Well, this looks a little more than wearables welcome to a whole new dimension. This channel and these products are headed into because not only do we have a band that you wear on your wrist with a thing attached to it, but that thing can attach into something else. A music player let's take a look at what we've got in the back of this thing, we have a regular Android SmartWatch processor I'm, covering my IMEI number. If you wonder, and why I'm doing that 4G LTE communication capability, which is where you put your SIM card in two different configurations – 1, 16 gigabytes of memory or 3 32? If you really want to load your puppy up with music power bank built into the charger unit, you're gon na see and and the music player, it has a front facing camera for video and chat course. It handles Wi, Fi connection and Bluetooth as well. You got onboard weather a heartrate monitor in this unit. You'Ve got the ability to do your google searching capture images. Music player, like I said, GPS is built into it. It also tracks pedometer, step every day, if you're wearing it or carrying the music player, with the module in your pocket and, of course, voice search as well. They got a QR code, you can scan for coupons, it says and lympho comm is available here, but check the show notes because gang. I have got it for you right now, with a coupon discount and upcoming, depending on when you're watching this 1111 write.

The dual 11 holiday in China is coming Black Friday is coming look for great prices like as low as a hundred bucks on this thing. Yep 109 99 from Aliexpress lympho official store, or you can pick it up from banggood. They are so sponsoring this for us it's an Android 7.1.1 they're, one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte unit that they're selling little pricey here but again, it's in presale right now and check the show notes for a buying link on that as well. Let'S cover the specs and then we'll jump into it. The power bank music player has a 1200 milliamp hour battery, which can actually charge the little watch module now there's a lot that goes into the fact that that thing is removable and can stand alone. It makes it capable, as a pocket watch, you can insert it in just about anywhere. You could velcro the thing to your car dashboard. Whatever you like to do so now, you got a lot of flexibility. Touchscreen it's got a two megapixel front facing camera, which is good for video chat capability, not great for taking major pictures but that's, not what this is about: it's, more of a music player and watch combo hardware and network capability: these are the frequencies it works. On. Remember, it's, a GSM network and your carrier in your country needs to support GSM, not CDMA or any of the others in the US. That means it's, ATampT or t mobile, not Verizon or Sprint.

The display is a 1.5 4 inch. You got the G sensor, the heart rate sensor and the battery information the battery in the watch itself. The watch unit is 600 milliamp hour and double that in the backup power bank unit. So carrying this thing along wearing it as a watch and keeping the music player with you allows you to quickly snap it out as you'll see and snap it in and charge it up. We got all these other kind of things listed here and size and weight and so forth. So the way it comes packaged is perfect for a gift. It really really. Is you slide the sleeve off and you've got a plain black box, so you could do it any way you could have on it to let them know what they've got or just wrapped the plain black box for a gift when you open it and just pushing Down on the sides to reveal the inside of it, you're greeted first about an overall operations guide, we're looking at driving a Ferrari here, not a Pinto! You guys, remember Pinto! Am i dating myself so here's how you change the default languages and so forth? I'M. Just gon na leave that on the screen, you can photo it if you'd like to freeze frame it and you can change the strap out. You can lock it into the device and lock it into the power bank and the locking is important because it won't actually make connection properly and it could fall out so you're inserting the bottom edge first and then snapping it down, and the band's.

Of course, on the little module that wrists rests on your wrist is removable on the backside, it's the same thing in Chinese. So if you want to practice your translation app, you can point Google Translate at this and see if it matches up with that pretty fun. You always have things to do here: we've got the little manual gon na set that aside, because I know you're chomping at the bits to see it presentation wise here, you go. Where do we begin this thing? Okay, this is the unique new thing: it's a music module. Now this one is all charged up. The USB connector goes right in here, which it's not included a standard USB, which imma call it. Let me show you: the court see it's lighting up because I just touched it there's, a wire that you need that's this end to a regular micro USB to plug in there they're available everywhere. You probably already have one that's how you charge the power bank. This wire is different. Now this is the specialized charging cable for the phone watch unit itself, which it's about time. We show you that one sits right in here. This is the blue one. You see the blue highlight on it now, when I pick it up, it looks like it's a full on watch doesn't, it a watch, module ready for bands to be attached and it is except it can be removed from this little tray.

It magnetically couples to this. Just like that and it's gon na sit on your arm with bands to hold it there. You comes with a cover. Yours will be cleaner than mine, I've, taken it off, set it up, played with it and then tried to stick it back on and it always gets bubbles when you do that. So just remove your cover from that this thing down here is the camera and I'm. Not sure some other sensor, possibly down in there, you have a single lympho tagged button on the side over there getting good a microphone, nothing there. On this side, you've got the speakers and the pork that you open to put a sim card in it. Yes, it will work as a standalone phone, no it's, not gon na tether to your regular phone. So you can do Bluetooth calling from this watch module or from the music player using the sim in your phone that's so unfortunate. We wish that was here it's, not a limitation of this it's, a limitation of Android 7.1.1 in google's insistence to lock it down. Only the earlier versions like 5.1 and some Android 6 have Bluetooth calling capability. Nonetheless, you've got this little module as you can carry in your pocket, carry in your music player or strap it to your arm and with its own SIM card in here. Do text messaging, cellular data communications right directly to it and, of course, make and receive phone calls, so we've got the module and then over here we've got the snap on bands which I'll do off camera a little bit later.

They'Re your standard, silicone TPU type of band with the special slide through things. So after you buckle this you're gon na slide, it underneath and you're not having to fuss with that little rubberized thing that could fall off and get lost when you the band's off to use this thing separately, smart, very smart. What else looks like? I got a screwdriver in here yeah with a very interesting head to it, and I presume this is the screwdriver you're gon na use to get into here is that a standard, Phillips screwdriver? I can't really tell it looks like it's a t3 or t4 or one of those whatever it is it's there, and you have a couple of extra screws that are thrown in here and that's the mix. This thing comes up, we haven't looked all over and we did. We looked around that that's, where you waved it up the hole when you plug this in for the optical sensor to go through now, once again, I'm gon na put it in wrong I'm gon na put it down that way and it's not in there properly. You see and to get it out, you press on the backside. What you want to do is slide it in drop it in and now folks, it's connected and it's getting its charge and data connection from the music player and, if you're playing music, which we will do on here, it suddenly gets bumped up in volume and is Playing out of here, you see it's attempting to charge it now, just as if you had used the connector cable.

This is glowing blue, so we're in good shape and you get like two full charges out of this 1200 milliamp battery Wow Wow, okay, I'm gon na clear things out and let's start. Oh thanks for the reminder. Yes, I skip the manual. I know you're all looking at the guy. That said what about the manual oh you're, gon na. Do that again? Yes, I am because this manual in particular is a really important one, because there's so many different things going on here so I'm, giving you some time to freeze frame it. If you need to and peruse it it's all in text, so I'm not gon na go into details. Obviously, I cannot cover everything on on this review, so some of the stuff I skip will probably be here in the manual speaking of which usually these unboxing and first look. Videos is just that we hope the box. We pull it out. We look at everything and that's where we stop, but because this thing is so unique, I'm gon na go a little deeper with you and give you some more insight into some of the software and firmware and things you can install and how the music player works And all of that hope, you're happy with that, I am, and I have it on. I went ahead and put the bands on this is exposed in the front kind of weird be nice if it had a little cover over it, but it doesn't.

But then you know it be lost by the time you're taking it in and out anyway, there's the side, and you see it's sitting on the trace, so it's a little bit bigger, there's the band and about this point you're wondering the LEM 11 is very similar In look to the LEM 10, how would it compare glad you asked over here? I happen to have the LEM 10 without bands, so you can see it as if it were a little module. Its connector for charging is on the bottom and it uses a little four pin kind with a guide in the middle, so you don't get it mixed up with anything else, and you can't put it in the wrong way. The band connectors are solid on here, so it makes it a little Ally if you put this thing in your pocket and use it as a pocket watch. But you can same thing: it's got SIM card capability right here on the side. Very much like this one right and it's a little bit, I don't know we'll have to measure them. It looks like it's a little bit thinner, but then it kind of pumps out right there. But if I were to pull this off and put this on which it won't fit just in case, you were curious, it's totally different design, it would be about the same overall sizes to tray and it would look about the same thickness. You think here's the thickness with it here, here's the actual module itself, so we're, looking at a watch, that's very, very similar to the LEM 10 without the twirly knob that doesn't do anything when you twirl it, but it does function as a back button.

When you press it and one button on the side, okay, we want to focus on this. One. Take it out of its tray. Can i fling it? No, I can't you like that. I can spit on it. Sorry, oh man, it's in there very strong magnetic coupling and a hook right there on the front, keeps it from flying. Let'S turn it on press the one button that we've got. We should light up with lympho and start booting. Now, when we get into this, I want to tell you that it comes with its standard: seven 11, Android and selection of apps, but I've gone hog, wild and loaded it up with a bunch of different apps, including some radio stations, I'm gon na tune in to Connected to Wi Fi to download and stream music from the module out of its speaker and then pop it in here, and you can see how well it works with the music layer. What'S missing on the music player is any kind of a volume, control or pause forward backward. You know none of that stuff which is kind of strange it's, just an amplifier, a sound amplifier, so you're gon na be stuck with having to control all that from the watch and, as you know, Android watches don't have an easy way of doing that so I'm. Going to show you the good old trick, we always use with the app floating touch sure to bring up whenever you need it.

A volume control right on the screen and you can control the sound here or here you saw it boot up and I've booted it into the really special fun low energy round, face that the Collins family, Tim and Pierce put together. There was someone used for the ambient display in many of the Android watches, which begs the question: does this support the always time and be it display? Sorry to say it is not from what I can tell we'll go into the system and show you all that let's like take a quick look at everything when you slide down here's our typical Android layout, we've got SIM card and Bluetooth identified if you're tethered or Not you have all of the selections here, including turning your sound on I'm, going to turn the quiet mode off. You notice it didn't make sound when it booted up. I typically leave mine on in silent mode because if I got an alarm and one of them goes off in the house, just one of them in 200 watches everywhere it's impossible to find. So I run them in silent, but I'm gon na turn it on, because obviously we need it for the music. This is your brightness control, which is inactive right now, because I have display brightness the little slider here on the side, the app that I've installed. Those have you have been here before know all about this. Those of you who don't make note of this address.

You can download that app and this one and a few others that you're gon na be seeing from ready, tiny, URL, that's T iny URL one word.com, slash, android, watches, android, watches that'll get you to my google drive place and none of these are available in the Play Store anymore, but you can get to the Google Drive and you could download both them that's. This that's called display brightness and floating touch, or this little dot, which can bring up stuff on the screen and when you configure it properly, I can tap here and I've got full control of all of my audio levels, not just the music, but your system and Your alarms and everything else and just tap away, and it goes away highly recommended you get those two apps and install them in any of your Android or your your phone. Even now, if you want to control the brightness from your phone works great for me to get it just right for showing on the screen without it being oversaturated that's a little too dim there, we go so that's this one. Normally, you have three ranges of brightness. This is your twist, your wrist to see the time airplane mode and when they're on their colored, like the Wi Fi down here and Bluetooth, is off and I've got a short timeout right now: location services for GPS, cellular connection, all of that's right there that's. The second dot come over here you got a global, clean everything up, it's good to tap that every now and in if you've been running a bunch of stuff here, you've got an overall music player.

So you could the screen on here on here: uh huh, when you have it in here, and that would give you the ability to control the music that's installed in here, but that's your installed music that's, not controlling things like streaming, radio or other things. Okay, we timed out on that there's one more across the top and that's the weather and it's set for your area and when you scroll over there, lo and behold, you get centigrade and Fahrenheit, which is great okay. Now we come back and we scroll up, and this is where you get your typical pedometer stuff there's, the weekly summary your daily step, count, distance, traveled and calories burned and that's all and that's on every Android. Seven one one watch left is notifications. As pushed to you from your phone, your phone needs to be tethered to the WI. I watched to Y watch and I have full review about that all alone: we're not going to go into tethering today, because that's covered in a separate, separate video. Then you come to the app drawer, they call it and all the way over here you have your fitness level now, while we're in fitness. One of the questions that comes up is whoa. Okay, you see these things here up. These are different versions: I'm testing. For the fitness app that you're about to see that have different capabilities to them and well I guess we got to pick one of those let's go in here and just say just once now here, if I say go it says to open the location services.

So I have to turn on GPS, and am I getting the same thing here: complete the action using that one let's try it using the other one and hit the go all right. This is what's typical. This is the one that came with it. The other one is the experimental one, it's gon na be doing your tracking you notice. The location is not blinking and if you come over here – and it says finish instead of long press and hold, that means that the Fitness is based solely on your step. Count from the pedometer it's not based on GPS and, unfortunately, that's what's built into this, but we're working hard to get an alternative fitness program that you can install like a regular Android app and use that fitness program that you just saw me fumbling with to do Your fitness, workout, and and have your distance and everything with GPS bottom line, if that's a showstopper for you, that the fitness doesn't match in with the GPS, and you really need that on this well, we may have a fix coming for you on that that'll be Coming sooner than the Bluetooth calling fix, if we can ever get that working, that really seems like a hard one, but the fitness thing is easy. All right. The first screen you get to in all of your apps is: is contacts phone and messaging as related to the SIM card that you put in, and then settings I've been waiting to get in here, because I want to go to display and show you two things There is not the always time, toggle that you could turn on, so that you could see the display.

I showed you initially that analog clock glowing in the background. Unfortunately, this does not have it sleep. You see it's set at 15 seconds I'm gon na pump that puppy all the way up to 30 minutes and so it'll go 30 minutes without timing out by the way. If I were to tap on here and bring up the floating touch here – and you see up here – I've replaced both of the sound one and that one here are little ones that I've had to replace from the stock ones. That are there it's an easy thing to do, but this is a toggle and it toggles through all of the different display settings and if you tap it one more time you can you see that it's an infinity sign, and that means the screen will be always On so you can have always time, especially since you've got all kinds of power. If you have a nice display that doesn't use a lot of brightness to it. A digital or analog display like that and you go using floating touch or to set your timeout to infinity. Then you literally have a that hasn't always on display. It will use up the battery faster. Okay, just be aware of that, the app link style you can have the arc or the matrix I'm going in matrix, because it's easier to see with all of the icons right now. The arc is what you're looking at here, except it has kind of a little curve to it.

Your connections, of course, is where you set up your Wi Fi and turn that on look at this folks, you can make this a Wi Fi hotspot. Now. What does that mean? That means you're gon na go out with your tablet or your computer, and you have a SIM card in here and it's got a cellular data plan on it, and this turns into like your phone. Could a Wi Fi hotspot. It can generate Wi Fi signal that you can connect your tablet or or or your computer directly to this chiclet in your pocket or most likely you'll be carrying it in your music player, with the extra power that you just charge here. Charges both this and this when you get a chance and you've got 1200 plus 600 milliwatt hours of usage as a Wi Fi hotspot. This doesn't even need to be on no screen drainage of your battery. Just the Wi Fi hotspot that whole thing configured and you can be using the internet whatever from your tablet, just like you would. If you used a Wi Fi hotspot on your phone, you get in the picture, you may not want it for the music. You may not want it for the watch, you may just want it for a long life, Wi Fi hotspot – I buy it for that, just on its own and all the other thoughts was fun. So everything else is in here USB will light up when you're ready to connect it with the wire to your computer and transfer over apps that you may want to like the ones you're going to download, display, brightness and floating touch, or you download those like to Your computer, you could do that.

You could also download it to your phone and use the Y watch to app to transfer over to here, or you use the wire and USB when you're in it set it to transfer files. And then you can transfer all of that stuff and your music and whatever you want video into the watch, especially if you get the 32 gig when GP s down there, you activate that or you can activate it from the screen we saw before or you activate It from the floating touch here and can you tell I've, really mastered the loop breathing like the folks that play the didgeridoo I don't even inhale any more I'll. Give you a break, ok, gesture. This is a simple stuff of twisting your wrist to see the time or turning on and off pedometer. We may as well activate that and then, when we twist it it'll light up, but hey I've said it for infinity time out, so it doesn't matter. Unless I turn it off and then when I turn it, it should light up. Mm hmm later later come on. Well, it should, but do you turn it on and it's gon na be says, since he has only lost 3 and all that min and during I've been doing it'll be on all the time anyway. Trust me, you get it right in you. Do the thing with geometry the way it's supposed to do you can glance at the time and it'll show up it really.

Doesn'T make sense to have it on here, especially if it's in your pocket or laying down on the floor or the ceiling or something so usually, it would be good to have that off power savings as an overall thing. We'Ve talked about that a lot language and inputs wow, you guys want to see the languages. Okay, English, oh say, add a language and then it'll give me the list of all of the languages. Here you go. You know. A lot of international users could be interested in this, so bear with me. We'Ll take the time to scroll through. I have had feedback that a lot of times languages are mentioned or not mentioned in the write ups about these things, and you just don't know if your language is actually there or not so now, you've had a peek at the languages date and times where you Set everything up for your location, reset the equipment, uninstall applications more and then about the watch I'm. Coming back to more, but let's, take a quick look in here. Just like all Android watches you've got the last two will show you the current revision of the software that you're running or firmware the kernel version and the build number generally – and you also want to go in here to wireless update when you're connected to the internet. Should automatically start if it doesn't put the button at the bottom and it'll tell you if you're running the latest version of the firmware you want to do that when you first get it after you've charged it up got a video out on the proper procedure for Doing firmware checking, I believe I use the cost pet prime for that, but isn't up.

Yet it will be soon. I got a lot of them working simultaneously. So, look for that on the proper setup of a brand new Android watch when you get it from charging to setting the firmware to factory, restoring to checking it again and so forth, it's a it's really good to go through that process to make sure you're clean. As a whistle and ready to go with your brand new investment I'm hitting the more now, this has got all kinds of stuff here, including the background cleaner, which is relatively new, and the screen lock is on this one, and things like the cost bet. Prime also have face unlock that's coming it's, not on this one, even though it has a front facing camera, but it could probably be added through a firmware update later, since it seems to be an integral part of Android. 7 that's been now moved and migrated to the watch environment, but right now for this one, you just have the screen lock, you can do with a pattern or something if you want to, and then third party app adapters lets you get better viewing of some of The apps on your screen and so forth what I do want to show you if you install floating, toucher and display brightness, you want to go into background cleaner. This is how you make it work, ensure that it's turned on so it'll shut down things that are running in the background when it goes off and come in here and of all of the things you have installed make sure you turn off, display, brightness and floating Touch it and you can see I've got a whole bunch of stuff installed, it's fine with me if they get turned off.

Oh a cue battery is how I'm trying to evaluate the battery health that's. Another one that is in the Google Play Store a cue battery. You want to install that right away and so forth, there's a whole bunch of other things, they're all on just make sure that you turn off display brightness and floating touch. Sure, if you install those leave this on in battery cleaner in more in settings, now there's an easier way we're gon na get to when we get to it, to get to that, but for right now, remember that's how you can get to it in settings. Good thing you got this video make note of the time right now, so you can come back to that little section. If you need to when you get yours, you got a basic browser and download calendar and clock. Those are all the same, here's the camera, and when I tap it, you see mr. ticks right here in front of you it's a two megapixel camera it's, not all that big. If I take a smiley picture smile there we go and if I shoot a little video I'm shooting a little video notice, it got really close and it looks square. But when we play it back, it's not gon na be so let's do that I'm gon na hit the stop the cameras at the bottom, so my thumb goes right over it when we're we're here. The reason I do this is I want to give this to you to see.

Can you hear when you double tap it? It pauses, it doesn't expand it and it does not pinch and zoom okay. I'M, coming out of that I'm going to the picture, oh my god, I can double tap and I can show you my crooked dog. You guys see more about me than I know about myself. This is disgusting. You know my blood pressure. You know my heart rate. You know my overall weight now you know my crooked teeth: yeah there's, just no privacy in the world, definitely with Google and Facebook. No, I cannot scroll it whoa that's when I tried it at night. Don'T try this at night. If I tap here and where's my display or information, okay since its rectangular, I can go in here and I can come down to details. Little tricky tapping it just right. There we go, and now you see, it's a 1200 by 1600, which is really small, but it is adequate for two megapixel camera. Now some of you may be frustrated. Why isn't it at least five megapixel it's, because this is probably the best pad didn't, even call my hair jeez. This is the best for chatting for video chat because it's low bandwidth right it doesn't have to mess around and do computations to reduce the bandwidth to send this out to somebody. So, honestly, a 2 megapixel camera is ideal for a front facing watch using internal cellular connectivity to minimize not only the amount of data that you use, but the fact that if you're not on an unlimited data plan, it might eat a lot of it up there.

Gallery is, as part of camera hears music, which is the internal music player for here and here's, a sound recorder, which you already heard the sound file manager. This is where we get into all of the stuff and I've got a special folder. I call Apps core the core apps and I drag that connected to the computer into all of my Android watches and it's from there that I'm setting up all these different apps that you're seeing now and you will see later also clock. Skin folder is the place where we install the watch faces that you want to put in custom ones again from your computer and you transfer it over through the cable or through your phone. If you have it downloaded in there using the Y watch app or other apps like AirDroid AirDroid works great for wireless transfer I'm, giving you a lot today. I know I really am. This is way more than just an unboxing heart rate sensor. Here ties in with the thing in the back, you got two green diodes. It looks like light up when it sees you and stop when it doesn't and so that's gon na take your heart rate reading not going to belabor that one. This is wild it's. At that one point, then you lose the ability to see the titles, but the title here is for fitness, and this again is the stock one that we had that I was showing you that has the finish rather than the hold to end, and it does not Integrate with the GPS and that's what comes with the watch, then you have weather and that's updating for your area, which we don't need to see again and voice search is the okay trigger trigger for Google.

You know for searching, and then this is the actual Google Play Store, but it doesn't look at all like the Google logo. Your Google Maps is here assistant. Now this is for connecting to your phone. If you didn't do it at the very beginning. This is the QR code you're gon na want to scan with your phone after you install the. Why watch to app and say connect to a device it's gon na give you a window with activate your camera. You highlight that QR code they identify each other. They connect and you're good to go once you got a connected now, you can use this for remote capture of a picture, remote, music control. You can send files and you receive them from the other side and, of course, find your device as well. So all of that happens here all of that's covered in a different video. The App Store is a simple little thing different than the Google Play Store. This only has four apps, but you can download them without even having a Google account. Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and YouTube does whatsapp work. I don't use it folks. I keep getting asked about that. I think it can. If you have a sim card in it with your phone number that's associated with the watch, do you want to use whatsapp with the phone number that's in your phone? I don't know because whatsapp is very tricky about using in multiple devices you have to go beyond here to find that out duo.

I installed now we're getting into some of the other stuff. This is a video conferencing app. So is Google Hangouts um, so you can set all that up and try works great if you're connected to Wi, Fi and inside here, it's, good and loud through the speaker as well more loud than it will be from here. But, of course you can use it as the watch module as well, and do your video chatting right from here the cameras on the bottom, not the top it's going to tend to look your nostrils and at your sagging chin. Oh wait! A minute! I'M, talking to Millennials doesn't matter disregard that stuff. You guys are okay, YouTube, the standard player Flipboard open camera. These are different things I really really like and tune in radio. We'Ll come back to that to play us some music for you to hear I've got an to to benchmark testing done on this one Wow, almost twenty thousand that's really good for a watch. I bet that means this has got the higher configuration. I didn't even check that or show you guys how to do it. So we're gon na go back up to settings, make sure when you get yours, what you've got go into more, which is where we were and when you scroll further down you've, got storage and RAM so storage, 9.3, 2 gigabytes of available 32 gigabytes of space and Ram there we're only using 0.9 gigabytes of free to two plus one is three, so this is the higher in three gigabyte configurations.

So, no doubt when you do the antutu report, we're gon na have a higher result, because we have much more memory and RAM to play with okay. I got a few other things in here: here's that floating touch your stuff, I'm. Just gon na show these to you. I do have Google assistant it will install in this, because we have more than two gigabytes of RAM and that's your minimum required to go beyond the okay trigger word, Google, and into the actual assistant, where it can do in context by reading what's on the screen. Really cool maps to go Google to go, Google go these. These are new special reduced memory, apps made for smaller units and especially for phones. The Google G board that's a keyboard replacement I've got in here. That gives you the microphone capability, the standard microphones. Not there keep for notes, integrates with your Google Enterprise and you can make notes voice, penmanship, writing typing. Whatever, on your watch and next time, you sync it'll, be in Google, keep and you'll be able to see them anywhere. Setting search. This is another one that's not in the go play store, and I want to show you one thing with that, and pocket, of course, is where you can put articles and haystack as a TV streaming news type thing we might play with that in a minute setting Search when you download that from tinyurl.com slash, android watches in the my G area or sorry, Google Drive area there's a copy of this, you can download it go into accessibility and come down here to where you see magnification gestures and make sure you turn that on.

If you'd like to be able to read that tiny print, so here's a bunch of really small print on this thing, watch this I double tap, I mean a triple tap and it magnifies it. So you can see it and you can scroll around to look at it a little easier. Actually, what we're doing is moving the page if you'd, rather scroll, triple tap, takes it back and be able to scroll the actual page itself triple tap and hold like this. 1 2 3 hold there. Now you see I'm scrolling around within the entire page and so you'll be able to read those tiny things that you can't see on this watch. I really love that, but again I'm talking to Millennials. So I guess it doesn't matter. Your eyes are probably pretty good for this size of a screen anyway, but if they're not download that one and work with it and you'll be in good shape. Ok, that was setting search I'm not going to cover more of these there's, those other Fitness ones, I'm working on a koi pond whoops! Oh alright, you see my picture there, because this has a front facing camera I'm able to. If I get this just right, you see this is calibrating to my I'm, not sure what skin something or other and it's giving me my heart rate and it'll actually be able to do that. Looking directly at me and if I put my finger over it and I make contact and it calibrates again, it's going to be even more accurate, so in a crazy kind of way, this is working like the diode in the back there once you start seeing the Chart with the regular rhythm coming up, I need to be still.

I need to be quiet that's why the built in ones with the green diodes are much more easy to use and efficient, but this particular app using a front facing camera has that capability accidentally got into that, but that's called touchless HRM heart rate monitor. I wanted to show you the koi pond, which is a fun one, to test your battery with. If you'd, like you, just put this thing in here, you set the screen to be always on you're, using the processor you're using the screen you're using all of it, and you can run it down to get kind of an idea about how long it will. Last at a minimum and then, if you just use with casually throughout the day, you'll know you'll get longer than that. No, I haven't tried it yet, but when I do that, I'll put it in the show notes what my koi pond test was from fully charged. All the way down to like 10 I'll, let you know with the unit itself and I'll, let you know when we put it in here and charge it back up remotely with the power bank and then take it back out and run it that way to see It what our overall life is, if you'd bring the power bank along with you, the nice thing about the power bank really is that you can slide this thing in you, hear it just switching over and continue to use it and it'll charge it and you've got The whole thing self contained – and you got your button use right here to that you can come back, see you charged reach.

Please disconnect your charger. This is a response to me from that, a cue battery which they claim you should not charge beyond 80 of your battery charge capacity for longest life with your batteries, don't overcharge them, in other words, so, if I'm higher than 80, it tells me to just disconnect My charger, so I just push on the back and there you go I've, disconnected it and we're back to the home screen. Have I covered enough for you? You want a little more about what this thing is like. Let me get it all set up check this out. There'S somebody talking faster than me: okay, I've pulled up a streaming podcast news station just to show you inside the little module itself what it sounds like let's play with the audio let's see. Okay, media is all the way up right now so that's as loud as it's gon na get for you that's how you change the volume using the floating touch here now, the music player. Are you ready there? We go okay, I'm playing ads for you, cuz it's, a good chance that Google's not gon na, listen to that and think I'm violating copyright, otherwise that plays some music but that's an idea of what it looks like when you use the music player. It even says on the side, power, bank and music player, and again I don't – have volume, control or channel changing capability with it if you're in a streaming radio.

You obviously can do that on here and some of them, depending on what you've gotten. This is something good to look for in your Android apps that play music radio. Whatever is that there's a volume control that you can get to that easily right from the screen? Otherwise, you got to go through the convoluted process, like I've said up here. To get to some form of a volume control, Wow, Wow, Wow, well, you've, seen it on the wrist you've seen it. I got ta put it in right like this and down you've seen it in the music player we've. Given you an overall run through there, we go and it's High Noon. Awesome it's charged back to a hundred percent. While I was doing some editing on those first pieces, I simply dropped it back in here and it charged back up again. Obviously I didn't pay attention. The first time it beeped and went off to take it away, so it didn't stop at eighty percent. It went all the way back up to a hundred. You remember on the lympho LEM I showed you. Some new watch faces that Elrod had created that have active complications. What am I talking about buttons buttons that you can actually touch on the watch face and it'll? Take you right into it, like the phone, the music player heart rate and on this one, your fitness. Now, custom watch faces can be created that have these kind of complications built into them and they can even be set up a lot like an apple with all the things in the corners now this was made for the lympho lem 10, and this is the lem 11 and it needs to be redone just a little bit to scale back, but all of these different things can be made active and not just the installed apps.

You can set it up if you know how to program this stuff for apps that you download in here. So if you have specific gaps like Strava or runtastic, or a music player, that's unique or a news reader, whatever you like, you have that capability here as well and as far as the installed watch faces that come with this. They look like this this one. I think is really amazing check it out: it's, like flowers under water and the background changes and the picture changes. Oh, and it tells me I have reached my charging level because I'm inside of here let's come back out of that and back to the watch face, you could just sit for hours with this one. This is really really amazing and it's a stock watch face. It comes with it yep now, beyond that you have some really creative new ones, here's a different circular, one with edging, so it fits well in a round watch. I mean a a square watch like this. This one too, is designed a little more for the square I'm gon na turn the brightness a bit for you, I'm sticking this at the end. So those of you who are like done can move on with life here's, one that would really be cool with active complications around the but it's not yet. Lympho is still working on figuring the stuff out that al rod knows instinctively to do, but for now they're here and of course, as new ones come out, they can be available for you as well here's, another flower one.

But this one's, not the changing flower it's static, but it shows you step Canton calories burned in those kinds of things: here's a silver one with some gears in it that are rotating very very slowly. If you look carefully, you can always tell when you first touch. It things will vibrate, as it settles down on its display again the dot that you're seeing is not part of the watch face or a defect in the design. That'S the floating touch here, and that dot is movable. You can drag it and put it somewhere else. If you want to so it's, not in the way of your image, there's a really nice butterfly here's a nice broad, full screen. Now you get an idea of how it scales to the watch there and here that's what it looks like in this format. Couple more and then we'll call it quits, so that is that's the last one and now we're back into al Roth's complications here's one. He made that if you install the Google calculator, it looks like a calculator and again it's got to be scaled back down again, but the buttons when you touch here would launch the Google calculator it's not doing it because I haven't installed it it's, not stock. But if I had it'll automatically recognize it and it'll switch over to a real calculator that you could use all righty, oh yeah way down here, you see I've got a whole bunch of mine that I've installed here to play with.

Oh, I touched the brightness control there. We go when you get to the plus sign. If you guys tried this, yet I keep putting it on my videos at the very end now so if you haven't seen it yet watch when you're connected to the server with Wi Fi and you hit that plus key, you get all kinds of new watch faces In here now, they're, not the same ones you saw before – and this is true for all android watches, so no matter which Android watch you have all the way back to gosh twenties. 14. 15. 16, maybe it's 2016. As long as you have that plus button at the end, you can get access to hundreds of new watch faces. Unfortunately, they they scroll linearly. So if you want some that are way later, you're gon na have to spend a lot of time scrolling, four or five of them waiting for the system to catch up the ones you want. You just touch the down arrow to install them and there they are and they'll be added to your watch and again it just goes on and on and on so check your watch. If you have one, if you're a watch, collector there's the face we just put in and press and hold here's the one just before it and any of them, you want to get rid of just press and hold and hit the minus button and it'll delete it.

And this, of course, is where you can put in your own picture and create your own watch face from your own favorite pictures in your system as well. Okay, I think that wraps it up for us. I like it. This thing is pretty cool. It'S got lots of capabilities, it's a multi purpose. Again, you can just drop it in your pocket. If you want to wear it in a band for your wrist or pop it in the music player power bank – and you can pick it up right now – really cheap it's as low as a hundred bucks you're, not gon na see it any lower than that. If you're watching now before eleven eleven, if you missed that one check out Black Friday Cyber Monday, if you missed both of those check below for a coupon discount, because I always try to keep the best coupon deals available for you to pick up and no matter How you do go about doing it start using our link. If you don't mind, click on the link then go in there and, if there's, a better price for Black Friday or whatever buy it. That way, just going through our link, follows a little breadcrumb trail that lets them know that you are buying it because you watched smart watch ticks and that helps us get more watch in the future. If you prefer to go straight through banggood and also check their prices, these are all jumping all over the place.

Click on the link down below as well and check and compare with Maine goods prices so either one either lympho direct Aliexpress or banggood we'll. Get you in there and you can pick up this really amazing. Lympho LEM, 11 music player combo put it in the right way. Bottom.