I want to say: it’s been like two months now and i have the older version here, which is their 205 and you can see. The screen is a lot smaller. This is 1.69 um and i forgot what which, how big this one is. As you can see, it’s you know pretty standard for what it’s worth i mean i spent 44 dollars on this um, as you can see: i’ve customized the screen. Okay. I’M. Sorry, let me see all right so we’ve customized the screen um, so let’s go over. The features do a little quick review, so you can set up any picture you want on there or you can actually go to their app, which i’ll show you um. This is pretty standard, just like the original, which is the 205. This is the 206 model, as i was saying um, so you have the dimmers. You can brighten the screen from right here, um, obviously that’s going to drain the battery um. You know based on what what you’re trying to do here – um sorry, i’m, all out of focus. I apologize guys, try to do this and hold the phone at the same time. Um. Okay, so you have your standard um measurement of steps. You have your standard beats per minute, which is a little bit more in depth. This one is a stress test, so basically it gives you the option of measuring your stress level and it kind of tells you what you need to do as far as like relax or whatever um.

I would never use that not saying that other people can’t. So this is the options that you have for the outdoor. This is for alexa, so let’s try it here: hey alexa! What is the weather like i’m surprising? My other alexa is not talking, since i have one over there, so yeah as of right now, basically, it doesn’t speak. It which i’m sure in the future they’ll be able to have that option, but you do get um. You know at least on a visual all right, so then, if you want to go back to the main, you can always hit this, and this you hit this a second time. It gives you these several options. Some of them are the same. Like the heart rate, the blood oxygen, the stress the breathing technique, which is interesting because it gives you options to do like a little breath test – see here, make sure i’m keeping this camera straight. Sorry guys, um stop watching music. The music is obviously connected to whatever you have so, if you have spotify um, i think spotify is is, is also on here. Um yeah no spotify is is something you can use. Then you have your stop. Watch your alarm find your phone and go into the settings you can set it where you can just activate do not disturb there’s got to be a way. I can keep this on longer. I’Ll! Try as a setting for that too.

Just haven’t figured it out um. The face of the watch so the face of the watch. This is like the ones that have already preset i want to have loaded and i’ll. Show you the app where you can do the whole thing yourself. So let’s go back to this again um! Okay, we got the settings so with the settings right um from here, you can power it off, dim it reset and about so. This goes to show you the model of the 206 i’m sure they’re going to have different uh updates with this eventually. So, as far as the app is concerned, let me load this up. Okay, and hopefully you guys can see that i want to make sure that i’m in focus all right so with the app what you’re? What you’re getting is like this interface and you can click on the interface here, and it shows you, oh and by the way, if you have the other watch, the 205, the one i showed you the first time, there’s two different apps um, so the first app. Let me back out here so the first app is the very fit pro and that’s the app i have with the the 205, the smaller one. You need to download the very fit, not very fit pro that’s a number one thing i messed up on, so you hit that um now this does give you um more options in the older version and it looks looks terrible sorry guys.

My 4k camera is supposed to give me there. We go all right, that’s, better, all right, so you have the face watch of itself. You can click on it um. These are the options, so still show your steps in the regular screen there we go um. You still have these are like generic um watch faces. You can go to the marketplace and select more i’m, really sorry for the glare dies. So this is the one i have, so you can go in here. Click on your camera or your album and select the picture you want um. In this case you can also go to the new arrivals and it shows you different watch faces um, so you can play with this and go and download stuff um. So then this is the amazon alexa. You do need to log into it. So when you come to the main screen, you click on the watch, which is back here. So you click on this watch. You go down to alexa and then you sign in i’m already signed in. As you can see, um then you have alarm. Clock functions call reminders if you wanted to your watch to call you health monitoring, so this is more of the enabled things that you can add to it. They have one for metro cycles, then you have device upgrade which this is brand new. I think this came out like march 8th of this year – 2021, so sorry, guys i’m, trying to zoom in so you’re not going to see any upgrades here just yet the smart sports.

I thought this is pretty cool um you can identify when you’re running or when you’re walking, so you can set it up and automatically starts tracking your running, which is pretty cool um. Then you can go back to the main screen, so this the home button. Here sorry make sure i focus in here, so this is the home button. This is the main screen and i do like this interface. It is simple, but what i really enjoy you on your first screen. You have everything already it doesn’t. You don’t have to start clicking on stuff to find the heart rate. To find your way to find stress, hit the sleep it automatically just picks up. Then you can go to the training which i thought was very interesting. You have all of these options here, focused all these options here, at top, when you hit start, it does give you the countdown like on the old watch, and then you have the uh gps function, which is pretty cool. So this little button here and i’ll zoom in as much as i can put that uh button and it gives you the gps. So it shows your location where you’re you know that kind of stuff, so that’s pretty cool. I do like that so let’s block and you can lock the screen from here. So if you wanted to keep it on the screen, you got ta hold that okay got ta, hold it. Okay, that’ll hold it down um.

So then, this is back to the device screen and then my settings, so this obviously gives you these like different metals, i’m. Assuming you can set goals for yourself, this messaging um. You do have the option on this device. Where is home, to set up sms messaging? Where is it okay here, so you can set up notifications, so you can either get your calendar email, um sms, mentioning whatsapp all that you just need selected in that just like with the older watch um and i think that’s it. Oh this part, so when you’re selecting the watch when you first, if this is your first time using the very fit pro, not sorry the very fit, not the fit pro when you select the watch, you can try to find it or you can hit this and When you first turn on the watch, there’s a qr code that you can scan so that’s, also something that i didn’t read properly, because you know we uh, we don’t like to read uh the instructions are for later, all right, so um. Then you have check for updates troubleshooting it’s, pretty standard. I mean, as far as the watch is concerned itself, it’s very responsive um, as you can see. Um there’s no notification because i don’t have that setting on as far as messaging but it’s very responsive, um. Much better than its counterpart, which won the screen, and this was good. I had nothing wrong with this swatch um, but you know after um, obviously having access to this one, which is obviously clearly bigger, even even on the back.

You can see the visible difference, so you know i do think this is enough for a good watch for 40. for under 50. um. Pretty much standard gives you everything you need.