It'S got a box got a smart watch and i got another tws for you in our continuing series of true wireless stereo headphones up until now. You'Ve seen smart watches that look well. Okay kind of like smart watches, but nothing like this. No, i mean a true round beautiful shiny, oh my gosh! This is an amazing watch. I really like the design on this one let's get into it. Show you it's thick as the sun of a gun. Um solid stainless steel back bezel parts, 2 or steel we've got four buttons on it. It looks like these two for sure are active. We could take that cover off and show you a couple of more things in the box. Pretty easy. A charging wire two pin connects like that and extra. What are these well let's show you after we tell you a little bit more about it. I think now you can see from the picture what they are. They are earbuds and they actually recess into the body of the watch itself. Banggood is offering this for us check the show notes for a buying link and it's called the lympho lemd tws wireless earphone wristband, with all sorts of features in it, which include the things on the following list. We have android 4.4 or ios 8.2 tethering capability, uh with it and we'll be using the fit cloud pro app for connection we've got these languages in the app and the phone supports these it's ip67 waterproof and, of course, wireless earphone support.

Now i don't think you want to get the earbuds under water, so this is pretty much more of a splash proof kind of a watch. You have all these different features that are supported and you've got a g sensor for your pedometer 1.3 inch tft screen with 360 by 360 resolution. So nice and sharp 350 milliamp hour battery with a standby time of nine days and a use of about three days and remember the battery in the watch, charges the earbuds themselves. So after they run down, you can put them back in and charge them back up directly from the watch not necessarily having to hook it up anywhere to a charger. The watch itself is a case and a charger, which is a great idea for how you can carry your earbuds along with you. So where are they let's find out? These are extra covers that you'd be using on them and they are what i told you were buttons. I fooled you. These are the real buttons but check this out. That is the earbud yep yep you pop it in they can charge up the other one's right here. They will show up on the upside of your of your wrist right here on the back side, so it makes it a little awkward to reach around and get them out, but the buttons are right here. If you're left, uh left handed, okay, we've got also a screen protector in here and a little manual which is in chinese to begin with, followed by wow, more chinese okay, followed by english.

I think this is says instruction manual first time, i've seen english. So far down into the manual um again we're going to page through it, for you there's the qr code that you scan to download the fit cloud pro app or you can use the link in the show notes to jump over to the google play, store and Download it directly some pictures of what the watch face looks like with heart rate, blood, oxygen, blood pressure, readings built into it, as well as other activities, notices, stop watch mode. Brightness adjustment is all part of it. We'Ll look at all of that stuff. Precautions frequently asked questions and then the headphone functions. Okay, this is the part you're probably going to want to take some time to look at on how you set up the pairing and the different function operations. How many times you tap on which one to do what? I hope those things are going to be covered, headphone charging problems and solutions. Remember, you're pairing two different things: now earbuds you have to pair directly to your phone and the the smartwatch part you're, going to tether to the app and so you'll be doing two different types of bluetooth, pairing and i think that's it yep. Okay, i'll charge it up and it's charging the buds right now from the battery that was in here, so we'll get everything fully charged and turn it on for you, lympho name at the top lem d at the bottom press.

Long on the bottom button give it a moment and it vibrated violated again and it's going through a boot up process. There we go and now we're into our very first watch, face okay, let's, take a walk through the watch, see what it'll do when we swipe down. We get into a bunch of different commands. You see full battery there's when we're tethered to the phone there's. Your twist your wrist to see the time it looks like which is activated there's, your overall brightness and there's full brightness it's, so washed out, you can't, even see the lympho uh symbol, wow the lowest brightness is, is about the right, uh brightness for doing our review. Here, i'll take it up just one more level: how about to there Music, okay back again, oh no we're into a different function. Uh then there's your find your phone there's alarms and whatnot here's your overall settings. Now you can see by the tiny print that this has got um the high resolution screen on it and each time it goes completely out of it. It looks like so we got to move along uh write the discrete the screen display, here's, your dials, that you can choose from which i think we can get to also by pressing and holding while that one's colorful let's come back to that one see what it Looks like my goodness that's highlighting the beautiful colors of the of the device. Then you have your languages.

Oh all, right, i'll show you. You have both the english description of the language in the language, the two different types of chinese, german, portuguese, japanese, polish. Basically, your european languages, plus chinese and japanese you've, got uh vibration, intensity, zero, okay, that's off one two: three: oh okay, yes, that's, pretty good that's, a nice vibration, three different layers in there, the qr code. Again, you can scan that for tethering and then overall system, which is about which tells you what model number we've got software firmware all those things you can shut down, reset that's about it in a system and that's everything in the overall settings that we look at And then here's that information pane again so that all that information we got to by swiping down when you swipe to the right you're getting into the sports section data for any activities that you've done, here's, walking, running hiking, cycling and so forth. Quite a few different activities and some of the main ones like running when you get into it, gives you a countdown and then it jumps into it. Vibrates, it tells you your steps: distance travel, calories, burned, it's, showing you the timer, your heart rate, and it says it's a running and that's it. We have those two panels, so you have all of this information derived from the pedometer. No gps and uh heart rate. On it as well, we can get out of here too little data to record it, but if you did, it would be in the data.

Then you've got independent heart rate that you can measure from here. Last night's sleep time showing up here, brilliant beautiful, display very impressed with the display, whoops and then blood pressure is here and looks like it's got a a graph of systolic and diastolic and it would be using the diodes in here i presume and that's no that's, Not it, i thought it would go further. So after blood pressure, you'll have blood oxygen readings that you can take, you notice i'm, not spending time going into them and showing you numbers and whatnot. They haven't been verified as being accurate, so just take them with a grain of salt test them for yourself, you've got a music player weather in your area, derived from being tethered to the phone and right now it's in centigrade. I don't know if you can change it to fahrenheit. You got stop. Watch nice, big bright digits for that and when you start it let it run a little bit. It looks like you can reset it. I don't see split times. You can pause it. You can continue it and if you leave the stopwatch, you can't, okay, you have to push a button to go out of it. Let'S try the bottom one! Well that stopped it there. We are now we go back into it and it resets, which is typical. It doesn't run in the background, unfortunately, and we've got messages of course, pushed from your phone find your phone and then settings we've already looked at and we get into all of that by swiping to the right and when we swipe to the left now you're getting Into your daily step count, it looks like, with your heart rate, an individualized instantaneous heart rate, sleep time and that's it and it doesn't.

Loop comes back to the watch, face that's the operation of the watch, so let's hook it up to the uh the app and check it out, we're looking to tether with the fit cloud pro app and uh. Here it is from the google play store, you just simply open it once you've installed it get into the app we've reviewed this one before and it's got the standard stuff on the home page sleep last night's, sleep time, your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, an Ecg for the watches that support it, this one does not and it's kind of a good thing, because we've demonstrated that this is all simulated it's, not real. So if you get a watch that uses this app disregard the ecg at least for now, it doesn't seem to be working. If you hit the health measurement – and you have this on, it will automatically do boom boom boom. These three readings, all at once on a watch that's, mostly a carrier for earbuds, so really really cool that you've got all of the health functions as well as some fitness stuff. In this beautiful round, watch and you're able to have the earbuds with it too. You come over here, we got ta, add a device, and this is where we would search and uh find the lympho lamd, which is right there hit connect and it should tether us right away there. We go check, mark sync success and now the time should be set correctly and it's working, fine, excellent, okay, other things you can do with this device or set up the message.

Notifications set your alarm clocks, um, sedentary reminders, drink water, all of that stuff, here's, where you can wrist sense. This is twist your wrist to see the time and you can turn it on during certain window of time six in the morning to the evening. If you want to – or you know, turn it off altogether, whatever you like, you've got enhanced measurement, which will continuously monitor your heart rate. With the sensor on the back and uh find your band, you can set left or right hand for um finding uh for for wearing it if you're left handed uh it'll work differently when you twist your wrist than if it's on your right hand, so i'm gon Na put mine, on the left hand, you can have 12 or 24 hour. All of that stuff. You got a few more things, including a shake to take photograph, and you can restore your factory settings or unbind. It me is all about you and notice. You can tether this to google fit so whatever data you get on, the watch can go into this app through syncing and after it syncs here it can transfer over to google fit. If you've activated that you can set goals, your overall unit is metric or imperial celsius or fahrenheit is there now our weather should have changed to fahrenheit and a few other goodies in here and that's. Basically, the app which we've looked at already so once again now to take a look at it.

If i come over here and we go to weather sure enough, it changed to fahrenheit, although i'm not sure where it's set, for i think you have to set that up in the app as well, because it's a little warmer than 68 degrees here right now, um There you go that's the watch itself now, what about the buds? Well here? They are and they're the direct insert in your ear kind, with the little uh cap on it. So it's going to be more of a tight seal, so it's not going to be the kind you're going to hear a lot of the ambient outside information. If you want the kind that seal really tightly, this is a good one to get they're really really tiny. It'S doing the back and forth thing waiting to be paired to the phone uh for actual use of the of the headphones they tether to each other, of course, so you have tws true wireless stereo and um Music yeah. What do they sound like? Well, let me check them out: wow i'm impressed got them in my ear right now they are they're loud and wow. I just took it out and the music started in in the other one. Are they louder than i thought they would be and richer than? I thought they would be they're not top of the class they're, really good, a little light on the bass, but the bass is balanced. Pretty well.

I'D. Probably call it a four out of five uh saving the five for like really really good ones, and we had one that qualifies for that with a little apple kind of uh, look to it, but with the tight ear seal. This is really cool, and i know if you can see – probably not but down in here it looks pretty much totally sealed as well, now i'm not going to stick it under water, but it sure looks ruggedized like it could be not sure about water around the Buttons that looks a little possible intrusion area they do move, but as far as these go, it looks pretty good now. One concern i've talked about this on. Another review is uh that these things are held in magnetically and a little bit from the pressure here. So if you really use your watch violently, they could pop out. I didn't expect that sorry, i lost one. Okay, um: there you go that's, you want to be careful and what you might want to do is get a piece of black electrical tape and tape over here and tape over there, so that if they seem like they're going to come out, they're going to be Held by the tape and not go flying wow where'd, it go yeah i'll find it anyway. All in all, i, like it uh lympholymd it's, a real smart watch, looks like a smart watch messages that's the one we miss.

If you go down that way, and it functions really well it's a bright screen, it is thick. It has to be to be able to support these things, but the stainless steel back. Oh, look at that there's a little bit of plastic over it too always check to make sure you take your stuff off if it's covered well, i'll get it later, because i want to. I want to finish up with you before you run off and let you know you can get it directly from banggood using the link in our show notes, and it helps us a lot if you click on that link and go over to buy it. Even if you don't buy this one, if you roam around after you've clicked on our link, it'll track you so whatever you buy is going to be helpful for us here at this channel and we're, going to look for a good coupon discount for you as well. It'S, usually good for the first couple of weeks, maybe a month after a review comes out. So if you like this, one don't hesitate too terribly long. If you want to take advantage of the coupon that's it gang, and we will see you again soon, thanks for watching, got a few more in these tws smartwatch integrated units and they're all different designs, which is really cool, all right catch you later, okay, it just Finished editing – and i know i see it – you guys are going to ask me about it.

How come the screen looks damaged up at the top that's a bubble gang there's, another one too that's under the screen protector. So the easiest solution for me is just to pull these things off. I don't know why they're even on there honestly i've never had a scratched glass, and these are high quality glass uh faces on here. So there you go that now, it's gone now, it's pure smooth, beautiful screen, okay, that's, the first question, the second one yeah yeah, i skipped over. Oh, where was it dial settings dial settings is where you can select one extra dial to be put on the watch from a selection that's different for each watch. Now this was a stock watch that's here or face and i've put one on here already, which is this one. Now that is a watch face it's the fourth one there's three stock ones and then a fourth one and that's from this list, and you can find any of them that you want as simple as tapping it saying sync dial waiting a few moments: oh it's fast. This time love it all right and now that watch face is transferred over it vibrated and there you go okay and it is in english now, instead of just in chinese and it just updated and refreshed the directory of available watch faces.