In addition, you got a robust, app drawer that includes all your phone stuff, no um bluetooth, calling with this watch, but you put in a sim and you've got all of that, and some special heart and health apps that are the heart rate and now blood oxygen. You'Ve got last night's sleep and breath training. Those are all brand new, all the other stock stuff in here you have two cameras on board. They are a little bit different than what you find in the um prime s. Otherwise, this watch is identical with a memory boost up, you've got uh four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage in this one, which allows you to do all kinds of things, but one of the best things to notice in this one. When you're in this sport mode is the fact that you have the ability now, unlike before, to activate your brightness and change it on the fly which you never could do in sport mode before and you can turn off airplane mode turn it back on and regain Cellular access, so you can receive phone calls if you have a sim in it that's on the lemp and only the lemp it's, a really nice watch relatively lightweight, considering the size of the battery in it, it's got red and green diodes in the back of it.