com. Today we are going to do a quick comparison of the rogbid brave pro and the lympho lem14, which, by all practical purposes, are identical, very, very minor uh differences between them bottom line. If you want to move on, let me tell you what you should look for. First, look for the price check to see what the current price is that's. What i cannot help you with right now, because it's constantly changing as of right now, beginning of april tom top, our sponsor for the brave pro, has a really great price of 170 for uh the watch, and if i have, i will have coupon discounts uh for You in the show notes so check that, secondly and i'll get to the other prices in a moment. Secondly, make sure you know what comes in the bundle there's a huge difference between just buying the watch or buying the watch with the extra power bank power dock that comes with some of them. As you see in the unboxing of the brave pro tomtop's offering does include yes, it does include the extra power bank all for price of about 170.. In comparison going to the uh lympho official store at aliexpress. You can get the same basic watch. The lem14 in this price range about 160, with applying the different coupons you can drop it down to maybe 155 somewhere in. There does not include the extra power dock. Okay, double check. There may be an option right here and here that you can get it it's going to bump the price up to the higher level, with the discounts, maybe about 170 ish or so so, we're, looking at what 170 170 so close to the same price.

If you get the dock, if you don't need the dock, you can get it even cheaper, uh banggood, our other wonderful sponsor that sent us the first lem14 had a super introductory price is now bumped it back up again: um it's in flash sale for almost 200. Does not include the dock and that's their current price again, if i have a coupon discount, it better, be a good one. I'Ll have it in the show notes otherwise constantly check the links. I'Ve got for you if you're watching this in may june july, if it's getting close to black friday 2021 and you want to buy one of these puppies for a christmas present check the current price that's, always fluctuating that's. The bottom line check the price check whether it comes with the dock, otherwise they're identical now let's prove it let's dive into this comparison quickly. With the uh the spec sheet, i've circled the items we want to double check because they're in conflict between what the specs for the brave pro and the lam14 declare. Now this one says: it's got a 1.69 inch screen that's diameter of the active surface. I think we can address that one pretty quickly, because the actual brave pro shipped with this little cover here now i've cut them all off and let's see. I don't know which one's the brave which one's the lympho let's try this one first let's align that up. Then put it right there, okay, and look at that it's edge to edge this little cover.

Now in this one that looks almost the same. One of these is the lympho, and one of these is the brave i line them up, put it here and it's. Exactly the same. Now, in a different video, i actually use calipers and check the diameter and you'll see it's 1.6 inch, not 1.69, and this cover cut to shape and size shows you exactly what we're talking about now. Two of these are lympho watches. One of them is a brave pro and it's the same diameter on all three of them, which one's the brave well check the buttons that's, a difference that you'll see between them. The red one is for lympho and it even has the lympho design wow that's interesting. I hadn't noticed that this one is in white and this one has a slightly different pattern in it in black. Can you see that whoa i'm going to turn these two on first one's, a lympho one's, the brave pro there they go and then we'll catch this one a little bit behind these other two, so we're, first checking. How long does it take to boot them up and then we're gon na dive into the whole power level stuff? Now, as you can see, they've each got their own custom logo? Oh, i love it pretty much right on cue. This was a tight, tiny bit behind, but it booted up faster overall, not much of a difference between them. Now they all right now have this special live wallpaper background, which is another possibility for saving uh battery power.

If you go in and turn that off, we'll show you that a little bit later on, but what do we get for battery results? Well, let me tell you i did um. I did this test a couple of nights ago. I started at 10. 30 p.m. I had them all charged to 50, not a hundred percent, but a 50. The lympho then uh the lymph, this, the second lympho and then the uh rogbid and that's. The order that they were in with this live wallpaper on the on the actual face. But with the power off at this point i was just seeing what what's the power drain we're trying to estimate or determine whether this has got a 1600 milliamp hour battery and this an 1100 milliamp hour battery. This should have more capacity and stay at a higher level when it's draining and take more time to charge if it's actually got a bigger battery that's what we're after and i'm, proving that it's, not they're, identical, okay, they're all 1100 milliamp hour battery, because the tech Crew at basically proved that it's 1100 milliamp hour battery and lympho corrected their specs to match that rogbid has not it's still calling it 1600, so overnight from 10 30 to 5 30 a.m. This first lympho dropped from 50 to 42, just sitting on the table. Powered on with wi fi on not bluetooth and everything else, just dormant, this one dropped to 41 and this one dropped to 41.

. So pretty much identical drop of about 9 8 to nine percent in several hours checked it again. At 7 30 it had dropped. Just a little bit more, then i turned on what you're looking at here exactly this display with a 30 minute timeout after it timed out and all three watches turned off. I came back and i looked at it at 10 o'clock and this one had dropped from ' to 27, ' to 26 and 38 to 28. So a little less drop on this one with this animated face but i'm not going to say that that's because it's a bigger battery per se. Just that couple of points and that half hour of usage, it probably is a different implementation of the um streaming. Cpu usage to keep that active pattern going all right, then then, what i did was i drained them all the way down to zero. I mean all the way down with them on like this until they turned themselves off, i wanted them at flat line. So all three were at flat line. I set up the charger cable for each of them into the same two amp charger bank and i activated that bank simul. At the same time, all of them started charging for an hour and a half because it claims in the specs somewhere in here that it takes an hour and a half to charge. You see it it's in there somewhere. So i let it go for an hour and a half the watches were off literally off, so it didn't matter.

What watch face was on. It went from 6 30 to well well, it's. 9. 00 a.m. I wrote eight, but it was raining at eight so i'm, starting to read the video now uh from 6 30 to 9. uh. It was left off overnight. Oh i'm. Sorry, we charged from 6 30 p.m to 8 p.m, that's the hour and a half, and then it was off from 8, 00 p.m, to 9 00 a.m. And here we are, we just booted them up and we're gon na now check to see what the power level is. So i slide down. This is dropped to 84.. Well, it rose up to some level and dropped back down to 84 because it was off. All last night, so you're getting both the the hour and a half charge with uh several hours of drainage. This one is at 89.. Now these are identical, watches. 84. 89. So it shows you the difference that you can have in the same battery. In the same watch, and what do you think this one is huh what's your money on it? Is it going to be higher lower 85 right in the middle right in the middle? So folks, you got the same battery in all three they're going to give you roughly the same uh life expectancy depending on the usage you've got and how you're configuring your settings may make a big difference for you. So what about the camera resolution? The resolution of the camera modules themselves, one of the watches, is claiming 13 megapixel side, camera and i'm going to show you what you actually get there's a photograph taken with this one here's the same photograph taken with this one got.

It got the sound turned on on that one it's turned off over here, so on this one i'm going to slide over now here's the picture i'm going to slide over and here's the picture. Now, when you're in the camera mode, you don't get any information. You can double tap and go way in okay or you can double tap and get that kind of resolution uh. But if we really want to know actually what it is, i got ta come out of the camera and go into the gallery in the gallery here and in the gallery. Here i have other watch faces in here, which is why there's some other straggling things in the gallery there's our picture of the fingers i'm going to come into details on the two cameras. Look at that 1920 by 2560. Multiply that out, you get right around five megapixels, so the side camera resolution is five megapixels on both of them, which one's the lympho. The one with the red button. Remember that okay let's check the front facing camera here's. My smiling face on both cameras. They'Re set for photo picture picture got the image there we go there, we go okay, i got a picture for you, but i got ta switch over to gallery with the image and gallery. Well, we have the buttons at the bottom. We can check the details there. You go 1080 by 1440, multiply that out you're looking at what about two megapixels, so the front facing camera is not five megapixels it's, two megapixels on both watches the side.

One is not 13 megapixels it's five, the specs are what they are. This is the real truth and that's the camera results, so that covers it. We'Ve talked about the screen size, the camera resolution, the battery capacity and the fact that some of them come shipping with a 2 000 milliamp hour charging uh dock or not got to check that closely. So by re uh, summary and review, we got the tom top offering of the rogbid brave pro with the full package: the charging dock, the bag, the whole works for 170 or lower check for a show. Note coupon. If we've got one for you, you've got the lympho lem14 two configurations with or without the dock, for about 160 to 174.. You can take some coupons and apply to that drop it down a little bit, but now you're talking pennies on the dollar. So it depends on really which watch you want and where you're gon na get it they're close to the same price, currently banggood's, not looking as good with their current, almost 200 dollar price. Unless i got a good coupon discount for you, all of them are in and out of flash sales so depending on when you're ready to buy. Please use our links in the show notes pick which one you want and order it from that particular source because they're, the ones that have allowed us to look at these watches. For you to do this comparison to help you decide which to get there, you go.

You'Ve got the lympho lem14 with the two different style of bands. This is a thicker rubberized band, a leather with rubberized backing that's. One of the differences is the bands on these and, of course, the rock bed. One is a similar overall band, probably identical rubberized one, and, of course this one is the brown facing one and rock band ships, with a black version of that as the second band. So you can choose that as well. Thank you guys for being here. There are octa core processors, four gigabytes of memory and 64 gigabytes of storage. All the other stuff is the same. So this comparison was focusing on the tiny differences and limitations and the specs great watches, still no matter what hope you can pick one and enjoy it for a long time.