You can activate any of those and transfer the data to a tethering app. You have weather and you can put in whatever city you want in the app to get that push notifications from your phone. You have blood pressure and blood oxygen to round out the health aspects of this, a shudder that you can take remote photos and a music player when tethered to play music off from your phone, an other section which includes all kinds of things like a stopwatch. Turning mute on and off resetting the device or powering it down, that is the basic function of the band. But these little dots are earphones and you could plug them in your ear left and right, stereo and tether it to your phone to listen to music or answer and make phone calls. You can activate a voice assistant and do all those things press here and you get information on the calories and the and the distance travel and when you're back at the time, you can activate the Bluetooth tethering information check that it's on and see your battery level. You see these are already attempting to pair up it's, really a nice upgrade to some of these devices that have been on the market for a while and it's available.