At smart watch, ticks calm and a really big shout out and welcome to our newest partner, TVC mall. This is a full on mall like banggood and gearbest, and keep buying and Aliexpress even with all kinds of products. What I found interesting about these guys is: they had a few brand new things. I'Ve, never seen anywhere else like from the the Department of why didn't they think of this a long time ago today, we'll be reviewing the lemona innovative. Do it yourself, SmartWatch what's, a do it yourself, SmartWatch you're, about to see let's bring the box over then we'll go through the specs and everything here it is DIY by the way, l'amanda is a TVC malls, special exclusive brand we're, hoping to see a few other Things here on this channel that are Lamond a branded. What you get in that do. It yourself is a changeable bezel, Wow Wow. How many times have you said? I love that SmartWatch I can't stand the bezel. Well, those days are over, at least with a limited selection, with this brand new watch that maybe will be a trendsetter for the future. You open it up and you don't even see the watch. First, you see the accessories and that's the way it should be, because this has never been done before, like this I've got little rings that we will be popping on to the watch to show you a different way of looking at it.

Here'S the watch itself here's the rest of the box, the charging cable, which is your standard, 2 pin 4, pin to pin kind USB connector on the other end and when you pop it onto the bottom of the watch, 50 50 chance. No, the other way here. We go. I got a connect right there, Wow look at that carbon fiber back heart rate, monitor removable bands, it's checking all the boxes. Folks looks like it's gon na be a really nice watch. We have a user's manual in here we like to page through during the unboxings whoa. This is a massive fold out type in Chinese on this side and looks like in English over here. Let'S take a quick look at it. We'Re gon na download the app for tethering with that QR code or check the show notes. We'Ll have the connection. There shows you charging across the top about pairing with the app your Spacek SmartWatch features. You have a key and a touchscreen and then, when we get into of the other features, there's the sports mode, sleep mode, heart rate, training, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, yeah. We will show you all of those some more of the features down here weather. So when you're tethered to your phone, you can bring in the current weather message: reminders: oh yeah, remote, shutter, music player. Basically all the stuff you've come to know with a watch. It doesn't answer phone calls directly it's not made for doing that, but you should be able to get messages and dismiss calls as they come through.

So I haven't finished, showing you the paperwork on this. One got too excited about the new features. Let'S, look at the overall specs, okay it's, an innovative 1.3 inch full touch display with all of this stuff. The Foxconn Factory is producing this one ip67 waterproof, you got vibration, remind call reminder and you can call reject from the watch. That'S, nice heart rate, monitoring, sedentary sleep monitoring, yep yep, pretty much a classic Android are not Android, but basics. Smartwatch with some limited fitness and health features on it. Variety of languages are supported on here as well. The really innovative thing is the way you can change out the bands and the bezel that I mentioned bands yeah, look what I got. I got a bunch of extra bands also that go along with this. One now check in the show notes, will let you know whether or not when you order it, you get the bands as well or whether you have to order the bands separate, but in this package they sent me I've got the whole complete set, so I'll be Able to pick and choose and change and juggle a black, a silver, a blue all of this alright we're gon na charge it up and turn it on and run it through for you well let's, go over the sensors and the and the capabilities within the watch And then we'll play around with the bezels, as you can see, it's got sort of a twist your wrist to show the time it's more of a if it's level.

It will show the time so I can activate it, but generally, if I have it hovering straight up, it'll came to come on on on by its own anyway. It'S got that feature and it's controllable through the duh fit app we've seen that app before and that's the one the QR code brings up so let's run through this. If I swipe down any messages, push to you from your phone will show up here that you've got activated once you're tethered to the defit app okay and it's staying there, when I twist it and showing you the time of day, which is great come over here. To this side, there's all your basic information, including power level, by the way it's almost washed out here I only on three level of brightness, so it's pretty much too bright, so let's take care of that. I come over here to this side. I can go into brightness and I can lower this by tapping on it and going around the circle there's level, one there's level, two let's just run it on level, two for a moment, I'm gon na switch back here, while we're over here. In this section you see, we've got a built in timer with a really large display, which is awesome. Brightness style are the different watch faces that we have in here. I'Ve got that one, this colorful one here and then this kind of strange one which we're going to come back and talk about when we're into the app.

So I got those three different watch faces. Then you've got reset power off and the QR code once again that you can scan. So if you lose a manual you're, not out of luck, scan that with your phone it'll take it to the link that'll get you to the Google Play Store. That'Ll! Get you to tough it or just use the link in the show notes down below this video and that's it this loops around. So we've done that we've looked over here, we've looked up here. The only thing left is scrolling down and that's, where all the goodies are. When I scroll down, I got my basic step count here. Then I've got a panel for a sleep time as well, which I haven't worn it to bed. So I don't have that, for you, oops came back, but I touched it anyway. After that you go into heart rate. It shows you your last heart rate reading and if you tap and hold it will activate the heart rate reading process, then you've got a sports section and if you go in here, you can pick any of the sports walking running cycling and all of these, including Football and it'll: do you a computation of calories, burned versus time, plus we'll see how that gets transferred over to the app after sports? Is your blood pressure reading your blood oxygen reading and the weather forecast for tomorrow? It says you can change to Fahrenheit.

If you want to which is awesome, you have the capability to set what city it's going to show the weather in as well. You'Ve got a shutter for your camera, so you can use this as a remote trigger and then the last thing you got is a music player and it won't loop around. Unfortunately, it doesn't circle, so you got a press to get back to the watch face section again and then you're back at the very top it's a little bit sticky huh. I didn't want power off sorry. There we go now it's working and that's the hall of the loop of those things there so let's take a look at the app we've covered to fit quite a lot so I'm not going to go into deep detail, but just to show you that it does Live tether over here's my step count heart rate showing you where it is on the schedule, your bracket of your blood pressure, your overall blood oxygen and the sporting activity, whatever sports you've been in are reported here, it was a ten minute, walk and it's, showing the Information from that walk, that's, all in your main page in your secondary one, you've got all of this stuff four of the watch, six, which is what we Ted they're two pretty easy at the very beginning to do that, here's. What I wanted to show you something I'm going into the watch face here, and there was that third one, if you've looked at any of the marketing literature you'll recognize it does not look like that.

Actually here it is, and the time is sitting on top of the bird well, we don't want that so I'm gon na come in. This is how it was shipped to me. Folks, I'm gon na take the time position and move it down below and it's gon na move it down here, and you could have the date above and below and all of that kind of stuff, and you can even change the color. What would good with this? I yellow to go kind of contrasting with that there and did it change automatically? No, not yet. I guess we have to select it. Oh no ask them to select the picture that we're gon na put in here. Is there a Save button there? It is sorry it's up here, save okay and now it's switched so now. The time is down at the bottom and it all looks fine and that's. One of the three watch faces that are supported here. If they have any more they'll, add them to tough it and it'll integrate with the watch. But right now you have those three. You have notifications, alarms there's, that shutter button thing in other you've got find your device. You can set your times and units do not disturb your sedentary reminders all day, heart rate monitoring twist your wrists to see the time and set up a bracket. So if you're gon na sleep with it, it won't turn on during the night there's the weather, where you set everything up and centigrade or Fahrenheit, and if you're female, all of this stuff can be set up as well.

Your physiological reminders based on your cycle, information that's all in there and then, of course, upgrade and lastly, your own profile and end goals and that's all part of the defit app that integrates directly with the watch that has removable bezels, so let's pop this bezel off. We got pretty blue in here: let's, take the blue one, screw it back on with silver, bright silver on the side, and now I have a completely different watch: black band blue bezel. Do you want a different different band? Okay, there we go how's that very Cinco DeMayo ish we've got nice bright. Colors we've got, of course anything that you got on your watch face here. We could change the main face if you wanted to as well that's colorful how about straight silver. You haven't seen that one yet pop that went on pop this one on. Can you see a market for this all kinds of different bezels that you could put on silver? Silver? Oh, no, you want a different band all right there now grandpa can borrow your watch and go out for a run, all kinds of capabilities here. So what we're looking at is a do. It yourself watch. Do it yourself little bezel attachments? These are a couple of plain ones, but obviously you can have a bezel that actually has the time markings on it. This is the one you got to be a little more careful with you can have it off.

If you want to let's say you want to use it as a stopwatch on an analog thing, you can put your markers wherever you like, but if you want to use it properly, you're gon na screw it down tight. So the 12 o'clock is straight up and you're good to go. We are basically covered all of the different options: there's a couple more different bands and colors that you can get with, but all in all it's a sports fitness watch with a lot of the health features like heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen coming to us from Tv si ma our newest partner in their personal line of l'amanda and it's. The DIY SmartWatch 1.3 inch great price and I might even have a good coupon for you as well so check the show notes at the very bottom of your video or wherever you find it on your tablet or your phone and click. The link there to take. You right over to the buying page for TV, see Mall welcome to our new partners, thanks for your thumbs up on the videos and we hope to see more innovative watches like this in the future. So guys have you heard of roll me me either how about Tebow yeah heard of Tebow? Well Romi is a brand new watch company. This is their brand new Android SmartWatch, with 50 meter and 48 hour waterproofing, a dock that goes along with that all kinds of bells and whistles they're sending out a review copy, but they were so excited.

They wanted me to share a little bit about it on any video, so I'm tagging this on to the end of this video, you can have a quick look at it. If you want to see more, this is where Tebow comes in. Tebow is a great guy. Who'S got access, apparently to kind of a lot of the inner china. Videos of watches that are coming up before they go out globally. Gon na have a link down below to his youtube channel you're gon na want to subscribe to that and hit the bell. So you get notified like I do, of things that are coming before we even know they're coming roll me it's, the s08 and I'll have a lot more about it.