Now this is an affordable smartwatch by let’s, fit and let’s fit usually makes a lot of affordable, smartwatches and technology as well. Now they do have four models, and this is the iw1 model. Now inside the box, you would get the watch itself a magnetic charging cable here as quick start guide here and a user manual here as well that’s what you will get inside the box. Now this watch first of all, it’s it’s, nice and stylish design, very lightweight. As well so perfect for if you, if you want to use this as a fitness tracker, so because you can use it for that, it has a lot of features that it has built in designed for um exercising as well. Now i’ll show you all the features that he has and the strap is very comfortable, very lightweight, very comfortable to wear and put this around your wrist and it’s. Also the secure strap so it won’t come off um once you put it on the power button. Is there on the right side here you can just press that or you can just have the motion design um option, so you can just tilt your wrist and it will come on. So you got both options like that, and you can see that’s the heart rate monitor at the back it’s flashing there and he monitors other things as well. That would go through all the other features that he has the brand um name.

Is there let’s fit and that’s the magnetic charging port um bit there as well? If you want to change the strap, you also have um have the option as well there’s a small bit here on both sides. You can push it just push it down and you can actually take this out and put a new strap on and if you do get any elbow straps now i like this watch because it’s it’s very stylish it’s full touch control as well, so we can control It and the app is very simple to download, because there are a lot of smart watches that uh require a app that you can’t really find out. So you need to actually search up through online or through the user manual to find out exactly what app is. How, however, this is a very simple app it’s, the same name as this let’s switch. So if you just type in let’s view on ios or android, you will find it bear in mind. It has to be ios, 11.0 above or android 6.0 above to be compatible with this smartwatch and bluetooth, 4.0 and or later so, let’s see now, when you switch on it comes like this now, if you swipe it down, you got the the notification, so any messages And stuff comes here, it will notify you there hold on to me. Where is this there’s a lot of finger print marks going on it? Now? If you look here, you swipe upwards, you have the motion um option.

So if you you’ve got that motion design, so when you turn your wrist it will, it will show you show you the time so that’s pretty cool, you can switch it off if you want and just use the button. If you want that way, you also have the night mode as well the brightness level there as well. So you got the night mode on night mode off and then you got this one as well, so you got the do not disturb option there. And then you got the settings here now: you’ve got settings, you’ve got the general system and about so let’s go to general let’s, see they go raise to wake, do not disturb and power saving mode, brightness level uh. You got a vibration in test intensity, so that’s for some people, some people they do complain about the vibration, not strong enough when it comes to alarm, clocks and stuff. This one actually has the options to make the intensity very high, medium and low. So you’ve got three different levels to choose from and that’s that’s very good for some people. Now it also comes. I got their screen off time. You go watch faces as well to choose from so various watch faces to choose from there. Then let’s go to systems. You got reset restart power off regulatory information here as well, and you can see the model is iw1 here. Let’S go back and let’s go to about now.

This gives you a bit of information about this watch and very it’s very simple. If you just scan this through the app so when you download the app you scan it, it will automatically connect. You don’t have to look for the bluetooth and stuff you just have to on the bluetooth, and you scan this qr code. It will automatically show you on the app that you need to find the qr code just find this and scan it that’s before you start up, you won’t allow you to go to the main menu on this watch until you scan the app, but i think i Think it’s it’s a good way of getting things started up before you even go to the main menu, so that’s pretty cool. If you swipe this way, you’ve got the steps here and sleep work, work out and stuff here now, you’ve got all these options there. Now you can see here it has the workout all right, sorry workout! So in the workout you’ve got outdoor run outdoor cycle, outdoor, walk, indoor indoor run, indoor cycle, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, strength, training, elliptical and machine rolling machine, yoga, free training. So quite a few to choose from then you got today as well. You got the heart rate, monitor you’ve, got blood oxygen, um and monitor this as well. You’Ve got a breathe, monitor uh, so that’s not really a monitor, but you just it’s like more like a therapy thing, so it tells you when to breathe in breathe out, etc.

They got the timer there. You go that’s more for like stopwatch um stopwatches yeah there’s. More time, i think so, you’ve got a lot of sporty kind of features packed into this. You’Ve got alarm clock which most people need, and the vibration option from high medium low is it’s really needed, because some people need a strong vibration. Otherwise, you can’t feel it especially when you’re, asleep and you’ve got music control and sayings yeah and the thing just takes you the general bit here now this watch, i like it because it’s very stylish full touch, control, a lightweight design and, like i’ve shown you all, The features it has packed into it, a few other good features that it has is ip68 waterproof nano coating as well, so a bit of water drop going on there, etc. You won’t get damaged uh. It gives you up to seven days of usage time per full charge and 30 days of standby time. Now it takes only two hours to charge up and the screen size of this is 1.4 inch, tft lcd display so that’s. All the features bear in mind again i’m going to mention it and if you’re using it as apple’s smartphone, you will need ios, 11.0 and above to operate with this smartwatch and if it’s android it has to be 6.0 and above and you have to have be A bluetooth 4.0 or later otherwise, you won’t be compatible with this smartwatch okay.

So this is a watch. That’S, affordable, highly recommend it it’s, brilliant lightweight, operates very smoothly.