Is this one? Thank you. My smartwatch is here Music. I can’t believe it’s already here. Did you hide it from me? Did you hide it from me Music? I thought so. Music yummy well elite is here now: hey everybody. Today, i’m gon na unbox the lol, surprise camera with smartwatch camera and game yay. I know this is kind of a long time that i’ve unboxed something yay Music. So look at the packaging guess which halo wall is on the smartwatch. If you guessed emc swag you’re right, um there’s there, she is on a big box too it’s quite large, and this little ball thing is actually 3d. I think you can see because kind of the lines are up so yeah. I know i shouldn’t be showing you the bottom, but look there are lots of things that i could do there’s makeover time, videos photos how many things could this watch have well i’ll show you soon and we’ll show you in this video, so stay Music tuned. Okay. I’M gon na go and just unbox it a little more because i’ve already kind of got that flap up so unbox it a little more and then i’ll be back bye once i can your time a few minutes, my time, bye, i’m back and i’ve unboxed it Like a lot there’s still a little bit look at all this packaging. I think this is a glittery band and this is very big packaging. Good at least look.

There are so many parts to it. So, okay, okay, so here this is um. I don’t know that’s the manual or this is the manual well, i don’t know, but this is charger, and i want you to watch how it looks right now how the watch is doing inside it’s a little ball look it’s in this little ball in a little Ball here you know how the actual levels come. A little surprised, i’ve not made a video unboxing them yet, but i don’t know if i’ll be getting any more but okay, now let’s, oh okay! How do i get this and how do i get this thing? Open that’s one thing i have to figure out huh. I think i got it. I think i got it. Maybe okay do i lift the top like that? Okay, okay, this is quite tight. You need a little help, but i don’t know. I think i can do this. This will take me a while, but it took my father and me a lot longer to unbox this, so you should have unlocked it completely, but yeah, okay, so, okay! This is a little hard, so yeah, so it might take a little longer to um get this open. Okay, okay, get it open, and i also have to show you how the watch works. So i hope we have enough time for that. So let’s just oh yeah! I think i got, i think i got this okay, so there’s this little thing between them.

There are two fingers and you can push that and it might work: okay, okay, okay, okay, i didn’t know how to get it out. I know how to get it out, but i don’t know if i can it’s too strong packaging okay i’m trying to get this open. So we can get started on the watch, how it works: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, i have to do my thumbs here and okay. I might need to take another little thing. I might have to tell you that um then i might have to um. Do that. So i’ll be one second, your time soon, but i don’t know, but but i don’t need to get that stuff done. Okay, hi everybody i’m back here and i got a watch open and this beginning sound won’t really come because well i started playing on it there. It is yep it’s on it’s on uh. How am i gon na show you how the watch works? Yeah there is emcee she’s, sleepy i’m safe wake up, so okay get up. There are lots of things i can do on here. There are lots of things i can do on here, which i don’t know and i’ve also got workout things that there’s a treasure hunting face dance, and i don’t know what that life is pedometer. Okay, i’ve got the pedometer and of course i need the pedometer and there’s the treasure hunt game and there are of course games, and there is a video.

I already took a little video, so let’s play this video, my first video on friday, there was my first video. You can only hear it: okay, that’s how the watch works.