Gbd 100 is the menu section which has been completely upgraded from previous G Shock models., Because some of the menu lists are displayed directly on the LCD screen. So we only need to choose which menu to adjust.. Unlike the previous G shock models, where we have to press the button first, then the menu appears., ok … How are you all Today? We have a special G Shock watch, which will probably be one of the most important gshock products in 2020.. The question is why? Because maybe this GBD 100 gshock will be one of the Casio products to start entering the smartwatch market that is exploding in the past 2 years.. Okay, before going further, have a look at the unboxing of the G Shock. Gbd 100 1. G shock itself seems lazy enough to change the packaging of their product because, even though it brings quite a change to their product, they only change the color design of their old packaging. And, as usual, books and warranty cards greet us immediately after the First, unboxing. Well actually, with products that have quite different DNA, we were expecting a little cooler packaging of course.. Okay here comes the GBD 100 1 g shock with dominant black for almost all of this watch.. Frankly, this watch itself looks much cooler when compared to just looking at the photo on the internet. For the interface itself. It is very different from the digital G shock in general. This watch immediately reminds us of the GPR B1000 model, which was present several years ago.

. The GBD 100 itself comes with a bezel size of 49.3mm, but keep in mind that the dimensions are measured from the part of the button that sticks out the most.. So if we only measure the round part of the bezel, of course it will be at most around 48mm.. Then we look at the button GBD 100, which looks very futuristic. This design looks to emphasize the characteristics of the G Shock design, so far. Casio cleverly combined their G shock design with a modern design so as not to lose the signature they had built over the years.. In fact, this new design is likely to become a trend. Setter for other brands in the world that feel too focused on innovating their watch software.. Of course, the presence of this g shock provides an option for those who really need a tough watch.. The GBD 100 itself is no longer using quotG shock, connectedquot software, but quotG shock movequot.. Well, we think this will confuse its users because of the many different applications used by Casio. By the way G Shock Move looks more promising when we compare it to the g shock connected application.. This GBD 100 can be integrated with the GPS of your smartphone, so it will provide a wider range of data and information when compared to only using a pedometer, sensor. And the fun thing is. Your data can also be linked with the strava application, which is a social media for kilometer lovers, both runners and cyclists.

, Pretty cool right, Oh yeah., Apart from that, when connected to a smartphone, this GBD100 can also provide notifications. If there are incoming messages, for example, from email, WhatsApp, SMS etc. But unfortunately, you can’t read the contents of these messages directly through GBD100. And with a weight of only 69 grams GBD100 is, of course, very comfortable for you to carry out sports such as jogging.. The large LCD screen gives you a quick peek. If you want to know your running pace. By the way, this GBD100 does seem to be dedicated for running or jogging, because there is only 1 choice of training mode provided by the G shock via the run button. By pressing the run button 1 time. You will be given a display for the running sport. To start press the run button again, once. Next to rest and stop again. We use the run. Button. Casio also provides 2 buttons to make choices from each menu. That appears on the LCD., For example, like the choice to continue training, save data or delete it., Oh yeah, one important thing, as you can see right now, is that the processing at this hour itself looks quite slow. In addition to the running function. Of course, the GBD100 is equipped with other standard menus., But even though it’s standard, the menus on the G Shock are quite a lot if we compare it to the previous G Shock.. Well, of course, this is an exciting progress for g shock lovers, who have thought that their clock can only be relied on to see the time.

Again. The characteristic of the g shock is shown through the back cover of this GBD100 watch.. This convex shaped design is still used in most g shocks, today. By only using 4 small bolts. This cover is claimed to be able to withstand a depth of 200 meters in water.. Turning to the resin band, we see that there are similarities in design with the GBD800 or GBA800 series.. This resin band model is our favorite because it feels very flexible, soft and more comfortable to use compared to other gshock resin bands.. Dark conditions are certainly not a problem for this GBD100 gshock bright and even lighting on the entire LCD makes all data and information on this watch very clear, even in conditions without light., Then how much is the price of this GBD100 gshock good news? The price didn’t? Really expensive. And if you buy it at an online shop like Indowatch, the price can even be cheaper and, of course, it still has an official 2 year guarantee.. Okay, guys here, is our review of the G shock. Gbd100. If you ask us, is this Gshock worth buying? The answer is very simple, very worthy. Even this model can make the old G shock models start to be abandoned. And to get notifications for our next video don’t forget to subscribe guys..