Given you, the the quick look at what it does inside, but I want to dive deeper with you, including things like this custom watch face which can be installed, of course, on this Android 7.1.1 watch before we begin, though, because these watches are sent here from our Sponsors in hopes that you like them and we'll buy them. I want to show you that you can pick this thing up directly from the lympho Aliexpress store. Eventually, you know these videos last pretty much forever and they're going up right now and I don't even have the basic information, because this is like a prototype. First production watch were reviewing, so lympho has got a page holder for the LEM 10, but no pricing or information. Yet, but by the time you watch this check. The link in the show notes. Click on over this should be all set up for you to buy over at banggood. It was also bringing us this watch. The LEM 10 is available. They do have pricing, information and pre order for this. When we did the original unboxing, we told you there's the three gigabytes ram, 32 gigabytes version and that's. All there was well, it turns out. There is a lighter version of it: it's, a one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte and it's considerably less of money. For basically the same watch with just a different memory configuration in fact this is the memory configuration. This is the watch that I have here in the prototype that I'm going to be demoing today, so you'll see all the things that can do with just one gigabyte of RAM and a quick look at the specs.

Just so you don't have to refer back to the other video it's, a 360 by 320 screen watch 1.88 inches it's square and because of that it's not going to have that always on screen that we see on the AMOLED three of 400 pixel round, watches we've Reviewed before this is a different screen, technology it's, not AMOLED, and it is really bright, though I've had it out in direct sunlight and it's super bright. They claiming a 780 milliamp hour battery and the descriptor here, but it talks about 700 in the specs so I'm, not sure totally yet which one it is, but it does support 4G LTE data communications, of course, calling and messaging with an inserted SIM. It has a small 2 megapixel picture, camera and we've taken a quick look at that in the unboxing. Video and it's got your basic apps that are installed that you've seen already today, I'm going to show you a few additional apps that I've loaded up that make. This thing really fun and functional let's. Take some measurements: ok, we're calibrated zeroed out we've got our watch. How wide is it without the button I'm? Looking in millimeters at 41 and a half add the crown and you're looking at 44, just about 44 yep? When you look at the overall body of the watch itself in length 52 millimeters, but you add, in kind of the squish this down a little bit all the way to the edge of the metal on the band, it comes with 57 and a half roughly 58.

I know thickness is what you really care about. How thick is this puppy? Oh, we got to crank that down and including the heart rate bezel 16 about 16 millimeters, which isn't all that bad it's, not like 12 or anything. Oh look. 1573, but I don't think I was right on the button. Yeah 16 millimeters thick okay. So what does all that mean? Probably nothing to you. What you really want, I know, is to compare this whoops. I got it upside down. Let'S pick a different watch face. How about that one hello there we go! These are stock watch faces I'm, showing you right now at the end of the video we will have the complete parade of some custom watch faces. You can take a look at but see that for the Yungas not everybody's interested in it. Okay I've got it on showing you how to do that again. Sweet this is the lympho lem 10. This is the lympho Eliam 4 pro the only other big square watch on the market. Thicker band overall, bigger watch, yeah it's it's massive compared to this one and it's double the width. What about round? How does it compare with the biggest round watch in the world? It'S much smaller this is the lympho LEM X. Remember that guy 2 inch overall screen 2.03 or something like that really big screen. I know I don't have them on because they aren't all charged up but that's.

What that one would look like all right, let's step it down something a little closer here is the Janice. Remember the Janice watch yeah. This is a nice one and it's in about the same size ballpark as this rectangular one, but it's got a round screen. Dual cameras front facing and a side camera, whereas the the new LEM 10 has just one front facing camera, but that's uh that's. What that one looks like ok, ok, go down just a little bit. Smaller here is a dual camera front, facing lympho LEM 4. Do all right lot a lot of interest in this particular watch and well. Basically, the bands are removable on this one it's, not waterproof, none of that stuff, but it looks like that so yeah we're pretty much in about the same category as the lympho lem for dual in terms of overall size. This is a 400 by 400 pixel, 1.3. 9 inch screen 1.8 8 inch screen 320 by 360, so yeah a little bit different there. Okay, I know you've been waiting for it, but before I show it to you, I just want to parade through some of the older square watches yep folks, I keep them all most of them. I can't even turn on anymore, but this was the EXO 1s. The x9 a and the z0 1 dual buttons camera on the side. These are pretty much identical. This was like everything is, is reversed, but these are the way earlier attempts at a square or rectangular watch just to give you an idea of the field, and now drumroll, please be fine.

Now, oh, there goes my drum the final q1 pro. This is the true competition for this watch, because this one is a 4G Android 6. Actually, a smart watch, rectangular square kind of shape, and this would be what you'd really be looking at, comparing this to got it upside down, but wait a minute. I have the button switched it's initially supposed to be, on the left hand, side like that and yeah okay and it's right side up that way and the cameras at the top. So for this one, the buttons over here for this one – the buttons are over here now, we're talking now we're talking comparison. So how do these rack up together? Well, this is what they would look like on how equal distance here this is obviously a larger screen. I put a watch face it now. You can kind of see the edges on, and this is a smaller overall screen on this watch. You have the camera at the top. What this one's lacking and I really do miss that is the capacitive buttons. This one has buttons that you can tap here: there's a back button and there's a Clear button. You can clear all your open, apps and things on it, and this doesn't have that, but there's plenty of room for it, so that would have been really nice to have at least one, if not three capacitive buttons that's an advantage. The final q1 pro has over the limb folk le m10.

In my estimation, in terms of size comparisons, the thickness is kind of one that you can see here. This is 16 millimeters. Also it's, measuring in height wise of the screen of the body of the watch itself is about 50 51 millimeters and width wise it's, 42, millimeters, 43, so it's overall, a smaller watch but again it's Android 6, not Android 7.1.1. It does not have the always time display either it does not support Bluetooth, calling, although being Android 6. It theoretically has the potential to do Bluetooth, calling, whereas this one doesn't even have it stand a chance, because it doesn't work for Android 7, but it does work for some versions of Android 6 non removable vans here or are they I don't remember it sure looks Like they should be doesn't it, I think it is. I think, it's been so long help me out guys. Are these removable yeah? I think they are. This definitely is and that's something we have not done yet is to pop the band's off to show to you it's a pocket watch uh huh there you go, oh yeah, the button and the knob. I honestly, I think it's just for looks. Let me get down in here deep into something like in settings in display in sleep, okay, we're, like three levels down here right. First of all, this doesn't do anything when you turn it, you can't pull it and when you push it, it takes you back.

One level you push this when it takes you right back to the watch face, but this one only takes you back one level at a time. Okay, and if I were down deep in here again and I pushed this button, takes me right back to the watch – faces there's no SOS function. If I press and hold nothing happens, if I press and hold here, we all know what happens. You have all these options available to you so it's, just a pretty little thing that twirls and doesn't do anything but act as a back button. However, talking about waterproofing, you find something like this. That goes into the body of the watch and turns and pushes what do you guys ask me so drop it in your fish tank, mister tics, I quit heck. No, I don't trust this thing in its waterproofing I might later on. If I get another one in and we really really want to see if the ip67 you know means you're supposed to be able to submerge this up to a meter, that's three feet deep for 30 minutes underwater right now, I would say it might be splash proof, But I really wouldn't want to be washing my hands and have any water a significant amount of water hit that area that's just for safety, but if you guys get one and you test it out and it turns out to be really really ip67 submersible. Let us all know okay.

Otherwise, if I ever get the courage, I might try that for you, knowing that it might ruin the watch, but not yet. No, not yet gon na enjoy the heck out of this puppy for quite a while. Here we are with a custom watch face. You see this little dot here and you saw something glow green there. Those are the first ones. I call your attention to if you new, listen carefully, if you've been around here before it's a good reminder about what these things are. That little thing you saw here is a slider that I've put in that lets. You adjust the brightness from. Actually, you can go below zero. This is at 1 right now. This is as low as it's going to go without modifying it, but I could actually make it dimmer if I want it to and if you hit it just right and I'm having a little bit of tricky time with it. And if you don't get it just right, it's gon na actually activate the screen. So there we go there's a hundred percent on that and that will totally wash out the camera and be totally brightly. Viewable outdoors so it's a really nice app to install it'll work over any screen, including this watchface screen. Because of that google has pulled it from the App Store they don't like apps that overlay on things. So you can't get it there anymore, but you can get it at the link in the show notes at the very very bottom DT number one sponsors a section.

We call a SmartWatch Resource Center and the link in there that takes you over to that Center. Has this and several other apps that you can download, for example, this little dot here when I touch the dot? I get this launcher that comes up on top. This lets me go to a lot of different places. Do a lot of different things system stuff! You can install your own custom apps, you can go home, you can – and this is a really neat feature – see that little circle right there that lets. You change the timeout time on your screen right here, following all the things you have from what 15 seconds up to 30 minutes and at the end of the 30 minutes, there's one more setting that gives you the infinity sign. You see that which is always on. That is a way that you can make. This watch have the screen always on if battery life isn't a concern of yours, if whatever you're doing you're gon na do for an hour or two and you don't care, why not give you the right to have always on screen right? Well, there you go. I can hit the home, puts that thing away and we're back to the screen, and now this watch is not going to turn off on me. I like that during the review and I can talk and talk and talk and talk and talk right. Okay, I slide down.

We talked about this, go into a little more detail, you have a circle that's, showing the power level and you have date and what not and a percentage is shown there as well. But here is where you'll see whether you have 3G 4G or what kind of sim connectivity and the sim card itself installs on the side behind here, and this, of course, is your Bluetooth tethering to the. Why watch to app in your phone when it's tethered that'll be a lit up and that'll be lit up? If you have a SIM card again for this watch, you do not have Bluetooth calling you can connect to receive notifications and take selfie pictures with a trigger at all those kind of normal things. But you cannot make or receive phone calls made to your phone through the watch tethered phone calling it's just not supported by Android 7.1 it's, not a fault of this watch, it's a problem with the operating system. You have to stick back two generations. A couple of years ago to the android 5.1 watches the only other closed square. One is the lympho lem 4, which is about this high and about that wide traces. Why is a big watch but it's android 5.1, and it does do bluetooth calling so that's? I don't know it's a problem and they haven't resolved it. Yet so you don't get bluetooth. Calling that screen is where you've got your your location services, and we did mention on the other one I'm gon na bring it back up again that in the fitness app that's in here, which is your basic fitness, app it's, the original version that does not interface With GPS for doing things like running walking, cycling hiking any of that activities when it does interface it's great, because you can get a track on on a map and a much more accurate distance data for whatever you're doing.

But the fitness happened. This one will only work with the pedometer it's, the same old style. That is something that you they can be updated through. A firmware push so hopefully down the road. They'Ll they'll bring that feature into this watch with the updated fitness app. Okay, the rest of it. You know the cleanup I don't even know what that does and on and on and on. I don't want to go over the same thing. We cover it I'd, really like to get into the apps to different ways to different ways. You'Ve got this screen here when you slide over, where they show up as Chiklis. Well, actually, three you! You have another version of this that I showed on the other video. This looks like the Apple watch, where they're all flat on the screen, and you can scroll around to try to find them. We'Ll show you that later, if I remember – or you have this layout here, where you have pages of them as big icons, nine to a page right and then you have a different way of looking at it, that comes in with that floating touch, you're on the Dot, so let me first tell you and we're going deeper now. This is deeper than the first look here's a deeper new thing that you find out some watches old ones. A long time ago you could press on one of these icons and the whole thing would vibrate, and then you could move it and you could reorder them and put the one you like at the top and and and and reorder and literally all across all of The different pages: well, you cannot do that here, you press and hold, and nothing happens, it's unfortunate.

That would be really nice if it did, but it doesn't. So you don't have that capability. What you do have is when you touch the dot. You can touch this little icon in the upper right hand, corner of the stock version of this floating touch or app, and that gives you all of your apps in alphabetical order for to a screen or for to a line and for to a screen to the Square so and they scroll well smoothly. So if you know what you're looking for it's really easy to use, this feature to get to it and find it and that's from the floating touch sure but that's the other app. You have to install what I've done in the settings of floating touch sure by the way floating toucher was a free app and then all of these special features I'm showing you now was a paid and you got the free app. You could just basically do what you saw at the beginning, but what I'm about to show you require paying money, since it was pulled from the Google Play Store and basically inactivated the free version defaults to the paid version for some reason, and I sure wish I Knew how to get a hold of the guy who wrote it so you guys could donate a buck or two, because this is an awesome, app and it's not available anymore, but the benefit is you can actually make changes to the app and one of them.

I made was I just double tap that little circle. Well, that was a single tap DoubleTap. It come on. Don'T do this to me there I made it so a double taps and opens the apps suite. If I single tap it and hold it, it turns on the flashlight, and sometimes I need to do that getting out of the car. So I can get all my stuff together and you can cancel out of that and it'll come right back to where it was and you can get back to the watch face so some modifications available for that. So I recommend you dive into floating toucher, to see all the things you can do, including setting it up. So you don't have to use these buttons on the side to turn your watch off nice huh. You can twist it to light it up. If you have that mode set and if it's gon na behave for you well, maybe we'll show you that, as I show you this, the band they're finally kicked in the band I've been playing with. I was freaked out a little bit, it's, a really weird different kind of band it's, very stretchy cloth material with Velcro what spots on it and what I found if I just velcro it kind of toward that in there, even with my relatively large hands, I can Stretch the thing and pull it over hold on this get this about in the center of my arm.

You know push it back up. This way, wrap it over and there you go it's just about the right thickness and fits perfectly on my wrist. I can take it off, but not like this. I have to pull it back, but fortunately it stops right. There I'll usually lift leap loop it over, so it doesn't pull the whole thing out, but because it's stretchy, I can pull it right off. Very, very nice. Okay, we're gon na dive into the apps. Now this is what I was talking about check it out, it's, just like on the Apple watch, where you've got all your apps in bubbles. In fact, it's called a bubble layout and you can slide around, except if I wanted to get to one of these apps over here, it's not gon na. Quite do it so it's not fully thought out, but it is cute. How did I get there from system settings? I went down to app list style and chose bubble, but honestly matrix is the best way to go because it's, just gon na be in little squares, it's a little too bright for us, so let's dim that down some more while I am down at 1 folks And that's just about right for indoors to show you on the camera without them blooming out. This is a very bright watch. It may not be an AMOLED screen, but whatever they're doing they're getting a bunch of nits out there cuz it's it's.

When you crank that up it's really bright, you can literally look at it in direct sunlight when it's and you don't even have the brightness for all right we're in the apps, and I want to first go into the tech stuff or you techie guys. We have in here and and gardna's knows where it is there. They were and went back that way. I'Ll, do it this way, but I was gon na say I can push the button and find him alphabetically instantly, but it's, not if you don't have too many in here. But if you do like, I do. I load my watches up that's a godsend being able to go in there and just get a mouth of etic. Oh okay, antutu has a basic one and then 3d. Now this is the older version of the antutu, the original that had all the benchmarks that matched everything else. If you jump over to chick's tech reviews and watch the one he did on this particular app and and how they messed it up totally when they revised it, and now you cannot compare against anything else, you'll see why I'm sticking with the original it asked me To turn on permissions, this is the reason one of the reasons why Bluetooth calling doesn't work and a lot of other things in Android. Seven, if you notice, every edition of Android, gets tighter and tighter on permissions and security, and everything else and same is true here, but I am allowed within to to to go into the actual settings for the app and give it those permissions directly.

It'S not cueing me like on your phone it'll oftentimes, give you the little dialog box and say: do you give permissions to do your camera, your microphone, your contacts and on and on and on you saw here I have to check them manually, but they figured that Out for this, if they can figure that out for Bluetooth, calling how to give permission to your contacts and the microphone, for example, then we're home free, but they aren't there. Yet anyway, I talked, and I could be testing so we're, looking at a benchmark tests now and notice the dot jumped over here that's, because the app turned the image landscape sideways and, if you're familiar with antutu reports, it goes through a variety of stages, one of Which is this marooned? Visualization it's, a graphic it loads it up and it tests the ability of the watch or phone to run this Spacey 3d graphic thing. Now things you can look for are smoothness of movement. I believe this has sound to it, but I think I have the sound turned off from last night. I didn't want it to disturb so sorry about that. There'S no audio, but normally there would be, but you see it's pretty smooth got a little bit of jerkiness. Every now and then the older watches a couple of years ago, wouldn't even run this graphic. You needed at least one gigabyte of RAM and a faster processor. So it would just skip this one and go to the garden scene with the samurai people which is coming up, but this one will run it so it's accumulating data and it's running a graphic and for you gamers out there.

I know it looks really slow, say: 1920 by 1080 off screen, rendering so it's checking, I guess, beyond the edge of the screen, because remember we're 320 by 360 on this one. I may use this in a contest someday so in the LEM, 10 unboxing and first look video. What is the caliper reading for the bandwidth exactly mmm? Can you read that mmm remember that market down somewhere, you may win or watch some day now it flips over 360 by 320 to the garden in the size that fits on the screen and it'll, portray that little graphic for us as well I'll play just a Moment of it and then I'm gon na stop and let this whole thing complete, because after those two graphics it goes for about five minutes testing all kinds of other things, and then it comes back to us. You don't need to sit through all that, but I do want you to see the rendering on this again it's a little sticky see that it's not smooth it's jerky and when there's fade ins and fade outs. You want to look at the quality of that. Does it fade smoothly or not not? Look at that yeah we've, seen better on other watches, with with this graphic, so at this point I'm not expecting a high score. Twenty thousand maximum fifteen to twenty thousand would be my guess, whereas some Android watches we've seen up to thirty five thousand for the score what's.

Your guess well you're about to know cuz I'm gon na stop this and scoot right to the number. Here you go well there you go not too far off: okay, nineteen and a half thousand that's, not screaming it's. Okay, remember this is a one gigabyte version, the three gigabyte RAM. I would expect to be higher, maybe twenty to twenty five thousand ish. But then again, who knows? You really have to check it out which, by the way, hopefully going to get a another unit in from Bangor, with the three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte memory and a different? Well would be the same camera, but we seem to have a little issue with this camera and I think it's just a default of the camera module itself. But I want to verify that with another unit. So we can really confirm that situation so that's. Why we got Bangla in here as well as the Aliexpress store presents for you, okay, here's, another nice thing, because this is a square watch. I can click back here and get to this screen and you get access to these things. That on a round watch would be impossible to see unless you went in and and reduced it inside the little square. In the circle I mean a lot of people like square watches for that patent. That particular fact and since Apple is only doing square watches which look awfully like this don't they yeah it does make sense to go with the square watch.

So when I go down here – and I press this info now – it's kind of dim, huh, okay, let's writin – that up if I can get that little slider going there let's bring this up a bit yeah that's easier to see I'm gon na scroll through here now And show you a little bit more of the specs of the watch and I'm gon na skip past. My IMEI get you down here to the storage there's the RAM here's, the CPU information, the display – and I do want to test something here for you. It'S called multi touch. We usually do that on the pictures to see if we can pension and expand. I go in to the touch and when you touch it somewhere, you get a circle. If you can see that around my thumb for one touch – and I touch a second time if it supports it – you'd get another circle that says this does not support multi touch, which means you won't, have pinch and zoom on anything maps. Pictures whatever it just supports. One oh wait: a minute: did you see a second circle? Ah, I see a second circle. Oh, it does heck. I tried this before and I didn't see the second one. There you go well. Maybe the pictures will will explain. We'Ll try that that's. Why we go through these videos, folks discover it together. It'S got to touch me I'm. Gon na do three: oh! No! No, it does two I've got two going, but not three.

We don't need three on a watch anyway come on, but it looks like it does. Do multi touch oh that's great. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't gon na do that there's the camera info it's, not that great of a camera overall, but it it does work for selfie pictures, it's, claiming what four point nine megapixel camera in the specs. It said two megapixel, but the raw camera is five megapixel, so I don't know you know I'm having a harder time, trusting the specs these days and they're cheating themselves. If they're saying two megapixel when it's really a five that's installed in here anyway that's the resolution. When you multiply it out should come out to five megapixels, I guess as the raw picture, quality there's, the battery information temperature of the operating system and the kernel version and all of those things no NFC init network is on Wi Fi. These are the sensors. Most of which are not supported – and this is not accurate on this part because it says heart rates not supported, but it is. I wish we could get someplace to really trust all the specs that we see but that's what I am to two reports and that's. What we're gon na go with for basic information unless we know it's wrong, in which case heart rate, for example, it does do that it has the sensor on the back, and that was one of the features we pointed out from the other.

Video was that the heart rate is continuous. Oh sorry, yes, it's way too bright, isn't it ooh. I don't want to download anything, cancel we're, trying to zoom that back down again so it's a screen is visible. Okay, I've come back to the watch, face that's the end too, to report. We'Ve got a couple of other things that we can go into, which I will get into by double tapping here, bringing up the apps. We have an engineering mode mtk on your e right. There, when we get into here, this is going to need to be. You have access to the developer options in order to test this, and this is where we're going to actually test the GPS. Now we won't tell you something, because this is a deeper dive but I'm gon na really warn you. Some of you guys have totally screwed up your watch to the point where it's non functional and the only thing you can do is flash firmware to it and if you don't know how to do that, you're, your goose is really cooked. But I can't show you the the GPS stuff without being able to run that app, and I can't run that app unless I activate the developers mode. So I'm gon na go into settings I'm gon na come all the way down to about. The watch now says developer options, but when you look at this, it only has one thing: USB debugging, we're gon na go all the way to the bottom, to the build number don't do this.

If you mess with anything after this it's on you, okay, I'm. Just opening the door, if you walk in and mess things up, it's your fault, I'm gon na tap this a bunch of times: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7 times you saw that I'm tapping on the build number and now I'm in the full developer options which includes things about the screen and if you mess with any of the settings of the screen to try to change the resolution. Well, you'll get a different look to the screen, but it won't line up with where the touch points are and yeah year like and never never land you're, never gon na get out of that don't. Do that? Ok folks, so we were doing the engineering mode mtk. I could go that way, but it could keep you moving, so you can see different ways of doing things from the main screen. I can press and hold over here and it can go to recent tasks. There'S recent tax here's with settings we don't need that there was an – and this is the one we're working with engineering mode, mtk, now it's working there's telephony connectivity and hardware testing location services. I believe this is what we want location based services. We come over here and we tap GPS, ok and we scroll up – and it says it's off so I'm – going to turn it on now: it's, updating and turning on the GPS.

When we tap on View, we get this circle which sort of represents looking up at the sky and where all of the GPS satellites are right now as they're going overhead, and it supports GLONASS right and GPS, and I don't know some other stuff. We want to be on the GPS, we're gon na set it there now, notoriously. These watches have a hard time indoors doing this outdoors, usually it's fine and the first time the they hook up usually takes a long time, because it also has to update the library of information about where these satellites are to give it an advantage for. Looking for the signals, it's complicated so complicated that I'm just gon na shut up turn this off go outside, get GPS and come back in there well sort of there. You see the green ones when I was outside, they were all lit up and pretty high. Now they're just like a half a height, but they are holding it green, some of the GPS modules, won't even stay synched up indoors and really you know GPS is actually for use outdoors when you're, hiking or walking or doing stuff there we go now it's coming In stronger okay, is it just took a while to get it all set up and settle down and that's one of the things that we can do with this particular engineering mode mtk. I think it's in the Google Play Store, if it's not all, have it.

Our special section for you again check the show notes at the very bottom, the little stripe at the bottom that's sponsored by DT number one. Thank you, guys, they're helping to fund me keeping that thing going for you with all kinds of goodies in there, including these apps that are no longer available. Okay. Next, I got one more testing app for you in here, alphabetically it's. We way down at the bottom here we go Wi Fi signal string, simple thing, it's, giving me 84 93. I know it cuts off halfway, but you can kind of read it it's funky about that and I don't use it very often because it's like with the Wi Fi, you either got it or you don't. But if you want to see how far away you can get from your Wi Fi router and still have a decent signal, you could use this app as well. Okay, that's a good overview of some testing. Apps I'm, just gon na jump through now and highlight a few different apps for you. Well, I can always go that way. If I don't double tap it right. Ai da 64 is another full featured testing app. That gives you a lot of information. We already looked at in the m22 report Alpine quests that's, a mapping kind of an app, not a navigation, one like Google Maps, but it gives you a nice overall map. The app backup and restore is something that, if you're working with putting apps on a watch through side loading, meaning you know, you're gon na connect the wire and put them in that way, read that then go through the Google Play Store.

This is a good one, because it'll actually backup all the apps on your phone or your watch or whatever and get the individual apk files, so those are what's needed for installing. So I use this all the time and basically, how I got most all of these apps on here is: I have a folder on my computer filled with apps. I connect the charger cable with the USB into my computer. I give permission to mount it as a drive, and I just drag them all over there and then in file manager. I'Ll show you that process file manager, which comes with it of course see all the yellow is how much I've used up I've got all kinds of stuff. In my 16 gigabytes of storage. Already I have a folder, I call Apps core. Those are my core apps. I go in here there's some camera apps different launchers; no we're, not gon na talk about that, but that's a whole a whole other fun area, launchers, new ones, visualizers and then there's. Just a bunch of lists there's. That alpine quest – that I was talking about and the way you put any of these things in here – these are the apks breathing zone. We'Ll talk about. I got calculators. What don't I have that I forget all of that there's these flip boards in here just your search, that's, another really good one where you can scroll to enter for getting access to stuff and yeah that's, not in the Google Play Store either so that's a good One to load in for accessing deeper levels of the system – in fact it reminds me we're, gon na show you another one on that here.

In a minute, Google keyboard, okay, the Google keyboard I have installed. I want to show you that too it's, not the Google keyboard anymore it's, been upgraded to G board that's what they're calling it these days. I can't even make this dim enough. This show right on the screen. The G board keyboard is really really good. I highly recommend it: okay, google play that's that's, something I don't have installed. I hit next and I do I want to install it, and I say: okay and I install it, and so Google Play Music is going to be installed now not going through. The Google Play Store, but using the apk that I had downloaded before from the Google Play Store and using app backup and restore to, in a sense, pull it back out of the installation process to make the actual file itself. So then I could migrate it over. Here and I could say, done or open it directly from here and now that's been installed with all the other apps Google Hangouts. I got that in here that's, where you use the front facing camera, you could use messenger or Skype or any of those things for your video conferencing and in your Wi Fi zone. It really works. Well, then, anyway, I'm jumping all over the place. Let me get back here and show you this I'm gon na go into my browser. I'Ll just go into it. This way browser that's the stock browser that comes with it and it's pretty lame.

I use APIs browser an early version of that, but you could use Chrome whatever you like to I'm gon na, go in here to the search area, just so that I can force it to bring up the keyboard. And now you see the keyboard keyboard it's. Really nice on a square watch. You got the Google all the Google stuff that goes with it, including the voice input right there and you can go into the overall system settings and modify it to your heart's desire change themes. You can do glide, typing voice, typing, modify the dictionary change your languages, advanced stuff, it's, Google's keyboard, and it actually now really works well on the watch. So I recommend you download that one and and replace the stock keyboard with the keyboard keyboard. Okay, what else let's talk about camera here's, the camera app that we used before and there I am and I'm going to take a quick picture and there I am in the picture. Okay. Now we wanted to see what happens for zooming I'm gon na double tap. Whoa holy cow that's, my nose where's, my eye, Wow double tap again: zooms out double tap double tap; ok also. You notice it just it's kind of looking funny at the top that's, the camera module I'm talking about and that's, not normal I'm, not gon na berate. The watch for that because it's like the first one off the production line, prototypes sometimes have little bugs in them, but that's not right.

It don't think it's fit in there right and it's kind of smearing on the top. But what we wanted to do is see if we can pinch and zoom, and we can. This is that two point touch there's my ear and I can zoom way in there now you notice there's a lot of pixelation, so I'm gon na posture propose that this is actually a two megapixel camera and the pixels have been up interpolated to five megapixels. So the actual resolution of the camera is only two megapixels but we're looking at it as if it were a 5 megapixel. But when you start to zoom in more and more, you start to see the fuzziness of the picture I don't know for sure. But that would make sense to me with the readings that we were getting. That said that the raw video or draw a picture was 5 megapixels. That might be true, but it might be that the the actual element is only producing 2 megapixels. So here is a picture, but this is using the stock camera, but another camera that I highly recommend is called open. Camera now I've already set this up and I've played with it a little bit and set it the way I like it, so you can see it there. It is, and now you see, I've got a full screen picture and if I get it just right, hello, okay watch this I'm. There there you see the square come on it's, identifying me as a face, and this has got a setting that you can do for face focus basically, and since this was a selfie camera, you're, primarily gon na, be using it to take a picture of yourself.

You won't have all this other junk in the screen like I do, you'll be walking around with it on your arm and maybe far away, maybe closer but it's going to follow you and then, when you take the picture there, I set it so that it will Freeze the picture on the screen for a while and I can choose to delete it. You see next to my little dot down there. I'Ve got the trashcan there. I just threw that one away let's try another one: Music, okay, I'll buy that and there you go. You get the picture and you can play with the thing that will level them or change them: it's, it's, a very robust camera and because of how its set up it works really well in a small format, you can do video as well as picture, and we Should have that double zoom thing? Well, yeah! That was just a picture. I would have to touch it now to bring it back up and there you go and then double tap to get down deep inside mr. tics throat, whoo, okay, so open camera recommendation for you, there that's uh that's a lot of the the busy stuff there's some Fun things in here that we can play with let's get into some of that. I always like the koi pond and that's a good demo, one for the smoothness of the the way the the watch works, and you could literally wear this on your arm with the coif swimming around.

You can use that floating touch here to set the screen, always on and I'd test. How long your battery will life that way will live. That way. You can of course, turn this brightness up or down. However, you would like there's a few different visualization type apps that work really well in this environment there's, something for speed, reading called bolt vo LT. Here it is bolt o speed reading, and this is a fun thing I haven't really set it up. But what I'll tell you when you get into it it's going to give you words here and you can set the words per minute that you'd like to read at and it will show you the sentence. You can see the sittings going by, but there's this one word right there and you just relax and focus your eyes right. There and you'll be able to read a whole article in a large size font and not have to worry about. You know scrolling and reading and stuff like that, it's just a different way of reading really efficient and, like I said you could practice cranking it up and and learning how to read really quickly. That'S 750 words a minute I bet most of you are reading it. Yeah very, very fancy: ok, Bolton bolt, o speed reading believe that's in the Google Play Store as well. Ok, navigating in there's the APIs browser. I told you about breadth, zone breathing came out way before Apple tried to make something big out of it, but they bought the company that made this, which was originally Android and and put it on the Apple watch and it's available, of course, on Android.

Now I can do this, I could tap it and I can. I could show the image on the screen now. What you can't feel is I've set this for silent mode for vibration. At this point it gives a long vibration, which means exhale, and at this point it gives a quick vibration which means inhale. So I can drive my car and stay in a relaxed state of breathing and I've got it entrained to start from like six breaths per minute and go all the way down to four breaths per minute. And you can look at the visual or you can just feel for the watch or you can change it and turn it on where the voice will say, breathe in breathe out or you can follow a tone or a tune or whatever you'd like it's, very, very Capable see it it's extending my breath each time it's supposedly breathes. I said it for five minutes, but you can calibrate it to go for. However, you long ten minutes an hour for the mindfulness experts and practitioners. Amongst you, this one is a great app and that was breathing a breathing zone, it's called breathing zone. Okay, other calculators, you can install those are fun, there's, a great tip calculator. I got in here the fitness section. This is what we talked about just to show you again. All of these fitness activities do not integrate with GPS. So when you actually go, they start up right now and they don't do the GPS acquisition to track your distance and that's really unfortunate, we'd like to see this blue icon flashing, meaning it's, acquiring GPS, and, of course, when you stop this one, how do we do That over here, if you just tap finish, it stops it and the advanced version.

As you well know, you have to hold that button down and wait for the circle to finish to stop so you can't accidentally, stop it in the middle of a workout that's. The stock app that comes with it and it's limited by its capability, but hopefully we'll, be updated. One of these days through a firmware update and give you the integration. You need Flipboard another, a new source, that's, really good, graphic and visual, that I encourage you to download Google that you know regular Google app. You can install it if it doesn't show up directly from the Google Play Store, and that gives you you know your basic Google, with the ok trigger word that you can work with it's, not the Google assistant. However, insistant won't run on the one gigabyte version and I did try it on here. It just doesn't even show up from the Play Store to install so you're you're limited to the basic Google, but this new thing from Google called Google go. Have you seen that this is a really sweet for watches? It'S got all these different little app icons showing up here. It shows you what's trending, and then it gets into things like Wikipedia and read it, and it is great download. This Google go on your phone and mess around with it to get familiar with it, and then you can see where you want to go from there. You got searches, you've got the lens, which is the thing that you can take pictures of things and Google will tell you what what it is you're looking for, or you know, give you all the google search on the image robust app.

I don't want to spend a lot of time on a tiny little screen going over that, but definitely worth checking out and it's something new now. What was that? Well, we've got another screen over there. Well: okay, something worth checking out now on a square large watch for those of you light gamers out here: there's labyrinth light, which is a basic little labyrinth game. I could do some demo levels and qualify for demo because you have the gyroscope thingy up in here. You can play the game with this yay all right again, the screens kind of washed out, because the brightness is still so bright, I'm gon na have to think all right. I'Ll show you now I'm gon na turn on negative brightness. You want to do that. Let'S! Go in here and go to our display brightness! This is what the app looks like you can put the slider anywhere. You want I'm gon na go down here. You can set the length of it and you can turn on allow negative, brightness right. There see right now, it's from 1 to 100. I click that and I can actually allow it to go lower than 0 and it does that by putting a filter on top of it. So now, when I come down there, I'm minus 67, there's minus 5, there's 17, so yeah, I have a lot more capability, and now I can make it something like this that when I come back out of here to the labyrinth now you can see it a Little clearer right bouncing around okay yeah.

I need to run this particular watch because the screen is so bright in that negative brightness level. Ok, few more things then we'll wrap it up. That was a labyrinth that we were looking at. You'Ve got a haystack is a great video streaming news app. I use that on my phone all the time and tablet, but it also works here on the watch too you've got heart rate monitors what's, built into it Jango any of the radio type things you want. The koi pond we've, looked at google play music. We just installed pocket is a great great app for reading articles that you are interested in and pocket in the square mode you can get to the icons at the top easily has a headphone when you press that button and it'll literally read the article out loud To you, rather than you have to read it on the watch, which is really great, some more visualizations, the quintessential candle that you could take with you to a concert somewhere tap it to light it and extinguish it with a smoke that's a good place to close The app, I think so you guys remember the video we did on speed, talk mobile, the t, mobile SIM card you can put in a watch that's custom made for it for five dollars a month. You get calling and texting, and data well I've got that SIM card in here. Oh and I got a link in the video if you're interested in picking one of those up it's a pretty decent deal, but before we test the SIM card, I want to show you the speed test analysis of the Wi Fi.

So currently, the watch is set up with Wi Fi turned on and cellular turned off and we're getting a download upload. Look at your standard, Wi Fi hookup, which, as you can see it, pegged the meter completely off the chart. Getting about 31 megabits per second download and upload is usually throttled back to about 10, which is reasonable for most households and I've got eleven point. Three. Nine. Now, what I'm gon na do is come back out of here go down here, notice: I'm. 4G. It says a little bright for you: okay, they're, more readable we're gon na turn off Wi Fi we're gon na turn on cellular I'm, going to press and hold the side button come back to recent tasks, bring back up, speed, talk and hit test again. Now, this time, it's going to be pinging through the t mobile network and give us a reading on the 4G level. So, with a 4G SIM in the card, Wi Fi turned off looks like we're coming in almost 5 megabits per second for download speed, yep right at and for the upload speed. It'S going to course be a little bit lower, usually it's about 2. In that neighborhood, and what do we got come on come on? Ooh, 0.8? Okay, it balances all over the place. I was getting 2 megabits earlier and that's, of course, when you're sending something like a text message or sending out a request for Google to search something or whatever and the download speed is the speeded it comes in to you, you should be able to play youtube Videos, low resolution on the watch with that kind of data throughput without any problem, so we do have a decent cellular hookup on here.

It needs to be on the GSM network and in the USA, that's, either ATampT or t mobile directly from the carriers or like. I said you can get a special SmartWatch SIM card from speed, talk mobile for five bucks a month and put that in your watch with its own phone number. You can make and receive calls at 2 cents per minute, I think, or per call and data rates. As well all right, a shout out to Elrod one of our watch face designers for Android smartwatches, who's, already jumping on the bandwagon to design a watch face for this new 360 by 320 screen. He wanted to know how this one looks well here. It is. This is first attempt and I'm sure he's got a bunch more coming so check the show notes also for link over to Rod's creations. He'S got him for the wide lem, four plus and now for the lem ten and, of course, for the round ones from the lem ex all the way down to the standard. 1.3 9 inch 400 by 400. Everybody makes it and it's a smart watch. Okay, but what have we got? We'Ve got a notice fifteen minutes with traffic, so there you guys sometimes ask what is the font look like when you get messages that's, what it looks like it's, readable and it's in color cool cover, two things at once: lympho has their official Aliexpress store available as Show notes have the link directly to the site where they will be selling the LEM tin directly from the company, and this is probably where you're gon na focus any of your questions as well.

If you have any issues, difficulties or concerns about the watch, you can reach them right there. In the meantime, you can definitely pick this up as well from banggood. We have another one, like I said on the way out here: the official three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte camera or memory with the camera that we're gon na check out in a hopefully different color to the silver ones. So we can contrast them that's available right now listed for pre order for about a hundred and sixty the one that I'm looking at right now and showed you with the lower memory is only 130. So if you don't need the the beefy memory, you can certainly pick up the one gigabyte 16 gigabyte version from banggood as well and enjoy the heck out of your brand new lympho LEM 10, with the expandable band, the Melanie's style of connection with the always continuously Running heartrate that you can get into with this on and, of course, you can adjust the screen to be always on.