Do this you're here, because you want to know what's the difference really what's the difference. Is there a difference between the lympho lem 12 and the okie tell z 32? Can you see it yeah you're right? I haven't taken the screen protector off of the Z 32. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell them apart at all, but there is one other difference. Just visually: ok, one two you got it yep look at that stitching is different on the bottom band. On the LEM 12 it's identically, matched on the Z, 32 somebody's stuck the wrong band together, which makes me wonder if this is a prototype that I got not an actual production unit. Now it looks subtle, but in the end you're gon na think that might be a big indicator as to why we're, seeing what we're seeing on this watch, which is wrong compared to the specs, let me get into it. First of all, I know I know you have watched the review on the lympho lem 12 and you know by watching that one that you can pick this watch up through a link in the show notes directly from the lympho store at Aliexpress, or you could pick It up from banggood they're carrying it as well, and you also know that the prices are constantly changing and I got a coupon for you. If I can get one I'd get it to you for a better price, and you know that we have a spec sheet on each of these.

I want you to pay careful attention to the specs right here. Can you see them good we'll be back because I also want you to know and I'm sure you've already read the review on the Z 32, that this watch is pretty much got the same features and specs it's coming to us from gearbest, and likewise I got A discount coupon for you in the show notes, and it comes with its own specs too. Okay let's talk about these now there's, a big difference between the two of these in one key area check it out number five: here we go under the main features. A two met: pixal front camera and an 8 megapixel side camera that that folks is different than the LEM 12, which says it has a 5 megapixel slash main 8 megapixel dual cameras: plural selfie landscape is cleaner 5 megapixel, 8 megapixel what's going on. Well. Let me show you hard core what's going on, because that is the difference between these two watches and is the reason you're gon na want to buy this one. Unless this is a prototype, let's go both of them are actually turned on right now. I turned them on last night after being fully charged a hundred percent and let them go all night long, basically, nothing running a Wi Fi connected but that's about it, and we want to first see what's a ten hour battery drain, look like when you just lay It on the nightstand 1 2 3 press got the same watch faces 97 on the LEM 12 97 on the Z, 32 they're, identical cool, so let's get to it.

I'Ve actually already prepared some pictures for you by coming down here into the camera area, on both of them I've been using the front facing camera, as well as the side camera, which is right here on both of them and I've made these pictures so I'm gon Na bring this picture up gon na. Take you also over here into the camera, where we have the front facing oh, no we're on the side facing camera here all right! Well, that's switcheroo is right behind here. So if I touch that I can flip it around and there we are on the front facing camera, you don't see it but it's in exactly the same place and let's bring up that picture now. This is the one. This is what I really want to show you right here on the front facing camera. When you go into details on both of these, you notice that on the LEM 1200 it's a 480 by 640, you multiply that out. Hey that isn't, even a mega that's. A point three megabyte that's, not five megapixels it's, not eight megapixels it's, also on a short time out on both of these sorry about that. It'S really really small! Well, what's it like over here when you come in details 1088 by 1920, multiply that out, yeah it's about two megapixel camera right. So the actual resolution of the front facing camera image is much smaller on this LEM 12 guys, if any of you have an LEM 12, please in the show notes down below take a picture with your front facing camera, hit details and tell me tell all of Us is yours, 640 by 480, 1088 by 1920, or something different that's.

A big decision making factor if I go to the other picture, now ignore the colors because they were taken at different times at night and whatnot, and I look at the display details of both of these whoops that's. Another one of the indoor ones are the front ones there. We go here's the side camera. They are 24 48 by 32 64 that multiplies out to 8 megapixels it's, truly a five megapixel camera. The image is up interpolated to 8 megapixels. Both of them are identical. So side cameras are the same front. Cameras appear to be different, that's the big difference between the two that's. It guys the rest of this I'm going to just kind of play with you. If you've got time in quarantine, let's take a closer look at the build quality and everything else about them, which turns out all spoiler alert is identical. I mean really between the two. There is no difference between the LEM 12 and the Z 32 that I can tell, except for that mistake on the band and the camera resolution. So let's look at the the actual body of these things, 100 identical, I mean literally made in the same factory. Everything is the same there's a little cover over the diode. You want to take that off, as well as the removable cover on the front and little red strip around the buttons all of that's the same. The only other thing that could be slightly different is the sounds so let's turn the sounds on.

We keep turning silent off and the watch faces so I'm gon na press and hold and do a restart on both of these watches you're ready. 1. 2. 3. This way we can check the reboot time as well or they both sound. Exactly the same, you got the oukitel label on this one and of course you got the limb for one on this. One they're both coming up exactly the same, and this is the firmware difference. When a company buys these from a factory that makes them they brand them themselves. So lympho scott, its brand logo going in okey, tell Scott theirs and then they'll possibly go through some other gyrations as they D do you hear all that as they load the different firmware and they may have and usually do different watch faces on here. So if everything else is identical in the watches and you're comfortable buying either one, then the only factor to shop on is how fast it comes up. This one was a little bit faster and what the watch faces looked like so we'll run through that and then we'll wrap this thing up, and you know what I'll show you that we've got basically the same everything going on here and press and hold to get Into them and I'm not gon na spend a lot of time. You see here's one with a little boat, and this is another different kind of face and here's one with a looks like a flower and now we're into another face here.

You'Ll see these faces start to show up like here that are identical and from here on they're the same between the two watches, so just those first few are different, but as you'll see in just a moment at the very end, the ones that were at the Beginning on one watch are toward the end on the other till you really get way way down here here we go now we're starting to see a little bit different. Oh no we're! Not there. We go I'm just ahead of myself. Okay, yep yep yep lots of watch faces on both watches so they're pulling from the same pool. Here you go now, you got that little boat, one that was at the beginning on this one and there's that flower one and now these are custom faces that I've put on here, and they work on here as well, just to show you. These are al rods, faces here's, a beer bubbling in in a glass an animated face, and here is a touch face capability. So you have a different buttons that you can put on. So if you want to go into making calls, you could do that animated faces and touch sensitive faces are supported on both of the watches, but these are custom. I'Ll have links to al rods, material down below. So if you want to put any of these faces on your watch, you could pick up his free set or his promo professional set of which these are part of and for a small fee, and you could add them to your watch as well.

Okay, so those are the watch faces now. The other thing I want to highlight are some of the differences that are in both of these are identical, but they're different than other watches that we've reviewed. For example, when you come over here and swipe again, you get into the fitness area right and when you go into one of these Fitness things like an outdoor run and you hit the start button, it immediately goes into it without connecting GPS. This is the old original version, one of the fitness software it's on both of these. It should be updatable through a firmware upgrade, but that hasn't happened. You know you got the original when you just tap and it finishes the newer ones you hit. You have to hold it says long press and you have to hold it down, so you don't accidentally. Stop your your run or something like that. So they're, both using the old fitness firmware, they both have the basic information for doing your step. Count. Distance travel than all of that business. However, in newer firmware on some of the watches, you can change your input to British English imperial as opposed to kilograms and centimetres you've got pounds and inches. In fact, the real newest firmware when you first boot up and it asks you what language you're running stuff like that, it will also ask you: do you want metric or imperial and then it'll take you into that page where you can set your stuff up? Little subtle things but that's one of the things that's different between the two, some of the other watches when you get into your overall settings, allow you to go into an a layout on the app list style and instead of having art like we looked at there Or round that looks like this, you could have the bubble.

You know again just subtle ways of presenting the data differently, that you can change within the settings themselves that are modifiable but we're talking things like the Thor 5 Pro or the COS pet prime or the Genesis for goodness sakes, one of the best watches out there. This on the LEM 12 and on the Z 32, is identical all the way across. In the way it presents its information again, the only difference I'm seeing is that front facing camera resolution that needs to be resolved on whether the production units that are shipping of the LEM 12 have the same camera as the Z 32 and, if not I'd, recommend Buying the Z 32, if so, it doesn't matter by the best price. Okay, Oh PS, a lot of you guys really want to know what the battery life is like and I'm, always backpedal, because it takes so long to set it up and run it in all kinds of different conditions for every kind of watch that I review. Every third day of the week I just don't have the time, but I did do it for you for this one, because I just thought it would be beneficial when we have a doc and we have a watch and well anyway, anyway. Here'S the results fully charged. Lem 12, pretty much the same. I imagine as z28 same battery in both of them, so I ran it with this one and a fully charged doc that's how we started in the watch.

I have Wi Fi on, but all the other radios off, no Bluetooth, no cellular and no GPS. The twist your wrist was on with the time out of 15 seconds and the pedometer count was on but other than at the beginning. I really didn't wear it. I kind of just set it on the table and let it go so. I started on the 27th of the month at 9 a.m. at 100 power, 10 hours later after casual use, that's about 60, not wearing 40 wearing in that 10 hours it had dropped down to 63 on the 29th at 200 p.m. which is 2 days 5 hours Later, not wearing now, I'm, just letting it sit on the side drop down from 63 to 38 on the 29th now we're at 2 days, 13 hours right down to 29 percent, then that on the 30th at 900 a.m. were three days. So three full days dropped down to 17 percent of just a little casual use, but mostly not wearing. Now I put it on the dock. Okay, at 3 p.m. on of the day number 3 at 6 hours. It was an 8 that's when I put it on the dock it's charged it up from 8 percent to 78 in a one hour period, and then I took it off the dock and set it aside, not wearing the rest of the time after 4 days. Exactly from start, I was at 78 down to 60, then down to 30 in another day and then after 5 days and 4 hours, it dropped that last bunch really quickly in that 4 hours, and I used it in oh yeah.

During this time, I used it indoors for one of the videos you saw on these watches and yeah that eat up some of the power, so it dropped down to 1. At that point, then, when the watch went off, which wasn't too much longer after that I charged it for 30 mins minutes on the dock after fully charging the dock again, so a 30 minute charge on the dock checked it out turned it on, checked it out And it was at 30, so then I turned the watch off. I put it on the dock and I just let it go until it drain the dock, all the way down and the dock fully charged the watch to 78 again, which you could flip back here to right here after I took it off the dock. The first time and you can compute what your cycle would be of charging only by the dock as long as you have a way to charge the dock. Okay, that's, the time results, I've got for pretty much casual to hardly any use of the LA m12. Therefore, when you set all this up and figure how many days you can get, your should be less than that, if you're going to be using the watch extensively and a lot less than that, if you're going to have the screens on for any significant time, because The battery is what eats or the screen is, what eats the battery a whole lot.

Okay, that's the battery test of then I got one guy out there, who is constantly saying, take your watch and take a picture of text. I don't care. What it is show me a picture of text, so I thought a good way to introduce you guys to the great courses I don't know. If you're getting this yet or not, you can buy individual courses that are incredible. You can actually subscribe to a new service called what is it the great courses plus? I believe that is streaming these courses, so, while you're hunkered down with nothing to do that's, a great great thing to do, is to watch these courses online or buy them in CDs, or you can listen to audio. You can buy the courses and download them and hold on to them forever or when you subscribe, you can download them and have them offline, but I'm using it for text. So I want to find something with some different fonts here going to come into the watch, and this is what I wanted to show you on these cameras, so we're gon na kill a bunch of birds all at once here gon na go into the camera. Now. Remember we have the side facing camera and that's our the same resolution on both of these so I'm gon na. Take this thing: I'm gon na turn it sideways well, it's, gon na be kind of funky, which way it looks but will display with it I'm gon na take a picture, and I got that and then I'm gon na flip it around to my front facing camera, Which is me and I'm gon na turn it upside down and take a picture.

I hope see if it focuses and if I did good, I should have two pictures text and text. Okay, now this one remember is 640 by 480 on the LEM 12 and if I double tap hello, hey double tap, oh it's supposed to zoom in okay, pinch and zoom. I guess here we go here is what the words look like: there's, animation, there's, three different font sizes, it's a little bit blurry, but it's, definitely readable, right and that's in the 640 by 480 image with the front camera. When you go to the other photo that we just took right here now, I'm getting the DoubleTap to work. I don't know why I didn't before okay – and here we go a zoom in a little bit and it's still fuzzy but it's still readable. It doesn't have a lot of the artifacts, but it does seem to be a little bit fuzzy or not as sharp around the edges as the front facing camera, but wait there's more. We also have the z32 right and it's got its front facing camera and side right here and I'm on the side again excellent, we're gon na come down, take a picture from that. One and we've got it and now we're gon na flip it over and my little cameo hello, everybody and we're gon na turn it upside down and take that picture, and did we get it? We got that one. We got that one and remember this.

One is now 1088 by 1920, so double tap DoubleTap. This is working on the double tap but I'd, really rather pinch and zoom we're at a tango. Did I get that one well we'll get another little section in here: okay, that's, this! Oh let's! Just do this! One, since we are on that one already on the other one, sorry I'm jumping all over guys. Here we go double tap DoubleTap and so forth. There there's an Mason. Those are the identical side cameras, identical resolution course, I'm zoomed in at a different zoom rate, but that's the difference, given that it may not be in the proper focus or any of that other stuff. But there you go the Eliam 12 versus the Z 32 on text resolution. Now we bail out of this and come back to this one double tap DoubleTap. I just can't get close enough, so I want to zoom in and get closer and same thing here back to this one now interesting, huh, the 640 by 480, gives you kind of highlighting around the words and the other one here with a higher resolution seems to Me to be a little more washed out. What do you think hmm, so I don't know what to advise other than say: let your eyes guide, you that's! Okay to me, this is looking sharp or actually in the 640 by 480, if that's, what these pictures really are because remember, it's supposed to be two: five megapixel cameras according to the spec, not 1.

3 resolution camera and one five megapixel, and then this one is supposed To be a 2 megapixel, so I don't know I'm gon na leave it to you with it. This is this is sharper daggum, I don't know the specs are off. The resolution is wrong. I don't know what's right anymore, but the proof is what you see and to me the L am 12. Now in the front facing camera, looks like it's producing sharper images when you zoom way out that's what they look like way out. So freeze your screen here and zoom in on your YouTube screen and see how that looks. Wow well we've covered a lot, and I really appreciate you guys that wanted to hang on to the end, to kind of go down this little path with me. It'S almost like a YouTube live thing and there we have it. We have covered the comparison between these two watches links in the show notes if you want to buy them and much more to come.