If you want to see it now, jump ahead about 17 minutes otherwise enjoy the review greetings and welcome back the SmartWatch dicks we're a YouTube channel dedicated to smartwatches we're on the web at SmartWatch tix.com. How many of you guys out there really really liked the idea of the Thor 4 duel? You know the one with a front facing camera and a side camera that you can switch between, that you could wear on your arm and use as a standalone, Android SmartWatch phone all right, everybody's hands up. I see that me too, but you know what would be really really cool if you could get the Thor 4 duel in a larger screen. Watch like the Thor 4 pro yeah it's got a little flat tire down at the bottom, but it's edge to edge screen and its larger, quite a bit larger than the Thor 4 duel. What if we could rub them together and come up with something that's both of these watches? Well, it has happened and boy do I have a back story for you. Let me show you what's in this box, when we open up this nondescript plain black box unlabeled. We find packaged inside something really new, so new it's, not on the market yet and so new that it took an American working over in a shinjin China to walk into a wot store where they make these things and say: can you whip up one of these Watches they said you have money, he said I do, and here it is Wow Wow I'm gon na turn it on in a minute, but let's see what else is in the box.

Oh goodness, it's packaged in here tight. Okay, we have a bit of a user's manual version 1.0 one and we have a charging cable, which is your typical four pen standard magnetic coupling charging cable. This pops right on there pretty strong it's a bit of a heavy watts so holding it by the magnets. A little tough but it'll definitely slap on there and be easy to charge the user's manual with this one. You want to know about the watch. First, all right, you guys just so bad it's called the Janus it's, the Janus dual 4G now that's a really special name, because, as you're gon na see when we turn it on its nondescript name is SmartWatch. Yes, this was custom ordered by an American named Jason, who made himself up a fun little business, so he could offer some of these. Did you notice, where it's coming from you don't see any of the company titles up here, it's on eBay? This is an eBay listing gang in the show notes. I'M gon na have a link for you to go over and pick this puppy up. 150 bucks flat five dollars shipping to the USA. You could definitely get into this watch. It'S, really really awesome: okay, what's! It got inside of it well here you go 32 gigabytes of wrong yeah, and I think you said three to three gigabytes of of store of RAM. The 32 Wow, if it's, fully loaded with all of the complement of ROM and RAM it's, got um all of the stuff.

The Android 7.1.1 it's got that always time display it's a 1.6 inch screen in here like the Thor for dual ok. 4G. There you go yeah 3 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes it's only available in black. Is he just ordered a bunch of these? All of all the same you can use whatsapp. You can download the Play Store. I checked it out its full complement. Like all the other androids one watches we've got, you can tether it as a Wi Fi hotspot through your phone. If you want fast throughput, you can do Wi Fi, calling with an app it doesn't have the Wi Fi calling built into it as true with all seven 11 android watches a nice 600 milliamp hour battery and look at this. He says I special ordered this watch because I hate it how small the Thor 4 duel was. This is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. The front, strap is leather and the back is rubber. See the pics. Well, we'll see the actual thing he's. The only person selling this watch it's right, he went in and got this thing custom made. So this is where you're gon na get it through ebay through the link that you're gon na see in the show notes. Okay, why is it called Jana? So I asked him he said from the Greek god yeah with two faces and when you look up Wikipedia, he find out a few more things to this Roman, religious god.

Janus was the god of beginnings, gates, transitions and time, as well as duality, doorways passages and endings. So, appropriately named the Janus you'll see it's actually default name is just SmartWatch but we're, giving it the Janus dual 4G designation coming to us straight from Shenzhen China via eBay, okay, I'll, move on, I know I'm, just too excited about this. We'Ve got a generic little manual that comes with the watch, told you about unpacking it long pressing it turning it on. You got your standard complement of buttons. You got the place for the SIM card 4G full on watch it's, the nano SIM size information about that. You get the the download opportunity for the Y watch, which is what you're gon na need to do for tethering, just like all the other ones. We'Ve, reviewed and we've got a full review of that app itself up there so I'm not going to go into detail on that here, talks a little bit about connecting and getting into there that's where you can transfer some of the watch faces over. You also can put in custom watch faces many different ways that we've talked about before of the mobile phone assistant. This is where you set up to tether the QR code to get you connected up to the your phone for the watch and then, of course, your master buttons in the menu that you can shut down and clear out memory and do all of those things.

So it's a really simple basic manual that goes with it. Let'S let's turn it on. I think it may already be on is it on which button there we go. Okay, it's booting up with the generic balloon logo we've seen that on a lot of them and as you can tell it's, really really bright, this isn't full edge to edge screen with a small little flat tire at the bottom. If that's a showstopper for you well, then there you go, but in my use of this large watch I hardly ever notice it now that it's opposed with a front facing camera, it's really sweet easy to just work with this watch wow. That is way too bright. Let'S get in here and turn it like way way down it's almost still too bright. I mentioned when I've reviewed this watch about how it's so edge to edge and the bezel of the glass that some of it looks like it even is beyond the edge of the screen and it's the same true story with this watch, because folks, where to go, This is literally these same watch as this one it's exactly the same sized screen and everything it's just that the body's been changed to give you a camera over here this in like a rectangular square and, of course, the front facing camera with a different body yeah. When we get in here, let's go this way. First, you've got all of the typical things.

You'Ve got there and you've got here where you can turn everything on I'll put location services on turn back my Wi Fi on. I usually have that on. I already set it up and got it got it connected. You'Ve got the place where you can pin everything up. You got a music player when you sink it, you can get your weather in there. Those are all your widgets seen. All that left is notifications. Up gives you your step count summary your steps, distance and calories burned on a daily basis. When you go to the right, you get your app drawer, we'll, look at those when you go one more, you get into all of your fitness section: okay and there's. Also, a fitness app that goes with it. This is all stock all standard, and I want to show you quickly that when we get go, you dump into the fitness workout area and it's getting its distance calculations from the internal step count not from the GPS. When you swipe over here, you hit finish, you all know from seeing my other videos that that's an indicator that it's got the original app in it for the fitness, not the upgraded app. That ties with GPS, however word is that that new upgraded app is coming and should be installable on all these different android. Seven 11 watches will see when that happens, if you're really into fitness. You'Re. Definitely gon na want to upgrade that.

So we come over to the app door. You'Ve got contacts, phone and messaging, which will tie in to the SIM card you put in the back here. Okay you've got your overall settings which we'll get into the browser downloads calendar. Your clock is for alarm clocks, the camera we're gon na come look at the gallery music, sound recorder. All these look and work the same as we've. Seen on all the other watches right. Google Maps is here assistant for when you're tethering and the basic app store that has your typical social media things like Facebook and Twitter and whatnot in there now back to settings a couple of things to point out there. Here we go first of all, when we drop into settings you've got your standard sound display. We like to look in here because sometimes you see the always time display option which is not on the 1.6 inch watches yet it's, really just for the one point: three nine inch 400 by 400 AMOLED screens, but you you have that beautiful edge to edge screen Here, but no always time display on this watch let's see also when we go through everything which is standard and get down to the about watch. We can check out that, because this thing is special and just made a custom mate. It didn't really have a model number it just called SmartWatch, hence it's, been named by Jason, is Janus so that's, where the name has come from so far.

We may see this on the market at under a branded name and model number. I mean it's really a sophisticated watch, but for now it is not out there. It is only available through Kronos blade, which is Jason's company on eBay. I'Ll. Tell you about that at the very end. Again: alright that's um that's. All about that so let's play with that camera. Here we go first thing it does when it comes in is it's. Looking at the side, camera yeah, I am gon na. Tell you about the ring everybody I'm wearing it all the time. Yeah it's, a smart ring. It'S, a super smart ring and I'm going to tell you about it, but not today, let's take a picture of it, though there I got a picture and I switched the camera and there I am hi everybody, I'm, really big on the screen. Now I also would like to come over here on the Thor for dual go into the camera and pop us over here as well switch the lens around and there I am on on this one it's kind of washed out on both of them I'm on my Lowest setting so apologies for that, but side by side you can see how much bigger the picture is that you're getting on the Janus as opposed to the Thor for dual it's, a smaller screen and when you have this thing on and you're you're doing, video conferencing With it, which is really easy to do, and you can record little notes to yourself – this is a log for the day.

I am running a video on the brand new Janus watch and recording it on video. I can stop that I come here. I can play it for you. Oh interesting, it's sideways, okay there's that one I also did a couple of others earlier, which there's the ring picture here I was driving in the car and traffic yeah and they're smiling me that I wanted to show you details that it's a 1920 by 2560, which Is your basic 5 megapixel camera that we see on almost all of these it's, not the higher end. One look I'm still live on this one, but it is definitely is that my foot – oh my gosh, okay, it's it's, definitely a doable camera on here, and you can switch easily back and forth between the two just going over like this. Okay, really really slick that's that's. What makes this thing so special, your typical Android, seven 11 watch does everything basically just like the Thor for dual except bigger screen, really advantage if that's something that you're looking for that's all I'm gon na do covering this. Everything else. Is basically the same as we've seen like I say, and you can pick this puppy up directly from eBay yep, and let me tell you this: if Jason is a rare fine, this is just the first watch he's working on. I already have a second one in from him, with some new features for an old watch that I'm going to show you soon and behind the scenes.

He and I are working together on a bunch of little projects, so helping him out a little bit. If you like this watch, this is a good buy. This was straight from him. I'Ve checked it out, checked him out. Everything looks good, so if you want to buy from eBay right now, this is the only source to get this thing. It may be branded. Something else and sold by the big companies eventually, but you are looking right now at a custom watch face that was made for an American doing work for another company, while he's over in Shenzhen really awesome opportunity that we've got here and so we're taking advantage of It to bring this new product and some other ones to you as well you've been watching SmartWatch six. We appreciate your subscription, of course, and letting others know about what we're doing here, because we're getting some really interesting stuff. I showed you, the band right, yeah it's got that fancy leather and TPU band on it, and it looks really really attractive on dual camera front and side. Everything you need we'll, see you again soon and now for that grand reveal. I was telling you about at the beginning of this video yeah we're, not just talking a reveal of mr. tix we're, talking about a brand new camera feature in this Janus SmartWatch, ah it's so close it's! So close, can you see it? You can almost reach out and touch it well.

First of all, let's see if it's on either of the other watches. Again, the Janus is a blend of the Thor for pro and the Thor for dual so let's grab. The pro looks pretty much the same gon na hit the camera cameras over on the side on this one. Are you ready here? It is scratch and sniff, ah, no it's not showing anything huh. No, I can't smell it from here. I know the camera is kind of washed out on this one. There is no new feature on the Thor 4 pro. Ok, what about the Thor 4 duel here's that front camera? Oh there I am okay! Do we have scratch and sniff here, no sure don't? Ah, not here either. These are the two watches that make up this one. Well, alright, let's come back here to the Janus it didn't have it before it. Have it now, after an incredible firmware update, are you ready? Let me get my glasses on. Let me look at her. Are you watching me now here it comes scratch and sniff right on my nose. Whoa. Did you see that 4.0? I have a four times digital zoom, on my camera right here, while I'm shooting video or pictures touch the screen anywhere and slide up or slide down and you'll be able to adjust the camera and sure it works on either the front facing camera or the side. Camera switch it over here. Give me my little hand.

Oh, I took my ring off. I was gon na put it back on for the video well that's, where it would be, and back again all of this stuff is available right here on the genes it's a new firmware update. So what are we talking about folks, you're gon na want to make sure you've got the right firmware on this let's go back into settings, jump down into about come down here and say it's the SmartWatch model number, with the kernel version 4.4.2 plus it's, that Plus That just got added on the date of 2019 Wow. Is it Oh 523? Yeah? If your firmware is this or newer, you got it if it's the original, when I just got this in the mail you'll be pushed once you're on Wi Fi for an over the air update, simply update the watch and all of a sudden you'll have that new? No it's not scratch and sniff, but it is scratch and zoom capability in your camera, built right into it simple, as using your finger on the screen to get it to exactly the right setting. You want landscape pictures or FaceTime front face chat there.