Today cuz I got some great announcements for you: Jason behind Kronos blade who brought us. The Janus watch got some update news for you guys and hopefully it's gon na, like echo through the whole Android watch market. This is why it's so valuable to work with somebody that's actually in Shenzhen, China, that can actually work with the folks at the factories, because we can make things happen, here's something that's happened. This is the original Janus watch, the one that we reviewed earlier and, as we mentioned in a lot of these watches whoops, I got my brightness setting in thing on this one when we get over here to the side panel. That gives you all of the fitness stuff and you execute like an outdoor run, which you would like to have tracked with GPS. Unfortunately, when you start it, it immediately goes into timing. It. The icon, is solid, blue and it's. Getting its data from pedometer step count. Not GPS you're not getting a track it's like so lame, I mean. Ah, no. This is a fitness watch and a an Android watch, so it really needs to have GPS integration. There is as you've seen in the Thor 4 duel, for example, a really nice representation of this same basic app, but it has the stuff in there for doing GPS when you're coordinated with either an outdoor run, an outdoor walk, not an indoor run because you're not Going anywhere from a perspective of GPS or a bike ride, those are the three main modes out of all the different sports.

They give you well haha, I'm here today to tell you folks that this is the same. Janus watch pretty much a couple of other little differences but it's the same watch. However, things have changed. You still have all the same active over here, but you now have the ability to not only use GPS for outdoor run or outdoor walk and bike ride. But if you don't want to for some reason you can't use GPS, you're, not gon na, be strapped and not be able to do it. You can use the standard, pedometer approach. Let me get clear on that. Instead of going over here, we're gon na stay with the apps watch me now, you're gon na come down here to where you find fitness and that's, where you get the nice color pictures right, I'm gon na do that on this one. Just so, we can compare I'm gon na come over here, get down here to Fitness, get in here and looks pretty much the same right. Okay, let's dim that down a little bit there, we go run outdoor run on both of these watch. This. If I slide over here, I get my records there's two dots at the top. If I slide over here, I get my records, but wait there's three dots at the top. If I slide one more dot, I have a new page called GPS. If this is off, this watch will function just like this. One has been in the past.

If I go into the outdoor run – and I say, go it's actually gon na invite you to make sure that your watch is close to your wrist to get better heart rate it's, giving you that little advice, solid, blue icon, its timing. Everything is working with the pedometer inside, just like we saw here come over here. It does have now the long over that you have to press and hold to exit it. Then you could delete that record so that's all the same. But what if I come over here – and I turn on GPS in the app which you cannot do from over here? Okay, all of this stuff has to be set up ahead in the app that's what's critical about this. Okay, we are in the app now. I could either go into fitness, or I could come over here because I've turned a GPS on, I could say outdoor run, I hit the start and look. It invokes the GPS like we've, seen in all the watches that are set up to use GPS. I can say: go to setup it's gon na. Let me turn on GPS. I can exit out of that. I can hit go it's gon na go looking for GPS. It found it it's gon na say, tighten it to your wrist it's gon na start and it's. Giving me another notification to make sure that it's working the icon is flashing. It'S acquiring GPS it's got, I mean it's, just it's doing it the way we're used to seeing it done, but it's working off of GPS now, instead of off the pedometer.

So you have your choice for walking, running and biking. The biking is kind of a special thing in the biking world. Here now when we are in the fitness app and we come down here to biking right bike, which I want to do on this one we'll. Just do it from the side panel. Okay, start the ride bike from here and it's. Just gon na well sit there hello. How come you aren't even talk timing? We should have started it's. Only gon na give you your heart rate and your calories burned because riding a bike. It has no way of knowing how far you've gone it can't use the pedometer. So you really have limited information, but let's hit go on this one. There you saw it flash for GPS it's already got it it's tracking it in my house. Now we are doing exactly what we were in the running or the walking, because we're gon na cover physical distance and you're gon na be getting your distance from GPS. And this one isn't even running right now, so that is a major major shift and update to the overall fitness app in the Janice but it's possible. We may see this propagate to all the other one which is perhaps with the firmware update for existing ones. Definitely we hope for future ones, but for sure right now, it's in the Janus yeah. So if you haven't bought a Janus yet you may want to consider it now that it has the GPS integration.

Is this going to be available for those of you who have already bought the Janus? Will it be an over the air push to update the app so that it will work in the older versions like it is now in the new versions check the show notes down below because, as we speak in China, Jason is working with the company to resolve That question to see if we can get it pushed for the older watches, will it be pushed to other watches that use this older approach. I don't know yet, but if I find out and he'll find out for us, we'll put that in the show notes too. If I know which watches it's gon na work for we'll, let you know that and by the way, if you do think about getting a Janus, there's, also pin an internal change to a lot of folks were concerned about battery life, as we always are on these. The original Janus came with a 600 milliamp hour battery. The Janus now same name same everything is packing an 800 milliamp hour battery. So what one for 25 percent more, I don't know my math on that 600 to 800 it's 800 milliamp hour battery should give us a few extra hours of life in the the new Janus as opposed to the original Janus. Now there really. It is one Janus it's not like a new model. It'S still called the Janus it's still the same one, but it does have a battery bump up to 800 milliamp hours.

Those of you who have the older one. You have the 600 milliamp hour and this is what happens in technology. You know the early adopters see the best new technology, but it's constantly improving. So we have an 800 milliamp hour version available right now, Cronk Chronos, blade comm is Jason's direct website. Now the last bit of information – this is the most fun Jason and I have been working in the background on developing a completely new watch taking pieces and parts from all the great designs we've seen so far in the past blending them together with a few other Goodies and hopefully coming up with well mr. tics daily driver so watching my dreams, the one I'd like to wear all the time but don't, because a certain watch does one thing and a different watch does something else. It ain't gon na, be everything to everybody. Of course, but it's gon na hopefully have a lot of the features that we've been just looking for blended together into one watch and hopefully have it up by Christmas. Yeah it's it's a work in progress, but the factory, the actual people that manufacture these and make cases in different sizes and shapes and and put things all over them. The way they're laid out, those guys have Jason's ear and he has theirs and together well. Keep watching we're gon na have some news for you soon. All right you've been watching a course. Smart watch ticks.

You are visiting Chronos blade, comm you'll probably learn. First about all this stuff, either there or here or both, we might do a timed release, who knows but definitely check out where we're headed and the market is ripe, really ripe for finally maturing in the world of smart watches, and we are here now to experience It great great time to be alive.