I will admit, i have already opened it up and charged a watch up, but there’s still some quite nice packaging, so we’ll just unlock it now. So we have i’ve got it right away, so accessories inside mounted. Just here you can see where the accessories are let’s. Just pop. The watch out put a little screen protector sleeve on there it’s very nice got a nice thick chunky. Rubber, strap on there. It’S, quite good for a health check watch see all the different sensors on the back and the charging ports take that out and look at some of these accessories included pop that to the side. So we have a charging lead and a nice neat little bag. It’S, very nice it’s a magnetic charger as well, so you literally just clip it in place and away you go. I probably decided i’ve already charged it. We have a now. They haven’t looked at these some manuals describing functionality and everything and different products that let’s fit stock. A brief user guide for taking blood oxygen measurements, a quick start guide, we’re just gon na see if we can work it out in this video, a user manual and a one year, free guarantee right, let’s pop it all to the side. Shall we and let’s have a look at this watch right, let’s peel this off please charge to activate the watch before you use it well, we’ve already i’ve already done that so let’s turn it on uh.

Yes, i want english, please install the let’s fit up on your mobile phone and go to the next or go to next to scan the qr code to pair the watch right, so let’s get the let’s fit up. Shall we so we’re just going to go on my phone we’ll open up the play store, introducing google play points? Okay right, i don’t touch that search more let’s oops. Trying to do. You know i’m trying to do this around the camera. It’S a bit difficult, so let’s fit that’s, quite simple. To find that app and install it’s only 12 meg that’s, a nice simple installer, so open up let’s open up the app do. I want to allow it to access yes, it’s. Obviously, gon na need to be doing some scanning in that we’re here to help i think fit the spot. This app only currently supports okay register. I agree with policy policy i’m over 13 years of age. Let me quickly pop this off and fill this in very quickly, because i want to fill it in with my personal details. Oh we’ve got some information. We need to edit in our gender height weight date of birth, so i’ll get that done very quickly. All right verified, please enable location permissions to set up your bluetooth device, so we’re going to allow it to access that, while only while using the app – and we have the scanner qr code – yes, that’s – what it said, we need to do right.

Let’S turn this back. On activate uh press, ok, while using the app here we go, let’s scan the qr code, see how easily it works out. Let’S scan it. Please keep your let’s device screen on and near your smartphone, so it’s pairing away, cool let’s leave those two pairings successful wow. That was simple that i like a lot. Please note: your device memory is limited to about one week’s worth of data. Okay and we are set up, it’s got the time it’s about 10 past 10 at night. That’S, perfect, i’m, not too sure how you use the watch yet at the moment. But we will no messages, will not sync my messages up that’s. Quite nice i’ve got my step counter on there. I can see perfect so i’m going to come back to this in a couple of days time, once i’ve worked out how to use it and how to play and i’ll, let you know what i think right now. I am well aware, i said i was going to give this a few days i’ve, given it a few minutes and i’ve come back straight away to the camera, because i want to show you how quick i learned to use this thing so literally tap it to Power it on so i’m trying to do this at an angle right now, so push button inside you got a little button just here. Push that to turn it on slide down from the top and you’ll get message.

Notifications slide in from the right, and you can see your steps and everything and obviously sleeping records. You can see that i literally came straight back so slide. In from this side. You can bring up your heart rate. I don’t know if that’s good or bad really not the most healthiest person with a backup screen. I could measure my blood oxygen level. It takes a little bit and i have to stay perfectly still, but in these trying times being able to measure your blood oxygen level is quite a good thing. Now the app very intuitive very easy to use. I can configure what message notifications i want to come through on that this blood oxygen reading does take. I think it was about a minute and you have to say: oh no, there, it is my blood oxygen level is at 99 percent. Once again, i don’t really know what that means, but this watch has been incredibly simple to configure up and use, and it just works. I’Ve been watching it’s only been a few minutes. I’Ve got no reason to doubt the battery life on it i’m, going to give it more of a long term test and i’ll update this review in a couple of weeks. I think it really needs a long term test view, but this fits nice and snugly. I have very skinny arms, and this has been nice. Tight grip i’ve got loads of room left on adjustment. Even if i had much bigger wrists this would fit perfect, so yeah.

I will probably check back in a few weeks to see another review and yeah. Once again. I i’d really recommend this. So thank you all for watching and i’ll catch you all later.