Fitness band got a lot of controls in here, turning it on and off changing the overall brightness of the screen, great great graphics. On this lf 26 it's got like a 1.3 inch screen with a 360 by 360 resolution. We got heart rate last night's, sleep time, fancy, animated graphics, there's, your step, count, distance, traveled, calories, burned all three of those cards next to a changeable watch, face with three installed basic faces here and an optional one that you can add and download from the tethering App on this side, you've got your overall activities there's the sporting data. We already saw heart rate. You also have a screen for blood oxygen, that it can do readings from here or remotely from the app you've got your overall blood pressure. Selectable from here messages. Sleep time a few different sports like running hiking, cycling and um, Music, swimming and basketball as well and in swimming. You can get your heart rate and calories burned and simply twist their wrists to seize the time when it times out and come right back. There no need to touch the watch at all and have an accurate reading of your heart rate, while you're swimming that's kind of nice qr code for tethering you've got timers find your phone overall settings, which includes uh. Your brightness find your phone, which it's trying to do right now and languages that you can change to basically english or chinese, a vibration, intensity selection and your system, where you can get the info shut it down or reset it all in all, it's a very attractive High resolution uh screen smart watch with some health fitness capability.