Six were a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch and welcome to another installment of mr. tick, screwed up again mm. Hmm, this time, pretty good too. If you watch the video on the lympho LEM T SmartWatch that I swear or their bans are not removable in well you're gon na find out. I was totally wrong and thank you shout out to all the tech experts out there. That called me on it, because obviously they are removable, let's bring the puppy in here. This is the LEM T and the bans have been removed. As you can see, I turn it on. It works all the radios work everything in the previous installment. I showed you that, with the bands on it, you could unscrew the back and take the back off and it showed you the two connecting pins inside, where the antennas that I thought were in the Bands would make the connection, and there was no way you could Take them off because I tried to take the pins off here, the the connectors and slide it out and it just wouldn't come out, but look it did let's talk about this. The antennas folks are not in the bands they're right here. You see that amazing little squiggly thing there that's a highly refined let's, get that out of there engineering design for antennas and it's going to eat to those little dots that connect to the spots on the inside. That then connect to the insides of the phone.

So, yes, you could take the back off. Yes, you could use the watch without the back and only two of the radios, if you recall, were disabled the rest of the electronics. All worked. Fine, but folks start over. You can take the band's off without needing to take the back off at all. Do not take the back off, because every time you do you could affect the water resistance of the whole combination and how it all snaps and hooks together. What you need to do is get yourself a little tool, here's my fancy screwdriver heads with one of these craftsman, rotating screwdrivers and it's, the smallest one that looks like a star. Can I get it to focus? Can you see that kind of looks like a little star and you want to get it in here and take each of these four little covers off now they simply turn and pop out I'll get them out for you. Here we go there. They all are they're. Like little caps and they screw into a thread that's on either end of the little pin that slides in here now when those pins are inside this band, that's rubber, section it's really really tight. So you need to get something that you can push on the end, to press it down and get it started to come out. You see that, and here too now, once you've got it started. I use a pair of pliers and grip, not on the threads, because you could ruin putting it back in again, but grip here and pull to remove the little pin the big pin.

So in a sense they come off just like regular bands. Now, when the band was in, there, I'd really pull it because I'm pulling it outside of the the very tight hole that holds it in there, but once they're out the band just lifts right off, and now you have yourself a bandless le MT, fully functional all The radios working but wait we're not done you're, not gon na slip. This thing in your pocket or take it around like this, because those antennas are like a really thin foil on there. The tiniest little scratch in your pocket, or something is going to especially here – is gon na mess things up. So consulting with my always correct technical expert on this missus ticks. She said, hmm, why don't you put some topcoat hard as nails, protection on it. We do it on our fingernails all the times. Oh that's, a great idea. Now you could use anything and it doesn't even need to be clear just as long as it's, a good, solid coating that you can put over everything that's exposed here and let it dry to seal it in so that if you picked it up and you actually Touch this area you wouldn't damage it now it's. You really have to have a good thick thing. I guess if you're gon na put this in your pocket or someplace, where you literally it could rub against your keys or something in and tear it or you don't care if you lose one of these two radios or both of them irregardless the point of this Video is that, yes, the bands are removable.

No, you do not need to remove the back at all. Yes, everything works as long as you're. Careful and no. You don't want to do this with your brand new watts, because it's gon na bust your warranty, really big time. They'Re not meant to be removable. Okay, so everything I'm showing you here is at your own risk and lympho would probably have my hiney if they knew that I'm even doing this on their products. But it was important to me to to actually be able to use this thing in certain situations with no banned install. Now I saw out there somebody's getting really creative in using a 3d printer to create a stand that this this device can sit in and kind of protect all of this stuff. If I find the links I'll put them in the show notes. Otherwise, Google of L AM T 3d printer or stand or something anyway, creative ideas to fix this whole thing so that you can use it basically without the bands in a different type of a format but that's it not going to show you my painting skills today And waste your time but I'm going to use the little brush in here to coat these, let them dry put the pins back in with the caps on them, so that the I don't lose them and I have them available for me. Besides, the pin might add a little bit of stability to the plastic right there, but I'm gon na.

Let this one be a bandless, LEM T, and now I hope I haven't screwed up again on this and hi apologies for sounding so confident that the bands were not removable and being so wrong. Almost like saying there, the world is flat, it really is. There are people that believe that out there flat Flatlanders yeah anyway, this is it check the show notes on how you can pick one of these puppies up.