We'Re gon na be unboxing the lympho lem ten and the COS pet prime, and we will be doing that in just a minute after I show you this everybody from YouTube. Thank you. Thank you. You subscribers out that you guys know what this is don't you. Oh, can I open it? Yes, I can inside here is check it out check it out. Look at this. This is our award. Our team award from YouTube for smart watch ticks over 100000 subscribers with an attached letter on here from Susan, the CEO of YouTube, congratulating all of us on moving forward with SmartWatch technology with interest enough to actually subscribe and keep updated on what's happening now. The ironic thing, the ironic thing is in terms of everybody that watches this YouTube channel. Only one out of every 10 of you is subscribed. So a hundred thousand subscribers. That means there's, like a million folks popping in all the time and we've got like 20 over 25 million views of all of our videos. That is one intense mirror so I'll say hi wow. I wish the pictures were that clear on the smartwatches anyway. Thank you, guys, let's move on with the unboxings and really appreciate you being here and if you're not yet a subscriber, you are cordially invited to join the hundred thousand of us globally, who appreciate smartwatches. So let's, look at this brand new lympho LEM T. First of all, you can pick it up directly from the Aliexpress site.

The Lymphoma official store check the show notes for a buying link to click over here and get it there. It is and it's so good. You guys are watching a review guys. I got ta tell you, we do see photoshopped the screens on all of these listings it's, not a bad thing: it's awful, no it's, just a standard practice, so no it's not going to be edge to edge like that that's why you got to watch real reviews Of real watches, okay, so anyway, Aliexpress a lympho official store, buying link and also got it to you from bang good that's, a little closer with black edges on the side, it's still not edge to edge all the way on top and bottom, though, keep watching Bank Goods got it for us. Thank you, bang good. Both these guys are supporting us so either one of them that you use a link in the show notes is great for us, because it helps us keep these things coming. That'S. It let's take a look at the specs in terms of overall specs on the le MT it's Android 7.1.1. Actually and it's got touchscreen a five megapixel camera on it. With all of these different languages supported again one. It uses a Y watch app which we're not going to cover today, but we do have a link that will take you over there to see all about. Tethering you've got the storage. You'Ve got the frequencies for 4G connectivity with this one, its overall size.

The screen is a 640 by 480 or 480 by 640, since its landscape view and it's a good screen, but you know that's, not high resolution, so it's not going to be super crystal clear, like you'd, expect on an AMOLED screen, it's an OLED and it's good Resolution you'll see it in action, got G sensor and heart rate sensor, your basic stuff enough mega battery in here 2700 milliamp hour, that is the largest battery ever just about. Definitely in this square size watches you get about 4 days of standby time and they say about 2 days of usage time. I'Ll tell you what I'm getting as we progress because I'm still testing it. These are all the different functions: basic standard, Android, stuff and there's. The product info now let's unbox it you guys have been – and at this talking about this I mean I I have had so many requests and so have I wanting to get into this amazing watch. It'S big it's, huge it's, the biggest thing ever on the market and it's worthy. Let me tell you it actually feels really awesome. When you wear it, I've been waiting to peel this off. You see the bubbles it's kind of come off a little bit because I I've been playing with it. I'Ve loaded it up with software, but I wanted you to see it coming out of the box now I can officially take that off and get used to this gorgeous glass screen.

This puppy is big but it's, designed in a way that, on an average arm or even a little larger it's not going to look outrageous. Somehow it just kind of slaps on like you'd, see gladiator things or something, and I do get a lot of interest in it mostly when the screen is lit up, but hey it really works it's becoming a daily driver. For me, on the back, you see that the case is actually contoured, so the bands are not removable, even though it looks like there's funny little kind of screw connectors. You could take out I'm, pretty sure we've got antennas, probably in here anyway. I wouldn't recommend, taking it off, looks like there's another little cover on the optical section here. This is where we have our heart rate sensor. Yep sure enough. You want to take that off too. We have the charging pins here and you saw in another little video reveal. It comes with a dock. I'Ll show you that in a second, you can take off the cover to put in the SIM card right there. So you can have 4G data communications and, of course, phone calling and text messaging speakers right here on the side, elevated, so it's gon na come out and not go right into your arm. You have a couple of buttons and a microphone over here and totally smooth there. This is silver and it also comes in a black version as well.

We'Ll turn it on in a second once I finish the overall unboxing to show you, the unique screwdriver call Philips for getting into these screws to put in the SIM card and the charger. The charger is an interesting doc. I'Ve, never seen anything like this it's long. It'S rectangular it's connected solid here, so you can't unplug and use a separate USB cord. So if you buy this watch, my recommendation is: you may want to try to get an extra one of these because goodness knows down the road, if you'll ever be able to replace it and it's critical, of course, to charging the thing the pins line up it Slaps on magnetically it's able to hold the massive watch, look at that. I didn't think it would, but it does so it's a good, solid magnetic connection on here, standard USB and just the charging card now inside here, there's a user's manual, and it looks like believe it or not. You even get a screen protector for those of you who want to do it. You can slap on a screen protector on here, but if you look really really close, you see it already has one and it's starting to peel up a little bit for me in just a few days. So personally, I don't use screen protectors, especially if they line up right over the hole of the of the camera. No, but you know it's up to you, you've got an extra and you got this one.

In fact, while we're here I'll just show you how easy it is to peel the darn thing off, cuz I'm, not gon na use it it's glass it's, not gon na scratch. I had hope I very very rarely like never have my my watches scratch, so I prefer the the contact with the screen directly and not plastic for sliding and, of course, like I said if it's gon na go through a camera through plastic that's, not a good Idea, alright, let's look at the manual quickly before we begin. We have it all laid out in several different languages here and here's how it's set up how it charges, where all the components are that's. The first thing, then we get into a little bit more. The first boot, okay powering it on the back button, sliding operations how you change your watch faces and such again, you if I'm moving too fast. You guys can freeze frame it at any time and you know and go through and read it meticulously, especially if you need to flashback in here for something for reference which sometimes you need to its uses. The WI I watch to app. We got a whole detailed review of that app all by itself so I'm not going to go into the whole tethering thing with this it's gon na be typical, like any other watch and tips and that's it that we're into another language. So let me clear everything out and we'll play with this puppy thought you might like to see a little comparison, here's the lympho lem for floating on my arm here is the brand new le mt wow much much different, huh bigger watch by far so since i Have it on we may as well fire it up bottom button press and hold and it'll light up with the lymphokine and give us a introduction to it in the meantime, let's just look at this thing.

It'S got a couple of these snap things on here that go over to keep the band in place. I like to get it pretty tight, so it doesn't slide around because it's a big watch. I keep it up a little bit further. Oh yeah, you hear that now, usually I wear them down a little lower, but this one you're gon na run into my wrists. If I go too far down so it boots up into its initial watch face, and we have quite a few different ones. I'Ll show you some of the ones that come stock with it. This one I like is it's subtle and I have it dimmed down to its lowest level. Now and it's. Still pretty darn bright inside let's go through the layout typical Android we've got the power level bluetooth if you're connected and SIM card. If you've got that, you got all these different things in here. This is where we can silent it or have sound your twist. The wrist to see the time, airplane mode, cellular connectivity and location services, that's, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi Fi and of course I can brighten it that's middle folks, or I can blind you there – you go that's full full, bright and that's just way too bright. So we'll run it in its lowest level for the demo we've got that clean up screen here. I'Ve got the music player here and one more swipe takes us into your local weather.

We have notifications to the left going up. We have your step count weekly, summary daily information and to the right gets us into the app drawer and the apps are laid out in Chiclets on here. Yes, a flashback to the old original z, packs, z, pak s8. Remember that one one of the first watches reviewed here we have pages and pages of these. Some of these are stocks. Some of them are the ones I've added and if I go over here, I've got the fitness stuff. So one of the first questions is: is the fitness integrated or not, with GPS and notice that, when I'd launch it it's asking me which app I want to do and whether I want always or just once and they look identical? These are the new, updated versions that I've put in here to test the watch out, because the original fitness app does not integrate with the GPS. But with luck one of these two can tie in and give you GPS tracking. The only thing I've seen so far is the maps aren't working right, so you don't get the Google map that shows the track where it's going, but you do get the track. Okay, that's about all. I can show you on that right now and that's. All part of this I'll show you when we get to the actual apps the app in in in operation. This uses a sim card in order to make halls, and so your contacts, phone and messaging relate to the sim card.

It does not support Bluetooth, calling none of these Android seven watches and that's just the way. It is right now so until they crack that and get it on one of them, they'll get it on all of them. We got settings we'll come back to your basic browser downloads. Here is a simple calendar like that: it's, just like on the regular Android watches, only bigger here's, your clock, which is really cool, because it gives you your clock here and you can go into world time and and change it for your different locations. If you want to anywhere in the world and it'll, tell you the time there then you've got the camera let's pop into that and you notice it twisted so it's turned sideways. However, it's looking at me this way, can you see not really, I have to peek over the edge there we go and I can take a picture by pressing here or I can take a video by shooting like this and you notice it zoomed in a little Bit and I'm sorry it's fully washed out I'm at very low brightness. I literally would need to install display, brightness and lower it even lower for the camera to to work under this lighting condition, but we're doing a video so that I could show you what it looks like when we bring it up there's the video we can play It back, I don't know if you could hear me or not, because I'm much louder live right next to the camera than the speaker down here it is audible but it's, not excessively loud.

If I go in here and get details, I can show you that it's HD video, which is 1280 by 720 and that's – what I shoot here actually for these videos on YouTube, so you're gon na get the kind of resolution that you're seeing right now. Looking at YouTube from this watch when we go over to the picture format, first thing I want to do it's, so you might crooked teeth and then I want to zoom back out again, so you have touch and zoom capability on this watch and pinch and zoom As well, which is really really sweet, you can get way way in there. If you want to okay and that's it for camera and, basically gallery, we can come back out of that. Those are those to your music player. Here'S your sound recorder and we just tested the sound on the video it's going to be basically the same again. Anything you record video or audio on here when you can't transfer it off of this to your phone. Your tablet, your computer or whatever you're, going to have much better overall quality than listening to it through the speaker on here bio managers. You can do all of that kind of stuff, here's your heart rate, monitor and again it's now using the diodes in the back to interrogate the blood flowing through the capillaries in my arm were amazing machines. We really are it's looking for deviations in the light reflected back from the diodes to calculate your heart rate and there it is it's bringing it up to us on the screen and recording it just like it does on all of the other android watches we've.

Seen then, you got the overall fitness now. This is the stock fitness app. You saw the color icon and if I access an outdoor run for example and start it, it immediately goes into it. The blue icon is not flashing, and if I come over here, it just says finish, and I touch it and it finishes all. Those three are indicators that this is the old original app for doing fitness and it's not integrated with GPS. If you confuse what I'm talking about look at some of my earlier videos about this weathers, your stock weather, this is the voice search when you're, connected and tied in that should give you the okay trigger word with Google to do whatever you want. You know search wise. Your Google Play Store. Google Maps is right there and this assistant is the actual assistant for when you're tethered to your phone with the WI. I watch two app. You can have music controls, send files back and forth and find your device using the connection that you'll get in the show notes down below where it says the tethered app just click on that and that's how you can download it again. We have a whole video on tethering, these watches to that app and how it works so follow through on that display. Brightness is an app I've installed, but this is new we'll get back to that system. Optimization is something that's brand new we're. Seeing now where you have a few different tasks that hadn't been here before the clean tasks, help you clean everything up third party app adapter lets, you see more detail in things like a browser in case they're off the screen, not as big an issue on a Square or rectangular watch, but still you might want to invoke that if you're having trouble system work mode is the new feature that lets you set your performance level to normal or high performance, and this changes, I guess the clock, speed and some other activity with the Watch and it gives you a warning that it may get warm okay and just to be careful with that.

So if you're gon na be playing games and whatnot, you might want to put that mode on. Otherwise, I would just go ahead and stay in the normal mode there and then app freeze is not sticking your watch in the refrigerator to cool it down. It has to do with frozen apps and unblocking them and throwing them out of the system. So you're not getting any kind of issues and you can select individually, though apps that you've installed manually to be frozen, that's all something new in Android, seven 11, with this watch and newer that's showing up and then your App Store is like the Google Play Store. But it just has a few things like Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and YouTube that you can download without needing to get into the Google Play Store the rest of this stuff. Now the engineering mtk display brightness and to to reports floating touch or a cue battery. All of these are ones that i've put in that will be actually exploring later when we get into deeper detail, because this is an unboxing and first look, and that means we're looking first basically at what comes with the watch. But I do want to show you display brightness, because I may need that here to help I've actually set it all up already. You saw the little slider bar over here. This is where I can actually control the overall brightness of the watch now it's at 1 and it's still too darn bright.

So, actually you can go all the way down here and say, allow negative brightness and I can set the select or something like that and watch this now. If I slide it down, I can actually go solo. You can hardly see the screen really good at night. Things like that see: there's 55 that's, actually, where I need to be for this video about 27, so it's automatically enabled and now it's staying at that brightness level. While I play around with it. Okay, let's take a look at some watch faces and we'll be just about wrapped up. I press and hold – and I come back to the very first one – and this is an exciting one, because it's got this beautiful graphic wallpaper behind I run with this one. A lot I just like I like to walk around and just let this thing play and I use the floating touch your app to set my timeout to infinity. So it never turns off. It'S got a big battery, you know and I do charge them every day. So it's fine with me, if I only get three or four hours when I'm out and about having lunch or something or 6 or 10 hours, or if I want longer, I can turn it off more anyway. This gives you a fancy graphic display and then they've got the one that I just showed you, which gives you a good idea of the overall rectangular edge to edge capability and then there's a few background images with either analog or digital displays in them.

Then this is a fancy one with the weather and the date and the time in a futuristic, look that fades out and that actually to me seems like it extends the edges of the watch. You'Ve got sports car time and a few others that are like this. I won't go into all the images because they're all identical with just a different picture in the background with a clock now this one and this one, these are different ones that Elrod's working on and so far they're designed to work on square or round watches, depending On which one you're, using with what you call complications and they work on most of the Android seven one one watches, except this newer version and we're still working together to try to debug this, because the buttons aren't active, unfortunately on here but once that's solved, then You'Ll be able to have a watch face and you can just tap there and go into heart rate or start your workout or play music on your watch, whatever you want by activating the complications and then, of course, you got the ability to add your own picture And create a watch face or go into the server and download any of them that you like like this one, which is a common. When you see me use it's a nice black analog watch with the power level on it on the display and that works fine too. So what else do we got to tell you for a first look that's about it, but there's a whole lot more coming.

We got to do an to to reports battery life yeah. It just goes on and on, but I want you guys to get a first hand look at this quickly, so you can decide if it's, for you it's a really awesome massive. How heavy is it you want to know how heavy it is? Well, I just happen to have my scale here, which is also bloomed out right now, oh gosh, you see the numbers there. I'M, just gon na have to read it to you: it's full beard it's at 0, 0 and let's weigh this thing. I just put it face down it's reading a hundred and fifty three point: seven grams, one hundred and fifty three point: seven. In contrast, the LEM four weighs in at sixty seven point one gram, so big difference there quite a bit heavier and overall, quite a bit bigger too, because we can pop out the calipers and calafate it let's make sure this is calibrated. Yeah zero. It out is this easier to see. Can you actually see this one yeah, okay, good there now we're getting into some fun colors aren't, we in terms of overall width, ah the actual measurements. Fifty one point, eight seven! So call it fifty two millimeters by not touching the buttons here. We can my all the way out. Now there we go okay, bring it in and catch it in the middle. Here, seventy five and a quarter at 75 called yeah.

The 74 point, nine seven. So 75 millimeters and thick wise on your arm all the way down and clamp it on. Sixteen point two so just about 16 millimeters thick the band itself, which is non removable, mind you, but the thickness of the band. In case you wanted to put one of those big clasp things on there: 32.5 31.7 it's about 30 200 millimetres overall on the thickness of the band itself, all the way around Wow. So there you go again, you can pick up. The L AM T right now, right now from limb. Foes of fishel store on Aliexpress shownotes have a link for you to take you directly there or you can jump over to bank or check on the link for discount coupon on this one and see, if you like, paying that price for it again show notes. We'Ll have that info and you've been watching smart watch ticks. We really appreciate your subscription that definitely helps us get more of these watches in and we will see you again soon yeah. I know there's a lot more to cover and to to reports and all kinds of things all in due time.