com and we're back with part two of the showdown between the COS pet Prime and the Kronos Blade Genesis. These two watches are phenomenal flagship, watches and we're shaking down some of the features in them, and I got to tell you we're, probably gon na have a part 3 as well. We'Ll see how it goes. It'S been too long. I'Ve been wanting to get this up. I don't have even a quarter of what you guys have asked for done, but we're gon na do what we've got and show you what we have so far in the meantime to get you started Elrod's given me a challenge. This is his latest face. He'S designed – and this face is sitting here on the cost bet Brian that's. What it actually looks like there's 17 touch buttons on this thing. He'S challenged me to go through them. I set my own limit of two minutes. You think I can do it two minutes here we go, the top. One is a calendar. Now this is a round calendar, it's, really cool and almost all of these apps you're gon na see I got to keep talking our our extra apps. You have to add in this is just a basic flashlight that you can turn on. Here is a stopwatch which is really really fun. All of these. So far you have to add Spotify. Of course, you have to add that as an app from the Google Play Store, but the fun thing about these watch faces now, is you can link these buttons not just to the stock? Internal apps, like the music player, is right here or the camera is, but you can link them to third party apps like this camera, which is called open camera, and you can set up all kinds of configurations again.

Third party apps: you can tap that little box and change them. So you can see all of your controls if they're off of the screen or go back to round, and you notice this one actually rotated the screen. A very interesting camera let's get back out of here. This is the stock camera, so you can have more than one camera in this thing as well right here, when we tap you've, got an overall volume, slider control for all of the volume functions of alarms. You name it there. There then you've got your messages, your phone, calling there you go messages if you have a SIM card in here, there's your phone calling and this this is the third party app that will interface with GPS it's. Just about to find me, I'm gon na bail out of it, okay, and we got in notice in the show notes about all of these apps, including that one that's, the third party, when you're going to want to install if you want to use integrated GPS beyond The stock one that they've got hello, everybody you're listening to SmartWatch, tix, live on YouTube and, of course, it's interpreting that and it's gon na tell you what it thinks I'm saying until I stop talking. So I gon na bail out of that. We went around the circle so now on thirteen over here, we've got the weather and it updates with the local weather conditions. Your calendar, not the stock calendar, mind you but he's got this one linked come on to Google Calendar and then you do need to install that separately and then fine note note 1515 s down here.

This, of course, is going to be your stock fitness app. But again you can use this other app up here instead and this one is your heart rate and finally, in here is a whole nother thing: that's a droid linking thing you have another app on your phone and this one here and you can control all kinds Of things from it as well, and there you go, I'll write all seventeen of them. If you guys own his pro pack, you already own this one just stop on over and download it he's already uploaded it for you and I think, he's also including, if not just a list of the apps you have to have. He may even have a zip file with all of those apps in it, so really fun 17 different buttons on this watch cool. Now, let me tell you what we're gon na do we're gon na jump into modules, I've I've been recording little modules on these watches and I'll just put in as many as I've got when I'm ready to publish, but I do want to tell you some things Now, having warned them both for a little while, first of all the Genesis, you know, I like the Genesis – I'm, not hiding that, and I really like the bands. The three different bands that comes with are great. This particular really soft material, one breathable with holes in it it's nice it's snug. You see, I got a pattern in my skin there, where it was on there and when I tighten it up, I can tighten it pretty much to any level that I want now.

I'M belaboring the band a little bit because of this you see how it's nice and sturdy on here and it's just one of three bands that comes with the Genesis on the prime and not as happy this thing is stiff. I didn't think it would be, but it's yeah, it's it's, honestly, not comfortable. You saw the weight comparison between these two and you saw how much heavier 20 grams. I think the prime is than the Genesis and when you put this on everyone into a problem now you may not experience it, but I kind of think you will. If I tighten it to a natural place, you see all the play that I've got in here and when I'm out and about it tends to slip over and it'll kind of, like almost be falling off. My arm and I twist my wrist to see the time and I can't get it up to where I can actually see it, so I have to like really pull it on there tight and then it's kind of cutting off the blood supply. So, for me, this band in particular, doesn't work. I also I'm, not a big fan of really wide bands. This thing's a silly 2 millimeters wider, I believe than the other one. It sure feels like it and because of that I don't know it's just for. Ladies, this is definitely gon na. Look like a really big banded watch on you. This is gon na look large.

This is gon na look extra large and you've seen a bunch of our other Android watches that look medium they're smaller screen than both of these. So you may not even want to consider either one of these if you have a small wrist or your female and have a small wrist, I'll put it that way. Ok, that's kind of just where I'm. At with these so far, I wearing the Genesis better it's lighter and the bands work better than they do on the prime but there's a whole lot to all this. So let's begin here are the modules ready for some battery tests I'm gon na jump in in the middle of this one I've got the Genesis right here and three different versions of the prime and they've all been running over 24 hours now: it's 314. I started these at 2 p.m. yesterday, so after 25 hours, the Genesis is down to 84, with a SIM card in here, that's constantly connected waiting for phone calls to come in, but with data turned off now. In addition to this configuration, you notice that I got twist the wrists to light up turned on sound is off. The brightness is pretty much at its lowest level, because this can be visible outdoors, so I don't need to have the back light up very bright. I have on here the Wi Fi activated and connected to the the network, and bluetooth is off, and cellular data is often GPS is off.

Now that should be the same configuration of the other ones so once again, 84 after 25 hours, let's look at the prime itself. This is the 3 gigabytes 2 gigabytes for 3 gigabyte, 32 gigabyte version, just like the Genesis is and it's been running. Exactly the same time, it's now down at 61, I have a watch face that has that on here to show you the configuration here there we go 61, no SIM card, no Bluetooth twist. Your wrist is on the silent mode we're at half brightness. I chose that one because you do need it brighter to see indoors and outdoors there's the lowest level compared with that one they're about the same. But again this one will work better outdoors, so I've chosen to run it at a lower light level. Income Harrison with supposedly the huge battery in the prime, which is at 64 right now, Bluetooth off Wi Fi on cellular off GPS off identical configuration by the way they're all set to go off automatically after 15 seconds. These two and this one I've been wearing. So I get some pedometer account activity and I get some twist your wrist kind of activity going on with them, so they got a little bit more I'd say usage on them than this one, which is very surprising considering at 64, this one, which is the prime Se, with as a lower memory configuration is at 85 mm hmm. This is 1 gigabyte, 16 gigabyte, 3 and 32, and the configuration on here no sim card and no Bluetooth.

Everything is identical and 15 second timeout 85 and over here yep the all call uh huh. The a watch GT 81 percent, 85 percent, 83 percent – and what did we say? 61 percent so you're telling me that this thing's got only a 730 milliamp hour battery in it, and this has got whatever they're claiming hey they're. Looking about the same in the same natural setup configuration except that this one has a sim card in it, so it should actually be draining the battery off faster I'll, be back when we have a little bit more time under our belt. Well, good morning, everybody it's been an interesting night and I'm back to give you an update. I'Ll show you how you put this fun thing on by the way you notice. The Genesis is in the Ergun band and that's, because I did a review of this one with the launch of the Kickstarter for the Aragon van and, of course, I had to use the watch a little bit while that was happening by the way it's about 800. There thirty on the 15th, which means we've, been forty two and a half hours since it started and it's at 46 on the the Genesis what I did before I did. The review of the Ergon band was know what the power level was the battery level, and we did this whole review and you'll see that if you haven't already and then I put it on its charger and I charged it back up to a couple of points Below that same level, because it was about an hour to two hours worth of time that I was working on it, so it picked it back up in this normal mode of just using it casually at that same level of discharge.

So, over the whole forty two hours or so it's been tracking correctly it just. It dreamed a bit more than I wanted it to during the review, and that would have given you a false sense that it's not holding as strong a charges. It really is just for clarity there, okay, so we got the reading on that one. Now I come to the official Prime itself, the one with the big battery right, twelve hundred and sixty, I don't know twelve hundred and eighty just incredible a battery. They say in here almost twice this one, not look at that: 31 Wow. Okay! This has dropped a 31 over the same time. This guy is different from this one and it's at 77, and the only difference between look they're even the same watch face the only difference between the two of these. That I can tell is the fact that this one hello. What are you doing? This one has one gigabyte of RAM and thirty and sixteen gigabytes of storage, and this is three gigabytes 32 gigabytes, but neither one of them have a SIM card, no GPS on nothing. That would cause them to have that huge of a difference but it's there and again they got both got the twist your wrists to see the time and a timeout at 15 seconds. So the which is three gigabytes 32, is at 70. It matches this one identically in its internals, so if you eliminate the prime, the basic Prime from the equation – and you look at these three together, you see that they're tracking, fairly close to each other, this one, the Genesis again being down now 45 we're actively using It with a SIM card in it is falling faster than these are, and it does have the sim card in it, but I mean my goodness look we're coming up on almost two days of life on these batteries.

All of them are far superior to anything. We'Ve. Seen on the market before so, where are we now? Well, we are two days and one hour, forty nine hours into this little experiment. This is why I don't do battery testing on all these watches guys it takes literally forever. I still at 36 I'll crank it up, so you can see it now. We'Re gon na pretty much close this out at this point, 35 percent right at the edge there. You see it just jumped down going in and out of 4G. So the Genesis has still one third of its power left after two full days. How about the prime there full fledged, fully loaded full power, prime with 16 percent on this one yeah. After exactly the same time frame both of them, three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte right and the other two well I've been wearing them ever since the last test. Here we go 70 percent on the prime se and he says, as I slide it up, I've put about. Eighteen hundred and forty four steps on it since then say I hadn't even been wearing it yet today and 62 left on the all call so and how are we doing on steps on that? One? Woah? 2598. Okay. So all in all these watches. All of these watches will last at least two days and more depending on the load it's a relatively light load on these now I got ta admit that 15 seconds, timeout that's, why they're all gone dark? When you see this uh the face, they do have the twist your wrist to light the time now this is backwards because it's on my left one, but here we go on this one – you see the time delay on that.

I know a lot of you guys. Ask me about that yeah. I could try that on all of them there you go that's a bit of a lag to get it to light up and it'll stay for a couple of seconds and then go out or if you push the button it'll light up for the duration of the Time you generally have set, in this case 15 seconds so I'm – very impressed with the batteries on all of these irregardless of the size, guys size, doesn't matter. How long do we have to keep drumming that in it's quality? Why do you think this one? With the same battery is, is so much lower than this one and so much lower than this one. At the same battery, guys it's got ta, be quality so yeah when you get your watch. It'S gon na have a battery in it. It'S gon na be a certain size and it's gon na be out of a lot, some of which may be better than others, but you should be able to get a couple of days of use out of them at least okay what's next on the punch list. Well, how about we do that test? On the twist your wrist to light the screens, we've got the all call here and we got the Genesis here. I got the Ergun band here and I'm using my regular wrist straps here so I'm, just gon na. Let them timeout for a second and again, when you twist your wrist, sometimes it's a matter of acceleration other times, it's about gravity.

So first I'm gon na do this one by going like that, and you see how quick it lit up. Okay, we'll, let it timeout, which is only a couple of seconds we'll, try it again. You ready. Okay, you notice that hasn't turned on because I didn't go far enough. So now we'll try to test the all call and see what happens and go uh huh. You saw that one came on a little bit earlier, one more time and go. Ah, this is facing straight up and it wasn't a boy kind of a long time there. Maybe I needed to go a little further we'll. Try it one more time and go. Oh, you, oh, you were supposed to turn out, go off. Okay, sometimes if they're based on gravity sensor – and you have the watch straight up and you move it just slightly it'll trigger it again and it'll kind of go. You know in out real quickly there and okay I'm so far over that this one's not seeing that it's straight up, one more try, ah pretty much at the same time right all right. We still got this little sucker here. If you guys will allow me the luxury of not having to put the straps back on I'll show it to you. Okay, this is the prime se. This is the prime 1 gigabyte, 16 3 gigabytes 32 fading out now. What I'm gon na do is I'm gon na hand a hold onto this hold it at the same angle as the other one and twist them hmm, pretty close.

Try it one more time. Let them go out. One gu3 there: okay, oh all, right, let's bring over the alcohol. You guys. Just you never stop. I swear okay. They all call now three 32 against the SE, which seemed to be a little bit faster. Oh they're identical there huh, okay, the Genesis, okay let's, see without putting the thumb in getting the camera on the right side, which is this way and putting them down, and I know some of you are so bored and others are going in. Finally, he's doing it. Finally, oh the Genesis one one more time, just to prove it: you ready 1 2, 3, Oh yeah, there we've covered battery and twist and shout – and I do shout when I twist okay, I want to show you guys one more thing, and this applies not just To this contest, but to every Android watch check this out. If you activate your Google assistant – and you say the following: let's get it up here: open accessibility, Wow, okay, you can hear them both and the genesis is this in Genesis. Yep Genesis was faster on on the interpretation you get into the accessibility menu of Android, which is not visible to you. Normally, when you go to settings when you scroll drown here to magnification gesture and you access this, it explains what this does. This is going to allow you to triple tap and expand boom boom boom like that boom boom boom, and you can actually get into a larger display.

So we have this issue going on about pinch and zoom, and pinch and zoom is cool and it's on the prime, but it's only available when you're in photos or an app that supports it or in this case also in the triple tap and zoom. But not if you've done it and let go it's tricky let's see get back out of here. You have to triple hang in there genesis of you've. Actually you have to triple tap boom boom boom hold. It then use your other hand to expand. If you want to zoom high, oh yeah, you got a fuss, the heck with it, but it does allow you, whenever you're in some place, for example, into your settings and all the way down to you about the watch and all the way down to your build Number I'm always telling you guys check your build number well, you can triple tap boom boom boom and hold, and now you can slide around and read your build. Number hospitai is e. This is the SE version. 2019 December 25th that's. The build number I mentioned before. That'S, why we have so many of Santa Claus screen watch faces on here Christmas themed faces. The Genesis needs a firmware update to have that triple tap and not the triple tap, but the pinch and zoom capability, but it fully does the triple tap so that's pretty cool and you get to access to all sorts of other things.

Captions. You can adjust the font size within the system, not within the different apps right here. Your overall display size of all kinds of things, high contrast text, speaking passwords and so forth. All of the things you normally would see in Android on your phone in accessibility is here and it's available to you simply by speaking to Google. I wanted to give you the final results of the normal use battery test that we just went through the whole thing where we were starting out with zero hours, and so you saw all of these on the screen, and I said I'd be back later. To tell you how things are going well after 49 hours, that's like two days right, the genesis was still at 35 percent. Now, remember of all these, the Genesis had a sim card in it as well. So you can expect all of these numbers to be lower than they would be if you were running it without a SIM card. Take that into consideration, especially comparing with the prime, with its bigger battery dropping down to 16. Now true, the Primus II and the the all call are are higher up here, but I would expect that to be about 50 percent or so so. You'Ve got a full easy two days of life and more out of all of these watches, even including the prime. If you say you're, gon na run it down to zero, so normal use two days, that's like having a Tesla that will run 300 50 miles and the furthest you're gon na put on it.

You know it's like a hundred and that's in a week. Whatever we kept running, we kept running the primacy and the the all call a watch GT for a while longer, and these are the results after 56 hours, 66. 76. All the way up, I called it at a hundred and seventeen hours where the se that, when we got right here, still had one third of its battery left and we were down to 15 on the all call. So once again, to recap: battery power battery life is great on all of these watches and you have different batteries with different levels in every watch. There'S a variety between them, so irregardless of the size of the thing they actually shove in here it has to do with the quality of the battery. How many recycle times it's been used? All the other factors that happen with battery life, so don't dwell on it too much and last thing I'll say is the genesis that has that really special dock, that you can slap it on your arm and charge it up. Well, I did a test incorporating that and I booted at 9 a.m. at a hundred percent. I ran all the way 12 hours. It was down to 37 and it's a basic same test using it like. I was the others casual daily use, not excessively heavy, no screen on all the time, but twist your wrist to see the screen was there. I popped the dock in for 30 minutes, pumped it up from 37 to 73 percent.

Then I set the dock aside and charged it just left it charging. I ran it then, from 930 until 630, the next morning, another nine hours it had dropped down from 73 to 29. Then, from 630 to 9 a.m. I took another reading, two and a half hours later, it was down to 1 and that adds up folks to 24 hours. So with one boost in between, I got 24 hours of life. What does that mean? I put it on the boost bumped it up to 66 again and I'm good to go for another day, literally good, to go for another day. So all you really need is a Genesis, watch and it's booster dock and you're good to go just charge. The dock use the dock on your arm. If you want to to charge it up and get some more life out of it, once you've charged this up with the dock back on the charger and use, your watch normally well that's pretty much what I'm going to cover for part. Two of this comparison there are other things to go into: um, definitely we're accumulating more questions and concerns and and desires and I'll, hopefully have a part 3 for you soon, but I just want to make sure I get this up while you guys that are so Hungry to know the battery results and volume – Oh volume, I haven't done the volume I hear a bird outside. I got another test, I'm brewing for you.

This will be the next one. I'M gon na put all of these watches and a bunch more the big fat ones. You know the max and the LEM 4 I'm gon na put them through a one hour. Video test we're gon na play a video we're gon na check what it looks like what it sounds like what the battery level is like all of that stuff. That'S coming up won't really be part three of this, but it dovetails because they'll all be being compared together again in a different aspect of battery life. Alrighty guys thanks for your subscription, I hope we get lots of looks on these. This takes a lot of time to put these together and that kind of motivated depending on.