Fit model is ew1 now let’s say it has four models currently, and this is one of the models ew1 and the app is very smooth. The app is called let’s fit app. Now, when you download it, you can’t really use this. When you buy brand new, because until it’s connected to the app so you’d have to download the app and connect it, it will give you the option there to connect once it’s connected. Then you get all the options to use the rest of the features. Then you can switch off the bluetooth if you want, but you will have to download the app first and connect it before you start using it. You can’t use this straight away. Now i like this because i love the strap on this it’s very flexible. Very you can see it’s very flexible and it’s one of the comfortable straps that i’ve actually tried on it’s. Also, a secure strap as well because of this bit here and it won’t come off, so you can do all your workouts and stuff. This is brilliant for casual use or workout. So any kind of occasions you can use this now. This watch has amazing build quality as well. This is amazing, got a nice aluminium material there with a nice silicone strap here. It also comes with a magnetic charger here, as well, a usb charger. Now all you have to do is place it at the back. Make sure it’s the right way, because, if it’s not the right way it won’t connect, it has to be this side and you can see it automatically connects connect outside to the socket and will start charging up now.

This watch does have a lot of great features. It comes with a user manual, so if in case you don’t know what the app is, the app you would either find on the watch. So there will be a qr code that you scan and it will take you directly to the app or, if you go in the user manual, it should be on one of the pages here for the ios and android. So if you scan the android one, it will take you to the android, app ios or the ios. App also bear in mind for ios, it has to be um. Operating system has to be 11.0 and higher and android has to be a 6.0 and higher and bluetooth has to be 4.0 and higher. So bear that in mind. Otherwise you will have problems connecting it now. This supports 14 sports mode with connected gps as well. So that’s the good thing touch control is brilliant. I love the display of this. You got that nice hd style disc, display as well. He also has a 5 atm a waterproof with seven days battery life after a full charge. He also has the notifications and the screen size of this is 1.3 inch, large touchscreen, okay, so let’s go back and then you go you’ve got the watch faces that you can choose from there’s. Three watch faces that you can choose from and you can choose any of those. The battery indicates the top right corner and if you swipe right, it goes to the training so that when you go to your training, it has quite a few options.

So you got the outdoor running, you got the indoor running, you got the outdoor, walking indoor, walking, hiking outdoor, cycling, indoor cycling, you got cricket, pool swimming pool open, was it pool swimming open water, swimming yoga, rowing machine, elliptical, machine and others? So we click on others. It’S, basically, any other kind of exercise, you’re doing and there’s today as well here where it gives you the steps, how many steps you have done, heart rate, monitor blood oxygen, monitor as well, then you’ve got the breathe. It tells you when to breathe in and bring to breathe out it’s more of a meditation to style. Then you got the timer here. Stop watch alarm clock. He also has the music control settings. So if you go to settings, you got do not disturb now. That’S perfect, i like this feature because at times, if you’re in a meeting or something you can spawn, do not disturb so any calls come through your phone. It won’t disturb you, because sometimes you give that gives a notification and your phone, your smart watch will start vibrating. However, when you import do not disturb you just give that missed call, but you won’t start vibrating or anything like that. It also has the raise to wake so you have to get pressing that button here. If you can press the button, if you want, however, you got that raised to egg. So as soon as you raise your wrist you’ll switch on, it also has night mode as well and that’s brilliant.

At night time, you’ve got watch faces brightness as well and that’s on 60 at the moment, but you can also increase it to 100. So let me put 100 that’s the max right now. It also has screen time at duration uh. He also has a power saving mode power off restart factory reset and about and regulations as well so that’s everything he got here. Then, if you swipe on the other side of it, it just shows you all the steps downwards. There’S all the notifications. If you get any text messages or anything you’ll come up there and if you swipe up, you got the motion. The wrist motion race to wake up, you can off that on it, you’ve got a night mode. There you go the brightness and you that’s do not disturb um mode and that’s the brightness, and that goes to the settings again. But this is a watch. That’S, brilliant it’s got amazing, build quality, it’s lightweight, um, it’s comfortable to wear stylish design as well and it’s affordable. You can purchase one of this for around less than 40 pound, uk currency and it’s worth every penny. The quality of it the app operates very smoothly. As also you won’t have any problem with the app and it’s a long, lasting smartwatch. So thank you for watching my video.