This is banggood channel. Today we will look at the limfo smartwatch and for subscriber purchase this season. We will leave the link in the video description lenfa 14 smartwatch case sizing of 50.5 millimeter in dimension 18.5 millimeter in thickness and weighing 90 grams. The strap silicon from inside and the leather outside giving this watch a classic look: the straps, quick releasable and measuring 265 millimeter length and 24 millimeter width length built the smartwatch case with matte black aluminum and metal bezels. There are two look alike, crown button and a dual camera, the main one on top of the bezel and one on the side between two switches. There are vast manner, speaker and microphone hole next to the primary camera. At the back, we got a charging pins and a sim card place under the hood like a smartphone, the smartwatch. Besides time showing got everything you need with other smartwatch features, for example, you can dial and receive a phone call. The same goes for video calls turn on wi fi and browse over apps pair wireless earphones stream, your music and podcast user. As a fitness tracker and customize, the watch style, Music watch youtube videos or scroll over your instagram and other media turn on google maps and get directions. The user interface is built with quick access to dnd mode screen, brightness auto turn on airplane mode, cellular data, gps, bluetooth and wi. Fi swiping right takes us to the message: notification.

Space swiping left a menu where we can find settings and apps, and if we swipe one more time, we can access the fitness mode, while swiping up shows the steps burned calorie and the distance. And if we swipe one more time, we can see the music player and if we continue, we can see the weather forecast display of the smartwatch is 400 by 400 pixel resolution and sizing 1.6 inch. It is a touchscreen with good color saturation and contrast. The touchscreen is fast if you’re scrolling around the interface dialing, a phone number also acceptable, while the messaging is a little bit difficult. Compare to the smartwatches that i had earlier on this channel and when i go to youtube to watch videos, i can only see the recommended videos over youtube. Since the screen is around it and haven’t optimized it. I cannot access the search bar and type the videos. I want to see the battery of the smartwatch is 1100 milliampere. It is enough for day in regular use. Just like your smartphone. You need to charge the smartwatch every night. If you want to use a watch as a fitness tracker, you have also options like outdoor run. Outdoor wall indoor run, ride, bike play basketball play football play, ping, pong, badminton and rope skipping. You can also use a smart watch with bluetooth, favorite mode or a companion, app call it wii watch 2.. You can download the app from the google play, store or apple store.

It is free, you can see and see if it suits your needs. We could look at many things, but i tried to keep this video short with main features, but if you have any questions, please leave them down below. I will answer all of them as for now that’s it thank you for watching and have a good time. Peace.