com today, we're putting out a special video for you guys, wow. Look at that when i hold it like that, they look like they're the same size, optical, illusion, that's, awesome. We are going to take a look at the only android 10 smart watches on the market right now. This is the beginning of thanksgiving week, black friday. Cyber monday, you guys may be trying to make a buying decision on a smart watch as a gifter for yourself and we're, going to help you out with that right now, if you're looking for android, 10 and that's a big if android is a whole operating system In and of itself, that works with phones and apps that work on the phones will work directly on these watches and a lot of other good things. So i presume that the fact that you're here you're thinking about an android watch and you're thinking, android 10. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. First, let me give you the bottom line of the three watches here: the lympho lem 12, pro the z blaze, thor 6 and the cospet prime 2 of all of these in terms of a balanced watch. That would work well in most every situation and has a few extra goodies to boot. I would recommend the lem 12 pro let's get the positives on this as to why, first of all it's, not too big. Now, if you really want a big watch, you already know this is the only one.

This is the one you're going to get, but you got to consider size. I have about an average male adult watch arm: okay, that's. What my arm looks like with the lem12 pro on it: this is the cospet prime 2.. If your arm is any smaller than mine, this thing is going to be a big watch now that's. Okay, if you want to make a fashion statement – and you definitely want to be seen – this is a good watch – it's comfortable when you have it on, but it is really big, definitely not recommended for someone with a small arm, a child, a lady Music, this one, Basically same size as the other one, the lem, 12 bro. So as far as sizes go and look, the two of them are very close together. So honestly, i'd eliminate this one because it's just too big for a watch just to be honest with you but that's a judgment call it's kind of up to you guys. So we look at these about size. But when you get down to things like photography, everything flips, these have got a front facing camera and a side facing camera and, unlike the specs that call these puppies out as five megapixel or eight megapixel and blah blah they're, not they lie that's the best. I can say it's just like what you see in what they call fake news or real news: it's fake uh. They lie the specs, for these are not um as good or as big as they profess to be.

Now, with that said, the lem12 pro cameras are pretty decent. The side. One is legitimately a good quality camera, not as good as this one best of all, but this is a decent camera here. This is a really lame camera, but when you think about it, a front facing camera used for video conferencing, facebook live streaming, those kind of things you actually want it to be lower resolution, less bandwidth for using over your cellular network, but clear enough that you can Definitely capture your face and send it out and other people could enjoy. Looking at you for long distance viewing, you know, landscapes and stuff having it on um. A higher megapixel like five or eight megapixels uh is great. Those are the kind of pictures you want to take and share and store. This is the kind it's great for live streaming, so actually as much as i'm frustrated that they're not telling the truth of these being five megapixel cameras. This is only like point three it's, like 640 by 480 images, really small. It works. It works for what it's intended for, unless you want to do really high quality selfies this just as bad except the side, one is as bad as the front one. Both of these are really low resolution check the review check the show notes in the review you'll find all out about that without getting too technical worst medium, and this one, of course, is humongous and it's great.

This camera module right here is 13 megapixel, and it really is – and it really does beautiful, beautiful pictures that you can zoom in think about it. Now there's cameras on phones out there that are 12 megapixels and they're doing all kinds of fun things with phone apps right. You can put phone apps the same apps on android on here and they interface with the camera. So you can play with that fancy, night vision, stuff and and hdr and all kinds of good good things in the apps themselves, using that camera module, if you are into photography definitely the prime two over all of the others, but it's a big watch um. So it's kind of up to you now there's more subtle things to go into and i'm going to do that right now, but for those of you want to tune out and move on, i want to let you know about one more thing and that's: the bands On these, these are the stock bands that come with them they're. Okay, this is a combination, leather and tpu, or rubber on the back, so sweat doesn't get to the band, but it has a leather look on the outside, so that's a nice band. This is totally tpu it's, a big thick thing, uh very flexible, and it works well and it's sure gon na hold the watch on um. This one is bizarre, it's really rubber. It feels just like rubber, you know and uh.

Where are the holes yeah uh? This is a really strange watch. I think it's intended to be uh wow. Look at that that's cool you put it on here, you push it and it it opens a membrane and comes through and lock the watch on, but hey. If it's on my arm i can't breathe, you know the holes are good for letting sweat through it's totally going to contain sweat, and i hate to dis this. But you know this: the thor 6 has got the worst water sealing capability. None of them are waterproof. Can'T dunk them under water, but they are splash resistant and you always want to check to see. Are they going to be sweat resistant? This puppy's got this really lame snap on cover for where you put the sim card in here. By the way, you do know that android watches use sim cards for phone, calling they do not tether to your phone for bluetooth, calling whoop lost, half the audience right now. Honestly, don't buy this. If you intend to connect it to your phone and make and receive phone calls, you can get notifications on them. That somebody is calling you on your cell phone if it's tethered to your phone, but you're not going to be able to answer the call from any android 10 or even any android 7 smart watch we'll give you alternatives in a minute. This is really poor for water resistance. This is the best look at that there's no way water is going to get in anywhere here, it's totally sealed and the sim compartment is under here on the side.

So if you do plan to use a watch for communications for phone calling using its own sim card, the prime 2 is the best overall in its location and waterproofing implementation. This is kind of a compromise between the two it's, not as bad as that one it's got the sim compartment on the back, but it's held on with the screw with a nice seal in here. Obviously, if you plan on taking the sim card from your um phone and go out on a jog and put it in your watch and after you're done with your your jog, so you know if you're expecting important calls you could still get them on your phone. You can do this as long as you're using a compatible sim that you're on the att or t mobile network or globally any gsm network. You can do this. You could take the sim card out and put it in the watch, but with this one it's it's hard, you have to have a little screwdriver with this one it's almost as hard. You have to have a little thing to pry this thing out and well you're going to have to do that to take it out of your phone anyway, so this is kind of close to what you do on your phone to get the sim card. This is the easiest of all click put it in seal it up and go, but it's gon na. You know i would tape over all of this stuff anyway.

I'M digressing. All this stuff is in the longer reviews, you're here to learn which one's right for you. So the bands can be changed out every single one of them. You see, they've got the quick disconnect and when you do that, you can also pick up a stocking. Stuffer and we've got links to some really incredible bands, as well as links to the watches at the bottom of the show notes here in this video, you can get a uh dasari type of a band that you can put on to replace this funky thing with No holes in it, you can get bullet band. This is amazing. One i'm going to show you this on before we leave. Look at this it's got like little pretend bullets on it, and you put it on here and you slap that over your wrist and you get quite a look: it's, really really fun it's from straps co. All of these are i'm gon na. Have a link. I'Ll show you in a minute, but you can pick up a band as well. So, in addition to giving a watch as a gift, if you hurry and get these on order, you could also have some extra creative bands that can go with it, but back to the lem 12 pro and why this puppy is really uh. My top recommendation battery life yeah this this has got great battery life i'm, really surprised this one's okay. This one, of course, is huge and it's going to have good battery life too, but it's got a big screen to power.

The synopsis of all of the battery life tests is going to be in the first comment under the show notes of the reviews of each of them, because it's an ongoing process i've got these. I got quite a bit of info on these right now. This one i'll tell you: i just ran it last night i got 23 hour, no yeah 23 hours dropped it to 19, and that was using it during the day, with some gps, tracking and whatnot, and twisting your wrist to see the time. All of that – and it sat all night on with cellular, connected gps connected wi fi connected bluetooth, connected just sat there, but you know over it got a day. Okay, this got a whole day, pretty much effective use and night, but you're gon na have to charge it sometime in that 24 hour period. This one um, i don't, remember we'll, have to check the show notes again in the reviews and and likewise with this one but i'm looking at this one, especially because you can get this thing. This is the dock that came with the original lympho lem12 turns out that the lem12 and the lem12 pro are identical in their body and build and all of that stuff. So when you slap this guy on the charger like that, the original lem12 that shipped with the dock, it charges it up. If you slap this one on there same thing, guys it's going to charge it up for a little over 10 bucks, you can buy this uh charger as well.

Here'S, another stocking stuffer, two or three of these one at work, one in the car one at home. One in your pocket, one under the bed under your pillow for the tooth fairy, wherever you want, you can have it and you can charge your lem12 pro just like you would with the lem12, but you don't need to buy the watch itself in order to get The dock they do sell them separate, and now i can show you the dress up of the bands. This is one of the strap co bands. This is the original that came with the lem12 pro and it looked exactly the same on this one. So i took these off. I put this on check this out guys. These are really great bands. Yeah yeah. I know it sounds like i'm selling them but i'm. Not. I just think they're, really great there's, a huge selection over there and it's worth looking into whether you're getting them over at your local walmart or you're, going through a mail order. Place like this uh get the dimensions: they're, usually 26, 24 and 22 uh, and you can put upgraded straps on your watch yeah, so that's the lem12. This is the lem 12 pro now there's a little bit of difference too. I want to show you in how they operate we're, getting a little more technical. Maybe you have enough that you can make your decision right now, but there's still a little bit more to go when you go back to the old system 7, which is this 7.

1.1. This is a layout that you get for your buttons and things in here here we are oh by the way i've got a sim card in here from t mobile 4g works great here's, the layout here now the brightness is a little different on these, because this Is full brightness there there now check it out when you go dim that's what you've got so they did not mess around with the interface on well. This looks like it only had ford ss5 on the uh lem 12 when they went to android 10., so that's cool when you get to the prime now it's interface. Overall, you slide down and no sim card in this one and not tethered to the phone either. You you get a different kind of a layout. You see that you do have all of this and here's the brightness area and it can get like washed out bright. So this watch can get incredibly bright. You'Ll see your pictures outdoors really easily the lowest one is actually not that dim. It'S, amazing and it's got five different levels, so i try to match the brightness between these. I have to just go to level two right there that's about even so that's a little bit different and then on the thor six here we go um same thing, you'd see the sim card and all of that and there's an example of notifications coming through. You slide over and here we've got uh airplane mode over there.

Cellular bluetooth, um do not disturb so. If you're going to go into the movie theater – and you wanted to disable that here we go again the lem 12 pro. Has it right there in easy to get to uh feature of android 10., so there are some little subtle differences in the way stuff is uh is implemented directly on here now, let's talk about that twist, your wrist stuff. So the idea is when the watch is off and you have it set up properly, you just simply twist it and it'll light up, and it should just go off a couple of seconds later. So i want to show you that again go off come on behave. Wow it's staying on a long time, okay, i'm going to turn it off manually twist it and on it goes. It went off fast that time twist it oh look at that see how it's kind of misbehaving now it's not doing it. Of course, i'm going really fast, so i'm, probably throwing it off there. You go remember that get the feel for that as we move on and try it on a different one. Let'S try the prime too put this puppy on turn it off and twist it nothing. Okay twist it there you go and it went off twisted aha bit of a delay twist it didn't go on now. Watch this. I try to turn it on okay. Then it goes off. Then i do it again and now it stays on, because i got the set for 10 minutes for it to be on so it's a little bit funky too, in how it behaves when you do by the way, a little trick for you when you do twist.

It and it lights up touch it touch it a second time because sometimes the first one unlocks it and now it should lock it in for the delay that you put in the watch of how long you want it to stay on before it times out. So a little bit funky on this one, but not terribly bad and then there's the thor six, which we'll put it on and penetrate one of these holes there we go that's kind of tight twist it oh you're, on already: okay let's turn you off and twist. Okay, the first time or two got to give it a little bit of grace there you go on and off and didn't do it there. It did it. Okay, so honest opinion, there's still some bugs in android 10 that need to be worked out. This needs to be more responsive. There should be a sensitivity adjustment in the app. There are other watches that have this or you can adjust the sensitivity for how quickly you want it to respond, touch touch, and now it should stay on for 10 minutes and i'll. Just take it off and we'll leave it there and it's in its own position. So the twist. Your wrist issue is a problem, but not a major insurmountable one and it seems to go across all of them, so bluetooth calling on a get back to that again. None of these watches can connect directly to the phone to allow you to do bluetooth, calling what about texting, not really the app that goes with this doesn't.

Allow you to reply to text that are received, but there are some third party android apps you put one on your phone and one on a watch and you can call – or i mean you – can set it up for texting and replying to texts to the number On your phone, so if you don't need to make phone calls, but you want to be able to make reply to texts from your arm don't, let it steer you away from buying an android watch. You can do it, but it takes a little bit of work. Doing it, but if you really really want to do bluetooth, calling you can do it through android wear watches, which are not android, watches it's, using the google, where os totally different operating system and um also galaxy watches, which are samsung's, watches, and i don't know about Apple, i presume the apple watch could do they. Can'T do i don't know i don't know apple watch, sorry that's different channel uh, but you can do the galaxy, watches and um and and uh and android wear watches as well. Okay, i think we've covered everything see. This is still on, because i did a double tap and and activated the screen we've got tons of different watch faces on each of these. I invite you to take a look at the reviews. If you want to go deeper into that, you got message: notifications coming in they've got wi fi supported cellular supported, gps supported on them, gps and fitness that's.

Another topic: does the watch integrate with gps to show you your track? When you run yes and no, it depends on the watch winner, yeah, the lem12 gets gps quickly, ties it into the fitness, and it works great. These guys not so well, and there are firmware updates to these watches and it is simply a firmware update to integrate faster gps and the tie in to the fitness app that, hopefully, will be coming to match the level of this one. But it's already here in the lem12, so if you're, a fitness, buff and you're looking to do uh fitness on your android 10 watch that one's already home free for you and doing it the right way: okay, so bottom line looking for an android 10 smart watch, There'S three on the market as of thanksgiving time 2020 – and these are the though the selection here, the lympho lem 12 pro – is my recommendation overall. Well, rounded phone does uh watch, does it all and does it well has decent cameras decent size, decent gps integration, pretty good on water resistance and the stock band is decent with protection against sweat, breathable holes and leather as well? If you're into photography, though, the prime 2 would be your your best bet because of its front facing camera, larger size and totally sealed back so no possible sweat intrusion there, i can't give you a good reason for buying the thor 6. Unless you really like the design you're used to their products, it is a contender it's, not a bad choice.

They all support the same amount of ram and storage. I just find this one to be the best overall. Okay last thing to leave you with some links. Come anytime to we're right here, if you want to find out more about watches that do bluetooth, calling if that's important to you and none of these android 10 watches to it. This link will take you to all the different watches, i've reviewed, that incorporate bluetooth, calling we mentioned that um. The wear os watches available out there that use and a form of android that's unique for watches uh. This link will show you those watches. If you are interested in the samsung line of smart watches and want to play in the galaxy, the uh galaxy, watches, link will take you there and overall you can just go amazon. Watches, remember start out: go amazon, watches you get all of these options as well as a for you know, just everything that's on amazon related to smart watches and, of course, for straps the strap co. You can pick out one of these fun uh watch. Uh face i'm. Sorry, one of these watch straps that you can upgrade your watch if you'd like to – and you can have a look like this or you can change this one into this with these little silver bullets in it. And when you put this one on, you create an image like no other by the way, a really uh yeah it's made for a larger arm.

This i i'm in the smallest hole on this particular watch, face well, we'll hook them later, but there you go there's. The look uh huh with the pop up camera totally totally different, feel and you could uh if that's not the look for you then there's, something like this accentuating the sides of the watch, which is, is really different. You know, instead of having that look, i could come in here with uh. Well, this is this one with uh holes like that uh huh same thing on the other side, yeah yeah, so lots of different creative possibilities. As far as the bands go and that's it gang um hope you uh got a feel for well you're, the you're, the wrong guy, but you come over here with that one. I hope you got a feel for these watches now: they're all android, 10 and um. They definitely will fit niches, it's a matter of making sure your niche fits what they can provide for you again. The i'll have a link for the charger dock for the lympho lem 1212 pro. There is no such dock for these two guys, though, but they do come with the charging wire and whatnot to make sure you can charge them up. Thanks for watching smartwatch ticks we'll see you again soon got lots of more reviews check out the detailed reviews of each of these. This one will be posted soon and you can go a lot deeper if you really want to learn more about android 10.

The review of the prime 2 goes into each and every factor that you've got in here, and it has definitely changed in a few different areas. Things like being able to turn on dark theme or night mode which, when you turn this on, will make it a kind of uh beige, color, that's part of the android tin, look and feel lots of neat and interesting different stuff, but basically it's still an android Operating system on a watch with watch faces on the home screen: okay gang. We will see you again soon, thanks for watching.