Today we have the let’s fit ew1 smartwatch, so let’s take this guy out of the box it’s a beautiful, looking smart watch, a very classic look to it and it’s going to look very good on the wrist. I think peel that protective cover off there and see if this has any juice in it out of the box. Let’S see what else is in the box. We have a setup sheet uh how to make blood oxygen saturation measurements. This does sp02 well here’s. The quick start guide the user manual because oh look, here’s the user manual it’s, an actual real manual with lots of pages and lots of information. So this is awesome. Most smart watches don’t do this, so this is really nice to get a full, complete manual. The charging cable looks like it might just be a standard magnetic charging, cable let’s. Take a look here: yep it’s got the the magnetic settings on the back, so that will just click in place and charge this guy up. So if you’ve seen any of my fitness tracker and smart watch reviews, you know i’m going to charge this up where for a few days, maybe a week and then come back with my full review. If you’ve not seen any of my reviews yet then go to my main channel page and then look at my smart watch and fitness tracker reviews playlist. So we’ll get this guy going and i’ll come back with my full review.

So as we get into the functions of the watch, i’ve worn this for a few days here now and i paid for this with my own money, it will strike you as looking similar to a watch that begins with an eye and actually, if you put it Right next to the amaze fit bip, they look just about identical the let’s fit ew1, however, has a slightly larger screen. So if you scroll down you get your text messages. If you swipe up, it gets you into some various modes. Here, there’s, a nighttime mode, sleep mode, um do not disturb night mode. This is a raise your wrist to get the display. To turn on. I usually turn that off to conserve battery and then there’s some settings here, you can change your watch face on this top menu and it gives you three to choose from okay and those are your three. I like this one, the best uh. If we go back into those settings, you have your brightness adjustment and it goes in 20 increments, so there’s 20, it goes 40. 60, 80, 100 i’ll leave it at 100. For the sake of the camera. Here, um nice bright, display big, easy to read. Screen time amount, duration, you’ve got a few options here up to uh, oh boy, i haven’t even looked at this up to 20 seconds that’s. Once this green light comes on. How long do you want it to stay? On again, i usually crank that way down to save battery time power, saving mode.

You can power off. You can restart factory reset uh. There you go as you go back to the main screen by pushing the button. If you scroll to the right, you can see your training days and i’ll show you this and then go into the software to show you what that looks like. But this is where you would go into your training modes and tell it what activity you’re going to do now. This does not have gps built in so, if you’re doing an outdoor activity – and you want gps tracks you’re going to have to pair it with your phone connect, the watch to the let’s fit app and that’s the app it uses and then go do your activity. Otherwise, this will just track your duration and heart rate. Okay, so various modes here and let’s run through those you’ve got outdoor walking, others outdoor running indoor, running indoor, walking, hiking outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, cricket pool swimming open water, swimming yoga, rolling machine, elliptical, machine and that’s. It so go back to the main screen your blood oxygen saturation. I like this feature and i’ll flip it over here in a minute and show you this incorporates not only the green diodes but a red diode from this measurement. You just press it and it’ll. Take your blood oxygen saturation measurement and, in my mind this is what sets this kind of in an upper tier of the budget. End of the market is the ability to get that blood oxygen saturation measurement i’m at 98 percent.

Here you can do your heart rate on demand, or it will automatically track it during activities and throughout the day you can get your summary for today. Now i’ve been up since five. This morning, at my desk and uh, i obviously haven’t taken too many steps yet, but it gives you your summary of today um some breathing exercises countdown timer stopwatch you can set alarm, so this will buzz your music controller that controls the music on your phone uh. This is not an mp3 player and then again back to settings um, and you know that’s about it: basic functionality, it’s a basic smartwatch uh. It will give you messages if you’re paired via bluetooth um. It will send your messages over again. You have to be attached to the tether to the phone tethered to the app and then it’ll push uh push your any messages through to your watch, so let’s get into the software. So here you go, the app again is called the let’s fit app and it lets you go back and look at your various uh, let’s say heart rate you can scroll back uh by the day and see what your heart rate has been doing. Your minimum, your right minimum, which is your resting, your maximum during exercise, you could go back through those days and see everything you’ve done there. You can look at your calorie burn, your distance gone uh by day and again, if i scroll back through the days here, you can see how many miles i’ve done on previous days keeps track of all that keeps track of your training here’s the outdoor walk.

I did yesterday and, like i said one tethered to your phone connected to the app with location services turned on. It will give you your map, so you can see and zoom in on the details of that’s the hike i did on some mountain bike trails yesterday gives you your statistics and uh. This is a gym workout. I did the other day and this will keep track of my continuous heart rate, and you know the length of time i engaged in the gym and an estimate of kilo calorie burn. And if you scroll down uh from that continuous heart rate, it will tell you what heart rate zones you are in during your training and over the course of that training. Give you your uh calorie burn, so pretty neat pretty comprehensive um. If i go back to the main page here, i can go and analyze my sleep. It gives me my percent uh, deep sleep versus light sleep and again you can scroll back through the days and see what your sleep is doing over time. Overall, a pretty intuitive app. I like it it’s nice and clean um. You know you can get into settings and change some. You know basic settings like you would any other app um. I like it it’s easy to use, it seems to connect. Well, it keeps connectivity, gives you some really good information, and here i’ll come back to the watch itself and let’s go back to this spo2 measurement let’s go ahead and engage that and you’ll see the red diode come on, otherwise for the rest of the things it’s Using the green diode again, usually, this is only found in some kind of higher end more feature packed products.

So i really like that for spo2. My bottom line is i’d say if you want basic functionality of a smart watch, the ability to get good sleep, tracking exercise, tracking continuous heart rate and spo2 measurements, pretty good entry level. Smart watch for the money, i think, it’s a solid value. I think you can’t go wrong again. This does not have gps only if it’s tethered to your phone. Do you get location, services and distance, but i, like it, nice big, display a good form factor. You know what to do like this video. If you have a question or would like to leave a comment, even if it’s just to say, thanks, leave that below in this video i’ll drop a link to amazon, where you can go check out all the details for yourself like this video subscribe to this channel. If you would, please i’ve got a lot of fitness tracker and smart watch reviews on my playlist on my youtube channel, they’re marked very clearly smart watch and fitness tracker reviews so go check that out and let me know what products you’d like to see me review. If you click through to amazon and check it out or buy some things there, that gives me a little piece of the pie through my affiliates account and that’s.