He’S got so much will to win that’s bound to inspire his new teammates and hopefully, for him. Intimidate his opposition, yeah he’ll, be looking for a goal or two tries to switch to play. That is an adventurous run down the left hand. Side keeps everyone guessing time to deliver aimed in towards the center and he’s there to cut it out soul, Applause forward. It goes going through Applause, great strength too strong for his opponent and it’s aspas he’s. True now is he in some good, stubborn, defending there herrera atletico madrid starting the game with good energy looking to take control of proceedings if they can correa’s cross Applause gets it up field. Oh good interception, herrera he’s, pinned one through here, no messing about just bludgeoned away out to the right Applause out for a throw Applause. Now, it’s soul, soul really was well marshaled there because he was denied the opportunity to to turn Applause gets. It back tries to get it forward quickly, a really good feat from him plenty waiting in the middle in by dennis suarez and he’s there to clear it chance to break michelle co heading towards half time, and it is still scoreless he’s made sure that that won’t Get through just brushed off the ball there: okay Applause, that is going to be the final action of the first half, so another team has broken through, but certainly not for the want of trying it’s been an interesting game up to now, but still goalless any opinion.

You’D like to express on the first half well, they look lost for ideas and and lacking in talent which all contributes to a chronic case of impotence and a grossing half but we’re still where we started. If you’re, just back from your break, you’ve missed very little of the resumption of the second half nil, nil, then, and we’re back on the way, Applause atletico, madrid making a fresh attempt to release someone in behind from back to front, and this is something different. Okay, he could be in here: it’s louis suarez tries to get it clear, savage hits it back and here’s suarez. Yeah he’s failed in there. Applause and he’s gon na have his name taken Applause Applause very little to report from an attacking perspective, jim it’s, a cagey game; yes, mill, nil and little promise of a goal due to the shot shy nature of this contest but i’m not giving up on it. There’S plenty energy on the pitch not to give up hope just yet and it’s cooking. Okay, your cushloom battles to win it back. Oh well, intercepted really alerts the danger. Okay, luis suarez Applause, keeper’s got good distance on that Applause and here’s suarez herrera out to the left. It goes soul in again Applause. Needless to say, he was expecting a better ball than that. Concentration levels are very good, and so is the commitment. This game could yet yield a winner Applause. Stefan savage herrera gets it out to the wing.

Do they stick or twist caution or risk? You know what will they rule more? I think it would be a cautious mindset, they’d regret more from me so i’d like to see them try and go and win this now that’s a miss time tackle and it is a penalty. Ah, the protests are futile. The decision is made late, late drama yeah. Well, they were exposed and vulnerable and he knew he had to do something to prevent a goal there and he’s buried it. One nil, oh dispatched with certainty. Well, that was a big pressure kick and he didn’t let his team down. He took that so calmly, Music Applause, yes, Applause, atletico, madrid, take what looks to be a decisive lead. Well, it’s, the type of call that can’t be given. If there’s even the slightest doubt it had to be spot on looking crossfield changing the point of attack. Rafinha Applause really well Applause. You know it takes a lot of courage to do that, to throw yourself at the ball.