure that you fill it all the way out if you're going to just simply rotate the whole thing and that's all you got to do now, you can say Crop it twirled and it's saving it as the basic picture.

That'S just been turned, and it returns you back to the regular picture that you were working on now. If you want to get even more creative, if you can back out of this one go back to our gallery here is our new cropped photo, which is basically the full photo rotated sideways, and you can do it again. I come in here I can hit the crop thing I could, if I wanted to reduce the box, like that, I could invert this thing vertically, which is what you do with a selfie camera. If you want the the writing to be the correct way in the picture in this case, I've turned it around the other way and of course I could rotate it rotate. It rotate it and now it's back straight up, but invert it and crop down small. So I'm gon na hit crop on that save that went back to the original. Now I come back here and I'm in my crop folder there is the original and there is the new one see that yep. So a lot of capability with this when you even have a button from here that you can go into a little playlist and you can even specify how many seconds between each picture to play so gallery light, is the name of this one and again you'll find It in the Google Play Store and it installs as the gallery alright, so I know you want to see some real live examples check it out.

Here are some images that work well in portrait mode of the outdoors because of the framing and what we're? What we're? Examining I can DoubleTap and come in here and you can see as you get closer. It sharpens the picture up to where you can even see little coves under the rocks there or all the way off to the distance and pick up palm trees. Amazing huh very high resolution. Camera I'm gon na have a folder with all of the images you're about to see at, slash, android watches our usual location. Look for a folder of genesis. Pictures, okay and you'll, see these in here here's another interesting one. I can zoom in and take a look at this formation, this formation really cool and, of course, you could make this into a watch face if you wanted to as well. Well. These are all portrait type pictures and you remember the trick now of twisting the wrists to take a landscape picture. Here. You go there's a beautiful nice landscape picture, shot with this watch simply by rotating it before the picture was taken and then, of course it was vertical and I used the app you just saw to turn them all sideways, so you can see them here now. Of course, you could export these using the WI. I watch too app when you're tethered. You can send this the pictures from here to your phone and use any app. You want to on your phone to basically twist them around and change them here's.

One now with a level horizon on it, Wow nice, huh, incredible landscape. Here this one Wow check this out. Look at these spires and you don't really know when you take the picture, because the pixels in the camera are just on the phone are just so small, but you'll see in the actual images. If you download them to your computer and expand them, you can get a feel for the quality of resolution that you get from the simple little camera on the Genesis watch. Okay gang enjoy the photos enjoy. Your new watch enjoy all the things that can do for you and be sure to leave your impressions in the comments section we'd like feedback things you like about it, things you'd like to see in a Genesis 2.0.