com and today we are celebrating the first Android SmartWatch to appear after the big breakout of the coronavirus in China. Things are starting to resume to normal, see over there and to prove it. We'Ve got a brand new lympho SmartWatch in here. This is the lympho lem 12 you're all familiar with the 8, the 9, the 10. The 11 we'll talk about those in an upcoming video. In comparison with this one, but for right now we want to show you what you can pick up today at a very, very attractive price, because lympho themselves, on their Aliexpress store, is operate, offering a really significant discount a price of about a hundred and twenty dollars. Usually runs between 140 to 160 ish and yeah. Right now, I don't have a coupon for you during this sale, but you're not gon na beat that price anyway, so check the show notes for a link over to the Aliexpress lympho store, if you'd like to buy from. There also keep your eye on bang good because we also have them sponsoring this particular watch. They'Re currently listed at 160. I will try to get you a coupon on that one and get that price down as well. Then you can just kind of see which place you prefer to choose from, but it's exactly the same watch the lympho lem 12, with a brown band or black band there's, a couple of different versions that you can pick it up in.

As far as android watches go it pretty much is basic and similar to all the others. We'Ve seen there's a few nuances, we'll talk about them, but it's, a 4G foam, which means that it has a SIM card slot. You can put a standard phone sim in it if it's on the GSM network in the USA, that's, ATampT or t mobile, and you can get a phone calling and texting from it. It has three gigabytes of RAM that's, the operating area for all your apps and 32 gigabytes of storage inside with a 1.6 inch 400 by 400 resolution. High Definition full round screen, okay, and that is impressive. The screen differences are about the only thing we're, seeing in many of these smart watches that run the Android 7.1.1 operating system, because all the innards are really really close. You got a 900 milliamp hour battery and check it out. We have an unboxed it yet, but a 900 milliamp portable charging treasure. I love the languaging here. You'Ll see that in a second ceramic bezel, leather, strap and of course, it's got the face, unlock feature that we've seen introduced recently on all of these flagship smartwatches. So here's your specs yep I'm still using paper games and what are the last ones on the planet? There you go that's everything that's in it and you can freeze frame it. If you want to look at it in closer detail, let's get into the box as we unbox it.

We find we've got a charging wire right here. That is your magnetic coupled charging wire there you go and it's pretty darn strong. You can actually hold the watch with it check out the back of this. Look at that really nice, carbon fiber design there's a little cover you can see over the heart rate, diode area. You want to take that off when you get yours and, of course, we've got a cover on the front speaker, a nice big size, speaker on this side, two buttons and a camera on this side and a camera at the top facing forward. Let'S go ahead and take off the protective cover as well and continue unboxing to find there. You go this really special charging dock Wow all right now, if stretching back your imagination, if you remember the lympho le m9, it had a really big one of these things that actually stood up on a and you could hang the watch over it. This is about a third of that size, but it's. The same battery in here is in here 900 milliamp hours. So what you do is you just make them together it lights up because it's been charged and it transfers that charge into the watch so that you can, on the fly, give a boost to the watch. Yep we've seen that in the Genesis, if you watch the review of the Chronos blade, Genesis watch it's a different kind that you can actually wear on your arm, but it also has a booster in it, and so now we've got that here.

So really, you could either use this wire to charge the thing up which you might want to do at home and in the office. You might want to have this thing connected to the wall with a standard USB connector here and just keep this thing charged up and then, when you take a break, just slap it on to here. If you still have this plugged in, of course, you're just going to be charging the watch, but if you take this wherever you need to go and you're running low on power in the watch, you can boost it from this little dock. This is optional. You can buy it with or without this configuration so check when you're, making your purchase on whether you're selecting it with the power bank or not. You got a screwdriver, a couple of extra screws for taking off the cover on the sim and, if you've watched our videos before you, you know that I'm more impressed in terms of the water retention capability resistance capability. When you have a SIM cover that you have to unscrew, I mean you really don't. Take it out, often when you put a sim in here. So the ones that you can just lift up with your fingernail and you might get in kind of funky gives a place for water to come in. So something like this is sealed really nicely now there is a little hole right there. That may be an air pressure equalizer for the speaker, so that, if you're in different air pressure areas, you don't lose the sound volume.

That was a problem with some of these, so not sure about water retention through there the IP ratings are really loose on these. I would not recommend dunking it under water, but it's, looking really good in terms of not getting as much sweat on these part parts here, because of the way it's designed when it's on your arm, it's not likely to be touching as much of your sweaty wrist As others have been, and this whole section is raised above there and then that's even a little bit lower still so really good overall back design on this and it doesn't look like it's gon na crack and break very easily at all. You have removable bands, obviously with the quick release, so you can put in on any band. You want, I believe, it's 22 millimeter. It looks like it is that should be in our specs and then in the box. We'Ve got the little manual operating guidelines. Give you a chance to freeze that quickly and Chinese on this side and then the overall manual, which is all in Chinese here and we in English here, okay halfway through maybe let's see here we go user's manual for SmartWatch. This is really a basic manual, not fancy colored pictures or anything it's been whipped together, there's, a sim card installation and the power charger unit, here's a bit of information about the menus on the watch. How to change and install your watch faces if you've watched any of our more recent android watch reviews they're all the same, so the manual could give you a little bit of help, but mostly, if you want to know more, just keep watching this review or switch Over to one of the others, as we cover all this stuff, every single time, we're gon na whip through it today, though kind of get you guys on your way, because I really want to focus on an upcoming video, which will be our comparison.

Video between this LEM and some of the others that we've got that are very, very similar, but for now we're gon na press and hold the button to turn it on and as it's booting up I'll clear out the area a little bit for you, you get The lympho logo on the screen and, of course they all have a startup sound that they emit when they begin, and this one's no different, you can see the bezel itself has edgings around the side. Every five minutes, it's a full there. You go it's a full screen display so it's edge to edge which, for a long time, if you followed us, we've, had trouble with watches that profess to be big screens, but it turned out that the image was really small and a big black border around it. Well, as you can see here now that the watch faces up, it really truly is an edge to edge display. So for those of you who are new and those who, like a refresher, the general operation of these Android smartwatches is moving with your finger. If you slide down you get into a display, that shows you basically, if your Bluetooth connected to your phone or if you have a SIM card in what your level is, are you in three or four G and how many bars of you got date and time Are all here and that big blue circle is your remaining power slide over and you get to a page where you have different icons.

This looks different between different watches but it's pretty much the same. This is your brightness level and you can tell here's full brightness here's low brightness. Now this is sweet. You'Ve got a great range. This is so dim. You can barely see it but it's perfect for nighttime or going to the theater once the theaters reopen in your country. Middle is right there, which is a good nice zone to run it in and if you're gon na go outdoors, you can brighten it up really bright to help. You see it outside. So without installing anything else, you've got three nice ranges here, GPS is fog. You can toggle that here to turn on the GPS module. I recommend you keep it off if you want to save battery on this one, and you have cellular data, if you have the SIM card in here and airplane mode, that turns on or off all the radios for when you fly when the airplane start. Flying again, this is your twist your wrists to see the time right here and you can toggle that on or not bluetooth on or off and Wi Fi on or off, I do have this on. Wi Fi already been checking it out and so that's. Why? You see the certain things that are lit up right here now come over here. You'Ve got the clean up button come over one more and you get into weather. Well, I'm. Sorry, you get into music, you have a music player onboard and then you get the weather.

Now it basically shows you, the weather, in your area and it's, showing you in centigrade Fahrenheit and an overall icon picture of what the weather's like kind of stormy outside here right now. So those are the panes that you go through when you slide down from the watch face when you slide up you get into your overall fitness, I haven't used it yet so I don't have any charts, but you get a bar graph of your daily workout on A month on a weekly schedule, your step count, distance, traveled and calories burned all simply based on the pedometer inside the watch. When you slide to the right, you'll get a notification panel. Now, when you're tethered to the app on your phone called the Y watch 2 app, and you do that right off the bat when you first turn it on. We have a video up talking all about how you connect to that app and how the app works. So watch that one, if you want more information that's where your notifications will show up and then, when you scroll to the left, you get into what's called the app drawer, and these are all of the stock. Apps we'll go through in a second. And if you slide over one more time, you get the fitness options in here now, a little word about the fitness when you get into the fitness. This is the old version of the fitness app that's in this watch.

Right now it can be, and we hope will be updated through firmware, but this is not tied in with GPS. So any running, they're walking outdoors is going to be giving you your distance from the pedometer steps not from the GPS, and you won't be seeing a GPS track, that's a bit of a drawback and we hope to see them update the firmware, which should be easy To do we've seen that happen on other watches and it'll be fully compliant with GPS technology for all of the fitness action. You have your overall contacts phone and messaging, which tyst is a sim card. There'S, no Bluetooth calling in this one or any Android 7 watches that's just locked out. You have to go way back to the early generations for the ability to talk through your phone sim on the watch. You know answering a phone call coming to your phone with your watch. You can't do that with these Android watches and this one included after that. You get into your basic overall settings, which include sound and display your app list style, which here you can have either an arc or round some of them have bubble displays this one's, not one of them, your connection for Wi, Fi and all that stuff. Your overall gestures for raising you're turning your wrist to see the time to light it up and you can turn on and off pedometer if you don't want to use that battery off.

For that and you don't really ever track your step count. You got some power. Saving stuff language, all these things are in here and then, when you get into more. This is where you have some other options, including your screen lock settings which you have to set with a pattern and then face lock where you can actually trigger this front camera to recognize your face and unlock the watch on your arm. So that's that feature and it's built into here too, and all these other things that you see are typical of all of the Android 7 watches and we've covered these in different videos pretty extensively and then about. The watch drops you in here, where you can see that this is the model le m12 version 7.1.1 and the build number and the kernel version are the things that you look for to to tell what version of this app or other software. The firmware that you have actually installed when it gets updated, it'll be a more recent date and that, hopefully, will bring the feature of the GPS integration to the watch as well. So only a couple of more things. I want to show you but we're going to go through those as we walk through these. You have a basic browser and download section. Your basic calendar is in here. The clock is where you can have a your clock. Alarms are in in that section, and you can have stopwatch and stuff like that, and then the camera and the camera is switchable between the one that's on the side over here and the one that's on the front there's my cameo hi everybody I'm.

Mr. Dix and it's a pretty sharp looking picture, but I got some interesting news for you now take a good look at how sharp data seems to be and how sharp that seems to be and I'm gon na show you something I've shot some pictures earlier of This is the towels hanging in the in the kitchen here and what I want to show you. One thing is that it does support pinch and zoom, which is where you can use two fingers to zoom incredibly close on these images or you can double tap. Oh, no, you can't! Okay, I guess you have to pinch in zoom. Well what I want to show you when you single tap it and you go here, look at the size. It says it's 480 by 640 yeah that's kind of dim I'm gon na take a moment and increase the brightness to make this whole section a little easier to see there. We go 480 by 640, which is really really small, so it's, not 2 5 megapixel cameras on here this front facing one is much much lower resolution. But when you looked at me looking at myself here on the screen, it was nice and sharp. So you got a trade off the front facing camera is low resolution, but if you're primarily using it for face chatting or doing a video log or something like that, it's perfectly fine, but your side, camera and that's this one. Here.

If I get details you see it's, 24 or 48 by 32 64, when you multiply that out, I think you get 8 megapixels, which means it's an up interpolated resolution of a standard 5 megapixel camera because they really don't have 8 megapixel modules yet, in other words, Cutting through the text stuff, this is a good camera as good as you're going to get on. I watch at this point in time, and this is a very low resolution – camera which is adequate for doing face recognition stuff. But if you try to capture that cute picture and then blow it up and print it out, it's not gon na be very sharp at all, because the overall length resolution is like old TV. You know 480 by 640 is super small. So in the literature, if it talks about two five megapixel cameras, that's not correct, at least on the version of this watch that I have here right now so that's camera and gallery. We both looked at music player, sound recorder, your overall file managers here here's, the heart rate, monitor you activate that should get the green diode thing going. You simply have that covered. You can do it with your finger or ideally you'll. Do it on your wrist right and you'll? Have it there and you should get a reasonable heart rate. We aren't checking the accuracy of these anymore they're, just so different, each and every one of them. You pretty much just have to check it for yourself to see.

If it's right on or high or low and compare it with other ways that you take your heart rate, so the caveat is you get a heart rate and it may or may not be accurate. Just keep that in mind notice. I took my finger off and it stopped, which is great. It should not be able to read thin air, which is a nice benefit that you're not going to get erroneous readings on the watch. Okay, Fitness. We talked about your overall, whether you have a voice search, which is the Google thing, and you can put the Google assistant on here and enhance the way the watch works with the assistant, giving you that in context capability like if you asked for directions or something And you know how it works anyway, you can use Google assistant, but you have to install that that's, the basic basic one and the Playstore is where you install this stuff that's, your regular Google Play Store just like on your phone Google Maps, an assistant which is Not Google assistant, but this is the assistant tied to tethering. So you can do all these different functions, including sending files between your phone and your watch using the Y watch. 2 app installed on your phone and tethered by Bluetooth to the watch, a basic app store, which is different than the Play Store, but it's got like versions of. Oh, I don't know, Facebook and whatsapp and stuff like that that you can install system.

Optimization is a quick and easy way to get to some of the stuff that's buried deeper in the system. Settings area I'm just a little faster access to some of that stuff and, of course, now, with the face unlock, you can just like go into that right away. If you have it all set up and you can disable it or enable it if you disable it, it'll ask you to put in your passcode by the way. If you use one of those, you know pass patterns or something – and you forget it, you're really going to be out of luck. You'Ll probably have to flash the firmware all over to this thing. To get it unlocked so don't forget your pass code process of getting in, but you can turn on and off the face, unlock or disable it completely and that's, pretty much it basic Android. Seven 11 SmartWatch two cameras one front facing one side facing which is like all the others on the market, except the genesis that had the camera. The side. Camera has been moved up here, pointing outward and the front facing camera I think, is over here anyway. They like to play with the the camera orientation and perspective. We will take a look at that shortly when we compare it to the cost pet prime, which uses about the same screen technology as the LEM 12 and, as I mentioned, the genesis which is a smaller screen front, camera and forward facing camera here.

So the upcoming video will compare the LEM 12 with both of those so hope, you're a subscriber in the meantime, if you like this particular one, and you want to pick it up at a really good price you're in a window right now, where you'll get it For one 1999, by using the link in the show notes, if you're outside that window and it's already expired, well check the show notes, we should be able to get you somewhere in this range. It'Ll definitely be no more than 160, but we'll try to have coupons for you for this one and of course you can also buy it directly from banggood, because they're going to be providing this watch as well and again check the show notes for a coupon on That one there you go you've been watching. Smart watch ticks where YouTube channel on the web and last thing we'll do is show you. The stock watch faces that are here. If you have any questions and if you want more information, be sure to check in the comments area down below the video and also check the show notes, because the show notes is where we give you a lot of information of different things that you can find. As we learn about them different resources, you can go to including our Android SmartWatch G Drive with lotsa fun apps. You can download too. So all that's clickable in the show notes for this YouTube.

Video and again, the comments is an area where you guys can talk to each other and us here about things like updated firmware and other little nuances. You find relative to the watch. Wow that's a nice one. Look at the sharp detail on that interesting. These are all stock watches. I have not installed any custom watches on this one, yet so we're seeing a portfolio of new watch faces, we haven't seen before and I'm putting it at the end, because some of you got jump all over me for all you do is look at the watch Faces well, okay, I really like watch faces they're fun. I think that's, the last one. No, we still have more look at this I'm, just gon na page through them now Wow Wow really a lot of faces on this one there. That really shows the edge to edge of this it. It truly is right from pixel to pixel all the way to the edge and no black barrier on it at all. Oh yeah, you're right, I haven't put it on yet. Okay, nice leather strap easy buckle. These go right in there and that's what you got that's. What it looks like speakers right here, gon na, hear it they're easy yeah, two buttons, this one just kind of takes you back and this one. Of course, you know this, you can press and hold, and you get this page and that's the thing you can touch to turn it from a circle to a square.

So third party apps will appear within a square. So if you got a menu thing, you need to touch you'll be able to see it, otherwise it might be completely off the screen. Recent tasks is where you get into the things that you've looked at before, and you can either go to them or just clear them or clear all and get rid of everything. That'S, always a good practice to do and a couple more watch faces. I think a couple wow I don't, think I've seen this is an interesting one. I don't think I've seen this. Many watch faces stock on a watch for a long time, so, if you're into watch faces well, they just go on and on okay wow. This is one that I've installed. I guess I did play around with this one. This is to check, see if you've got the touch capabilities. This is one of our rods watch faces there you go, you see you do and when you touch these buttons you're able to go directly to different apps. If the watch has been programmed for that and then it also supports drinking beer, no, no it. It supports active animations, which is also another one at Elrod's watch faces here cool. I guess I did play around with it more than I thought all right, that's enough for now. Thank you guys for watching once again, banggood Scott, oh and lympho themself.