Tix.Com come join us anytime, it's been a while, since we've reviewed, these combo wristband earphone units and I've got two different ones here now, usually I don't bring in two different products from two different suppliers and do them all together. But by the time this series of videos is done, I'm, pretty sure you're gon na want to buy both of these really. What are we looking at well on? The Left coming to us from gearbest is a thing called a bill k, h, 109 it's, a Bluetooth, wireless earphone, SmartWatch, combo and wait'll. You see what it'll do in the upcoming review. The other one comes to us from Tom Top and similar in nature. It'S, a smart bracelet with stereo Bluetooth earbuds inside of it likewise something worth watching. So where do we begin? Let'S start right now, with the m1. Now the m1 comes in a basic white box with some writing on the side. It talks about how to work with the bluetooth pairing if it's unsuccessful folks I got ta, tell you connecting bluetooth with devices is an art more than a science. You really just got ta mess around with it. Follow what you see here, I always will take my phone and my device outside away from all electronics, clear out all things tethered turn them both off turn them both back on and try to reconnect and that's a wise thing to do, because that will allow you To to connect, and once it's got it, it usually can hold it and reconnect later when, when you try again so there you go, we've got the m1 interesting Fitness band with container.

That holds two Deary, your buzz. Now this kind of falls for me under the category. Why didn't they think of this sooner look at this isn't. This nice we've got the two ear buds on the side and the little band thing here: that's the module itself, Wow, okay, we've got a cover, yeah and then I've got another. I guess kind of a screen protector, but I'm gon na go ahead and take that off anyway, it's just plastic, and that reveals the really sweet little case. A charging case mind you now. If I pop this open right there, I could take the individual earbuds that just pop in your ear have charging ports and go in here like that there's the left one and the right one. Okay and now we have your contained earbuds, you've kind of seen that before maybe some of you are carrying a pair of buds like that with a little charger case, but there's more in this one, so we unwrap it and get into it. We get to the manual and other goodies, and at this point I got ta bring back mr. Tom top to talk a little bit about what's in here, spec wise and to remind you that we've got a buying link in the show notes down below hop on Over there to pick this one up at a discount what's inside what you're about to see are a pair of bluetooth, headphones resting within a 0.

96 inch TFT 160 by 80 pixel smart watch, yeah. Really it can monitor heart rate and blood pressure continuously with this one, while it's on your arm. It has all kinds of sports modes, a scientific analysis, to manage your health fitness wristwatch, that you can take your daily data on it and transfer it to a very interesting app. Definitely I have to guide you through that, because I had a heck of a time finding the exact app to set this thing up with it's got the functions of sport. Heart rate, blood pressure, as we said, pedometer step count is burn. Your exercise history records there. You can use it for remote camera, alarm, clock, anti lost, so it'll buzz your phone if you're too far away and multiple languages here's the overall parameters looks like you can get standby about 15 days in working time about a week with an hour and a half Or so to charge it the languages and functions again and then the earbud specifications look at that folks, it's running Bluetooth, five low power, yeah that's, why you can probably get seven days out of it stereo you can answer automatically phone calls coming in and here's the Watch specifications – okay now let's get in here. You'Ve got this little goody here and if basically is a holder that you put this in, and so you want to line it up with this little notch against the backside. The front side that's where the button is so you push it in here like so or I guess I just turned it on yeah it's got to fit nice and snug come on come on.

Okay, I think we're in there now yeah see it's right here. So you'll be able to lift it easily to get into it. Did you see them lighting up already? Everything is all turning on already now, let's put it on okay, TPU band lots of holes close together everything we like to look for ooh. I got it a little tight right now, but that's okay, yeah it's thick. It is definitely thick but it's a carrier for your um, your ear buds, you just lift them and pop them out they're ready to go now. I'M, not gon na go through all the stuff of tethering. These things and pairing them it's the standard stuff they actually are already paired to my phone and all I've got to do – is pop them out and put them in my ear, no I'm, not gon na show you my ear. You can imagine what that looks like we take any other svar it's a standard set of really nice they're good quality, headphones I'm off screen, sorry and they're in their own little case. But the sweet thing is the fact that you can carry them around with you. In this SmartWatch, which is nice and bright and easy to read indoors or out, it gives you your time step count. Distance traveled calories, burned switches on the diode in the back to calculate your heart rate, your blood pressure and shows you your battery level, there's, the MAC address and everything you need for tethering and then back to the basic time again.

Also in the Box, you have the charger, which is something I've, never seen before, like a hammerhead shark, it's, really a big one with a guide pin, so you can't go wrong. You can't do it backward to see the little hole right there, so you've got magnetic clasp and you see it's gon na try to go in, but it's not the right way. It won't. Do it it'll be coming off of the side when you line it up, really strong, you can hold it, you can twirl it. You can fling it. You can do anything, you want with it standard USB connector and you just simply charge it up. That way. You have in here the screens we took off and a couple little your protectors. It looks like replacement parts that work with the earbuds themselves. Yeah you see it's got one on there already, so you can take that off and replace it if they tear or you lose them or something not a lot of adjustment with different size heads for different sized ears, but because of its small compact fit in your Ear, it probably will hold okay that's the unit itself, let's get into the app the tethers with it, because there's a lot of interesting stuff that we can talk about there. Oh, I forgot about the obligatory manual. We'Ve got to walk through the manual you're, not gon na find this PDF anywhere. So if you really want to study it, learn all about it and the nuances you got to see the manual there's one manual it's, all in English, and it wraps around front to back let's page five over here.

Okay, so it's giving you some information about. All of these biometric data options some more stuff here that good did. I hold it long enough for you to freeze frame, I hope so well worth a read, especially if you're gon na buy one of these now we'll bring out. Excuse me haha that's, right Kaka fit yeah. I didn't say it. I didn't write it Kaka fit that's the name of the app and we live in a broad universe where different words mean different things in different countries, and I applaud the naming of this app as Kaka fit cockadoodledoo. I'Ll say that doodle ooh yeah, the tethering, is interesting with this too. So here, first of all, here's the thing about it from the Google Play Store. You can download that check the show notes if you want a direct link or just put it in the search term, when you're in your google play store about the app it's gon na collect statistics and do all that kind of stuff and we've got it in Here so I'm gon na say open it launches into this really pretty colored screen and we are in now. We have to, of course, check to see if we are tethered and we get that over here on tab in the device you're looking for am king. That is the the app that the your bud thing goes by and I'm gon na sync it. I guess it's connected unbinding, okay, if it says unbind it, then I guess it's already bound.

So while it's doing that, I want to let you know that you really need to do two different types of tethering. We are currently tethering the phone part or excuse me, the watch part there. We go bound to the app so that we can track all those things like blood pressure and heart rate and yeah there we go and back again, there's our main page. Our step count all of these things that you see here come in when you're tethered to the app itself, but they do not affect the actual earbuds. So this is for using the watch and you can see I've done a few blood pressure. Readings I've done a few heart rate readings and all of those are here as well as last night's sleep information. If you're willing to sleep with this on your arm. Okay and your overall step counts, and you can go into it and get history and it's typical of any kind of a sports tethering app, nothing really exciting there. You can set your goals, you can initiate stuff, you can synchronize it all of that. On this side, you can get into your overall profile. You can update that you can change miles. Foot pounds for metric sets your sleep. All of that and that's used in your computations set up notifications set it up so that you can shake the band to take a selfie. So you go in here: you'll go into the camera mode and you just shake this and you'll.

Take a picture: smart alarms. Finding the band if it's lost the different features, oh there's, my display brightness, even on my phone, I slide things here. You can have it notify if you're inactive and, of course twist your wrist to see the time is turned on. If I get it to work there, you go it's in 24 hour time I haven't found yet where to change that to 12 hour mmm, you can add a count, so you can tether it or connect it to. We run to transfer your data to rerun, but not yet google fit or Strava or runtastic or any of those and that's pretty much what's covered here. So I think we're kind of done with the app and that's is anything you guys want to see specifically it's. Pretty self explanatory, but what we do want to talk about is tethering. This whole thing to your phone itself, so to do that you're gon na you know on your phone, pretend like you're, just tethering a regular ear, but headphone you're gon na want to put these in Discoverer mode. Usually you do that by long pressing it until it's flashing like that right or you know back and forth back and forth, and then you, you simply tether it through the Bluetooth setting and that will connect it as an audio device and for phone calls. And then these operate independently of the watch part itself, so you've got two things going on and you need to tether both of them independently in order to work it and that's.

True of all of these earbud type things the year but itself to get your phone calling activate, Siri or the Google thing or whatever you're gon na be doing. All of that necessarily has to be set up: independent Wow there you go all right from tom top in stereo left right. Can you hear me m1, the m1 from lympho yeah it's a lympho product, the smart, bracelet, bluetooth headphone way different than the other unit. We saw that you just pull it out and stick the whole thing in your ear. This stays on your arm. The watch stays with the lid and you're just simply popping the earbuds out to listen, which is why I said at the beginning: you're probably gon na want to buy both of them. You have the one single ear thing when you're gon na be out doing whatever, and you just want to have that ability to make and receive phone calls and listen to notifications and then, of course, your stereo set when you're gon na go jogging or workout in The gym or do whatever you normally would do with the pair of stereo earbuds, except instead of hunting form in your purse or your pocket, or your briefcase they're right there on your arms, strapped to you with something that could also measure your heart rate, step count And everything else: cool, huh yeah.