com, more questions than any that i'm. Getting these days from you guys in the various comments under different videos, are to compare the lympho lem 12 pro android 10 smart watch with their lympho lem14 android 10 smart watch, which one do you want to buy we're going to take a quick look at that Today, first of all, i want to tell you both of them are available from banggood. These are the guys helping us out here. I wouldn't have anything to show you today, if it wasn't for these guys, so the prices are constantly changing, they're in and out of flash sale, and i have different coupons so check the show notes for the link to the banggood buying page right now. They'Re listed at about 230 for the lem12 pro and under 200 in flash sale right now for the lem14 um we'll get you the best price we can and we'll have that listed for you. So, whichever one you decide upon, banggood is our choice as they're helping us out, so we can show you this stuff, okay, let's, get on to the watches. First thing i want to do is turn it on each of them separately. I got the volume set up so that you can hear them i'm going to take the little sticker off. You'Ll recognize this one because of the very fancy band. This does not come with it. This is a custom band and i'm going to tell you about that.

In a little bit as well, but as it boots up Music, you can hear the sound coming out it's going through the lympho logo and we take a quick look at the body. We'Ve got a bezel around the edge that's marked, so you have a little bit of highlight activity going on there. You have this particular tesseract custom face that you can touch and twirl and do some fun things these may be. Actually, your deciding factors are, the unique watch faces that's some of the little differences you see, there's, a side, camera and a front camera they're, pretty much subdued, not very large. At all it's. A little bit thinner watch about 17 millimeters thick got a ceramic back screw to keep the sim cover on solid uh, heart rate charging port removable bands, all of that stuff and speaking of bands. The bands that came with this are exactly the same ones. You'Ll see here, but these are coming from a company called strapsco we've talked about them, got a whole video on a variety of different straps that they have to offer and highly recommend them. If you'd like to put a different kind of strap anything from metal to plastic, to rubber to these fancy leather ones, multi tone strapsco, i know every little bit helps me out to keep this channel going so head on over and look at the bands. Okay, these are really nice. I really love this and i'm going to put this one on just so.

You can see what the watch looks like on your arm, so we're, focusing on the 12 pro first and, as you know, i'm going to skip that one it's easier to just go around it. As you know, it's like an upgrade to the original lem12, which was an android 7 watch. This is android 10. they're, both the same size screen they're, both the same type screen they're, the both the same resolution. They both use the same processor, 64, gigabytes of storage and four gigabytes of ram, eight core processors on and on and on so there's really, no difference there. What you got to judge it on is the look the smell the taste. The sounds are pretty much. The same between the two communications sim card, all of that's the same now, this particular unit has a 900 milliamp hour battery in it, and you can get an extra 900 milliamp hour dock now, sometimes it's shipped as a combined unit, so check it when you're buying It if you can buy it with the dock as part of it or you can buy the dock separate 900 milliamp 900 milliamp here the watch just sits on the dock will do that at the end. It fits right in that form factor you plug it in here to charge it. You also can use the four point: uh four pin magnetic coupler that comes with each of them and not even need to use the dock at all.

So lem 12 pro okay, it's 900 milliamp battery 900 milliamp dock we're going to talk about the battery life. Also in a moment, you've got a few custom faces which are unique and different. Hello come back to me here, oftentimes, the first time you touch it. You unlock the screen and then the second time it activates so uh if it looks like it's sluggish it's, not really it's, just that that we've got. These are not bubbles that you pop now, but you've got an animated screen like this notice that the actual um time and date are all the same. I think too thin of a font to easily see but that's what they chose. So all they're doing is giving you active wallpaper in the background, but it comes with the system. Now all these other watch faces are stock and they're pretty much the same. So in terms of custom watch faces it's, just those two let's jump ahead now we'll come back and do a little more cross comparison after i show you, the lem14 gon na press and hold the button on this one to turn it on as it's booting up. Take off its little tag, i'll show you the stock uh bands, which are nice that come with it rubberized on the back and kind of uh brown or black leather on the front there's. Also a rubberized uh. There you go the sound from that. One sounded pretty similar to my ears: these are pretty old ears guys this sounds a little sharper to me than that that's a little bit flatter.

This is a little bit brighter, but um the speaker. Holes are smaller than they are on here. I don't know it's something: you'd have to judge for yourself now the animated face that comes on this one is like a flying tunnel and it doesn't really change when you touch it and this one doesn't either. Oh yeah, it does look at that. I guess it. Yeah, okay, so these are touchable changeable active faces, uh, as as far as actual active faces, where you can touch buttons to do things that's somewhat supported like it was in android 7, but it's got a little bit of growing to do for it to work really. Well, in android 10 it's a work in progress. Okay, we got two cameras on here as well: we've got a front facing one and a side. The bezel is all shiny, okay, it's not like this and the camera protrudes quite a bit on this one. It sticks out more so than on here so it's kind of bold, a little bit bolder and bigger it's, also thicker about 20 millimeters, as opposed to 17, and in doing so it's packing an 1100 milliamp hour battery in here, and you can get it with an Optional 2200 milliamp hour uh power bank. Now this bank, actually you see – comes from roll me, which made the s08, which was the precursor to this design. Um there's, also the rog rugbid, brave and brave pro android 7 or android 10.

We just did a comparison of the lem 14 and the raw bid brave pro identical watch is pretty much down to everything. So uh check that review for more deeper details on the lem14 as well, and any of those that i just mentioned would be in this class and then the um lem12 pro with this kind of a dock is in this different class. So you have more battery overall here, a little bit bigger in the watch, but it is thicker uh and a bigger beefier attachable dock that you bring with it. They are not interchangeable, obviously completely different designs, so you can't put this stock on that watch or vice versa. Where are we? We are looking at the back of this one now in terms of the sim card it's a little more complicated uh to change out the sim. So if you're, the kind of person that's gon na pop the sim out of your phone and put it in your watch to go out for a jog and then come back and pop it out and put it back in your phone, this is easier and still Pretty solidly protected from getting sweat or moisture inside of here, this is super protected. In fact, it is so protected. This watch is totally waterproof. You can swim with it, you can. You can go down 50 meters with this it's 5 atm waterproof. This is probably ip67 splash resistant. I really wouldn't dunk it under water and trust that it's going to work, but this one we got a video up on the lem 14 underwater test and it does just fine not only that the test shows you that you can still actively use the screen.

Even though it's wet so pretty darn good waterproofing on this one, bigger battery waterproofing bulkier heavier bolder a little bit more dressy subdued if you're not gon na, go in water. If, if you're a lawyer, you know uh, this is the kind of watch that might really look more um professional. This might be more sporty let's put this one on. We showed you the other one on again, this is the kind of leather band look, but you can get the comes with the extra bands with it, the rubberized type, really for taking it in the water or, of course, from straps co. You can get any kind of band you want for either of these watches yeah. It looks pretty thick there doesn't it bit bit on the thicker side, but that's to accommodate the 1100 milliamp hour battery all right. What about this battery stuff then let's jump into that we'll come back and talk a little bit more comparison, but uh i've done some testing for you. Let'S grab the charge test. I ran them all both of them completely out i mean down to and with the screens on 30 minutes and let them die, i mean they were dead. You never really should do that, take it down to about 10 and then charge it back up, but i did it so that we could really get a baseline test for you. So the 12 pro versus the 14 uh. The only thing on in the background was wi fi like here so this is set to middle brightness.

Wi fi was on no gps, no sim cards in either of them, um and that's. It just like that. So what happened well uh. Obviously, i couldn't turn them on until they had a little bit of juice in them, so i started them with the watches off at zero percent each. I ran it for 15 minutes at 15 minutes. I turned the watches on turned both of them. The 12 pro had charged to 21 the 14 to 19, so this one charged a little bit more, but that kind of makes sense. It'S a 900 milliamp hour battery, so it's going to charge a little faster. Another 30 minutes with the watch on and the wi fi on and it charged 36 and 31 another 30 minutes, another 15 and 30., so at a total of 60 minutes after one hour, this one was up to 74 and 2 3 66. Here this one kicked in at 100 after 84 minutes, so just shy of 90 minutes. When you hit 90 minutes, this one was at 96 percent and it kind of got stuck there. It didn't keep going 97 98. It must have been 15 20 minutes later. It was still about 98, it never hit 100. So my guess is this: hasn't fully seasoned yet – and you guys know it's a good idea to cycle the batteries over time charge. It up run it down to 10 or 20 percent, then charge it back up to 95 100.

Something like that and let the uh regulating circuitry in there stabilize so that when it uh gets to 100 it's at a hundred. So, roughly not a whole lot of difference. This one charges a little bit faster than this one, but you're not going to notice it much. If you go for an hour, you get 74 percent and 66 percent all right now i went ahead and charged them up to 95, both the pro and 12 pro and the 14 again only wi fi on just like you saw there and probably the same here. Oh no, this one is all set up differently. Look at this. I got airplane on so i'm going to turn that off, which is another great thing to do. If you want to save batteries, turn airplane on and then, if you need wi, fi or bluetooth, turn them on, because with airplane on you're, definitely turning the cellular radio off and if you don't need need it and you don't have a sim in it or even, If you do have a sim in it, but you don't need it it's good to have that radio off. Why keep it on and then use up your battery? So here we go 95 at the start, after um 30 minutes with the screen on so i set the uh the time out to go for 30 minutes and then they would both turn off and i monitored that we dropped from 95 to 80 percent.

On this one and to 86 percent on this one makes sense. This is a little larger battery, so it should drop a little slower, 30 more minutes off and then in addition to that 30 minutes off so half an hour on half an hour off a whole hour. There uh it went from 80 to 67 and into 76. Then i did another 30 minutes with the screens on again. The only thing else on is wi fi connected in the background um, 51 and 65., so about half of the power dropped down after 30 an hour and 30 about two hours of which an hour and a half was with the screen on you ate up half The power here it ate up 35 45 percent uh anyway, the we got to that level and then i turned them both off and i had other things to do so. It was two days with them off and then, when i came back, i turned them on and when i turned them on, this had dropped two percent that dropped two percent so in the off mode, there's, not a lot of activity happening in the background. It truly is off more or less there's a little bit, maybe keeping track of time or something going on so there's a slight drop, but not not huge. Okay. I adjusted them charged that one a little drained that one a little i made them both equal to 50. We began testing again now i turned the airplane mode on, like i showed you and that i left it on turning off everything, including wi, fi, so airplane mode on turning all radios off.

I did 30 minutes uh again with the screens on both of them. It dropped 10 percent, there dropped 8 there. Another 30 minutes dropped to here. Another 30 minutes drop to there and then i did 30 minutes more with the screen off. Look at this. It only dropped 2 percent on each of these. If the screen was off so it really does show you that, no matter what watch you've got having the screen on is going to eat the most power and that's the best way. I could get you guys rapid test results, but you can also see that you've got a little bit more oomph out of the 14 because of the bigger battery than you do out of the 12 pro and it's going to take you a little longer to charge It up as well simple facts: okay, same thing now, with the power banks, this will take longer to charge, and it won't give you as much extra boost as this one will. So if you're going to be somebody that's going to be out and about away from any kind of power for an extended period of time, and you need your watch to last and you're going to use it a lot with the screen on the 14 might be Your best combination pick up one or two of these banks and you're going to be really good to go. The easy thing to do is you just drop it on the bank itself, like that it goes into the charging mode right away and there there you go.

It'S transferring now the battery power that's in the dock. It has a little blue glow on the side when you plug this in it's red as it's charging when you're discharging it into the watch. It'S glowing blue like that same thing here now we line this up with this and we drop it on and we get the charging happening here now. Obviously, it's not going to charge nearly as good or as fast as it would, with wires plugged into it, because you're going from battery to battery and as this these drain and these fill, you know it's going to be even slower. But if you want to get a boost and that's, why it's a booster dock, you can get that from these uh little slap on units. You could pick up two or three of them they're about 15 bucks. Each. I think i should have links in the show notes. I know for this one i'm, pretty sure i'll try to find them for both in case you just want to buy the dock. If you've already got the watch, you want an extra dock. You can get that and that's it gang. I think we've covered everything major in terms of its appearance. Its weight, its size is look there's, much much more deeper details when you get into like sim card support and and modifying apn numbers and uh all the kinds of things that get really deeply technical and those topics are discussed in individual threads over at the full Android watch technical form it's located at discourse. it's free to go over there. You can peruse everything there's firmware if you know how to flash firmware and you get in trouble in a watch there's instructions on how to do that, really a really great uh site. If you want to participate in the conversation, just create a free account like you would on any social media, and you can join in the conversation. Ask questions get guidance, but please guys thumb through the blog to see if your questions have already been answered because they try to keep it succinct and short and not repeating over and over and over again, and a lot of questions are similar that everybody's having and When there's for feature improvements, they're going to be listed there and the watch companies themselves in particular lympho and cospet and rogbed and tikris – and i don't know a bunch of them – are – are all collaborative in nature with that site. So they're reading your blog and the ones that aren't reading it pablo 11, the administrator is in a back door with each of these companies and feeding to them. The information and the issues that you guys have got and working on your behalf, all for free, really it's a great great resource. All right. This is the lympho lem12 pro android 10 smartwatch. This is the lympho lem14 android 10 smartwatch 5 atm waterproof, bigger battery bigger casing, little heavier bigger dock, not waterproof much more refined and subdued overall appearance, thinner and uh would have exactly the same bands on here and any of those that you could want to you.

You could change out with a band from straps co at Strapsco last thing to mention one more time is where you get them: yeah bang good banggood's got them um, lem, 14, right now under 200, in a flash, uh sale generally when there's a flash sale. I don't have a coupon to stack on to that so that's, probably the price out the door. If you're watching this in april uh 2021 um this one. I think i can probably get you a a coupon because it's at full retail uh, so it should be in the neighborhood of that one. I think the prices will be pretty much comparable, but you now know the differences and the benefits between uh, each of them. For comparison – and i would recommend, if you don't, have a doc to get it with a doc, especially if you can order it with the dock as a package, because guys shipping wise these days, you order this thing by itself. Even if you order this and this by itself, you might run into a shipping issue, because not all the shippers are willing to ship a dock with exposed pins with a battery in the watch. They'Ll ship it with the charger dock and the battery in its own main box, they'll ship it, but this thing wrapped separately, could be an issue not for everybody but play it safe. If you think you want a doc, try to get it with the dock, when you buy it, and i don't know start with my links that i've got for you and if it doesn't have what you want fire out from there to look around and see what Else you can put together as long as you go in using the the link in the show notes down below it's gon na fly back here to smartwatch ticks and we'll.

Get credit for having sent you over there and i'll be able to get the lem15s and 16s and everything else to show you. I hope that answered some of your questions and helped you decide which one you might want between these two remember. There are other android pins out there there's a thor 6. there's, a great review that shows the thor 6, the lem12 pro and the huge cospet prime 2, which we're going to have a little treat coming up to tell you about pretty darn soon yeah. So if you haven't subscribed see, i can weave it all together, make sure you you subscribe and hit that little bell and uh you'll get notified when we've got another fun uh review up for you.