Four months ago I had a different box and all of you were introduced to the first really fantastic stereo headphone smart watch, combo unit lympho has outdone themselves and upgraded with the LT o 4 I'm gon na show you both of them. You bet chip, but first let's unbox, the brand new one. Okay goes like this: it opens up inside of the package hit you're ready for this. This is a wild looking thing. This is a like from a different galaxy. Well, the band first of all starts with a little snap thing that goes into the holes on the other side and a little loop thing that you'll be able to stick the band through and it's really thin with nice set of holes close together. So you can get positioning just right in here. It is no longer do you have to open a lid like a pill box to pull out your headphones. They are integrated with magnets directly in the band Wow Wow it's contoured, to fit your wrist it's super simple and easy to use. We will be doing all of that, but first let's see what else is in the box actually before we even do that. Let me tell you how to get it cuz some of your gun sold, sold I'll buy right now I love it looks good if you're one of those hop on over to the lymphoma fischels store on Aliexpress. The link is in the shownotes to pick up the LTO for different price range.

Different colors you'll see all of that stuff over there and super special price coming up on 1111. If you happen to be watching this early when we're first putting it out, you know, the big buying season is coming first wave 1111. Second, one Black Friday, then the third one Cyber Monday and they're all hitting close together this year. You can also check out banggood if you fer, to buy it from there they've gotten an 1111 shopping festival going on two prices are radically changing throughout this entire month. So here's the thing to do, use the link in the show notes to go to the place. You want to go that triggers it so they'll follow you, no matter what link you buy for getting the discount that you want on the day. You'Re purchasing. Ok, just start with our links, if you wouldn't mind and head on in from there, so main Goods got it and so does the official lympho Aliexpress store. So what are we looking at biggest bump up here? Is that it's a Bluetooth headset using the 5.0 version of Bluetooth, which is more stable, low power? All of that it's also now waterproof a full on waterproof ip67, because, as you can see, the thing is sealed. When I show you the m1 in comparison, you could tell water could get into it. So a couple of really oh, oh did I mention they sound, really good. They do they do they got good bass.

I'M. Very impressed the new ones sound of audiophile quality. The m1 sounds good it's great for voice it's, OK for music, but I didn't quite get that feeling from them. I do from the LT o4 they're both great though you can single touch on the screen operating system. It uses Duff it now, the other one used caca, something or other cockadoodledoo of caca fit. Probably this one supposedly can use that as well, and maybe the m1 can use defit I'm gon na list, both of them in the show notes. So you can try them, but officially this is called de fit, which I have paired it with in use. Then it's, really nice got a lot of different supported languages. This time in here, like a set ip67, that doesn't mean swimming folks, but it does mean it should survive. Splashes with water and such you got your heart rate, monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen in this one, you've got a sleep monitor and yes, it's cool to sleep with this one. The results you get are nice, the graphics, a multi sport mode. Of course, the Bluetooth earphones are there and they handle phone calls their priests tethered to each other for stereo you can reject calls right from it. You can see your notifications on this. What else do you want? Really? I mean this is quite the unit sensor, size TFT, display good and bright 160 by 80 pixels bit about the battery and usage times the bands and the weight and size.

I know let's go on let's, look at it. We'Ve got a charger thing. It comes in here and like the m1 it's, an odd fellow it's, a 2 prong with magnets in the middle, usually they're on the outside of a thinner kind of a thing got the USB cable on the other in by contrast, that's the head for the m1 Uh huh, so you can see how much bigger I'll watch that one was than this one. This thing will just slap right on here and it's coated right, there's a little dot there. Oh, am i off camera I'm. Sorry to let you slide in. If you go the wrong way, you're not gon na get it to connect, so it wants you to put it with the wire coming out the bottom and, yes, you can lay it down at night charge it up right, like that. It'S not gon na be in the way. Okay, so that's the charger you get a bag with extra ear cups. You'Ll see those when I pull the modules out and you get the multi language user manual which obligatory on this channel. We do go through, and in particular this one, because this is not a tutorial. Video it's, an unboxing and first look there's the defib. You are code you could scan, but again I got it in the show notes. But if you're on a I device or something that doesn't have access to C and all of this in YouTube, you can always scan the QR code as well so more information here.

The mein different functions of this one reason we're scanning is this particular device. You may want to double check some things in the manual that I'm not gon na, be covering in an unboxing and first look especially related to tethering or how which one you need to tap and how many times you need to tap it to change music or To answer calls or to invoke Siri, all of those kind of things are a little more complex when you're dealing here we go now. We'Re getting into the good stuff are more complex when you're dealing with head phones or earbuds. As you know, if you've got a set that you already use it there's, tethering stuff and then there's triggering stuff that you got to go into, if I get a chance and if there's enough interest in this video of you guys watching it later on after this Hot sale period is over I'll, get around to doing a tutorial on how you program and use these things, but for now I just want to show them to you here. It is the band itself, and here are they hit pieces? You see, it says left and right in you got to grow a little bit of fingernail, because you're gon na grab around the tip and pop it right out of there. That is the unit. You stick it in your ear. It'S got the charging ports there. It'Ll get set up and tethering you've got a cap here.

This is a little rubberized one that you can change out. You got two of them left and right when you get them out, they are bluetooth tethered together, automatically put them in your ear and they should pair readily with your phone that's. One of the features of Bluetooth. Five is quick tethering. So let me pop that back in here, I don't know that it matters which one goes where let's see, because this is something we should know now. The left one can go in this direction now and the right one that way. Okay and we've got the button on the front, so press and hold here, and we light it up. There we go and it's got it's kind of frosty. Looking and i've been using it this whole time that way. Cuz I didn't want to unpeel this. I wanted you to see it on the screen because you actually could use it with that on, but it's a little a little dim and a little fuzzy. So now I am going to peel that protective layer off and it's on there tight and frosted see that now we'll tap it oh it's on the are turning your wrist to see it already and now you see, the blue is lighting up around both of the Earbuds there's your step count display on this one you've got distance travelled and you've got sleep time. You got heart rate built into this and it's trying to do that.

You'Ve got your training section and you've got temperature mm hmm and then your messages to be pushed from the watch when you're tethered. Then you get into blood pressure, here's a result and then blood oxygen as well. You got a remote shutter capability that you can trigger your phone to take a picture tethered and you've got a music player to play the music on your phone other tap and hold the back button. Get you out of here. I'Ve got an onboard stopwatch the mute. Often on capability, you can reset all of the data in it and, of course, you can power the whole thing down to save battery power and by the way, this whole thing does charge up the earbuds. As far as I understand when you plug them back in there, and then you charge the whole unit from here, so rather robust overall band here, I'm gon na put it on. Let you see how that works now. The trick I did was to push the bottom one as far forward as I can I'm good in hole. Number four believe it or not. It looks like I'm really tight doesn't. It I get it here. Then I get the snap thing underneath with my finger and I push it through and then I can slide this down inside of here now, it's on there good and sturdy it's, not gon na flap around my arm. The band is so stretchy that see.

I actually could, but I don't want to – I want it to just lie nicely right there. So when I'm doing my tests, they're gon na work out just great and speaking of which let's take a look at the app and see what's going on there. You know before that, though, just to cover everything over here after blood pressure is training. If I press and hold here are all the different training options you have on here, walking and running and cycling and so forth, and then all of these after you execute that program, we'll have data that can be including swimming sea. I guess you can swim with it. I'M. Sorry. Ip67. Usually means don't swim with it, but if it's on the device, then by golly you should be able to swim with it. Right, I mean it says: swimming I'm gon na go into running and I'm gon na start. That and you'll see its timing, a run it's going to give you your step count. So it uses pedometer, not GPS and you'll, get your distance, traveled calories burned and your heart rate, so a typical type of a fitness workout tracker that should be able to monitor your heart rate over distance and so forth. And then, of course, you can just press and hold to get out of here, pause it or go over to finish press and hold again and you're bailed out back to training. Okay, let's take a look at the app.

So again the app is tough. It downloadable through the Google Play Store when you get into the opening page. It looks like this and I can go over here if you're not connected, you simply connect right here. This is the LTO four. It doesn't have a sim, an actual picture for it. Yet so it's just got a little icon, but that will probably be updated. It says it's connected, I can change watch faces and do all sorts of stuff we'll do that in a minute, but let's come back over here for sleep time. You have your information here and here are the last seven days of sleep information available on it and if I want to touch here, I can go to a specific calendar day and look at all of the data. So let's go back where I started out on the 30th. They gon na go back to the look at that here's, the sleep time broken down on that particular day, the first of November, and these are the different times. It includes rapid eye movement. This is from this little thing game just wearing this watch. You can get all kinds of detailed sleep information, including an overall sleep quality score, an average and your highest heart rate, lowest heart rate throughout the night and seven days of sleep trends and I'm beyond 47. On going to bed at the time I went to bed and beyond 63 of getting up early, so it gives you comparisons to the general population on your sleeplessness, your rise time in your sleep.

This is a very sophisticated, very, very interesting that was on the first right. Well, let's go back to the 31st yeah different chart all together when I went to bed when I walked up the amount of time spent in all of these different things. Oh wow, you can touch him and actually see the data to okay, that there I'm getting up so my heart rates, gon na be higher 98 beats per minute, rising, so yeah that makes up make sense. Okay, so that is the heart rate stuff. Oh okay. It'S now starting to monitor my full time, heart rate, because I put it on and without it even lighting up or doing anything it's doing all of that. In the background we looked at the sleep time. Let'S come in here to heart rate and let's go back to the 30th here's. When I started it and on the 31st, then it picked up and kept going here's when I took it off for whatever reason put it back on again, so it's monitoring. All of this, as you go, is all in the light category, because I wasn't doing any exercise that I recall back then so it hasn't uh it doesn't have different minutes in all of the different zones which you would if you were very Vladek. I presume then you've got your blood pressure readings. These tend to be high for me, I'm, not that hypertensive, I'm, not sure what's going on and they're all pretty much the same.

It may need to be calibrated, or I really need to check on a cuff and see what's going on I'm, usually in the 120 to 135 range 161 is way up there, so good indicator for me to check further, which I will be doing overall blood oxygen. These are the last trends on that and again, if I go into here, I can see more detail on the blood oxygen as well, so the more your whereat, the more data you're going to be getting for it, and then you have, of course, your activities that You can you can do this is an outdoor run and it's attempting to get GPS signal. For me, here was one that I did and whoa okay it's pulling up the map of my area: oh that's, all right, it's, oom, so close in to my house. You can't see anything else, so I just had it on with this walking around the house and going outside in the driveway I get if I zoomed out you'd be looking at a Google map of my whole area, so it'll automatically scale the map to match the Specific area that you're your overall chart is in and that's part of that whole run thing going on and that's it for all of these things here is where, like I said, you can do different stuff, like you can change the watch faces that's. The one I've got, but you can go to this one, a more analogue one or this one here, which is a light digital one.

Obviously I like that one, the best cuz it's, bolder numbers, easier to see outdoors that's changeable right from the app and other things. This is where you set up the notifications and give permission in your phone to push them to your watch, alarms that you can set up there's the shutter for the remote camera capability, and you just touch the button and it'll take a picture from your phone and Then others find your device, whether you want 12 or 24 hour, whether you want metric or British, which is what we use in the USA. You do not disturb time which will change to twist your wrists to light it up, so it doesn't go on your sedentary reminders, turn on or off all day, heart rate. Depending on how much battery you need to conserve what language you're going to be using, which defaults to your phone language or you can change it, which is nice, the quick view is to twist your wrist and there's the valid period you can set that up, and You can calibrate it, it says by removing it laying it flat and calibrate it so that it's not acting funky on you and not doing it in the right position. You could set your weather temperature, Fahrenheit or centigrade the city. You want it from so we're monitoring Shin Jin Qin's in China, it's really hard to spit out fast Shin Jin. China challenge you to do that with a mouthful of rice and then, of course, you can upgrade if you've got a an upgrade waiting for you downloaded directly from the cloud here's, where you put in your own profile goals and about, and that is the app and This is the band, and these are the earbuds, and this is how you can get it: the lympho lt0 for Bluetooth 5.

0, waterproof with even a swimming activity in the fitness section, smart band, your bud, combo duo, hybrid, all kind of words that go for it pick. It up through Aliexpress, if you're in the holiday shopping timeframe hang in there for the 1111. I believe they start at midnight, Pacific, USA time and run till midnight the next day, but check the pricing. Oh and the coupon discount that we have in the show notes. You can apply to the discount 1111 pricing as well, so double whammy. This time, which is great, usually you can't, apply coupons during sales, but they're doing a special on this one bank goods available for you to the pricing listed here, is a bit higher but check and see what they decide to offer it for come and 11 you've Been watching smart watch ticks, we are a YouTube channel on the web. That'S smart watch ticks comm and you're looking at the LT zero for yes, I know I know I haven't showed it to you, but I wanted to finish the review for those of you who don't care. You can now leave Weiss okay, but for the rest of you who want to compare these two together here is the m1 it's. Obviously a bit bigger, you have a similar type of display on the outside. With time and your step count, distance travel and calories burn same pedometer functions. You'Ve got heart rate with the green diode and blood pressure, but no blood oxygen and no training on this one.

Just a battery level indicator you're, tethering information. Then it loops back again. So yeah, where are the bands, the buds and they're inside it's? Actually like a little case? And so you have each of the ear buds right here and again, just like on the LT o for their pre tethered as a Bluetooth, stereo and then it's blinking and ready to pair to your your particular phone. You have little hit ear protector piece right there and they're this size, so here's this one and again we have got everything going on. The functions are all in here and, of course, blood, a heart rate and training and temperature messaging push. And then you got your blood pressure and blood oxygen plus the shutter for the camera. Music play there's a lot more in this stopwatch everything so it's, really an actual Fitness band, whereas this is more or less a earbud case with a few things on it. Now I was going to show you these together, let's pop one of them out and this one here they are obviously they've, they've sized it down a bit now this one had a little edge to it and the tips are a bit different. And personally, I like the sound of this one, much richer base, just overall sound, but nonetheless they both deliver. So there you have it when you compare them on okay, first of all, here's this one on and the buds fit right in the outside let's, pull it off snap.

It off pop this one on this one fits like a regular band, just slides in connects again. The heart rate sensor is gon na connect down below, and you can see it's quite a bit larger, but your ear buds are hidden. Nobody knows you even have them. You have to open it up and drop them in or pull them out from a hidden case that acts as a basic fitness band, good choices both of them. This one is reviewed right here. The buying link information is down below, as I mentioned before, and this one we've already done a full review so check the show note or the the box right up here or the show notes and I'll have a link to the video review of the m1. Whichever one you like, the m1 or the LT zero, four from both from lympho and they're, both great products enjoy your holiday season.